Mother’s Day Weekend in Las Vegas

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This is another attempt at a mother/son story. It is a work of pure fiction and I tried to have a little fun with it. Everyone in the story is over 18. It should also be noted that there is sex in this story but it does take a while to get to it. If you’re looking for a quick read then this story is not for you. I like to develop my characters and story line. Hope you enjoy it and any comments are welcomed.


My name is Shawn and this story really begins over 12 years ago when my father died in a plane crash on a business trip. That put a sudden end to my childhood and at the age of 13 I became the man of the house. I had no idea of what was expected of me or what I should do. My mother was devastated and mourned his death for almost 3 years. I grew up fast during that time and learned how to manage on my own for the most part while helping my mother cope.

My parents met in college and fell madly in love. My mother Laura was a sophomore and my father David was a senior at that time. They knew early on in their relationship that they would be together for life. Mom became pregnant with me her junior year so they had a quick wedding and began their married life together. My father found a good job and things were going along wonderfully. I remember having long talks with my dad as I got older and him teaching me how to throw a baseball, football, and how to shoot a basketball. We had a great father/son relationship.

Both my parents were very good looking. Dad had that young preppy executive appearance going for him while mom had this outdoorsy all natural look about her. I saw a picture of two of them together before she was pregnant with me and at first I thought it was a J. Crew or Tommy Hilfiger ad from a magazine. He was wearing a dark blue polo shirt, cargo short, and deck shoes. She wore a bright red sleeveless shirt, very short white shorts, and sandals. They were a gorgeous looking couple.

My dad was fairly tall at about 6′ 2″ with wavy blond hair and blue eyes and an athletic build with broad shoulders, narrow waist, and muscular legs. He played baseball in high school and college and even had dreams of going pro, but then he met mom.

She was beautiful in a way that was disarming to men and non-threatening to women. It was as if she would smile in a dark room then it would be filled with light. She had long silken brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a body of a ballerina with long delicate legs, smallish breasts, maybe 34Bs, and she even moved like a dancer. She was tall standing at 5’9″ and over the years maintained her wonderful figure through Yoga, walking, and a very healthy diet.

When dad died I was afraid she might let herself go and just not care about anything anymore. I did all that I could do to help keep her from becoming too depressed. There were nights I’d hear her crying in her bedroom and I’d quietly walk in, crawl into bed, and just hold her until we both would fall asleep. After a few months her mood slowly improved but she was never the same happy woman I knew. She was now a lonely widow with a son to care for and raise as a single parent.

Fortunately my father came from a wealthy family and the company he worked for had a generous life insurance policy that meant we would not have to go homeless or hungry. In fact our financial situation was quiet good and my mother didn’t have to work if she so chose not to. But she needed some outlet, some place to interact with other adults while I was at school or baseball practice, or one of any number of sports I was into growing up.

I had inherited my father’s blond hair and blue eyes and by my senior year in high school I was 6′ 4″ and when at bat could crush a baseball which helped me lead the team in home runs. I loved baseball but I knew playing in the big league was just a dream so I concentrated on my school work. I did get a baseball scholarship to a major college and one with the field of study that interested me.

I worried about my mom as she would be living alone for the first time so I picked a college that was only a few hours away by car. She told not to choose a school just because it is close, that she would be fine on her own, and I should have and enjoy the full college experience. Well as it turned out she was fine and I had a wonderful time being away from home, but I still worried about her.

I graduated college with honors which had my mother was just bursting with pride and had people take as many pictures of us together while I was still in my cap and gown. She looked really good at my graduation in the light summer dress she wore and more than a few people thought she was my older sister. Even a few of my team mates wanted to know if she was seeing anyone. That brought a smile to her face and more than a few times she would say she has a man then would hug me.

After graduation I was back home looking for a job and was offered one several states away that was just what I was looking for. Once again I was moving out and the thought Escort bayan of leaving my mom again brought up some strong emotions. We had a nice dinner and talked my last night before I was to leave and I took a long hard look at my mother and realized for the first time just how beautiful she really was. She looked to be at least ten years younger than her age and still had that great figure from college. Then I started to think if she wasn’t my mother I’d ask her out on a date. I quickly suppressed the thought and wondered where in the hell did that come from.

It has now been over three years now since I moved out here and my job is going great, although I have been working 60 to 70 hours a week but it has been paying off. I’ve received two promotions so far and upper management has taken an interest in me. My boss has mentioned on more than one occasion that I need to take a break or I’ll be burned out before I make CEO. I seldom take vacations and even when I do I work from home so when I get back to work it is like I never left.

Finally in late March my boss gave me an ultimatum, either take time off or get reassigned to another department. I knew he couldn’t really do that but he was right, I needed a break. I told him I’d like to take some days off in May as it was a slow time for us. Plus I had wanted to see my mom as Mother’s Day was coming up so what better gift then to spend it with her. My boss agreed and I started to make plans, then I had an idea. Why not take a trip with my mom. She never went anywhere since dad died and I’m sure she’d like to get out of the house for even a few days.

I started to think about where we could go and have some fun. Where we could both let our hair down as it were and not worry about anything for a while. Then it hit me. Las Vegas. I immediately started checking websites and found a great package deal that was sure to please her. So I finally chose a five night trip where we would fly out on Wednesday afternoon and then I’d fly back to work and she to home the following Monday morning. I found a very nice hotel, one of the newer ones that is located near the middle of the Strip. I considered renting a car but most of what we would want to do or see was in walking distance. If needed to I could rent a car for the day to explore some of the sites outside of Las Vegas. Be sides I was trying to keep the cost down and have some more money to spend on my mom.

That night I called her. “Hi mom. How are you?”

“Shawn sweetie. It’s so good to hear from you.” I could hear the joy in her voice.

“Well the reason I’m calling is to see if you can get away from work for a few days and take a little trip with me. Sort of a Mother’s Day gift for the most wonderful and beautiful mother I know.” I was laying it on a little thick but hoped she would agree and take the time off.

“What are you talking about? What trip?”

“I booked us a trip, just the two of us for some mother/son bonding time. I haven’t been home in a while and I thought we could go away together and have some fun. What do you think?” It was true, I hadn’t been home to see her in over a year and I was feeling guilty about it. Plus I really miss her.

There was silence then. “Ok let’s do this. I haven’t traveled in years this will be fun. Where are we going by the way?”

“I think I’ll keep that as a surprise but it won’t involve tents or any sort of outdoor plumbing.”

She laughed. “Oh I wouldn’t mind that as long as you were there.”

“Ok well I’ll be home a few days before we leave for our little adventure. Just to warn you I booked 1 room with 2 queen sizes beds. Is that ok?”

“What are you embarrassed to share a bed with your old mother? I remember when you were younger crawling into my bed and snuggling up with me.” She sighed. “I do miss that.”

“Well we will each have our own beds but we will be sharing a room. I just wanted to be sure you were OK with that. If not it’s no problem for me to book an extra room.”

“Oh no please I like the idea of spending as much time with you as possible. I’m more than fine sharing a room with you. Are you sure this trip isn’t too expensive? I don’t like the idea of you spending your hard earned money on something too extravagant on me.”

“Mom I would spend my very last dime just to be in your presence. You are the most important person in my life and you always will be.”

I could hear her choke up a bit. “Thank you Shawn, you always were, and still are, very sweet. Can you at least tell me what I should pack?”

“It will be very warm so plan on that. A bathing suit would be a good idea along with sun screen, some good walking around shoes, and a hat. Oh and some spending money as there are a lot of places to shop and some other things to spend money on as well.”

“That seems a bit vague but ok I’ll play along. Will there be a beach nearby?”

“No but there will be a nice pool to lounge next to. Hope you like to be waited on.”

“Oh this is just Bayan escort too cruel. Please tell me where we’re going or it will drive me crazy.”

“I’ll only say it is not a place you would have ever thought of going to but I think we will both have a great time. Sorry but that is all I’m going to say.”

“I take back what I said about you being sweet. You are being very cruel to your old mother.”

“First of all I am sweet for taking you on this trip. Second you are not old. You look better now than you did in college and I can’t wait to see you in shorts or your bathing suit to show off that gorgeous body of yours.”

“Ok you are still sweet, but also equally cruel not telling me where we’re going. It better be some place really nice.”

We talked for a little while before saying goodbye and the next few weeks went by so slowly. It seems when you have something to look forward to time slows down.

Finally the day came when I flew home to see mom. I rented a car figuring it would be easier just to drop it off at the airport and she could make arrangements with a friend to pick her up. During the next few days she tried to pump me for information about our trip. I decided not to keep her in suspense and got the movie ‘Oceans 11’ thru Netflix the night before we were to leave.

“So I chose a movie we can watch tonight that will give you an idea of where we are going.” I started the movie and since she hadn’t seen it before she didn’t realize where we were going until about a quarter of the way thru the movie.

“Oh my God we’re going to Las Vegas! What a great idea. I’ve always wanted to go but never had the courage. There are some ladies I work with that go at least once or twice a year and they love it. Where are we staying?”

I told her of the hotel we’d be staying at and some of the things I had planned but I kept it pretty open ended so we could do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. We got on the website of the hotel we’d be staying and she kept asking me how much this was costing me.

“Don’t worry you pretty little head over it. I got my last promotion a few months ago so I can easily afford this. Besides you’re worth.” I kiss her on top of her head.

“Oh baby you’re too good to me. Thank you for this trip.” she gave me a big hug.

We talked about the trip and some of the things we both wanted to see and do but it was getting late so I went to my old room which hadn’t changed since I left several years ago. I striped down to my boxers then fell into bed and soon into a deep sleep.

Sometime during the night I dreamt that my mother was standing in the doorway to my bedroom, then walked in and sat on the side of my bed. I looked at her with half open eyes as she brushed my hair with her fingers while she whispered ‘My handsome man.’ I whispered back ‘You are so beautiful.’ That made her smiled as she moved her hand down to my chest and rested it there as if feeling my heart beat. Soon her hand went further down my stomach then to my boxers which were starting to tent from the hard-on I was getting. She gently pulled my shorts down and my cock sprung free almost standing straight up. With a light touch she began to stroke it and in less than a minute I could feel myself about to explode. Seeing this my mother leaned down and took just the tip of my cock into her mouth as I start to shoot a long rope of cum down her throat. She swallowed every drop and hummed with pleasure and as she raised up there was a smile on her face. Then she stood and brushed my hair with her fingers one more time and very quietly said, ‘Thank you my handsome man.’ and walked out of my room. The dream was over but it had seemed so real that I rolled on to my side with a smile on my face.

The following morning I found mom in the kitchen humming as she made coffee.

As she turns and sees me she smiles. “Well good morning my handsome man. How did you sleep?”

“Um great, but I had a strange dream last night that seemed so real. A good dream, but weird.”

“Oh you know how the subconscious can play tricks on your mind especially when we dream. I wouldn’t worry to much about it.” I thought I saw her blushing as she turned back to finish her coffee.

“Yeah I guess you’re right, but it just seemed so real. Well we should load the car up and get to the airport early. Our flight leaves at noon.”

She finished her coffee and as I watched her rinse her cup and clean off the counter, all I could think about was her lips on my cock. As I stared at her as she moved and swayed that beautifully tight ass I started to get an erection. Quickly I left the kitchen before she could turn around and see the effect she was having on me. I went to finish packing and bring my bags down to the car.

Soon we had the car loaded and the house all locked up then we were off. The drive to the airport was quiet as I was still trying to decide if what I dreamt last night wasn’t a dream at all but that she had come in my room, got me off, Escort and swallowed my load. I was getting hard just thinking about it. I was both thrilled and scared by the idea of having a sexual relationship with my mother. What would she think of me, her own son, of wanting to have in incestuous affair, to have my cock penetrate the same pussy that I emerged from over 24 years ago? I squirmed in my seat as I drove trying to discreetly adjust my dick so it would be so obvious that I had the hots for my own mother. The drive was long enough to allow me to calm down and gain control over that part of my anatomy between my legs.

We dropped off the car at the rental agency then took the shuttle over to the terminal. After checking in our bags we made our way through security and found our gate. I bought us each a cup of overpriced coffee as it would be an hour wait before we could board our flight. She brought a book along to read while I had my tablet and played a few games. Before I knew it we were boarding the plane and settling into our seats. It was going to be just over a 5 hour flight and this would be the first time my mother had been on a plane since before I was born.

“I can’t thank you enough for this trip. This will be the first time I’ve really traveled since…” She trailed off and I knew she was thinking of dad.

I took her hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “It’s ok, I still miss him too.”

She leaned over and kissed my cheek but also the corner of my mouth. That simple gesture sent a jolt down my spine right to my dick. Once again I was squirming in my seat trying to hide my raging hard-on.

“You are such a good son.” She interlaced her fingers with mine then she rested her head on my shoulder. That did not help my current dilemma.

Here I was with this incredibly hot woman holding my hand with her head on my shoulder and every now and then I would feel her warm breath on my neck. I had an erection for most of the flight without any help from Viagra. I wondered if there is a record for having an erection without the use of drugs or any other device. I also wondered if it wasn’t such a good idea to be sharing a room with her for the next five nights.

The flight landed and we found our way to the luggage carousel. As soon as our bags appeared we grabbed a cab and within fifteen minutes we were at the hotel.

On the cab ride over my mother whispered to me. “While we’re here please call me Laura. I don’t want anyone to know I’m your mother.”

“Then how should I treat you? I mean we will be sharing a room.” My mind was racing.

“How about you treat me as your girlfriend.” She smiled.

“Well Laura if that is what you want I could be so inclined but there will have to be a lot of hand holding and kissing to make people think we’re a loving couple.” I smiled back.

“I would think so.” She leaned over and gently kissed my lips.

Now my brain was on overload. What was happening? We entered the hotel lobby and walked up the check-in counter. A lovely black woman asked if we had a reservation.

“Yes we do.” I started to fumble for my wallet as she needed to see my I.D. and credit card.

She was listing off all the amenities of the room while I was only half listening as my head was still spinning with thoughts of my MILF girlfriend. She was no longer my mother but my girlfriend. How the hell did that happen?

I heard Laura speaking to me. “Dear she needs your signature.” She brought me back as I was lost in thought.

“Oh yeah of course. Sorry this is our first time to Las Vegas and already I feel a bit overwhelmed.” I stammered.

The woman gave us a warm smile. “I’m sure you and your lovely girlfriend will have a wonderful time her. Just don’t gamble too much.”

My girlfriend took my hand as we got our bags together and headed up to our room. It was up on the fifteenth floor overlooking the Strip and as soon as we entered I noticed there was only one bed.

“Um I think there has been a mistake. I booked a room with 2 Queen Size beds, not a single King. We’ll have to go back and get it sorted out.” I was about to turn around and head for the door when she stopped me.

“I don’t see any reason we can’t share this bed. It’s so big that we’d have plenty of room. Besides it would look awkward if you were to go back now and ask for a room with two beds when they already think we’re a couple. It’ll be fine.”

I really didn’t want to go all the way back to the front desk and ask for another room. The view from this one was spectacular and there was no guarantee we’d get another room with such a great view.

“It’s OK by me if you want to share a bed. Just don’t hog the covers.” I said and she gave me a nudge with her hip.

“You better not take up the whole bed.” She winked. “We should unpack then have a look around. I don’t know about you but I’m starving. Lets find a place to eat.”

She started to remove clothes from her suit case and put them in drawers or hung them up. I did the same and soon we were done unpacking. We went down to the lobby and looked around to see what restaurants they had. We found a place that was quiet and out of the way and had a very nice meal while talking.

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