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Scott sat looking at the screen of his computer, waiting to see if the woman somewhere out there in cyberspace, would appear as she had the past three nights. They had shared a little cybersex and Scott was ready for more. He’d never even thought of doing anything like cybersex until he met “ShadowLady,” in a chat room. It started out innocent enough.. exchanging jokes and simple conversation. That went on for about a month, then Shadow had ask if he had ever had cybersex. Scott had answered quickly, “No, but I’d be willing to try it out I guess. LOL You lead, I’ll follow..” She had taken a little longer to answer then normally.

“Lets go private, okay?” she had typed.

“Sure. How?” he had ask her. He was somewhat new at chatting and didn’t know a lot of things involved.

She explained to him what to do and he had followed her directions. Suddenly they were the only two chatting in the new ‘room.’ It was a private chat room, no one else could enter without the password. Scott felt awkward for a minute, then he read what Shadow had written on the screen.

“I’m wearing a tight little black mini skirt and no stockings… no panties either. The top is a skimpy little black lace tank top, no bra, you can see the dark circles of my nipples through it.”

Scott’s breath caught in his throat for a second as he felt his cock move between his legs. He could almost picture this strange female, standing before him, dressed in black. He knew she was a shapely blonde, he’d seen a picture of her on the member’s page of a chat group they were both members of. He hoped the picture was really her, she was hot. So he could picture her exactly as she had just described. “Wow..” he said under his breath.

“On my feet, I have spiked heels. Black with four inch spikes. My lips are painted red and look wet in the low lighting.”

Scott bent his head to the keyboard and slowly typed, “I move close to you and smell your womanly scent as I start to kiss your throat.”

“Mmmmmm…that’s good,” she wrote, then she typed, “Your sure you’ve never done this before baby?”

Scott smiled and typed in the box, “Never.”

Shadow’s words appeared one by one… “Let’s get naked and nasty.”

Scott felt a shiver run up and down his spine as he shifted a little in his chair. He started to type again, “I pull the tank top down, over your shoulders and then down to your waist, baring your naked breasts. My lips slide across your flawless flesh, tounge tasting and touching until I reach your left tit. My tongue makes circles around the nipple, then suck it in between my lips.”

“I shiver at the thrill of your mouth and hot breath on my skin. and moan softly.”

“My teeth nip at your hard little nipple, making you cry out then moan louder.” he typed. Scott had to lift his ass off the chair and pull his shorts to make room for his swelling prick.

Shadow was typing again, so he peered at the screen, grinning as he read her words, “I press your face tighter to my breast, my head tilted back, my breath coming quicker.”

Scott slowly typed in, “My hand runs down your side and finds the waistband of your skirt. Fingers slip under the elastic and push downwards, taking the skirt over your beautiful ass cheeks, letting it drop to the floor.”

“I step out of my skirt and now stand naked, except for the high heels on my feet. My pussy is more then damp, it’s wet with excitement. Your hands on my ass is making me very excited.” Shadow said.

“Without a word, I drop to one knee and start to lick at your slick slit, my tongue probing the wet folds hiding your clit. I can hear your quick intake of air when I find the little nub hidden there.”

“My hands tangle in your hair, holding your face between my legs. My back is slightly arched, hips thrust forward to meet your exploring tongue.”

Scott spoke out loud in the empty room, “Damn!” He jumped up and went to grab a cold beer, his throbbing cock making a tent in the front of his pants. He absently rubbed it for a moment. He saw she had been typing while he was getting his drink, “I can’t help myself from begging for more. ‘Oh yeah baby, mmmmm…yeah.. that feels so damn good, please fuck my hot little cunt!’ I cry, grinding my pussy into your face urgently.”

He smiled again and started to type, “I stand up and move you towards a couch against the wall. When the backs of your knees press against it, you sit down and I move between your legs.”

Shadow typed back, “I reach out and unzip your pants, I can already see how excited you are. Your cock jumps out when I free it. I’m pleased at it’s size and the way it throbs with your desire. You push forward until it presses against my lips. My tongue darts out and dances in circles around the head, then licks up one side and down the other. I open my lips and suck the head into my mouth. Your cock is big and I wonder if I can manage all of it!”

“That’s right bitch, suck my cock!” Scotts says out loud, then laughs. He types, “Your eyes dart upwards to my face, watching my reaction as you slowly swallow Escort bayan my hard member! I can see it’s almost gagging you, but you keep going, until all of it is in your throat and mouth. I can feel your hand cupping my balls. My hips suddenly jerk hard as I thrust deeper into your throat. I groan with the pleasure and try to keep from flooding you with my cum too soon.”

“I feel you holding back and suck harder, forcing you to stay in my mouth while I suck your cock. I want to taste your cum. I want you to blow your load down my throat, so I keep moving my mouth up and down your length, licking and sucking.”

Scott’s dick was out of his pants now and he used one hand to stroke it while he read the words on the screen. He was almost panting now and close to cumming. He typed with one finger, “I try to hold back but your making it impossible! I feel the sperm as it prepares to explode into your hot mouth. With a hard thrust of my hips, my hands holding your head, pressing your face into my crotch, I start cumming hard. It feels like gallons of cum blasting from my dick. I moan loudly and hold you until It’s done.”

“I smile and lick my lips of the cum that dribbled from them as I tried to swallow all of it. Hot and creamy cum filled me and satisfied my urge for the moment.” Then she added, “Wow, that was pretty good. Did you get off?”

“Yeah. That was fucking great!” Scott wrote back. He had to get tissue, cum was coating his hand and some had dripped onto his leg. He typed, “BRB.” and went to get the tissue, when he returned she had vanished.

Scott thought about the experience all through the night and the next day at work, he couldn’t wait to see Shadowlady again. When he got home that night, he rushed to his computer and quickly joined the chatroom, seeing her name in the “chatters online” list. Before he could send her a message, he received one from her. “Hi. Want to meet later? Say around eight o’clock? Private chat of course. LOL”

“Yes.” he answered, then typed, “Where?” She gave him a room name and the password to get in, then she vanished from his screen.

Scott turned his computer off and went to take a shower before finding himself something to fix for dinner. He was anxious for eight o’clock to get there. He thought about Shadowlady and wondered what her real name was and where she lived. He thought it would be great if she was nearby, but it was doubtful. Later, he sat down to eat a steak and salad he’d fixed for himself and watched the news on television while he ate.

At a quarter ’till eight, he turned his computer on and went to change into some shorts while it booted up. He made himself wait until exactly eight before entering the private chatroom. She was there waiting for him.

“Hello.” he typed. He watched the screen for her greeting but was pleased when he read something completely different then expected.

“We meet in the country, near a lovely lake. It’s a weekday so there are few people around. We walk through the trees and end up in a secluded spot near the water. I’m wearing a summer dress, backless with a full skirt. I’m not wearing anything else but sandals on my feet and a large straw hat on my head.”

Scott grinned as he visualized her as described. He typed into the little chat box, “I turn to you and life your chin gently, our lips meet in a sweet kiss.”

“Mmmmmm… your lips are warm against mine. The kiss is a long one, making my knees go weak.” she wrote back.

“Together we slide to the grass and I lay you back on it, our lips locked together. When we break the kiss, my mouth moves down your throat.”

She started typing, “I feel your hand move down to the hem of my sundress and pull it upwards. You move from my throat and position yourself between my legs, kissing and licking the insides of my thighs, making me shiver in anticipation. You are pleasantly surprised to find my pussy is shaved, perfectly hairless and glistening with the moisture that is building there.”

“Oh yeah baby!” Scott spoke out in the empty room. He started typing again, “I love shaved snatch and use my tongue to part your lovely pussy lips for entrance. My tongue flickes against your little hidden rosebud, making you moan and twist under me.” Scott was getting more and more excited with this game. He wished it was really happening, just as they were writing it.

Shadow was enjoying the game too, it wasn’t the first time she had done the cyber sex thing online. She typed the next sentence which read, “My pleasure grows as you tease me with your tongue. The juices from my snatch flow down the crack of my ass. I moan louder and thrust my hips upwards for more, grinding into your face. Without warning, I have an orgasim, flooding your mouth with my pussy juice. You continue to lick me, until I finally relax and fall back to the grass, spent.”

“Yeah baby, that was great… I want to fuck your pussy now.” Scott typed, then waited for her to type something in reply. Nothing happened. He saw that she was gone from the private ‘room.’ He jumped up from his chair, Bayan escort knocking it backwards to the floor. “Damn woman! What the fuck is wrong with her!” he yelled in the empty room. He was pissed off now. He couldn’t believe she had done the vanishing trick on him again. Scott stormed around his empty apartment, feeling helpless and stupid. After awhile he calmed down and was thinking more rationally. “Hell, it wasn’t real anyway… so fuck it.” He decided to avoid Shadowlady for awhile, at least until he was better able to deal with his emotions. He finally went to bed and slept restlessly. He didn’t go online for several days afterwards. Scott was irritated with himself because the online sex with Shadowlady was the best sex he’d had in awhile. He kept wondering who she was.

A week passed before Scott went back into the chat room. Sure enough, Shadowlady was there, chatting like nothing in the world was wrong. Scott ignored her and started a conversation with another female, CherryBerry. A little box appeared on his screen, it was a private message from Shadow. It read, “Hey babe.. you mad at me?” Scott wasn’t sure he should even answer then decided he’d look silly if he didn’t.

“Hello. How are you doing?” he typed, trying to be casual.

“Do’n no one, are you horny?” Shadow had typed in reply to his inquiry. Scott felt a tiny thrill of excitement in the pit of his stomach.. fuck it.. why not? He was horny!

“Why,” Scott typed, “You want to cyber suck my dick?” Pretty crude, he thought, but so what, she had been pretty rude.

“Oh baby, you know I do.” Shadow wrote back, then continued, “Want to go private? We can have some fun luv.. “

“No, can’t right now.” Scott typed, he really couldn’t. He had to be at his brother’s for dinner in half an hour and still had to shower. His brother, Ben and his wife had invited him over. There was going to be a small party in honor of a big promotion Ben had gotten. Ben had told him there would even be several ‘unattached’ women attending.

Shadow typed, “Quickie?”

Scott was surprised she was still pushing the issue and answered her last word with, “Later.” With that, he signed off and shut his computer down. He felt kind of bad for having been so abrupt with her, but it was just a cybersex thing with a strange woman. He took his shower and headed to the party.

There were more people then he had expected, many for people Ben worked with and a few were more personal friends of Ben and Rita’s. Scott greeted his brother, got a drink and looked around with interest. He had noticed several good-looking females in the room and was thinking of introducing himself. He was standing off and behind two pretty women and half-listening to their conversation. He almost choked on his drink when he heard the blonde say, “Send me the information to my email.” The two women walked away and he heard no more, but that was enough for him, he had recognized the email address. He felt funny, knowing she was his cybersex partner and didn’t even know him. She would only know him by his screen name, Ironman. He wanted to tell her, but not freak her out, not here in front of all these people for sure. Scott had to get her alone for a minute. Looking around for Ben and seeing him with some guys he worked with, Scott headed in his direction. He would get Ben to introduce him to her first. This, he thought, should be very interesting.

Ben looked across the room for the woman his brother was telling him he wanted to meet. “Oh wow, are you talking about the blonde with the short, red dress?”

Scott said, “That’s the one, introduce me Ben.”

Ben was grinning at his brother, “I think you better have Rita introduce you, that’s her sister, Shadow, yeah, weird name, it’s her nickname from childhood, everyone still calls her that. I forgot you weren’t at our wedding and didn’t meet all of her family.” Scott had been in Europe, going to school and hadn’t been able to make it home for his brother’s wedding two years ago, so he hadn’t met any of Rita’s family then or since. Now that he knew Shadowlady was Rita’s sister, he was having second thoughts about things.

“Okay, thanks Ben.” he told his brother then wandered off towards the back patio to have a smoke and think about this new development. He was excited that he could meet this lady and he was more then interested in getting to know her, in fact, he felt like he already knew her pretty damn well. He heard someone else come out of the house and glanced back to see who it was.

“Hello, your Ben’s brother aren’t you? I’m Rita’s sister, Yolanda, everyone calls me Shadow.” the pretty blonde said, holding her hand out to him.

Scott took her hand and smiled then said, “Scott. Ben just told me who you were.” He held her hand a little longer then neccessary, enjoying the way it felt in his, soft and warm. He let her hand go and lit the cigarette she put to her lips. Her hair fell forward in a silky wave, which she brushed back with her other hand. The smoked in silence for a few minutes, then chatted about the Escort party and some of the people they both knew. The conversation turned to other, more personal things after awhile. Scott said something that made her laugh and he realized how comfortable he was, talking to her.

“Beautiful night, so warm and clear.” Shadow said in her soft voice, her eyes looking upwards to the heavens.

“Yes it is… hey, would you like to go for a drive down by the beach?” Scott said suddenly, then added, “Of course if you’d rather not, I’ll understand.” He felt stupid then. He expected her to frown and walk off and go back inside.

Shadow sat for a moment then turned her head to look at him, “Sure, why not. I’m ready to get out of here anyway.” She gave him a big smile.

They went inside to say goodbye to their host and hostess, then went out to Scott’s car. He drove a convertable and had the top down already. Shadow looked at him again and said, “You know something Scott, for some odd reason, I feel like I know you from somewhere. Is that possible?”

Scott started the car and took off towards the beach before answering her question. “Shadow, I want to tell you something but I don’t want to upset you.” He quickly glanced over at her to see her reaction to his words. She was still looking at him so he went on. “I spend a lot of time on my computer, using the screen name, ‘Ironman.'” Now he was afraid to look at her, afraid she would be angry or upset by this. He cleared his throat and said, “I didn’t have any idea who you..”

“Baby, do you want to fuck me?”

Scott must have looked shocked by her words and more shocked by the laughter that followed. He looked over at Shadow and saw the big smile on her face as she laughed. She looked happy and excited! “Did you know?” he finally asked.

“No Scott, I didn’t know anything until right now when you told me. Hon, I wanted us to meet months ago, this is perfect!” she gushed.

There was no one on the beach when they got there. The water was calm, the sand looked undisturbed by anything and the moon was full above the ocean. Scott grabbed a blanket out of the trunk of his car and was pleasantly surprised when Shadow took his hand as they walked down to the beach. She broke the silence, “Scott, lets walk down by those rocks, I know where a very private spot is.. ” She looked over at him and added, “I know because I like to sunbath topless silly.”

After spreading the blanket out on the soft sand, they both sat and looked out at the ocean in the moonlight. Scott told her, “I can’t believe we met like this.. and your my brother’s sister-in-law.. what are the odds of that?” They both laughed.

Scott put his arm around Shadow’s shoulder and she leaned her head on his. “You know, I am really comfortable with you, it’s weird.” he told her. She smiled and turned her head to kiss him, saying, “Me too.”

It grew quiet again, the only sound was of the waves washing the shoreline. Suddenly Shadow said in a low, sexy voice, “I’m sitting on a blanket, wearing a tight little red number with no panties and not even my shoes. By breath comes quicker as I see you approach.” She waited.

“I see you and think how beautiful and sexy you look in the moonlight. When I reach the spot where your sitting, I stop, and stand before you, looking down and admiring your beauty.” Scott stood and moved around to stand in front of Shadow.

She grinned at him, looking straight into his eyes, she said, “I reach out and stroke the front of your pants, I can see the outline of your cock. It twitches when I trace it with my fingers.” She did as she described, then continued, “I move to my knees and unzip your pants, freeing your manhood. My eye’s widen when I see the size of it, I want it so bad.” Her eyes moved from his cock back to his eyes. “I moan softly and place my lips against your hardness, my tongue flickers out to taste and touch you.”

Scott could barely stand as she moved her moist lips over his hard dick, he almost fell when she placed her open mouth over the head of his cock and sucked hard. A groan escaped his mouth and his hips thrust forward into her waiting throat. He could barely get his next words out, “I struggle not to explode with the pleasure you give me. I gently pull you back and push you down on the blanket.” Which he did.

He looked into her eyes again and said, “I move between your smooth thighs, pushing your dress up over your hips and see that you are naked under it. The moisture from your pussy glistens in the moonlight, erotic and exciting. I move to explore your lovely snatch, which I see you have shaved. You moan as my tongue teases and touches your pussy lips, then parts them to dart inside, searching for the little button that will give you pleasure as you have me.”

No more words were exchanged for a long time as they made love in the moonlight on the beach. It was everything Scott had thought it would be if they ever met, and more. Shadow was so happy she could hardly stand it. When he slid his hardness into her wetness, she cried out with joy and they moved together as one. It was better then anything either had ever experienced. They were soulmates! The left the beach and went back to Scott’s house. They spent the entire night taking and making love many times over.

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