Dance Practise

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I’d just sat down to work in my home office when the doorbell went. I suspected it would be one of those days.

My name is Bill, I’m 40 years old and I run my own software business from home. It was a successful business and kept me very comfortable financially, which is why I could live in a nice big house in a family neighbourhood in the South West of England. I didn’t have family of my own, having never married. I’d had a succession of longer term relationships, but nothing had really flourished.

The one thing I have been faithful to over the years is my fitness. I’m not a fitness freak, but I like to stay lean and fit. I gave up on gym memberships years ago and instead invested in some top quality equipment, and a large garden. My favourite thing was to do my kettle bell exercises in the garden when it was warm and dry – really working up a good sweat.

It was April, so the summer workouts were still a few weeks off, but I also had a room in the house as a gym so the fitness hadn’t suffered. I’m 6’5″ tall. I’ve got greying hair, cut short. I’ve got deep brown eyes that many lovers have enjoyed gazing into. I’m not the most attractive man, but because of my fitness regime I look a lot better than others my age.

Anyway, back to the story rather than me prattling on about myself. I got up from my desk and went to the door. I was expecting a delivery or Jehovah’s Witnesses or something. It was neither. It was Aimee, my neighbour’s daughter. She’d just turned 18 last week if I remembered correctly. Over the last few years she had blossomed into a beautiful young lady. She was 5’4″, probably not much more than 100 pounds dripping wet. Her blonde hair was cut very short for a girl, but it really suited her. Her piercing blue eyes looked into mine confidently. She was incredibly lithe and toned as she was very much into ballet. She was wearing tight jeans and a t-shirt.

“Good morning Mr Stornoway,” she said in her sultry voice. It had really rounded out these last few months!

“Good morning Aimee,” I replied, “please, I’ve told you before, call me Bill, particularly as your an adult now, not just my neighbour’s little girl.”

I swear she blushed a little, but she nodded.

“Sorry, Bill. You’re right. Please can I come in? I want to talk to you about something.”

I stepped aside to let her in and led her to the kitchen diner. I offered her a drink, she chose water.

“Bill,” she continued once she’d settled. “Do you remember a few years ago, you promised to come and watch me dance?”

I nodded.

“Well, I don’t want to be rude, but you never have taken up the offer. Why is that?”

I was caught a little off guard. “Aimee, you’re right,” I eventually replied, “I should have come. You see, the issue is, it was a bit weird, to me, to be going to the ballet to watch my neighbour’s ‘little girl’ dance. Particularly as your Dad very rarely went along either. As I’m saying this I feel even worse. But you have to see, that watching young girls who aren’t related to you, dancing around a stage is the sort of behaviour that gets your computer confiscated by the police!”

“I understand, Bill,” she said after a pause for thought. “I hadn’t thought about it that way at all. But I’m not Daddy’s little girl anymore now, am I?”

“No, Aimee, that’s true.” My hole was dug and I was jumping head long into it.

Aimee grinned. “Good, I’m glad that’s cleared up. Now, if you can’t manage coming to one of my shows, would you at least come and watch me practise? I think you’ll enjoy it, and maybe it will help make you feel more comfortable about coming to my shows. I’d love to have you there.”

I agreed to the practise. What could go wrong? And it wasn’t as if I was that busy.

“I’m so happy,” Aimee gushed, clapping her hands. “Give me half an hour to get everything ready and then come round. Mum and Dad are out, so just let yourself in and come up to the attic to my practise room.”

I let Aimee out and watched her super toned bottom wiggle its way down the garden path.

I was going to have to be careful. My dick was Escort bayan already stirring in my loins at the thought of watching this gorgeous girl flex and prance around. I wondered if she’d be wearing something skin tight, or if she practised in her slacks. Then I stopped myself. The girl was young enough to be my daughter. What would her parents say if they knew. I took a cold shower and headed next door.

I let myself in. I knew the house a bit from dinner parties and the like, but had never ventured upstairs. I climbed the stairs until I got to the attic. The setup was impressive. There was floor to ceiling mirrors all around, along with a barre for Aimee to hold on to. The floor was a proper sprung affair. It must have cost a small fortune. And there was a powerful audio system in the corner, hooked up to DynAudio speakers. No penny had been spared.

Then I caught sight of Aimee. She’d got changed into an off-white leotard. It was incredibly tight on her small frame, and it seemed the material was pretty thin. I could see little peanuts of nipples poking through on top of her smallish breasts. No way could she wear anything under there without leaving evidence. Not that she needed anything, her breasts being quite small were well supported by the elastic material.

I let my eyes wander. Down below there was just the slightest hint of a cameltoe. Her legs were completely bare, and so well toned and tanned. So much for the cold shower. I was sporting a slight semi.

Aimee bounced over to me and gave me a hug. “Thanks for coming Bill. This is so exciting.”

She ushered me to a chair in the middle of the room and set some gentle classical music playing on the audio system. She approached the barre and started limbering up. She did various stretches, flexing all over. I particularly liked the ones where she thrust her backside towards me and gyrated her hips a little. I have to admit I was having impure thoughts now. I could make out just the faintest of outlines of things. What a tease.

Now warmed up, Aimee decided to show off her flexibility a bit and started various routines which involved doing the splits and lifting a leg straight up and the like. She was incredibly flexible and in full control of each of the moves.

Then she suddenly stopped. She rubbed her buttocks and also her pubic mound. Then she rubbed her shoulders.

“Sorry, Bill,” she said nervously. “The last time I wore this I think I was a bit smaller. It’s really chafing and digging in when I stretch myself. And I want to continue showing you how flexible I am.”

“That’s fine Aimee. It’s not a problem. Go and sort yourself out and then carry on. Whatever you need to do. I’m enjoying watching you.”

“Thanks Bill. You’ve not seen anything yet, but I’m glad you’re enjoying it.”

I expected her to slip downstairs and change. I was wrong. Very wrong. My eyes nearly fell out of my skull at what happened next. Aimee reached between her legs and undid the clasps holding the leotard together down there. The leotard immediately relaxed on her body. The front bit now dangling just below her naval. I resumed the back bit was nestled at the top of her butt crack. I was totally speechless. And hard as a rock. Aimee had no panties on, nothing. She was basically naked from the waist down, save for her little ballet shoes. Oh. My. God.

“Oooh that’s better,” Aimee sighed, and slipped straight into the splits. I could just see her intimate folds touching the wooden floor. “Yes that’s loads better indeed,” she carried on. “Oh man, I couldn’t carry on as before. Thanks for understanding Bill.”

She resumed her stretches and lunges, not in the least bit worried that I could see every last bit of her womanly folds. The move with the backside thrust towards me was repeated, maybe with even more hip gyration. I could see a faint glistening against her labia. I was sorely tempted to ravish the young thing from behind but I took control of myself and stayed seated.

Before long it was clear she was doing everything she could to give me the best view of her pussy. She stretched Bayan escort herself as wide as she could and made sure her crotch was firmly pointed towards me all the time. Her perfectly shaved snatch was getting wetter and wetter. This was unbelievably exciting.

“Have you seen enough now, Bill,” she said, with her legs spread at 90 degrees to her torso. “Or would you like me to continue?”

“What a silly question, my dear,” I retorted. “I could never get enough of this show. You’re a very naughty girl indeed, and I like it. Just be sure you know what you want from this because I’m losing my self control.”

“Maybe this will help you lose it a bit quicker,” she quipped as she lifted her useless leotard over her head and threw it into the corner. I gazed upon her perfect body. She had just the hint of a six-pack, she was beautifully tanned, and those breasts! Small, yes, but so perfectly formed. I imagine they were a 32B in size, but perfectly round, firm and without any hint of sag. Her nipples were bullets atop areola the size of pound coins. They were a lovely pink colour. She had goosebumps all over her upper body. I presume from excitement rather than cold.

“Maybe you can help me out with a move, Bill,” she said once I’d stared at her open mouthed for a few minutes.

“Yes of course, Aimee. What can I do?” I replied.

“I want to do a bridge and then pull back into a handstand, but for some reason I can’t quite manage it. I need you to kneel next to me, and put your hands in the small of my back and then give me a lift when I say.”

I stood up and carefully readjusted. My 8″ dick was painfully hard and confined within my trousers. Not that I was complaining.

“You look uncomfortable there, Bill,” Aimee said staring at the bulge in my pants. “Maybe if you take those trousers off it will help?”

“Are you sure, Aimee?” I replied, still concerned. “That’s basically just one step away from me having my dick out next to your naked body. I’m not sure it’s totally appropriate.”

“Oh, and me showing you every last inch of myself is appropriate,” she replied sarcastically. “Whip them off Bill. I’m an adult, and I know what is going on.”

I kicked off my trainers and trousers. This logic was sound in my testosterone fuelled mind. And the relief was immense. My dick made a huge tent in my boxers. Aimee giggled gleefully.

“Just don’t have my eye out with that thing!”

She bent over backwards into a bridge and I knelt next to her, and surveyed the perfection of her skin. I placed my hands in the curve of her back.

“No, silly,” Aimee blurted out. “That’s not the small of my back. You basically need to have them on my cheeks. Better to be lower than too high.”

I readjusted and placed my hands firmly on her buttocks. I couldn’t help have a bit of a squeeze.

“Hmm yes that’s nice Bill,” Aimee sighed. She really arched her back. “Now this is where I have a problem, Bill. Feel how tight the muscles are on my abdomen and legs. From this position I really struggle to get my legs up.”

I took her invitation and ran my hand over her abs. They were indeed rock hard. I stroked her all the way down to the top of her smooth mound. Every muscle and sinew was primed. Then I ran my hands up the backs of her legs. Again, they were really firm and so smooth. Her inner thighs also. I ran my hands as far as I could without touching her pussy. Aimee shivered and sighed.

“Very nice Bill,” she sighed at me. “Ok now it’s time for the manoeuvre. I’m going to kick my legs back over my head and I need you to push my bottom up until I’m in a handstand position. Then I’m going to open my legs into a splits position but obviously inverted. At that point you need to be kneeling right in front of me to support them. Ready?”

I nodded. I pushed hard on her shapely bum and lifted her up to a vertical position. Then I scooted around and supported her legs as she did the splits. Her snatch was right in front of me, and spread as wide as possible. It was now or never. I plunged my thirsty tongue deep into the folds Escort of her young cunt. She was soaking wet and she smelt and tasted heavenly. I ran my tongue from her tight little hole all the way to her clit and back again.

Aimee burst out laughing. “Oh my god, Bill, that feels unbelievably good. Fuck me with that tongue of yours!”

I didn’t need to be asked twice and slowly pushed my tongue as deep as I could into her waiting hole. My mouth and chin were covered with her juices. I loved it. Then I felt a gentle small hand start to gingerly stroke my engorged dick through my boxers. I didn’t wait for approval. I slipped my boxers down to my knees, freeing my cock completely.

“Oh, yummy,” Aimee sighed as she saw the size of it. “That’s definitely big, Bill. I thought you might have a good sized dick. Ever since I started watching you work out in the garden, years ago. I’ve been dreaming of being 18 and have you split me in half with it. I can’t wait for your massive dick to stretch my young, tight pussy, until it nearly tears. I want to be so naughty for you, Bill, I want to leave you gasping for more of me!”

All this time I was slipping my tongue inside her and she was tentatively massaging me.

Then she suddenly let go, and did a backwards roll until she was on all fours facing me. She started to move towards my dick with her mouth open.

“By all means, take it in your mouth,” I warned, “but I’m not a massive fan of blowjobs, so only do it for your sake.”

I guess I was weird, but blowjobs had never done it for me. I always skipped through that bit watching porn as well!

“Well, I want to see what it tastes like, but thanks for the warning.”

Then she licked me from the balls to the tip and engulfed the tip with her luscious lips. It felt nice, but it didn’t drive me wild. As she sucked me, I did get my first grasp of her little firm breasts though. The nicest breasts I’ve ever felt, it has to be said. So firm, and yet so smooth. And those nipples were ripe for plucking! And pluck them I did, gently at first, and then quite firmly. Aimee gave me plenty of encouragement to continue. She seemingly liked the rough stuff.

Then she pulled her lips off my cock and looked up at me, her blue eyes pleading with me. “Fuck me Bill. Lie down. I’ve always wanted to try fucking whilst doing the splits.”

I lay down on my back. Aimee started off facing me, straddling me. I held my dick up and she very slowly did the splits over me. As she got close to me I carefully fed my penis to the entrance of her pussy. The head started spreading her lips. Oh boy it felt amazing. Suddenly she let herself drop. My dick plunged into her waiting passage with ease, she was so wet. She let out a huge squeal of delight.

“Oh wow Bill, it’s bigger than I imagined! Oh yes. That’s good!”

She bent her legs round behind her and started lifting herself up and down on my dick. I have to say, it looked amazing seeing my large dick inside such a petite little pussy. Her little chest heaved with each thrust and she was getting flushed from the effort. Somehow she managed to snake a hand down and started rubbing her clit as we fucked. I reached up and tweaked her nipples somewhat harshly. All of this stimulation was enough to send her into a screaming orgasm. Good for her though, she didn’t stop pounding me, all through the climax, and before long I was filling her tight snatch with my cum. The pleasure of the feeling gave her her second orgasm of the day.

She collapsed, exhausted onto me. She probably fell asleep for a little while because her breathing was really steady. I didn’t want to rush her, but in the end I really had to get back to my work.

I gently shook the naked girl whose pussy was still engulfing my dick. She awoke with a start.

“I’m sorry, Aimee, darling, but I really need to go back to work.”

“I understand Bill, but before you go, let me have your number. That way I can invite you round again for some more practise! Oh, and if you come to my next performance I promise I’ll do it without underwear just for you. What do you say?”

I hastily agreed! I was gutted I had to leave, but I knew I’d be seeing a lot more of this little minx, and it sounded like I’d be fucking her tight holes plenty too. Maybe I’ll tell you about those stories too one day.

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