The Dinner (non-sexual)

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I enter the house looking around slowly. I notice all the things that were to be done are completed. I smile to myself, telling myself inside my head that I have a wonderful slave.

I walk further into the house after taking off my coat and hanging it and my keys in their proper place. As I walk I smell the chemicals you used to ensure my house is clean and I also smell the dinner you so lovingly cook each night.

I slowly walk in knowing you can hear my every step as I get closer to you. I see you kneeling in your place beside my seat. Your legs folded under you reflect the light from the candles you have placed on the table by my plate. Your back straight, your hair falling across your arms as they are placed in front of you out stretched. In your hands you hold the two items you have every night since we began living together. The light shines off the leash laid across both hands. The leather shining in the light showing how you lovingly care for it as you do all of my things. The silver sparkles brightly seeming to flicker as the candle waxes and wanes in the air currents in the house. The other item glistens just as brightly gently showing the buff marks from where you rubbed it with oils. The crop is long handled with a large head measuring approximately three inches wide and two inches high.

We have not spoken or greeted one another urfa escort but I can see your muscles quiver in anticipation of my first words. I stand before you watching your body rise and fall with your breathing. I notice a gently sheen reflecting the candle light. I smell the soaps you washed yourself with before oiling your skin with the baby oil. I can smell the coconut from the baby oil coating you mixed in with the flowers and other scents from your soap. I see you adjust yourself slightly knowing when you do so you believe you have done wrong because I usually talk as I enter. I just smile at you, looking down at you in your pose of subservience.

I hear your gently breathing, I can even hear the gentle stutter of your breath as you try to control you body from giving away your apprehension. I lean down taking the crop but leaving the leash just to make you wonder more. I begin to slap it in my hand knowing how the sound will affect you. As you lay there you body quivers each time you hear the smack in my palm. I know you are going through each step of your day seeing what you might have missed or forgotten though you know your rules and duties well. You can think of nothing you forgot or missed. Your breathing quickens and I know you are thinking of your dinner now wondering if I did not like how you set the table or uşak escort did not like the dinner fixed for me. Maybe the wrong drink chosen. You can not think of anything at all. You start to ask but know better so you stop yourself. You have learned your place well and know when you are permitted these things and when not. Until I allow you up you are to lay there and wait without moving or talking unless I speak to you asking a question.

I see a slight sweat break over your body as you listen to me walk around you just smacking the crop in my palm. Smack, smack, smack, smack. A rhythmic sound of the leather striking my palm. My steps slow and measured. I walk a full two circles around you, knowing how you are aching for release to find out what you did to disappoint me. I stop directly before you, the tips of my boots touching your outstretched fingertips. I see them quiver as well at being able to touch me even in that slightest bit. It brings a smile to my lips but I can not allow you to see that you have so pleased me, not yet.

I lean down placing the crop back in your hands, surprising you, for usually when one is removed from your touch it is not felt again until later unless it is the leash. I finally speak one word to you, “NADU”. You immediately raise your upper body gently placing the leash and the crop lovingly van escort at the edge of your pillows. Your back straightens, your hair flows back, your head down, your eyes looking at the floor. Your hands rest on your knees as they are splayed open. I again smile down at you loving how quickly you, my slave, respond to my commands. I can see a wetness on your lower lips glistening in the light from the candles. I look to my dinner and see it is still steaming and know I still have time to torture you. I look at you drinking in the sight of my slave awaiting my orders. Your breasts rising as you breath, your nipples hardening even as I watch. This may be torture to you but it is also pleasure.

I finally reach down taking the leash and seeing this you automatically raise your head and eyes towards the ceiling showing your throat encased in my collar. The blue collar with the black stripe and silver rings shine just as the leash and the crop did. The leash and collar a matching set, made you so proud and happy when you open the box that I gifted you with on out collaring day.

You feel my warmth as I get closer to you. You shiver slightly as you hear the snap of the leash catch and feel the weight of the leash on your neck. I stand back in front of you stepping back one step as your head automatically drops back with your eyes downcast. I say “RISE” and you quickly stand before me your arms at your side your legs slightly parted.

You hear me say “dinner time” lowly and as I sit down to eat you take your place in your chair. Looking at me for the first time you see the smile on my face and know you have done well.

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