Dark City Ch. 06

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When you are born with the names Bambi and Summer, you are doomed to a certain lifestyle. When you grow to be twin girls who bleach their hair and have huge fake tits, you agree to the fate you were born into.

Bambi and Summer were favorites at the LANDING STRIP, the best upscale gentleman’s club in town. It catered to rich businessmen and these men, with their money, catered to Bambi and Summer. The police knew about the “alleged” prostitution, but little was done. Avoiding investigation was Bambi’s and Summer’s forte, as well.

Their looks would make them a hit at any club. Their willingness to do whatever it took to please a customer would make them even bigger. But the fact that they were twins who looked the way they did and played the way they did made them legendary. They were months away from escaping the land of titty bars. Their spread in PLAYBOY would be out soon enough, just a matter of time.

They loved what they did though. When they stripped, they loved the interaction with the customer. They loved the power. They loved when other women came, trying to show their husbands they were sexy.

That’s what they thought they saw tonight. A young woman with short, jet-black hair is sitting alone at the edge of the runway. They were surprised however, when the woman approached them.

“How much for a private show?”

Bambi spoke first, “umm…500 for both of us.”

“I will give you an thousand dollars now and a thousand later, if we go upstairs right now.” Jade offered.

Summer said nary a word, but grabbed Jade’s and Bambi’s hand, leading them upstairs to a private room…

“Dinner was wonderful, Shan,” Ieasha said.

She joined Jim and Shan for dinner. Jim wanted to introduce them, partly because Jim and Shan were completely open about their other encounters and partly, because he needed to get his mind off the case for a while.

“So, how long have you and Jim been partners?” Shan asked, as she opened another bottle of wine, their third.

“Four days, ” she chuckles.

“Wow Jim, you moved quickly, Shan Escort bayan say with a false look of accusation.

“No more quickly than you and I.” Jim replied, not taking the bait.

“I am surprised at this. How open you two are.”

“We figured out a long time ago that you cannot be happy if you ignore part of yourself. So we embrace it. We are careful, and it makes he and I much closer,” Shan explained.

“Speaking of closer, Esha care to join us in the living room.”

Ieasha looks at the glass of wine, swirling it back and forth. She makes eye contact with Shan. “I thought you would never ask…

Jade leans back in the leather couch, waiting for her show. Before her is a stripping poll and a 5×5 square of mirrored floor. George Michael’s “I Want You Sex” pulse through the small sound system as Bambi emerges, in silver hot pants and a silver shirt, ties off Daisy Duke style.

Wrapping one leg around the pole, she smiles at Jade, “thought you would want a show first.”

“You thought correctly,’ Jade said, sipping a martini.

Summer struts out to her twin, standing behind her. Wearing the same silver outfit, with additional silver, elbow high clubs, she lightly runs her hands up and down Bambi’s hips, sides and lover her breasts.

Jade gets comfortable, drowning in the sea of blond.

With a flip of a wrist, Bambi’s top comes off. Jade leans forward, at this point, dying to get a glimpse of Bambi’s melons, but Summer has deftly positioned her hands over her sister’s orbs.

She grips them tightly for a second, but then loosens her grip. She removes her fingers slowly, revealing more and more of Bambi’s faux-tanned tit. She stops, only her middle fingers covering her nipples. She winks at Jade, who nods. On command she moves, the tiny pink bud springing to life. She runs her hands down her sister’s belly, sliding them into the waistband of her silver hot pants. Jade can see her hand, through the silver material, sliding into and over her slit. She withdraws her hand, covered with a liquid, visible sign of her excitement. Bayan escort She sashays over to Jade, offering the finger to her succulent lips…

Shan is sitting against the couch, the glass of wine on the floor next to her. She is dressed in a white cotton thong and her white button-down blouse. Ieasha is sitting beside her, her right foot on the ground; leg bent on a 90-degree angle, while the leg nearest Shan is on the ground, pressed against Shan’s leg. The two are engaged in a sensuous kiss, their tongues gently exploring their mouths. It is the kind of kiss two lovers share when they feel an instant, deep connection. Shan feels lost in Ieasha’s warm mouth. She feels as if she is floating, as if this is the first kiss she has ever experienced and that no other would ever be better. Ieasha’s heart is pounding, nervous as to what will happen next. She feels like a 14 year-old girl playing spin the bottle in her folk’s basement. She nervously runs her hand up and Shan’s neck, feeling her excitement racing. She loves the softness of her skin, the delicacy.

Ieasha moves to her knees, continuing the lip lock. She feels Shan’s hand on her arm, running up and down. It stands the tiny hairs up on end.

Shan grabs Ieasha’s hand and moves it toward her tit. Shan moans as she slowly massages the perfectly round breast.

Ieasha breaks the kiss. “Shan, I don’t know how to say this. I am so glad that I met you, I don’t want this to be just a…you know.”

Shan raises her fingers to Ieasha’s lips. “Shhh, you don’t have to say anything. I know. It’s hard to find someone like you – successful, intelligent and so sexy. So don’t worry, I feel it too.”

She looks at Jim. “Hun, we may need to be alone, ‘k?”

Jim gets up, ignoring the tent in his pants.

“No problem ladies,” he says as he kisses their foreheads, “I should go clean my gun anyway.” He looks at his pitched tent, “both of them now…”

Blonde pussy surrounds Jade. Bambi stands behind her, rubbing her shoulders and caressing her tits under her shirt. Summer is using Jade’s Escort thigh as for one foot, her other on the floor, offering an opened pink cunt for licking and viewing pleasure. Jade sees it is still slick from the tongue thrashing that her sister had given it.

“So,” Jade asks, as her finger sinks knuckle deep into Summer’s womb, ” who was born first?”

Summer speaks up, “I am…by two minutes!”

“Well, then Bambi wins the prize!!!”

Jade stands up and retrieves a ball gag and handcuffs from her purse.

Summer announces that the two don’t mind a little rough play, but it will cost more.”

“I am sure it’s well worth it,” Jade replies.

The two handcuff Bambi to a chair, securing the ball gag in her mouth, so that she cannot utter a word.

“Now the fun begins,” Jade announces.

She reaches into her bag and pulls out a.9 mm Beretta fitted with silencer. Turning to Summer, she fires two shots into her chest, killing her instantly and splattering her sister with blood.

Bambi is sobbing, inaudibly, due to the ball-gag. Jade kneels in front of her, wiping some of the blood off.

“Shhh Hun, you have 2 more minutes. I thought I should let you catch up to your sister…”

Shan’s shirt is splayed open, her breasts heaving with anticipation as Ieasha kisses down her body.

“I love your scent, what is it?”

“Mmm…cucumber melon.”

“I love edible women,” she giggles. She kisses down to the waistband of Shan’s soaked panties when she notices the red mark from Shan’s candle burn.

“Jim! Come in here!” She screams…

Jade has just finished masturbating over Summer’s body. “Did you like what you saw?” Bambi’s eyes are red from crying, her cheeks wet with tears.

Jade retrieves a dagger from her purse and carves a Roman numeral 3 in Summer’s chest, the knife point piercing one of her implants.

She then turns to Bambi, kneeling next to her.

Bambi turns away, but Jade holds her head close. “Shhh, it will all be over soon,” she says. Still alive, Jade stabs the knife deep into her flesh. As blood flies through the air, she carves the number IV into the second twin…

“When did you get this?” “Yesterday. Jim you’re scaring me? What’s the “v” mean anyway?”

“It’s not a ‘V’,” Jim says to Ieasha, “it’s a 5.”

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