Mommy’s Panties Ch. 02

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It was 10:30 PM before I finally left my son’s house. His plane would be arriving about the same time I pulled my car into the garage at my own house, and he’d be on his way home shortly there after. By my best estimates, within the next hour and a half, he’d be mad at hell as me.

Hopefully, though, his anger would be a smidge less when he read the note I left for him on the counter in his kitchen, and then be a lot less when he read the note I left on his bed.

I tried to put myself in his place and think how I’d feel if I was him and it wasn’t a pretty picture. I’d gone through my son’s personal belongings – his drawers, his closets, his clothes – literally everything he had. I discovered his panties, my panties, my panties soaked with his dried cum, his silicone cock toy, and his stash of incest DVDs packed with all kinds of mother-son panty movies.

I dare say – he was not going to be a happy camper once he realized what I’d done.

But, as I explained in the note I left for him, it wasn’t my intent to do all that. I was simply trying to do him a favor by cleaning his house while he was away, and I stumbled on all the panties. Then, I found the rest of it. I didn’t go there with the notion to snoop or to assault his personal life. I was just trying to do something nice for my son, that’s it.

I thought the note I left on his bed made a pretty good case for forgiveness, and in my stomach, I felt like I had a pretty good chance. I’d know for sure tomorrow if he showed up for lunch like he promised me on the phone.

I already decided I’d play it by ear tomorrow if he did come. I’d just play dumb, we’d have lunch and I’d ask him about his business trip and we’d be done with it. I had no intention of bringing up the panties, his shower cock toy, or any of the rest of it. If he brought it up, that would be a different story, but I wasn’t going to do it. I didn’t want him to think I loved him any less tomorrow than I did last week and so, I’d just keep quiet unless he brought it up.

Of course, in my notes, I didn’t mention the fact that I’d watched one of his “Mommy’s Panties” DVDs and masturbated on his bed, or that I got so wet watching it I leaked all over his sheets when I climaxed……. and I didn’t tell him I used his cock toy in the shower not only in my pussy, but also in my ass. No, I didn’t tell him any of that, and the reason I didn’t was because I didn’t think he needed to know. I surely wasn’t going to ask him about his personal sexual activities, although once I found my sperm soaked panties in his bedroom, I had a pretty darn good idea what they were.

But, tomorrow would tell. If he showed up, then I guess it meant he forgave me. If he didn’t, I’d have to do some groveling and try to patch things up because I wasn’t going to live the rest of my life with a broken heart, or, with a broken hearted son.

I was sitting on my bed, thinking about how it might play out tomorrow. Just then, the phone rang. It was after 11, and the ring startled me. I was surprised to find it was Danny. His plane had gotten in early and he was almost at his house. But, he’d been bothered all day by my phone call this morning and was worried something was wrong.

“If you’re still up, why don’t I come by now?” He suggested. “I’m only fifteen minutes away. Is that okay?”

Wow, I wasn’t ready for this. He was going to come here instead of going to his own house?

“Sure,” I agreed, “have you eaten?”

“Nah,” he replied, “but I’m not hungry.”

“That’s a lie.” I answered. “Come on over and I’ll find something for you to eat, then we can talk. You’re always welcome here – any time, day or night, you know that.”

After we hung up, I began to panic. Could I look him in the eyes when I saw him? Would I be able to see my son without wondering if he’s wearing boxers or panties under his trousers? Maybe even wearing my panties under his trousers?

But as I thought about it, maybe this was good – maybe him coming here would give me a chance to ask a few subtle questions. Then, before I could stop myself, I got a more devious idea……. maybe this would give me a chance to actually see how interested he was in my panties, and in me.

I felt a squishy feeling between my legs and I ran into my bedroom, stripped off my shorts and pulled off the panties I borrowed from him house. Quickly, I started to throw them in my clothes hamper and then I realized I couldn’t do that because he might come check my dirty clothes looking for panties to steal – and he’d find them! I sure as hell didn’t want him to find a pair of panties at my house which he knew should be at his house.

So, I stuffed those panties under my pillow and went to my lingerie drawer for a fresh pair and then I realized I couldn’t do that either! If I was really going to gauge his interest in my panties, I couldn’t do it with fresh panties. Thinking fast, I looked down into my hamper and found the panties I wore the day before yesterday bedava bahis and looked down inside them. Fortunately, they were clean enough to wear again, so I slipped them on, and then made sure I pushed the crotch panel up between my pussy lips so they’d be fragrant and start to get moist. I wanted them to be insanely irresistible for him.

Then, taking my plan further in my head, I reached into my dirty clothes hamper and pulled everything out, dumping it all on the floor of my bedroom. Carefully, I looked through the pile and counted how many panties were in there. Then I arranged the pile in a way that clearly showed there were panties mixed in amongst the other clothes. I stood back and looked at the beginnings of my devious trap, and I smiled a mischievous grin. But, this would be just a part of how I’d temp him. The second part would be even more enticing and the third part should send a clear message to him – a message he’d understand better once he got home and read my note.

My mind was firmly made up. And without another thought, or an ounce of guilt, I promised myself I’d give my son a night to remember – a panty night to remember, courtesy of his mother.

I could feel the wetness building inside my pussy. Standing there in my bedroom, knowing full well what I was about to do, and how it might affect him, I lowered my hand down to my crotch and ran my fingers up and down the pantied crease between my pussy lips. “Yes!” I moaned in satisfaction. I was getting wet. Abundantly wet. I could feel it starting to saturate the material of my panties and without giving it a second thought, I rubbed myself for several seconds, forcing more of the panty’s crotch panel between my lips and directly into the seeping wetness of my vagina.

“These,” I said to myself, “will probably push him over the edge when he finds them.”

I heard his knock on the door as I was standing there touching myself. I reached for my shorts, pulled them up my legs and stepped back into my sandals. I quickly checked myself in the mirror and then grinned cleverly as I went to let him in. This elaborate plot, if I pulled it off, would allow him to be alone with several pairs of my panties, including the ones I was wearing now. If it all went according to plan, he’d have a good fifteen or twenty minutes alone with them, making it easy for him to enjoy himself. If the way I was leaking was any indication, they’d be a dripping mess by the time he got them.

I arrived at the door just as he was about to knock again. As usual, he hugged me as he came through the door. But this time, his hug felt different to me. With what I now knew about him, and what I was going to do tonight, I found it hard to hug him in a motherly way.

“Come on,” I said, stepping away from his hug, “let’s see what we can find in the kitchen for you to eat.”

“Mom,” he replied, “you don’t need to do this. I’m not hungry.”

“No more of that, Danny.” I said, shaking my finger at him. “It won’t take long and you need to eat something.” Then, I paused for a minute and said, “Besides, you know I’d do anything for you. Don’t ever forget that, sweetheart.”

He smiled sweetly at me and then I said, “How about a scrambled egg sandwich? Will that hold you over for a while?”

I knew he’d love that idea. They were one of his favorites – I even taught Emily how to make it for him, just the way he liked it. But, since their divorce, I doubt he’d had very many. His eyes lit up and he came over toward me, saying, “I miss those, you know.”

Seeing a chance to send him a subtle message, I replied, “I bet you do, buster.” Then, looking up at him and squinting my eyes, I smiled and added, “And, if you don’t come over more often so I can make them for you, you’re going to be in big trouble. You’re not too big for me to pull your undies down and give you a good spanking, you know!”

Danny smiled and put his hands on his hips. “Well, I wouldn’t want that!” He said, laughing.

So, continuing my kidding tone, I said, laughing with him, “Grown man, or not – you better listen to your mother or face the consequences, kiddo. I wouldn’t think twice about spanking your bare butt and making you stand in the corner.”

Danny laughed, and I didn’t take it any further, especially since I knew what I had planned for him tonight. Then, he’d go home and see what I’d done at his house, read my notes and realize I knew his secrets. Tonight I would plant the seeds in his head which I hoped would grow into something special between us.

I busied myself with his beloved scrambled egg sandwich while we made small talk. He stood beside me and told me about the obnoxious woman he sat next to on the plane, and how she talked endlessly about her stupid job, her stupid boss and her stupid customers. As we chatted, it was more like we were friends joking around with each other and I let him talk, looking over at him to smile and laugh.

When I finished making his sandwich, casino siteleri I knew it was time to put my plan into action. I felt a flutter in my stomach, and wondered if I had the nerve to go through with everything I had planned. In any event, it was time start the ball rolling.

Setting the sandwich down on my kitchen table, I looked up at my son and said, “Danny, would you mind terribly if I went to take a shower while you eat? I’ve been cleaning house all day and I feel grimy.”

“Sure, go ahead.” He said, pouring himself a glass of milk.

“You don’t have to run off right away, do you?” I asked. “I have to wash my hair and shave my legs – it might take me a few minutes. Do you mind?”

Pulling out a chair and sitting down in front of his sandwich, he answered, “Naw, go ahead. I don’t have to be anywhere.”

I leaned down and kissed his cheek as he started to take a bite. Then, ruffling his hair like I used to do when he was nine, I told him to make himself at home.

I walked out of the kitchen, up the stairs, down the hall and into my bedroom with a grin on my face bigger than Rohde Island. Butterflies filled my stomach as I put my panty plan in play.

First, I went to my dresser, looking for the “World’s Best Mom” sleepshirt one of the kids bought me years and years ago. It had a design on the front along with the words “World’s Best Mom”, but the back was plain white. The thing about this sleepshirt was – it was made of t-shirt material, and it had been worn and washed hundreds of times. It was so thin, I quit wearing it because it wasn’t decent any more. And that’s exactly why I wanted it now.

Next, I went to my lingerie drawer and pulled out my hot pink bikini panties, the ones with the tiny rows of ruffles all across the back side. They fit me tightly, and that’s the exact look I wanted. These panties would definitely show through the back of the sleepshirt, and he’d have no trouble making out the ruffles across my butt, either. From the front, though, he’d never notice a thing. It would be excellent eye candy for him.

The only draw back to this sleepshirt was going to be my breasts. Because it was so thin, my breasts, and in particular – my nipples, would be clearly visible to him. Well, since I was absolutely sure he’d seen his wife’s nipples and the nipples of other females, and he knew I was a female, he’d have to expect I had nipples, too. Right?

That solved the nipple problem.

Next, I went into my bathroom and laid the clean, pink panties out in the middle of the counter top, between the two sinks where they’d be plainly obvious to anyone that came into that bathroom. Then, I reached into the drawer under the counter, found my hair scissors, and pulled open the cabinet for a new razor. Looking around to see if I had everything ready, I went to the next step of my tantalizing panty plan.

I couldn’t believe I was getting ready to do what I was going to do. It was shameful, disgraceful and appalling, but, it was necessary if my plan was going to work like I hoped. Taking a deep breath, I pulled my shirt over my head and laid it on the bed, and then quickly pulled my shorts off and put it with my shirt. Standing there in my bra and panties, I turned to look at myself in the full length mirror. I could see the crotch of my panties were still creased up between my pussy lips, but, I wanted it to be more pronounced – I wanted it to be immediately noticeable and unforgettable to my son. When he saw me, I wanted the vision of my panties pushed up between my labia to be burned into his brain for ever and ever.

Reaching down, I rubbed myself a few times to make the crease bigger. In doing so, I found the crotch of my panties were sopping wet from the anticipation of this moment, and the moment when he found them. The excitement that swarmed over me at that second was incredibly intense, and it acted like a drug to block my inhibitions, giving me strength to do what I had to do next.

Checking my hair and the way I looked one more time, I walked to the doorway of my room and peeked down the hall toward the steps leading down to the landing just outside the kitchen. After listening for a second, and making sure he was still sitting at the kitchen table eating his sandwich, I stepped out into the hall and walked all the way to the top of the stairs dressed only in my bra and panties.

“Danny?” I called.

I was just about to call his name a second time when he appeared through the doorway from the kitchen and looked directly up the stairs – right at me.

“Mom!” He exclaimed after a brief second, and then ducked back inside the kitchen. “I’m sorry! I didn’t know you weren’t dressed.”

“I thought you were just going to yell up to me from the table.” I replied, acting surprised and embarrassed. I paused for a second, and then added, “There’s no one here but you and me, so who cares. Come on out.”

Slowly, my son crooked his head around the bahis siteleri door frame and looked up at me. “Oh, please……” I said derisively, putting my hands on my hips and making a face at him, “don’t be so melodramatic. It’s no different than a bathing suit, Sweetheart.”

Danny finally came out and looked up at me. I didn’t want this to last too long, so as soon as he came out I said, “There’s a bottle of my favorite white wine lying on its side in the refrigerator. When you’re done eating, would you mind pouring me a glass and brining it up? It should be cold enough by now. Pour yourself one, too.”

It was like he was frozen. His eyes were focused directly on my crotch. Immediately, I got a surge of excitement that zapped me like a thousand little pin pricks all over my body as I stood there letting him look at my creased panties. It was a magnificent feeling, mixed with a sting of terror, to stand there and allow my son to stare at the object of his fascination. Even more so when I knew he’d have his chance to actually hold these same panties in his hands in just a few minutes.

“Yeah…… uh…. I mean, yes.” He answered in a daze. “In the refrigerator. The wine. Okay.”

Knowing I’d gotten the exact reaction I was looking for, I thanked him nonchalantly, turned around and unceremoniously strolled back to my bedroom. Once inside, I gasped for breath and put my hands in front of my mouth so I wouldn’t scream.

“No!” I admonished myself. “I didn’t do that! Tell me I didn’t just do that!”

But, I did. And, I knew I’d just set in motion a chain of events I’d have a hard time backing out of, now. Do or die, it was time for the next step.

Leaving the door to my bedroom completely open, I faced the door, reached around, and unhooked my bra. I had no idea if Danny was in the process of pouring the wine and bringing it up at this exact second, or, if he was still eating his sandwich. It didn’t matter to me because my mind was made up. Sliding the bra down my arms and away from my chest, I laid it on top of my shirt and shorts, and then I casually put my thumbs in the waistband of my panties and quickly drew them down my legs.

Acting as if I wasn’t in any hurry at all, I remained facing the opened door and took my time folding my sodden panties in half and then tossing them on top of my bra, and the rest of the clothes I’d just been wearing. Then, as though I didn’t have a care in the world, I slowly strolled into the bathroom – leaving that door open, too, and turned the shower on.

When I hatched my plan, I knew there had to be a sense of realism to the way I was setting all this up. So, if he came up with the wine right away, I’d act appropriately ’embarrassed’ and ‘surprised’ when he caught me naked, but, it was too risky just to loiter in my room naked, waiting for him to come up. He’d get suspicious if he came up ten minutes from now and saw I hadn’t gotten in the shower yet. I said I was going to take a shower, wash my hair and shave my legs, and that’s what I was going to do. More or less.

As the water ran, I picked up the scissors and my razor, and, I was about to step into the shower when I figured I better make something of an effort to close the bathroom door, or at least swing it closed against the latch. I opted for the latter; leaving the door opened a fraction of an inch, hoping it would provide him a little enticement further along in my plan.

Stepping into the shower, I quickly set to work with the scissors. Grabbing handful after handful of my unkept pubic hair, I pulled it away from my body and cut it as close to the skin as I could. The frosted glass shower doors wouldn’t allow him to see anything except a flesh colored blob behind the glass, so there’s no way he’d be able to tell what I was doing, other than standing there. So, I kept on – snipping and trimming until I’d cut away all the long hairs between my legs and let it wash down the drain.

It had been a while since I’d trimmed myself. With no man in my life since my divorce, there was no need to keep myself attractive down there, so I just let it grow. But now, it was crucial to parts of my plan to be hairless – just like the actors on his DVDs, so I began the task of shaving myself. I took extra care not to nick my pussy, rinsing the razor after each swipe. Shaving my pussy in the shower was a bit more difficult than doing it in a bath tub, but I’d done it before. I kept glancing through the opaque shower doors, wondering if Danny had made his way upstairs with my wine yet. Actually, to be more truthful, I was wondering if he’d come across the pile of dirty clothes in the middle of my floor with the cleverly hidden panties, or if he’d seen the make-shift pile of clothes on the bed – the ones I just took off with the wringing wet panties he’d seen me in.

I knew there was no way be wouldn’t be affected by the things I’d do tonight. I’d already let him see me in my bra and panties. There were several pairs of worn panties in the pile on the floor, and the panties on the bed were so wet, they actually felt heavy in my hands. Plus, I set my new panties out on the counter of the bathroom, and I was taking a shower with the door open. That should be enough to get his motor running.

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