Iris and Mom and Me

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Despite the title, there is no ménage a trois in my story. I could have imagined it, but it didn’t happen. That doesn’t mean that Iris and mom and me weren’t intimately related.

I grew up in an idyllic sounding village called Green Grove in New England. Actually it seemed more white than green, because we were near a patch of mountains that received more than its share of snow during the long winters. I never minded because in addition to the woods, there were always things to do in the house or the playroom. That was what we called the addition that was built onto the house that became the domain of my sister Iris and me. It’s a little unusual for a sister and brother to be each other’s best, and almost only friend, but I never thought about it when I was young; it was just the way it was.

She was a year and two months older. She loved me, and it wasn’t hard to love her back. When I used to tell her that I was going to marry her when I got big, she would laugh and say, “We’ll see little man.” She looked after me because our mother worked a lot after our father passed away. It scared me when I got old enough to be told that they weren’t sure exactly of what he died. Later I understood that anyone can die at any time, and instead of being afraid, you had to make sure you’re aware at every moment to enjoy the people and the world around you.

Iris and I played every game imaginable, most of which she made up herself; snow games, rain games, and nighttime games when mom was asleep. Until our teens, I never thought twice about telling Iris anything I was thinking, and I knew more about girls from being with her than anyone my age.

I loved books because Iris showed me how much fun they were. She was a great reader and storyteller. I can still hear her voice dramatizing the words when she would say to me, “Listen Richie, you have to hear this!” Iris was almost fifteen when she read a story about two shy people who acted out scenes with each other that they found in plays, and books, and movies. She made me read the story, and she said that we should do what they did. It sounded like fun and once we started, we never stopped. At least not for two years. I always remember the one when we did Anthony and Cleopatra. I had put on some toga thing and Iris wouldn’t let me see her until she was all dressed up.

When she came out of the bathroom, her make-up looked like that of an Egyptian princess. The black mascara framed her eyes and the big fake gold necklace she had on was perfect. She wore a flowing white cotton skirt. It’s good I can remember any of those details considering that she also came out bare-breasted. Now we had been skinny-dipping before, and it wasn’t a big deal for her to change a tee shirt in front of me, but she looked so sexy. She had really filled out since developing a small handful at thirteen. It was the first time I got tangibly turned on by her — big-time. It was very hard for me to concentrate on the scene. Iris kept slapping my arm and laughing at me when she said, “Stop looking at my tits and read your lines.” In reality, she loved being provocative, but she did say, “And don’t tell Debbie about this. ”

‘Debbie’ is what Iris liked to call mom when she wanted to tease her. That went on from when she was a little girl. Mom got a kick out of it, but I must have heard her say a thousand times, “It’s ‘Mom’ to you – and it’s Debra, not Debbie.” It was silly, but we always laughed about it.

The day before Iris’ seventeenth birthday, we decided to make our own party and she went to get the stuff. She had a learner’s permit and had been driving everywhere since she was sixteen. She never came home. The roads were slick, and…and…and. I know it doesn’t make any sense, but I still think, ‘Maybe if I was with her I could have saved her.’ And for a while I thought, ‘I wish I was with her so I could have gone with her.’

To say it was rough for mom and me wouldn’t come close to it. It was awful. I couldn’t stand to change the tense of my sister from ‘is’ to ‘was’. I still feel a grasping at my throat when I think of what those days were like. All the stupid words that people say about having to move on, and getting on with your life…well, like I said before, things are both this way and that way. They’re true and they’re lies.

The only one whom we didn’t mind seeing was mom’s sister Fran, who came up from Florida and stayed with us for a week. She’d made lots of visits up to us before, because she was close to mom. They spoke every day and Aunt Fran always said a few words to Iris and me whenever she called. She was a calming presence in the house that week. She had married well and had a big house that we had visited just before I started high school. I heard Aunt Fran trying to convince mom that we should move down by her, or at least come and stay for a few weeks.

We held out in Green Grove for about three months of hell, until it became too difficult to stay in that house. We talked about moving and mom siirt escort asked if I’d mind. I said I didn’t care as long as we left where we were. So we went down to the west coast of Florida where Aunt Fran had located mom a job, and a rental apartment for us. I went to school there and the void gnawed at me through the last numbing years in high school. The only good thing was spending time with Aunt Fran, and for the first year, her husband Steve. He loved baseball and he took me to a lot of spring training games. But their marriage went south and Steve took off for what he thought would be, greener pastures.

I hardly socialized with kids at all and spent most of my time with books, video games, my music, and mom. I still felt Iris around all the time, and the two years that passed were more like two hours when I thought about her. I did like being with mom though, because she understood. Sometimes she’d suggest I do something, or go somewhere, but she never pushed. The most we did was go to a movie sometimes, or drive the back roads. It was rural where we lived and we’d end up at the bayou or a grove, and just sit for a while and go home.

Once she said, “You should be here with a girlfriend.”

I said, “I am,” and put my arm around her shoulder.

She touched my face and said, “That’s sweet, honey.” That was the beginning. The car was old and still had a bench seat, so after that I asked her to sit next to me when we drove. Then I asked her to sit closer. Then I didn’t have to ask anymore; she always sat close enough for me to feel her hip or thigh against me. A few times I kissed her, or she kissed me. They were the kisses of a mother and son, and maybe a little more.

When I finished school and a long computer course, I went to work. Mom was almost thirty-eight; she didn’t pay much attention to what she wore or to being made up all the time, but she had fine features that made her look girlish. She had quiet warmth that always came through when we were together. Mom didn’t talk much and neither did I, but there was no strain when the silence settled on us. I thought she was pretty. Sometimes on a Sunday we’d go to the beach. I told her she had nice legs. She gave me a nice smile for that.

On mom’s thirty-eighth birthday, Fran wanted to make a party, but mom said that she didn’t want to celebrate. We stayed home, and I bought a bottle of wine. I also bought mom a tank top pajama set that she had said was cute when we saw it on TV. I made her join me for a few glasses of wine and we laughed about a time we were trying to walk up an ice-covered hill in Green Grove. We each must have fallen ten times, and somehow, it got funnier each time the other one fell, until we were laughing so hard we couldn’t get up. It was great to hear her laugh and see her a little light-hearted.

When it got late, I said, “Put on your new PJ’s mom.”

She said, “Yes, yes, I guess it’s time for bed.” She got up to go to her bedroom.

I said, “No, put them on so I can see them.”

She shrugged and said, “Okay, turn around.”

I turned my head and she turned her back. I turned back to look. She took off her top and her bra and slipped the tank top over head. I saw some of her breast from the side. She took off her skirt and put the shorts on over the sheer aqua panties. I could see the well-rounded globes and I thought, ‘My mother has a nice ass.’ She turned back and said, “Ta da,” putting one hand behind her head in a mock modeling pose.”

I said, “Cute, very cute.” The set was made of soft cotton and I could see a hint of her nipples poking out. The top was short enough to show a few inches of her belly. I said, “No, more than cute, actually quite sexy.”

She said, “See, you didn’t know you had a sexy mom.”

I said, “Yes I did.” I guess I said it a little too seriously, because she got a bit uncomfortable.

She said, “Well, good night baby.”

I said, “Good night mom,” as she bent to kiss me and I saw her cleavage form as her breasts came together under the tank top. I could see almost to her nipples. She went to bed, and I sat where I was for about fifteen minutes.

I went to her room and knocked. When she told me to come in and I did, she said, “What is it baby, is everything okay?”

I said, “I wanted to kiss you good-night mom.” I bent over her and kissed her on the lips for a stunning moment.

When I stopped, she said, “Richie.” It sounded like ‘Richie, yes.’ It also sounded like ‘Richie, no.’ I said goodnight and went to bed.

For a few months I had been watching a show on TV called Miami Ink, about some incredible tattoo artists in Miami. Since we lived only a few hours’ drive from there, I went. I brought a few pictures of Iris and showed them to Kat, who’s work I’d seen on TV. She’s an awesome artist, and hot. She drew up a composite portrait and we decided it would look best in grays and black. She said it might be painful because I had a scar on my leg sinop escort that the portrait would go over. I told her it wouldn’t be anything near the pain of losing Iris.

We talked about closure as she worked on me, and I told her that didn’t really think there was such a thing. The best I could do was put it in another place and focus on the joy her life had brought to mom and me. Kat said our session would probably be on the show in a few months.

When she finished, I looked in the mirror and the portrait was so beautiful it was ridiculous. I started to well up as I thanked Kat, and I saw the tears in her eyes. They’re good people over there. I knew I would now feel Iris with me in a more tangible way. I hadn’t told mom I was doing it, and when I got home and showed her, she also started crying and said, “It’s Iris.”

That night I awakened to see mom sitting by my side and stroking my hair and saying. “Honey, you must have been having a nightmare, I heard you calling out when I walked by the door.”

“Yeah mom, sorry…it was the nightmare I can’t wake up from…Iris.”

“Oh sweetheart, I know.” She put her arm around me hugged me to her. I smelled her sweet fragrance and put my hand on her breast. I left it there. She wasn’t alarmed, and she said almost matter-of-factly, “Baby, you shouldn’t.” But I did.

I began kissing the breast I held and sucked on the nipple over the sleep top. She wasn’t wearing a bra of course and I could feel the nipple through the material.

She said, “Did you do things with Iris?”

I said, “Yes…some things.”

She said, “I thought you probably did, because you were so close, you both didn’t need anybody else did you? When you guys got quiet, I thought about seeing what you were doing. Do you know why I never did? It was because I knew how much you loved each other. I always thought that it was about love between you two…that was the most important thing, wasn’t it Richard?”

I said, “It was mom.” The truth is, it’s hard to separate some things. It was about love, and it was also about sex.

She said, “Did you sleep with her?”

I said, “No, we never went that far…and now I’m sorry we didn’t, at least I would have the memory of it.” I put my hand under her top and my mother let me. She just closed her eyes as I let her satiny flesh pass through my fingers. I said, “All we have is each other.”

Her hand covered my hand as I felt her. She said, “I know baby.” When I stopped, I leaned back onto the pillow and pulled off my briefs. I saw my cock standing straight up and then I closed my eyes. I knew there were a lot of possibilities as to what mom would do.

After a moment, I felt her lips surround the knob of my cock. She sucked up and down a few times and then she said, “Is that what you want Richard?”

I said, “Yes mom, that’s what I want.” I raised myself enough to pull the top over her head. Her breasts weren’t as big as Iris’, but they had a nice shape. Mom’s nipples were bigger. I knew I had to stop comparing everyone in some way or another to Iris. It was difficult.

I went back to my original position and so did mom. This time she held the base of my cock and wrapped her fingers around my balls. She bathed my cock with her tongue and made sweet sounds as she did it. She tasted the head and put it into her mouth. I said, “Yes mom, that’s what I want, that’s what I need…I need you to suck me mom.”

She said, “Yes baby, I will.” My mother’s warm lips caressed the knob and shaft. I remembered Iris’ lips and how much we used to kiss. That was what we did most. More than touching, we kissed. I pictured kissing my Iris as my mother sucked me. I was melancholy and excited at the same time. I held my mother’s breasts to remind myself that it wasn’t Iris. I thought of what it would be like to come in my mother’s mouth as she sucked on the knob and then down the shaft.

Before I came close to coming mom stopped. She looked up at me and said, “Do you know how much I love you Richie?”

I said, “Sure I know mom.” She was proving it with her heart and with her body.

She sucked me for a while and then she said, “Oh Richie…” she came up to kiss me and she was very emotional. She kept saying my name after each long kiss.

I said, “I love you Debra, I want you.”

She said, “Yes, baby.” She pulled her shorts and panties off together and put her leg over to straddle me. Then she hesitated and said, “Have you had sex before?”

I toggled between ‘Of course,’ and the truth. I said, “No.”

She said, “Oh,” and I could see all the deliberating she was doing with herself.

I said, “Mom, I love you, I want you to be my first.” I raised myself up and pulled her to me and kissed her.

She said, “Yes baby,” and she reached behind for my cock. She put me inside her and I felt the velvet glove of her pussy take me in. I had imagined what it would feel like, and of course it was better.

As şırnak escort I reclined and watched her moving on me, I wanted to tell mom that I was glad that the first pussy I was in was hers. I just said, “I’m glad it’s you mom,” as she rose and fell slowly on my shaft.

She said, “Me too baby.”

After a few minutes of concentrating on how good her flesh wrapped around mine felt, I raised myself again and sucked on her tits and nipples as she ground on what I felt was the biggest and hardest erection I’d ever had. She put her arms around me and then moved into a position where her legs were around me too. We held each other as she moved on me. We kissed, and mom slowed down. She sat on me, hardly moving. As we kissed, I tried to do the same, but sometimes it became impossible not to push into her pussy. She kept telling me, “I love you Richie,” and I told her I loved her too.

I said, “Mom, I never want anyone but you.”

She smiled and said, “You’re too young to talk like that, and never is a long time.”

I said, “I mean it mom.”

She stroked my hair and kissed me. She said, “Okay, love, I’m here for you, whenever you want me.”

I was inside mom’s pussy for the first time, and the thought of having her all the time sent a message through my whole body. I moved as much as I could, given the way she was sitting on me. I started to approach orgasm and mom must have known from my excitement. She said, “Wait, baby, wait,” and put her hand between us. I’d read enough to know that she was probably stimulating her clit with her fingers. I tried not to come as long as I could, and I was relieved when mom said, “OH Richie, come with me, come baby…” She moved quickly up and down and whether she told me to come or not, I was coming.

It was an excruciating pleasure to shoot off into my mother’s pussy. The first few releases were much more intense than any my masturbating had ever produced. As I continued to come, mom was saying, “Yes baby, yes baby…” and when the intensity eased, I opened my eyes to see the pleasure on her face. I looked at my cream covered cock as it continued to penetrate my mom’s pussy and was surprised that I was still hard after coming. When she was done, mom let out a satisfied, “Oh…”

I said, “That was unbelievable mom.” She kissed me and uncoupled without leaving my lips. She rested flat on my body while the kiss continued and I became aware of how wonderful it was to feel her naked skin all over mine. She rolled us to our sides and we still kissed. I thought that mom like to kiss as much as Iris did, and I realized I had been thinking only of mom since I entered her.

I became my mother’s lover, and during the coming months I learned how to satisfy her in different ways, and she learned that it didn’t take much for me to want her. Although we avoided public displays of affection, we didn’t avoid making out on the dead-end back roads. Once, We couldn’t avoid making love when the urge overtook us. We had been kissing for a long time and mom said, “Let’s go home Richie.”

I said, “No mom, I can’t wait, I want you now.”

She said, “Honey, it’s not impossible for someone to come down this road…”

I said, “I don’t care, we’re just another pair of lovers that are getting it on; maybe we’re even married for all they know.”

She laughed, “Okay husband, I’ll be your obedient wife…oh God.” She lifted her skirt and pulled off her panties as I slid to the right of the wheel. She mounted me and I lifted her top and slipped her bra over her tits so I could suck them as she bounced on me. All I could think about was how much more I had fallen in love with this woman over the past months. She was no less my lover than she was my mother. I had never known sexual love before and now it was coupled with emotional love. And I was coupled with the woman who gave it all to me.

I said, “Debra, it’s just you and me forever isn’t it?”

She said, “Yes baby…”

I said, “Mom, I said it before and I mean it; I want to hear you say it, is it what you want?”

She moved up and down on me and she said, “Yes darling, just you and me forever…yes…yes, I want you inside me forever.” I had only been fucking my mother for a few months and I felt as if I could never get enough of her pussy.

We were both getting closer to coming and I said, “Promise me mom.”

She said, “I promise love, only you forever…I belong to you baby…forever…Oh, OH, RICHIE…I’M COMING…” I pushed up each she came down on my cock and felt the spasms of cum release into her pussy. She was kissing my face and neck frantically as we came and she was saying, “I’m yours baby, I’m yours, I’m yours…” When she opened her eyes, she said, “OH SHIT.” She got off me and sat beside me. She started laughing and said, “Someone’s coming.”

The car mom had seen out the rear window pulled into the cul-de-sac about two car lengths from us. It was the first time we’d ever seen another car there. It was a young couple and the girl smiled and waved. I waved back and mom and I laughed as I pulled away. I guess we weren’t the only ones who knew about that spot.

As we drove away mom said, “You know honey, almost getting caught made me realize something – I have to talk to Aunt Fran.”

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