Interracial Incest

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by Curt Willis as told to BrettJ © 2009

Okay, where to start? Hmm – at the beginning I guess and go on from there. This is a long story folks, with lots of players, so be patient, ‘kay?

My name’s Curt Willis and I’m 25. I’m journalism major at a local college and I’m single, which is how I want it. You’ll see why later. I also live at home, after living on my own for a few years. The reason for that will become pretty obvious soon enough.

I come from a large family, but there’s a reason for that. I guess I should introduce some of the players in this little tale, huh?

There’s my Dad, Ben. He’s an ex-linebacker who coaches football at my college, I play on the team, but I’ll never be pro material. Dad’s okay with that, he doesn’t have the jock mentality, so long as I work hard. Dad’s pushing 55, but he’s a damned fit 55 and some of the cheerleaders would really love to fuck him. I know, because they’ve told me.

Mom is Chantal, she’s a leggy blonde who just turned 47 and barely looks 37. She modeled for a few years, but gave it up when we kids came along. She’s a very sensual person and I have never, not once, not seen my Mom look killer. Some of my buds practically creamed their pants whenever Mom would come and see me play ball. I used to tell her how hot my buds thought she was and she’d laugh it off.

I have two sisters. The first is Debra Jo, she’s 25 too, but we’re not twins, she’s almost 9 months to the day younger than me. Mom and Dad liked to fuck and Deb came along pretty quick. She’s blonde, like Mom and hot too, although where Mom is tall, Deb’s only 5’5″, but all of it is a nice package. Great legs, great ass, nice tits and hair down almost to her knees. Sis can go from casual to vamp in a few minutes and looks great either way.

Becky is our younger sister, she was young when all this shit started up, but she just turned 18 a few months back. She’s more like Dad’s family, a tiny freckle-faced strawberry blonde with blue gray eyes and a look that somehow indicates she knows more than she’s saying. Which is true.

Okay, still with me, cause here’s where it gets weird.

From early in the marriage, the folks were swingers. Mom liked the ladies – a lot – from her modeling days and she brought home lots of playmates for her and Dad to share. I remember my Dad telling me that Chantal had the best taste in women and when it came time for me to lose it, he’d see if Mom could bring home one of her model friends to initiate me. Never happened, but that is another story and we’ll get there.

Anyway, after about 8 years of marriage, Mom ends up meeting this couple that she really hits it off with, a Thai couple named Marty and Mikki. She moves in with them, divorcing Dad [he was cool with it and they stayed friends]. Mom got pregnant and I have a half-sister Michelle who is a little 18-year old honey. We see her all the time; they live just a few miles away. Dad and Chantal still fuck every once in a while, she sometimes brings Mikki, although Marty doesn’t seem interested in swinging much anymore.

Dad didn’t stay alone too long – he met this – no other word for it – smokin’ hot black lady named LaShawn and they got married a few years ago. She had one son, Bill, who’s a bud and together, they had a daughter too, my sister Denise who’s just turned 18. I am gonna have to play protector / big brother with her, me and Bill, because she’s nearly 6′ tall, legs up to here great ass, great tits and she’s very cool in a manner that just gets you interested.

Don’t go trying to figure out the math – yeah, I think some people might have been fooling around with other people and whatnot – but that’s most of my crazy family up to this point. Trust me; it only gets crazier, if you can deal.

My life went nuts shortly after my folks split, but one thing that never changed, that’s me and DJ, my Debra Jo. Being so close in age, we’ve always been there for each other. When money was tight, we even shared a bedroom, odd for teenagers, but we were always respectful until a few years back.

My sister was deep-throating me and Christ, no one gives better head. We’d decided after dating more than a few duds, if our love lives hadn’t gotten better, when Deb turned 18, we’d fuck. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other for more than 30 minutes if we were alone, my sister is one of the most sexual beings on earth – and yeah, more on that later.

“Suck me, slut muğla escort baby, gobble that dick, oh yeah, you like it, don’t you?” I groaned as my sis throated my shaft. She was already soaked from a 30-minute session of muffdiving that I had given her before. Debra was wearing the little pink lingerie set I’d bought for her the previous day, with a matching pair of pink panties and even cute slippers. The second she’d put it on, I had the urge to fuck the shit out of her and she’d been happy to comply. We hadn’t fucked today, Deb and I both seem to know what the other wants and we wanted unrushed sex today. No one was home, so why the hell not, right?

“Wanna know a secret about Denise?” Deb asked, throwing her long hair to the side and moving away from me.

“Okay, what is it this time? Some new person she’s got a thing for?”

Deb shook her head and said “No, this is a sex secret and you know how I get off on those.”

Deb breathes sex, as much as we love getting it on, she likes variety. Luckily, the few fucks she’s had so far have been smart enough to keep quiet, so she doesn’t have a bad rep.

“So, our younger sister has her eye on someone, is that it?”

“Wellll, kinda – but it goes beyond that.” she licked my cock and balls right down to the base. “Now, if you promise not to cum and give me a great fucking after, I’ll let you in on the story. Deal?”


“Okay, you may not believe this, but I think our new little sis has a thing for somebody in particular. She told me she wants to lose her cherry when she’s legal, which she just became a few days ago, right? “

“Okay, and this is a big whoop why ?”

“Because she told me she wants Bill to be her first fuck. And she wants you to be her second!” Then Deb put the cherry on top by saying “She has a thing for girls too – I think she might want me to complete the trio, y’know?”

Shit, I was lucky I didn’t fall off the bed. Deb and I had kinky genes, but had Dad passed it on to our half-sister? Lucky fucker Bill, because Denise was a caramel-skinned beauty with a catlike grace and I bet she was gonna be one hot lay. Then the rest of the words sunk in – she wanted me to fuck her too?

“Shit sis, how’d you get all of this out of her?” Denise was a very quiet, seemingly-shy girl, despite her innate sensuality.

Like the cat that ate the canary, she looks at me and says “Let’s just say Denise decided she wanted to try pussy before she tried cock, just to see if she might be bi.”

Christ, I was getting more turned on by the minute, but I had to keep it all together. So, all I said was “And …?”

Debra was still stroking my cock, ever the tease. “Let’s just say if she isn’t bi, she’s a lez, because our little sis sure knew her way around a pussy. That was one of the wildest girl-on-girl sessions I’ve ever had, bar none!”

Deb’s been into girls since we started hooking up, so that was no small compliment. If we find someone we think is cool enough, we share them and if they’re really cool, sometimes we even tell them the secret. We haven’t had any bad experiences yet – the ones we’ve told have gotten hotter than hell and loved having a brother fuck her while she’s eating his sister.

“You know, we’re talking too much” I told Deb as I moved her away from me.

“Yeah – so what should we be doing?” she said, raising an eyebrow. As if she fucking didn’t know.

“THIS!” I said, pulling her on top of me and ramming my cock in her, hard. They don’t make wildcats like Deb much anymore. Once I was balls-deep in her cunt, she gave me back the incendiary fucking that never fails to get us both off. My sister jiggled her tits and wriggled and bounced, she moved her ass so that my cock was really drilling her deep, head thrown back, eyes closed, Deb was in the moment, nothing existed for her but our fucking bodies, she was mine once again and I was hers. Her blonde hair was tossed from side to side, little ” ohohohs ” were coming from her lips and nothing else mattered except for our mutual, incestuous desire for one another.

She really gave it to me – I think Deb’s pump had been primed that night, both from telling me the story and from her little impromptu lez-session with Denise. Damn! I really wished I could have seen them together, dark mixed with blonde, their sensual bodies moving in syncopation, tongues dabbing into heated crevices and hands exploring muş escort sweet flesh. Once I had screwed Denise, I was going to share her with Deb and pray to God no one caught us or that Denise was also open-minded enough to accept my relationship with our sister.

Deb came about 30 minutes later, after nearly wringing me to exhaustion. She fell back beside me and went to light up a smoke, forgetting she’d quit a month ago and there were none around. I bribed her into quitting by letting her play BDSM games one night and my being her slave. I am glad she quit, but shit, that was a night for the books.


“So – what?”

Deb raked her nails across my skin. “So, what do you think about Bill fucking Denise and then you? Do you want to fuck our other sister?”

I think I shocked Deb when I said “I think I want to fuck both our half-sisters!”

Should’ve known better. Deb just wrinkled her brow and said “You know, I think I do, too!” Michelle didn’t come around much, but she’d inspired a few lewd thoughts from time to time, in me – and I guess in Deb too!

“Okay, one thing at a time there, stallion!” Deb chortled. “Denise wants Bill to fuck her first.”

“He won’t do it.”

Deb looks at me like I’d given her a glass of sour milk. “Oh, and you’re sure of this why ?”

I told Deb, flat out. “Because Bill has a thing about virgins. He doesn’t want to be anyone’s first, thinks it’s a pain in the ass.”

Deb was pissed, but she calmed down. “Okay, Plan A is now officially fucked. So we go to Plan B. Denise and I are going to have another girls night tomorrow. Lots of fun and nibbling and I think I can convince her to let you be the first. Are you up for the job, big brother?”

Did I want to fuck my sister’s cocoa-brown, slender bod? Hell yeah, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it all happen. Lucky for me, Deb was already in scheming mode and had most of it figured out.

“Did you get her a birthday present this year?” I shook my head – Denise told me it wasn’t necessary and I took her at her word.

“Okay – tell her you felt bad about it and take her to Baton Rouge, that expensive Steakhouse you and I go to. Dress up in your finest – hmm, the Blue sports coat and the grey slacks – show her a good time, indulge her and take it from there. I’ll get Daddy and LaShawn out of the house for the night, maybe we can go to the cottage or something. I’ll help her pick out a really knockout outfit, so she’ll think she’s seducing you .” That’s Deb for you – she plans ahead.

“Okay Deb, but here’s my one condition!”

“Which is?”

“Next time you and Denise are together, I want to make it a 3-way.”

Deb’s face broke into a wide grin. “Deal.”

“In the meantime … ” I said as I placed my face above her wet blonde pussy ” … I am pretty sure I’ve got it in me to go another round.” Deb let out an excited squeal as I buried my face in her pussy and began licking her again You never have to convince Deb to go another round — my sister’s a fucking nympho and I couldn’t be gladder of that.

We were really lost in each other and didn’t realize we hadn’t locked the door when we heard “Holy Shit!” Deb lifted her mouth from my cock and saw that Denise was standing there is the hottest black silk teddy I’ve ever seen. She walked in, sensual, cool and it didn’t look like she was shocked or pissed.

“I was coming to see if you were up for another session, big sister, but this looks like a lot more fun!” Denise said sensually. “Don’t worry Curt — I can hardly be judgmental about you crewing Deb when I’ve done the same thing, right? I’m guessing she told you. Don’t worry tiger — soon as my brother gets his cock into my pussy, you can screw me all you want.”

“Not going to happen,” I told Denise and gave her the same data I’d told Deb. Denise screwed up her face, she was ticked.

“Okay then, his loss. Think I can get my birthday present from you two now? This hot black bitch wants to start fucking cock, but a three-way sounds cool too!”

I didn’t answer, I just drew this lusty, dark-skinned lovely close and began kissing her. She was a great kisser and I was also enjoying the view of my blonde sister undressing her and kissing up her long, dark legs. For the first time, I got a view of my sister’s tits, no bikini or skimpy top covering them — just dark, round tits with gorgeous nipples. I leaned nevşehir escort over and fondled one, then began sucking her tits while I saw our sister bury her face in between Denise’s legs and sucking her cunt wildly.

“Oh damn, this is so fucking good!” Denise sighed. “I think I’m going to love having girls eat my pussy, because you sure know what to do!” She sighed to Deb.

Deb lifted her head from between Denise’s thighs and said “Our big brother is one of the best pussy-eaters in town, male or female — baby, we’re gonna have lots of fun from now on, you can count on it!” Then, she went back to work getting Denise ready for my dick again. Denise herself gave me a loving smile and moved a bit and stroked my cock, which was still slightly hard from my earlier play with our sis. I nodded and she ovaled her lips and began to suck my cock. It was fucking incredible — my best lover with my newest lover and we were all one sexy, related, multi-colored sexual pile. Denise’s dark head was bobbing up and down on my shaft, I dunno where she’d learned all this, but she was a fucking natural.

I wanted this to be special for Denise, because it was part of a special gift, a bond we three would now share, a night that would be in our memories forever. This was the night our sensual, hot baby sister was going to surrender her virginity, she was giving me that honor, plus she was letting Deb come along for the ride. Our relationship would change forever, we all knew it, so I began to join my sister in worshipping Denise’s supple, dark form. She was just sighing and her eyes were closed, so as a test, I switched places with Deb and I ate Denise’s pussy while Deb licked her tits and the rest of her body. Denise opened her eyes and saw our sister was now close by, they shared a soft, sexy tongue kiss and she beamed at Deb.

“You were right. He knows what he’s doing down there. Oh Curt, don’t stop bro, feels so fucking good!” Denise groaned.

“This is your night, baby sister, you tell us what you want,” Deb said in a soft, soothing tone. My sister has the best sexual instincts of anyone I know, she’s very comfortable in her own skin.

“Day-um, I could go on for hours just like this,” Denise sighed. “But, I really want to feel a real, live cock in my pussy — and it looks like big brother is up to the task. Come on, Curt-brother … fuck your little chocolate slut!”

Hearing Denise give voice to some of the fantasies I’d been having lately was too cool. I saw Deb whisper something in her ear and she nodded, I figured out what it was when Denise moved on top of me and began to lower her silky, smooth body down on my rod.

“Sis says for the first time, this is the way to go and she hasn’t been wrong yet!” Denise sighed. I saw her face grimace in pain for a sec as my dick began moving in, but Deb was now riding my tongue and leaned forward to kiss our baby sis while she initiated herself into womanhood. We three were joined together in sex and within a few minutes, my little sister was proving she had the fuckslut instincts of her older sib. She was really going at me, her body moving every which-way and taking all of me while she and Deb kept up their girl-play.

Still don’t know how she learned it, but she tightened her cuntal muscles around my cock shortly after she began fucking me and used tricks that were beyond her experience to make me cum. I was a bit concerned about babies, but Denise said “I have an idea about that.” She spread those long, dark legs of hers and Deb dove right in, cleaning her up and keeping her moaning and groaning. There hadn’t been any blood but I believed her when she said she’d been a virgin. Still, she hadn’t been slightly nervous — something wasn’t quite adding up, but who cared at this point? I moved in and began fucking Deb while she was eating Denise and I rather impressed myself with my stamina. I gave each girl another good screwing before finally passing out in a sex-induced haze.

When I woke up around 9, the girls were cuddled together, but you could tell they’d been at each other a bit. Denise woke first and shook Deb awake, they both gave me some nice wake-up kisses, but I didn’t want to take any risks of getting caught if our folks were up and about. Denise went downstairs and put the coffee on, Deb and I got dressed and talked.

“Okay, that was one for the books,” Deb grinned.

“Yeah, I’d think that book would be a best-seller,” I joshed.

We decided that tonight, we’d up the birthday dinner plans. Now we’d both take Denise to Baton Rouge and Deb, minx that she is, thinks we should invite Bill and Michelle to join us. There will be a lot of celebrating going on and I don’t think it all will be for Denise’s birthday.

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