Unbreakable Bond Ch. 07

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Chris Donovan vs. Shane Lewis

Dedicated to RubyRed01

Reconciliation & Mile High Fun!


“Just let me know whenever you need me to punch his lights out, bro.” Tyron muttered to Chris. “You know I won’t hesitate.”

Chris couldn’t suppress his amused chuckle at Tyron’s words. “No offence Ty, but this guy can beat you to a pulp within seconds.” The pride in Chris’ voice couldn’t be masked.

Tyron sniggered, turning to look in Shane’s direction with an impressed glint in his eyes. “A badass huh?”

“Gentle, but deadly.” Chris murmured.

Tyron nodded. “My kinda guy. I like him, Chris. And it’s obvious he’s crazy about you. Alright, how about waving my gun in his face?” Tyron turned back to Chris. “Surely that can work.”

Chris laughed. “Yeah right. As if a SEAL would threaten a civilian. Besides I know you’re partial when it comes to your ‘black brothers’.” Chris said, giving the phrase quotations with his fingers.

“Ow come…”

“Dude, you’re a white boy who decided to call himself Tyron instead of Tyler, your God-given name…just to blend in with your ‘black brothers’ on a basketball court. Go figure.” Chris shook his head in amusement at Tyron. Tyron would never try to intimidate someone like Shane.

“Wait till he hurts you, Chris.” Tyron growled. “Then you’ll see a totally different side of me.”

“At ease, soldier.” Chris chuckled. “He’ll never hurt me.” Chris said with all confidence.

“Good. He had better not.” Tyron said, standing up. “Going for a beer. Want one?”

“Sure.” Chris said turning to watch Aaron make his way to his side.

They were in Damon and Tristan’s house for their usual Saturday get-together, which Chris hadn’t attend in a while because he’d wanted to spend time with Shane. Damon’s huge basement had been converted into a plush fun room for the squad’s enjoyment. Talk of a posh state of the art game room! Not too loud music, pool table, video games, a well-stocked bar with a professional mixer behind ready to give anyone what they requested, a huge projected screen on which the Champions’ league was showing, and a lavish spread of assorted food on a long table. It was the place to be.

So far, Shane had hit it off with the guys which thrilled Chris to no end. Though there was a subtle show of respect when the guys interacted with Shane, they treated him like ‘one of the guys’ and that was something Chris was very happy about. He didn’t blame the guys for showing Shane some respect. The guy commanded respect without making any effort so it was only to be expected.

“Hey.” Aaron said flopping down beside Kyle on the couch. “Someone must have blown someone’s mind with mouthwateringly good sex.” He murmured.

“What?” Chris turned to look at Aaron’s face which had a smirk in place.

“He can’t stop looking at you.” Aaron stated the obvious, making Chris automatically turn to look at where Shane sat, playing poker with Damon, Matt, Cole and Michael. “If only he could concentrate, he would take those assholes to the cleaners.” Aaron continued in a teasing voice. “But he can’t keep his eyes off you so he’s losing. I know that look. You must be doing a really good job, boss.”

Chris almost groaned when his eyes clashed with Shane’s. “Fuck.” He muttered.

“I know right.” Aaron said dryly. “But by that suggestive word…do you mean you wanna fuck him or he wants to…”

“Shut up, Aaron.” Chris growled just as Tyron got back to their side with two bottles of beer.

“There you go.” Tyron handed over a bottle to Chris but before could get a good grip on the bottle, Aaron snatched it and started drinking it to Tyron’s amusement and Chris’ annoyance.

“Why did I give you that raise again?” Chris asked with a mock scowl on his face.

Aaron turned to look at Chris as though he’d suddenly sprouted horns. “You know why.” Aaron murmured cockily. “And also because you love me.” He added confidently, drawing a snort from Chris. “Shane is gorgeous, man.” He added, licking his lips suggestively just to get a rise out of Chris.

“Hey, go check out your own man and leave mine alone, dickhead.” Chris growled, smacking Aaron upside the head and drawing laughter from Tyron.

“This idiot has always had an eye for good things, Aaron.” Tyron smirked, turning his gaze on Shane. “You can never go wrong with that face. Listen guys, when you want a relationship with someone, the trick is to make sure you can get off just by imagining their faces when they’re nowhere near you. The look on a beautiful face when the owner is in the throes of passion is just…” Tyron moaned as he shook his head. “Some faces sure look downright ugly when they’re coming, trust me.” By then, Chris and Aaron were screaming with laughter. “Trust me guys, I know what I’m talking about.” Tyron added joining in the laughter.

“Care to tell the rest of us what has you idiots in stitches?” Dean bellowed from his spot behind the pool table where he was playing against yalova escort Kyle.

“Now, that’s a face you’ll definitely wanna cover up during sex.” Tyron muttered, looking at Dean.

Aaron laughed so hard he started coughing. “Fuck you, Ty. That’s so not true.”

Tyron shrugged. “He called us idiots.”

“Yes he…”Chris started but trailed off when Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ blasted through the speakers. “What the…”

Everyone turned to see Tristan, wielding two microphones and dancing his arse off. Chris shook his head in amusement when Tyron stood up and started dancing too. Then of course Dean had to join in, using his stick as a microphone.

“Okay guys, I’ll be Pharrell today.” Cole shouted, leaving the poker table to snatch a microphone from Tristan. And when he started going… “hey, hey, hey”, everyone erupted into laughter.


Shane looked at the scene unfolding right before his eyes and couldn’t help the laughter that tore out of his throat. “Damn, you guys are crazy.” He gushed, making Damon laugh.

“I like to think Chris, Kyle and myself are the only sane people amongst this squad.” Damon chuckled. Almost all the guys were dancing. The only people who were still seated were himself, Shane, Chris, Aaron and Kyle who was sitting on the pool table, bobbing his head to the song. “And trust my silly husband to turn it into a karaoke.” Damon drawled when the instrumentals of the song started blasting out even louder. “Get ready Shane. They’re going to rope you into it any moment from now.”

Damon groaned when as if on cue, they saw Tristan making a beeline for where he and Shane still sat around the poker table, watching what looked almost like a dancing competition. And when Tristan got to them and flicked his forefinger back and forth, indicating that Shane come to him, Damon burst into laughter.

“Dude, you better go.” Damon told Shane. “My husband doesn’t take no for an answer.”

With a pitiful moan, Shane stood up and started towards Tristan. Much as he couldn’t dance to save his life, he knew how to sing most songs from beginning to end… ‘Blurred Lines’ included. He knew his safest bet was to sing…to avoid being made to dance. Shane reached out and took the microphone from Tristan and started singing the second verse…

“What do they make dreams for

When you got them jeans on

What do we need steam for…”

All the guys shouted… “You the hottest bitch in this place”

Shane shrugged and smoothly sang the next line.

“I feel so lucky

You wanna hug me

What rhymes with hug me?”

Chris couldn’t believe what was happening. He couldn’t believe Shane was being such a good sport. The guys were obviously having a ball. And when Shane turned in his direction and sang in a deep voice… “I know you want it”, the place was in an uproar.

Aaron stuck his fingers inside his mouth and gave an ear-splitting whistle. Then he turned to Chris. “Err…why don’t you be a good girl and go dance with your…” But before he could even finish, Chris was already on his feet, stalking towards Shane like a predator.

Chris got to an amused Shane just as he started singing…

“Baby can you breathe?

I got this from Jamaica

It always works for me

Dakota to Decatur, uh huh…”

Chris’ arm went around Shane’s waist as he plastered himself against him and started a rather slow sensual dance to the delight and amusement of everyone. And when Shane sang the lines…

“The way you grab me

Must wanna get nasty…”

Chris grinned and responded huskily, “You bet.” Then one of his hands slid up Shane’s back to the nape of his neck, his intent clear in his eyes for Shane to see. Shane forgot the lyrics…

Roguishly ignoring Shane’s pleading widened eyes, Chris captured his mouth in a plundering kiss. And despite Shane’s unease about being watched making out by a bunch of guys, his mouth opened to Chris’ possession with a moan, letting Chris in, allowing his tongue to forge into Chris’ mouth and twining with his. Shane totally melted against Chris, kissing him back as hard as he was receiving. There were whistles and catcalls from the guys but the two men looked like they were alone on another planet and couldn’t hear a thing. They tuned out everyone and totally got lost in each other.

When they eventually came up for air, both men looked dazed. “Shit.” Shane whispered shakily against Chris’ lips. “Did you have to?”

“Get used to it.” Chris grinned and landed a quick kiss on Shane’s mouth before letting him go.

“Fuck, that made me hungry.” Dean stated loudly, turning to look towards the lavishly laid table.

“You sure your hunger is for food?” Cole asked dryly making everyone laugh.

“It will do for now, asshole.” Dean retorted.

“Ow come on Dean, we all know you’re not getting any.” Michael chuckled. “The last thing a woman in her ninth month of pregnancy wants to hear is sex. Sucks to be you, yozgat escort buddy.”

“God, she’s killing me.” Dean groaned and turned to glare at Michael. “Why the fuck can’t pregnant women have their own special brand of Spanish Fly? Think you silly doctors can put your brains to good use? Huh?”

“Sure makes me happy I’m never going to go through that.” Damon chuckled, pulling Tristan close to give him a kiss. “Aren’t you happy I’m not a chic, baby?”

“You bet your sexy arse I am.” Tristan purred, smacking Damon on the arse.

“Yeah, whatever.” Tyron growled, heading towards the buffet.

“Hungry?” Chris asked an amused Shane.

Shane gave Chris a smoldering look from beneath his lashes as he licked his lips provocatively. “Yeah but not for…”

“Shut up, Shane.” Dean growled, starting towards the buffet.

Shane laughed so hard the others joined in. They all went to the table and ate till they were too full to eat anymore. Afterward, the guys watched an NFL final between Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys. Shane had never enjoyed watching a match more. He enjoyed the arguments, the silly comments and the colourful curses and shouts that the guys made throughout the match. It was a great experience. Of course they never stopped drinking and munching on tasty tit-bits. To Shane, it felt like he’d known the guys for a long time. And the beautiful thing was that they actually treated him as if he was one of them. They threw insults at him just like they threw at each other and that actually made Shane feel more at home. He was happy.

When it was time to leave, after midnight, all the guys hugged Shane but no one warned him not to hurt Chris as they would have done under normal circumstances. The man wore his heart on his sleeve for fuck’s sake. Everyone could see just how much he loved and adored Chris. He’d been hurt badly by their friend but had still managed to forgive him…right? What more could they ask for? They all liked Shane Lewis and didn’t hesitate to let him know it.

“Yo, Shane?” Matt bellowed. “We expect to see you every Saturday, man. The only acceptable excuse will be where you’re out of town.”

“Thanks. I wouldn’t miss it.” Shane grinned. “I don’t remember ever having this much fun, guys. Thanks for having me.”

“Well, even if this idiot doesn’t show up, do come because you’re more fun to hang out with.” Cole drawled.

“Fuck you, Cole.” Chris’ growl drew laughter from the guys.

“Aw come on, don’t be greedy. Shouldn’t one person be enough?” Cole retorted.

Everyone turned to look at how Shane would react to Cole’s comment. But Shane only shrugged and said to Chris cheekily, “I think he wants ya. Next time don’t offer.”

The look on Cole’s face was priceless. And even as the guys filed out of the basement, they couldn’t stop their laughter.

“That was a good one.” Kyle chuckled, bumping fists with Shane.

“You’re an asshole, Shane.” Cole laughed. “Briana will love you. For some reason, she likes assholes.”

“I can see that.” Shane’s meaning was not lost on Cole, who flipped him off. “I’d love to meet her.” Shane chuckled. “That must be arranged.”

“Actually we haven’t all been together in a while.” Tyron said. “And I miss my ladies.” He said referring to Mary, who was Michael’s wife and Chris’ cousin. Jen, Matt’s kick-arse lawyer fiancée, the beautiful Briana, Cole’s fiancée and the sassy, sexy Kayla, Dean’s wife.

“How about I invite all of you to a party on the fourth of July?” Shane asked with so much hope on his face.

“Dude, you throw that party every year but never show up yourself.” Damon chuckled.

“Well, there’s a first time for everything. It will be a first for all of us…well, except for Damon who has been…once?” Shane looked at Damon with a raised brow.

“Yep. It’s the sickest party ever, guys. We’ll have a ball.” Damon told the guys.

“I’m in.” Michael chuckled. “I’ll never miss a good party.”

“Great idea.” Dean said. “My baby girl would be out by then so Kayla can come too.”

All the guys accepted the invitation and said they were looking forward to having fun. By the time Chris and Shane got to Shane’s house, they were so tired they just had a quick shower and fell into bed.

This time, Shane spooned up against Chris, wrapping his arm around his waist and tugging him securely against his entire length. Their legs tangled together as Chris gently stroked the skin on Shane’s forearm. It felt nice to be held securely in Shane’s arms. There was no place he’d rather be, Chris thought with a smile.

“Your friends are great.” Shane murmured as he kissed Chris’ shoulder lovingly.

“I’m glad you think so. Wait till you meet our ladies.” Chris yawned. “They liked you too by the way.” He murmured, linking his fingers with Shane’s and sighing with contentment.

“Can’t wait to meet the ladies.” Shane chuckled. “Sleepy?” Shane asked and wished he could kick himself for asking such a silly question. Of course Chris ankara escort was sleepy. It’s just that he didn’t want Chris to sleep. How was it even possible to be missing someone when they were actually in your arms? But that was exactly how he was feeling. He was missing Chris. Damn!

“Shane…?” Chris called out softly.

“Yes, baby?”

Chris went quiet for a moment and gave a tiny sigh. “Never mind.” He murmured and turned his head to silently demand a kiss. Shane didn’t disappoint. His head came up to meet Chris’ lips for a slow sweet kiss. “Good night.” Chris breathed when they broke off the kiss.

“Good morning.” Shane responded, making Chris laugh softly. “It’s almost two a.m. Shane said, pressing a kiss to Chris’ head before relaxing back onto his pillow.

And both men drifted off to sleep with their hearts filled with so much love for each other.


Shane woke up to the sweetest feeling ever, on his cock. His gaze and hands went to Chris’ head as he moaned and bucked against that hot mouth. “Oh fuck.” Shane moaned.

Chris didn’t pause even once in his ministration. In no time at all, Shane was coming down his throat, just as Chris had been hoping he would. After he’d licked Shane clean, Chris rolled out of bed and sat beside Shane. That was when Shane realized Chris was dressed.

“Hey.” Chris breathed. “Got your attention I see.” He grinned.

“Fuck you.” Shane chuckled breathlessly. “What time is it and where are you going?”

“It’s five a.m. I need to go see to something at home. Go back to sleep. I’ll be back before you know it.”


Chris leaned down and dropped a quick kiss on Shane’s mouth and stood up to leave. At the door, he stopped and looked back at Shane. “Don’t miss me too much.”

“I don’t even remember who you are, pal. What’s the name again?” Shane gave Chris a mockingly innocent look.

Chris went right back to the bed, threw off the covers and straddled a now laughing Shane. Then as he took Shane’s mouth in a hot kiss, Chris humped Shane, rubbing his jeans-covered erection against Shane’s soft cock. Well, Shane didn’t stay soft for long. With a whimper, he began thrusting back against Chris mindlessly.

“Chris…” Shane moaned when Chris moved down to capture a taut nipple in his mouth and pulled on it. “I want you, baby.”

When Chris was satisfied that Shane was totally aroused, he raised his head, panting harshly, and looked down into Shane’s passion-glazed eyes. “Remember me now?” He husked.

“Oh fuck, Chris.” Shane groaned, thrusting up against Chris. “Are you shitting me? Was all this just to make a…”

“Point? Yes.” Chris said getting off Shane. “Now think about that whilst I’m gone.”

And even as Shane called him every foul name he could think of, Chris laughingly left the room, adjusting his own hard-on and cursing himself for putting himself through that. Damn, Shane was hot.


“Fuck, I have to do this.” Chris muttered to himself.

He was sprawled on his comfortable couch inside his personal sanctuary, staring up at the ceiling. Chris had been in there for almost three hours, thinking. He’d taken care of some paper work that needed his attention immediately he’d gotten home, and then made himself some breakfast. Then he’d gone directly into his personal sanctuary to think long and hard about something that had been bothering him for a really long time… Sylvia Lewis.

Chris wanted so much to tell Shane that he was in love with him. Though he would bet his last cent Shane already knew that fact, Chris knew he had to tell him. He loved the thrill that always flashed through him whenever Shane told him those three letter words and he felt that Shane needed that from him too. It was only fair…right? But Chris couldn’t help but feel it was wrong to tell Shane that, till he’d made peace with Shane’s mother, Sylvia Lewis. The problem was that, the mere thought of coming face to face with the woman made Chris’ heart pound. He realized he was even more terrified of meeting Sylvia Lewis than he’d been, meeting Shane himself. Maybe he hadn’t gotten the chance to be terrified at seeing Shane again because they’d met by chance. Meeting his mother on the other hand, was a totally different thing.

Chris knew that Shane would never bring up meeting his mother because he knew how scared Chris was to meet Sylvia. Both men went out of their way to avoid talking about Sylvia Lewis but sometimes it felt like a giant elephant in the room, when they had to mention her in a conversation. Now that Shane had met the squad, who Chris saw as his family, Chris felt he couldn’t put it off any longer. He had to make peace with Shane’s mother. He had to man up and do what was necessary. It had to be done.

Chris turned to look at the glass of scotch he’d poured for himself when he entered the room. It stood on the center table, untouched. He groaned when his eyes landed on his blinking phone that was lying beside the glass of scotch. He usually put his phone on silent whenever he was in his personal sanctuary to think. He’d been so engrossed in his thoughts he hadn’t even noticed that his phone was blinking. Chris reached for his phone and realized he had a message from Shane.

Shane: I’m in the study, workin. But I can’t concentrate. U’ve ruined me.

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