Daisy’s Disgrace Pt. 22

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Nate left for work early the next morning. Daisy had fallen back asleep, and woke in a large empty bed several hours later. She wore only a pair of tiny cotton panties, but the day was so warm she felt overdressed even in these. Lazily, she reached for her phone on the bedside table.

Four messages. Two from Nate, two from her father.



Daisy blinked. She was accustomed to automatic obedience, not creativity. But perhaps she could kill two birds with one stone.

After a long, indulgent soak in the ensuite bath tub, Daisy put on a black garter belt and a matching pair of thigh-high fishnet stockings. Her father had sent these new items with her to Nate’s place, along with a few other naughty bits of lingerie. She found a matching fishnet top that fitted like a cropped t-shirt. It clung to her breasts, and the gaps in the fishnet were large enough to pull her nipples through. Examining herself in the full-length mirror in Nate’s bedroom, she found the look rather erotic. Impulsively, she turned her back to the mirror and bent over, peering around her calves to get a look at herself in the position Nate would find her when he came home. She hoped he genuinely liked her pussy, as there would be no hiding it from him. It thrust out between her thighs, fat and fleshy as usual. The soft pink was a stark contrast to the black suspenders that ran down her thighs, framing it on either side. Again, the look was rather erotic…if you liked that sort of thing.

Downstairs, Daisy made herself a sandwich. It was nearly 3:00 already-where had the time gone? Nate would be home in a few hours, and she hadn’t even made the video her father had requested. Again her anxiety began to set in. What could she do to impress him?

Casting about for some inspiration, Daisy discovered a large bowl of fruits and veges on the kitchen table. Nate must be some sort of cook, she reckoned, examining an over-sized cucumber. The boys she knew from school probably couldn’t pick a cucumber out of a line-up.

And then she had it.

It took a bit of arranging to ensure the angle would be right, but at last she had her phone propped up on the table. She climbed up after it, then got on her knees and spread them wide. With her back to the phone, her ass now hovered over it, providing the camera with an ample view of her cunt.

The video would need to be relatively short if she was to send it to her father, so Daisy spat on the end of the cucumber and placed the slick green end against her bulging lips before she started recording. Then, moaning loudly enough for the microphone to pick up, she began to bury the vegetable inside her. The cucumber was actually quite large, and it didn’t slide in as easily as she’d expected. She had to work rather hard before she had even a few inches inside her. She knew her pussy lips were spread lewdly around the object inside her like a mouth, but it was what her father would want to see. Spurred on by this thought, she pumped the object in and out of her with hard, shallow thrusts until she began to stretch and open up. Another inch, and then another, and she was fucking herself properly. Her twat was making wet squelching sounds, which would seem even louder because of its proximity to the camera. Daisy blushed furiously but continued to fuck herself until she was certain the time had expired on the video camera.

She reached back to check. The phone had indeed stopped recording, but she was still in this position, the cucumber half-buried in her cunt. Daisy turned over on the table and lay on her back with her legs spread. She felt rather naughty, fucking herself on Nate’s kitchen table. She wondered if he would be upset if he knew, if he would be able to smell the pussy juice that was just now dribbling down her ass crack and onto the wood beneath her.

Well, Nate wanted her wet, after all. She pumped the cucumber Escort bayan in and out of her cunt a few more times, letting her free hand tickle her clit. It was hard, aching for attention. She thought suddenly of Shawna, the feel of her friend’s mouth on her private parts, both her clit and her asshole. The memory aroused her, in spite of the now-familiar twinge of jealousy, and the suspicion that Shawna had somehow stolen her father away from her. Daisy knew she should be grateful for this if it were true, but she couldn’t help feeling jealous all the same. She wanted Nate, with his sexy abs and thick cock, but if she was honest, she wanted her father too. Or perhaps it was just that she didn’t want him to desire Shawna more than he did her.

Somehow her jealousy only made Daisy hornier. She could feel wetness splattering her inner thighs as she pumped the vegetable in and out of her. She wasn’t orgasming yet-not anywhere close, in fact-but was deeply turned on. She gritted her teeth and fucked herself harder.

When the kitchen door opened, she looked up in surprise. Daisy had completely lost track of the time. Nate stood in front of her, briefcase in hand, a look of utter shock on his own face. “Jesus Christ,” he murmured.

Daisy pulled out the vegetable and scrambled up onto her knees. “Nate, I’m so sorry,” she babbled, trying to climb down off the table. She nearly slipped in the puddle of juice that had formed underneath her, and Nate reached out to steady her.

“No, no, baby, it’s okay,” he said quickly. “Jesus, it’s okay. Look at you.”

She had her back to him, one hand on the table to steady herself. Slowly, deliberately, she bent at the hip, exposing herself the way he had asked her to that morning. This position was somehow even more humiliating than having been found with a cucumber stuffed in her twat, for there was no hiding the smear of pussy juice between her ass cheeks, and below that, the swollen red bulge of her cunt. She was so wet she could see her juices beginning to collect on her dangling pussy lips.

“Jesus Christ,” Nate repeated, nearly at a loss for words. She felt his eyes on her before he reached out with his fingers to stroke the slick flesh. He buried two of them between her lips and found her hole, swollen with arousal. He thrust them up inside her, hard. Daisy gritted her teeth.

“Fuck, baby, you are beautiful,” she heard him say. She heard a zipper, and the soft sound of fabric against flesh. Then she felt him pressing against her, his cock straining through his boxers. After a moment, these too had been removed, and now his dick lay against her bare skin. Nate pumped his fingers in and out of her roughly, panting along with Daisy. When he pulled them out, she gave a little sigh of disappointment.

“Don’t worry, little girl,” Nate said, his voice low. “Bend over that table, there you go. Get your face in that wet spot. Lick it up, darling.” Daisy obeyed, cringing. She had never liked her own taste, but she didn’t dare disobey him. When she had finished, she felt something push between her lips.

“Are you ready for my cock?” he growled, then thrust into her. Daisy grunted. Though not nearly as big as the cucumber, his cock was thick, and her pussy was swollen. It took several thrusts to bury himself fully inside her, where he paused for a moment. “Good girl,” he sighed. “You’re so hot and wet, but you’re tight as well. You’ve got such big, fat lips, perfect for sucking my cock.”

Daisy was confused at first, but then she felt his hand on her twat. He was gripping the thick curtains of flesh and squeezing them around his shaft, giving himself a handjob as he fucked her. He pounded into her cunt ruthlessly, each thrust pushing her into the unforgiving wood of the kitchen table. Daisy gritted her teeth at both the discomfort and the humiliation, and hoped he would cum soon. If she had imagined sex with Nate would be loving or romantic, she had been very wrong.

“I can see your little asshole,” he grunted as he fucked her. “I want to bury my cock in it and cum inside like I did the first night I met you, you fucking slut. But I can’t. I’ve got to fill up this nasty pussy. Look at all Bayan escort this extra flesh. Good thing you’re so…fucking…wet…or you’d chafe my cock with all this skin.”

Daisy closed her eyes tight. She would never be desirable, not even to Nate, who she had believed actually liked her body. She would only be attractive to her father, who was now enamored with her friend Shawna and her perfect little ass and dainty pussy. That was why she was jealous, Daisy knew. Her father had made her this way, and now he had left her for someone more perfect. Humiliation washed over her, greater than what she felt from Nate’s rough treatment of her.

Just at that moment, she heard Nate groan, and felt him cumming inside her. “Take that, you useless bitch. Only good for taking my cum. Swallow every drop in that enormous pussy of yours. Oh fuck, that’s good.” His grip tightened around her labia.

At last he lapsed into wordless groans that came with every pulse of his cock inside her. When they weakened and finally stopped, Nate leaned against her, panting. After a long moment, he seemed to get hold of himself. “I’m sorry, Daisy. That was just a bit of dirty talk. I don’t really feel that way.” She felt his lips on her spine, felt his hands stroke her ass almost affectionately. “I mean, I do want to cum in that ass…”

She waited, expecting him to pull out at any moment. After another pause, he said, “Stand up, honey. Put your hand down between your legs. There you go. When I pull out, I want you to hold my cum inside. Ready?” On the count of three, he pulled his cock out of her, and Daisy obediently pinched her lips shut. Only a little cum dribbled out of her, and most of that ended up in her hand. She felt humiliated, standing there nearly naked in front of a man who was little more than an acquaintance, holding her pussy closed with one hand to stop his cum from leaking out.

Nate looked at her for a moment before breaking out in a sheepish smile. “Good thing you’ve got those big lips,” he said.

Daisy didn’t know how to respond. She looked down at the table.

“Okay, now, I want you to go up to my room and lie on the bed with that sexy ass up against the headboard.” He followed her up the stairs and into the bedroom, helping her up onto the bed. “Now just scoot a little further forward, up onto your shoulders. You can let go of your pussy now.” He stood back and admired her. “Perfect. Stay like that for a little bit, okay? I’ll get dinner started.”

Daisy remained in that inverted position for ten minutes. She knew this, because she had nothing to do but watch the clock on the bedside table. Her tits, still wrapped tightly in fishnet, rested against her chin. One of her suspenders had come undone and hung down to her navel. It tickled her if she moved, so she tried to keep still. She wondered what her father was doing.

Tom had arranged to meet Shawna at her place that afternoon. Telling Sally he would be out watching the game with his buddies, he hurried across town to the little single-level brick house Shawna shared with her mom and her mother’s boyfriend. They were out of town that week, as Shawna said they were rather often lately. They were planning to sell the place now that Shawna had graduated from high school and would be moving out, so it wasn’t unusual for contractors or interior designers to stop over. Not to seem out of place either at Shawna’s or at the bar, Tom wore a white t-shirt and a pair of tattered jeans, along with a Brewers ballcap. He walked up the drive with a clipboard under one arm, nervous in spite of all Shawna’s reassurances.

He knocked on the door and waited. There was music coming from inside the house, too faint to make out. Tom glanced down at his watch. He had only a few hours before Sally would start sending him texts, asking him when he would be home. Hurry up, Shawna, he thought, frowning.

Suddenly the door opened and there she was. Tom’s jaw dropped. “Jesus, Shawna, I-“

“Come in!” she shrilled, giggling at her own daring. Tom followed her inside, closing the door behind her. The laughing girl grabbed his hand and led him down the hallway, stumbling in her stilettos. Escort He got a good look at her ass, bare above the tops of her white thigh-high stockings, jiggling just a little as she went.

“Shawna, wait,” he said over the music.

She paused and looked at him seductively over her shoulder. “Yes?”

Tom got down on his knees. Even with his own daughter he hadn’t been particularly generous or eager to please, so it was with some surprise that he found himself pulling Shawna back towards him and burying his face in between the perfect globes of her ass. She let out a little gasp, and then giggled again. “Oh god, Tom,” she managed. “Oh, let’s get to the bedroom first so we can get this on camera.”

Tom stopped, the tip of his tongue inside her anus. He had reckoned this girl was just a slut, using the porn star angle as an excuse to have it off with an older man-possibly even to make her prettier, sexier friend jealous of her. He had underestimated her ambition.

Standing and wiping saliva from his mouth, he followed the naked girl up the stairs and into her bedroom. It was all done up in pink. A camera stood on a tripod in the middle of the room. “I’ve set it up just right,” Shawna informed him as she climbed onto the bed. “All you have to do is press record.”

Tom looked at her for a moment. Her dark hair was in pigtails, just messy enough to be sexy without ruining the innocence of the look. Her makeup was similar to Daisy’s usual style-pink eyeshadow, pink lipgloss, rosy cheeks. Apart from the stockings and white patent leather heels, she was naked. From this angle, Tom could see between her ass cheeks, and beneath them, her cleanly shaven pussy.

He was mildly irritated that this girl wasn’t particularly interested in him, but he certainly wasn’t going to pass up an evening with her out of principle. He pressed the record button on the camera and got onto the bed behind her.

“Is this your first video, Audra?” Tom asked her, using the stage name they had agreed on. He slid his hands over her tanned globes.

She looked over her shoulder at him. “Yeah,” she said softly.

Tom swatted her ass. “Louder,” he commanded. “You’re going to have to speak up if you want the camera to hear you.”

“Yes,” she repeated, blushing hard.

“Are you nervous?” Tom asked.

Shawna nodded her head. Tom spanked her again, harder. “I said, speak up!”

“Yes!” she whined. “I’m really nervous.”

“Good girl,” Tom soothed. “I’ll help you relax.” He lowered his face into her ass a second time. Her firm cheeks pressed against his as he worked his way deeper between them until his mouth found her anus. She let out a little moan as his tongue tickled the puckered hole. “Does that feel good?” he asked into her ass, loud enough for her and hopefully the camera to hear.

“Yes,” she moaned. “I want more.”

Tom lapped at her asshole, dipping his tongue inside to make her giggle or squeal. He brought one hand up between her thighs and stroked her cameltoe. One finger worked its way into her opening and he fingered her roughly. Pulling his head back, he spat on her asshole. “Have you ever had anything in this beautiful ass, Audra?”

The slutty little actress looked over her shoulder at him and shook her head, her face the picture of fear. “My ass? Oh no, I haven’t. But I’m afraid, Mr. Anderson.”

Tom chuckled to himself at the use of his pseudonym. “Don’t be afraid, little girl. It’ll only hurt for a bit.”

The finger in her pussy slid out and plunged smoothly into her asshole. Tom wasn’t sure if Shawna’s gasp was genuine or not, but he didn’t pause to find out. He began fucking her anus crudely, pulling back one asscheek to reveal her reddening hole for the camera, although at that angle, and from that distance, it was unlikely to pick up anything. He wondered briefly if perhaps a GoPro might be a better option. He was interrupted by Shawna’s scream.

He looked up. He didn’t think he’d genuinely hurt her, but the sound that had come out of her chilled his blood. She was looking at him-no, not at him. Past him, over his shoulder. Tom turned.

A young man stood in the doorway. He was probably in his early twenties, Tom guessed. He had dark hair and wore a collegiate sweatshirt, jeans, and a pair of beat-up sneakers. An overnight bag hung over one shoulder. The look on his face could have curdled milk.

“What in the fuck?!”

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