Dear Diary – Trapped

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February 3rd, 2015

Dear Diary,

Oh… my… God! Last night was fantastic! Brad had been driving me crazy, doing nothing out of the ordinary, almost as if he’d forgotten our weekly ‘special.’ The anticipation was the worst. I couldn’t decide if he’d forgotten, was tired of the game, couldn’t think up anything this week, or was tormenting me by making we wait twelve whole days before unveiling his latest scheme. Last night he finally put into motion what he’d dreamed up. Brad is such an imaginative lover! I’d never imagined coming out of the closet could be so much fun!

I’m on pins and needles, waiting to find out what Brad was going to do to me. In the two years we’ve been married, at least once a week he’d done something unexpected or out of the ordinary during our love making to keep it fresh and exciting. It might be something as simple as joining me in the shower before work, the time pressure forcing us into a hard and fast quickie fuck so we could finish and still get to work on time, as elaborate as surprising me at lunch with a key to a nearby motel where we’d have a hot and sweaty tumble, or as unexpected as taking me out for a romantic dinner before stopping in some secluded place he’d found, tearing my clothes off, and fucking me to a moaning orgasm in the car.

So far this week we’d only engaged in our normal, nightly love making. Not that I was complaining. Even our normal love making often left me a quivering, boneless, blob in the center of the bed, but it was the special times, the nights when we did something we’d never tried before, something unusual or unexpected, that turned everything up to eleven and left us exhausted, sweat soaked, and gasping for breath.

After dinner I suggested we leave the kitchen for later, but Brad calmly went about the task of cleaning the kitchen to make it ready for the next morning… the smug bastard. It was Saturday night, tomorrow we were going out for dinner and drinks with friends, so if he was going to do something… different… this week, it had to be tonight. Maybe the surprise this week was the fact there wasn’t going to be anything special. I certainly hoped that wasn’t true, but if that were the case, it’d certainly be a surprise. It’d be up to me to spice things up tonight if that was his plan. I smiled as I finished wiping up the sink. If he didn’t make his move soon, I’d set my imagination to work, certain I could come up with something delightful for us to do.

The kitchen cleaned, I settled onto the couch to read. I was going to wait his ass out. If he could pretend he wasn’t thinking about what we’re doing later tonight, then I could too. It seemed like a good idea when I thought it up, but I couldn’t concentrate on my book. After reading the same page three times, and still not remembering what I’d read, I snapped the book closed.

“Okay, that’s it. Tell me what we’re doing tonight. I can’t stand it anymore,” I said, placing my book on the side table and sashaying across the room to settle on his lap.

Brad smiled up at me and I knew immediately he’d been toying with me all along. “Not what, where,” he replied, his tone mysterious.

“Where?” That wasn’t the response I was expecting. “Someplace new? The garage? It’s too cold in the garage, and after the honey incident, the floor of the laundry room is too hard.”

Brad’s smile spread, probably remembering our romp on the kitchen floor. I’d made a hell of a mess in the kitchen when I’d dropped the plastic honey container, the contents splashing everywhere when it hit the floor, but the original mess was nothing compared to the mess we’d made after rolling around in it while fucking our brains out.

“Neither of those places. Someplace else, someplace a bit more… intimate.”

My eyes narrowed as I wondered what he had in mind, the mystery location causing my imagination to run wild. The only place we hadn’t fucked was the garage and laundry room, though I still wanted him to fuck me on the washer while it was on a spin cycle. We’d tried the idea, but we’d run into technical difficulties and had retired to the bed to finish what we’d started. I held his gaze for a long moment as I flooded in anticipation, wondering if we were going to have another go at fucking while the machine transferred its shaking through my body to his cock. I swallowed hard with the thought, the idea of his cock deep inside me as the machine’s vibrations pass through us to make us scream in orgasmic bliss deliciously wicked.

“Will you show me now?” I finally asked, my tone almost begging.

“Patience, Rachael,” he said, holding my gaze.

Two could play that game. I’d been working on my sex kitten voice. “I want you so bad,” I purred, my voice dripping sex and promise. “I need you. I need you to fuck me so bad.”

He smiled, wise to what I was doing, before heaving a dramatic sigh. “A man’s work is never done. If you want it that bad, then I guess I’ll Escort bayan have to give it to you.”

“Please, baby, I need you to fuck me,” I said in the same breathy, begging tone.

“I want you to go to our bedroom and stay there. Undress and wait until I come get you. I have to do a few things before we start. Will you do that?”

“Will you be undressed when you come to get me?” I asked softy. My voice might be back to normal, but I was tingling in anticipation.


I rose to my feet, waiting as Brad did the same. I leaned in for kiss. “Don’t take too long,” I breathed as the kiss dissolved.

“I won’t be but a few minutes. Leave the door closed, and no peeking.”

I closed the door to our bedroom and began to undress. I heard some soft thumps and the opening and closing of doors. Try as I might, I couldn’t figure out what he was doing. It didn’t matter. I’d know soon enough. When Brad opened the bedroom door, I was lying naked on our bed, one knee drawn up to prop me on my side and display my ass to best effect.

“I thought you said you’d be undressed,” I pouted as I slowly rose to embrace him, pitching my tone to be low, breathy, and begging.

He shrugged. “I did, but I was already back here. I’m undressing now.”

He held my gaze, his movements deliberate as he slowly removed his clothes. He already had a raging hard-on, but I’d take care of that soon enough. Watching him undress I became flushed, my wetness spreading, the tenting of his pants making me smile. I was so lucky to have found him, someone who wanted me as badly as I wanted him. None of my other relationships, and none of my friends’ relationships, had the kind of passion Brad and I shared on daily, and nightly, basis. Then there were the special moments, like now, when our desires ran wild, sometimes reaching new heights, heights that gave me orgasms of such unimaginable power that I always swore that I’d never be able to come harder… until I did.

He sat on the edge of the bed to remove his pants and socks. I couldn’t wait another moment to feel his flesh against mine, so I pressed myself into his back, my hands going around him and pulling him tight as my lips caressed his neck and shoulders. I nuzzled him until the last of his clothes were tossed away, my left hand slowly moving lower. He leaned backward, forcing me to disengage from him to give him room to lay back. I hovered over him before I took his lips, my passions overtaking me, and I considered mounting him right there.

I slowly withdrew from the kiss and began feathering my lips down his body. Brad was heavily built and immensely strong, and my lips danced over the peaks and valleys of his form as I moved lower. His cock called to me, begging for my touch, while having it touch me in the most pleasurable ways imaginable in return. I swung my leg over his hips, groaning softly as I settled and ground myself onto his hardness. I wanted him inside me so badly. We could have our fun and games another time, but as my lips took his again, I knew the next time would be the same, as it was always the same, my body urging me to become one with him.

We kissed deeply, lovingly, erotically, Brad’s strong arms surrounding me and pulling me down onto his chest. I began to thrust, the feeling of his hardness sliding though my wetness pleasurable in the extreme. My heat rose ever higher, goading me into action, my skin hot as my internal fire roared. I slowly broke the kiss and pulled back, almost panting in desire.

“Brad, we need to go, or we need to stay, but we have to do something. I can’t take this anymore,” I whisper, staring into his eyes, falling into the ocean of love I saw there.

He smiled but didn’t move. He has such iron control. “One more thing, something I just thought of,” he murmured, his voice husky and full of desire. “I want to blindfold you. Just until we get setup. Are you game?”

I flashed hot. We rarely used blindfolds or restraints during out love making because I enjoyed watching the pleasure play on his face, and I didn’t like to be out of control, but I trusted him with my very life, knowing he would never, ever, hurt me.


“Get the blindfold,” he rumbled, his voice deep and sexy as he rose from the bed.

I bounded from the bed and dug in a drawer until came back with the scarf I’d once used to blindfold him, the symmetry appealing to me. I handed him the scarf and stood still a he slowly circled me, lightly dragging the silk across my flesh to make me shiver. He stopped behind me and then loosely tied the material around my head, causing my world to go dark. I stiffen in trepidation. I could sense his closeness and my chest began to heave in desire and excitement. As soon as he finished tying the knot, he kissed me gently. I hadn’t realized he’d moved from behind me, and the unexpected touch made me flinch back. I was edgy and uneasy, but I trusted Brad more than any man alive. Bayan escort Though the soft touch of his lips surprised me, I quickly recovered and returned his kiss.

“I’m going to pick you up now,” he whispered, his lips so close to mine I could feel the tickle of his breath.

I nodded, a nervous excitement rippling through me. His arms touched me behind my knees and shoulders before he slowly lifted me. He’d carried me many times, and I’d grown comfortable in his embrace, but being blindfolded made me tense, and I forced myself to not struggle. I knew he wouldn’t drop me, but it was still frightening to be so dependent on him.

He moved, the soft current of air over my skin deliciously erotic as he carried me. I clung to him tightly, forcing myself to relax so I could enjoy his closeness. I nuzzled him softly on the neck until we stopped. I was disoriented and couldn’t determine where in the house we are, save in the main living area.

“I’m going to put you down now,” he whispered.

I didn’t want to be put down, enjoying the intimacy of our embrace, but he lowered me until my feet touch the floor. I wobbled, but he steadied me until I had my balance. I stood, waiting, when a door opened. He took my hand, placed his free hand on my shoulder, and gently guided me sideways, his body so close I could feel his heat. Almost immediately I had a feeling of being confined, like I was being placed in a box, as the air was slightly stale. I reached out, exploring my environment, touching Brad and walls close on every side as the door clicked shut.

He stood against me, and everywhere I reached save above me, I touched an obstruction. The walls were so close I couldn’t move, the wall behind me only inches from my ass, the wall behind the Brad just as close, and the door and wall to either side only slightly beyond my shoulders. I begin to panic, feeling trapped as the walls closed in around me. I tried to reach for the blindfold, but Brad and the walls were so close my arms bound before I could get my hands behind my head. I began to panic, struggling to free my arms and get the blindfold off so I could see.

His arms surround me and pull me strongly into his chest. “Relax,” he breathed into my ear. “I’ve got you. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Even though his embrace pinned my arms even tighter, I relaxed into stillness, his embrace a comfort. I tried to enclose him in my arms, but his broad shoulders were nearly touching the wall and the door, and I couldn’t get my arms past. I reached around his waist and pulled him tight, drawing strength from his presence.

“I’m going to remove your blindfold now,” he whispered, his breath tickling my lips.

I offered my lips, but he didn’t take them. His nimble fingers went to work and a moment later the blindfold fell away. The tiny room was almost totally dark, with only a sliver of light oozing under the door, but even that tiny amount of brightness was a relief, and my apprehension vanished in an instant.

“Where are we? The entry closet?” Being able to see, even a bit, I could tell sardines had nothing on us. There was barely enough room to move.

“We’re with each other,” he rumbled in his bedroom voice as he bent in to kiss me on the shoulder and neck. “We’re together. Just us. Our own universe. You can’t escape me. I can’t escape you. We’re locked together, you and me…” As he murmured, he began sliding down the wall, kissing me ever lower as he folded himself to the floor. “In companionship,” he continued as he kissed lower, flicking my nipples with his tongue. “In love,” he whispered, kissing my stomach, his fingertips slowly stroking me, his touch gossamer light as he moved ever lower. “In pleasure,” he breathed as his tongue began to caress my womanhood.

Even though he didn’t directly answer my question, I realized the entry closet was the only room in the house this small. While his tender kisses were nice, I didn’t under why he would select this strange location to surprise me… until his tongue touched my womanhood. He was kneeling at a very awkward angle, his hands pressed against the wall behind me on either side of my legs for support and balance while he pressed his face tightly into my womanhood. The pleasures of his lips and tongue were intense, almost too intense to bear, and I needed to move, except I couldn’t. I couldn’t back off, my ass already against the wall, and I couldn’t move to either side because his arms blocked me in. I had to stand there and take the pleasure he was giving me. My head bumped against the back wall when my head tilted back in pleasure, the warmth of Brad’s tongue and breath increasing the heat of my desire.

I groaned in pleasure, his erotic kissing causing me to thrust and buck. I tried to push his face away, to gain some relief from pleasure so intense it bordered on pain, but he held me by my ass, keeping my pussy to his face as his head thumped against the opposite Escort wall. I tried to back away, but he followed, easily moving with me in the limited space, and I couldn’t gain any relief.

My orgasm was stalking me, shadowing me like an animal after its prey. I couldn’t escape his lips and tongue as they ravaged me, causing my pleasure to soar. Unable to escape, I whimpered and pressed my hands against the walls to wedge myself into the corner as my legs began to weaken, the approaching orgasm sapping my strength.

He moved, squirming with thumps and bumps, and then the pleasure intensified. “Oh my God… oh my God… oh my God… oh my God…” I chanted softly. I tried to move again, but I’m trapped, drowning in a sea of pleasure. I thrust at him, face fucking him before pinning his head to the wall with my hips as I gripped his hair, unable to withstand the pleasure he was giving me, and yet, never wanting it to stop.

He gently inserted a finger into my wetness, touching and stroking me in the spot that drove women wild with desire. The effect of his touch was immediate and profound. I released his head, my hand slamming into the door with a solid thump as I battled against the pleasure, my legs quivering in effort as I began to keen. I needed to move, to gain some space, to writhe in orgasmic pleasure, but there was no room. My legs struggled to support me against the onslaught of pleasure as my orgasm began to crash over me. I braced myself with hands against the door and wall, pressing my back into another wall for support as I labored to hold against the waves of pleasure. My legs shook as my rapture sapped my strength, my struggle to stand during my climax intensifying the orgasm and exciting me even more.

I sagged in relief as my orgasm washed out of me, my legs still shaking from the power of my climax as I panted and blew. I attempted to gather myself, but he gave me no chance to recover. Before I’d drawn three breathes, he’d risen from the floor and picked me up, his lips finding mine for a deeply passionate kiss as he jammed me against the wall, my arms and legs surrounding him as I held him into the kiss.

I moaned softly as he entered me, holding me by the ass, his weight pinning me to the wall as he fucked me. He had too, there was no room for anything else. As he took me, pulling back slowly before ramming his cock into me with a deep and sexy grunt, I remembered his words… that we couldn’t escape the pleasures we were giving each other. The idea excited me, knowing I could do to him what he’d just done to me.

“You can’t get escape me, and I can’t escape you,” I whispered before moaning again, louder this time as his cock slowly churned my butter, but I had to finish, my own words exciting me. “I want to fuck you, Brad. I want to fuck you until I can’t continue, until you can’t continue,” I breathed, his soft grunts and moans as he thrust thrilling me.

“Fuck!” he growled before thrusting into me with greater speed and power, driving me toward another orgasm.

It was becoming stuffy in the tiny closet, and as he pounded into me, beads of sweat began to lubricate our movements, our flesh glowing softly in the dim light. He kissed me, the passion of the kiss telegraphing his need. He began fucking me even harder, growling as he slammed into me hard and fast.

“Fuck! I’m going to come! You’re making me come, you sexy fucking bitch! Fuck!”

Brad only called me a bitch when he was deep into his lust and out of control. It didn’t happen often, but I fucking loved it when I was able to break his self-restraint. With a deep grunt, he splashed into me, making me feel incredibly wet.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop fucking me! Make me come!” I gasped into his ear.

I held him tight, one hand on the back of his head, as he continued to thrust into me, driving me hard into the wall with each powerful thrust of his hips, my toes grazing the far wall each time he slammed into me again. He cried out as he continued to plunge into me, his bark a mixture of pleasure, lust, and agony as his thrusting became erratic and jerky, his hands convulsively squeezing my ass.

“Fucking bitch! Fuck!” he snarled as he pounded into me. “Come on, you fucking bitch! Come!”

My second orgasm was coming, and coming hard. “Yes, yes… don’t stop!” I panted as he drove into me, grunting and moaning in effort and pleasure.

I wailed with a sudden surge of pleasure that was almost orgasmic in its intensity, my sounds of bliss incredibly loud in the confined space. I shoved my hips forward, driving Brad backward into the wall and forcing his cock deep inside me in some primal instinct to feel him as deep as possible. With a sexy growl, he pushed back even harder before removing his hands from under my ass. We were wedged, my legs locked around his waist, as I’m pinned to the wall by his cock like a butterfly on display. He stroked and caressed my breasts, dragging his hands over my erect nipples and rolling them gently between finger and thumb. I ground my hips into him, unable to pull away without risk of falling, unable to escape the exquisite torture of his cock, unable to control the desires rushing through me.

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