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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


Africa. Kenya. It was just before it got really hot. Even now it was hot and dry and everywhere we drove the dust billowed up in back of us so thick we could hardly see where we’ve been. There were two vehicles with four in each one. The guide was in the other vehicle. The vehicles were beside each other so one wasn’t in the dust behind. My daughter Amber was with me. We’d seen lots of animals so this short trip we opted to visit a small tribe. They usually had things to buy that were hand made.

The guide said they spoke very little English but usually there was no problem communicating and they were friendly. We turned off onto a smaller track and soon we could see pole tents, one with a flag on the top. The were spaced well apart from each other. The tents were quite large at the base and covered with, what looked like, animal furs. There were several men outside around tables of goods to be sold. They wore loin cloths and carried spears that were taller than their heads. Their butts were slim and completely bare and you could see inside the loin clothes when they moved. Balls and sometimes the side of their dicks hanging down.

There were women, young and old, at other tents a little ways off. They were bare above the waist and some wore material all the way around their hips. It barely covered their essentials and black pubes were showing up above their cloths on most all of them. They didn’t seem concerned about showing anything. Some were just wearing front loin cloths. Even in this season it was still hot and Amber and I wore really light white blouses and shorts and most of the men did too. Amber and I didn’t wear pants because we would get heat rash fairly quickly but we did find some knit bras that worked ok and were airy.

We got out and the guide said they were going to drive over the rise to another village and would be back in an hour or an hour and a half. The other couple with us waved and started off down a little walking trail to a village nearby. They said they had been there before. We knew the tent with the flag was the Chief’s tent so we sauntered over to look through the tables. When we got close three of the men started leaping up and down holding their spears and let out with a chant. It was very good.

When they stopped one of them said, “You buy. Boolagoo Chief.”

Amber smiled and looked at me. She didn’t know what that meant either unless the Chief’s name was Boolagoo. I didn’t want to say anything about that so I just smiled too and kept looking at the tables. The items were very well made and very interesting. Amber and I bought several items and were going to go over and look at the tables at the other tents.

One of the men spoke to Amber and said, “Boolagoo Chief. Boolagoo Chief.”

He gestured towards the tent entrance. He was smiling and we were too. Amber turned out both of her hands like ‘what?’.

The man said, “Chief. You buy. You boolagoo Chief. We show.”

Amber said, “Maybe he wants to thank us. What do you think? Want to go in the tent?”

I wasn’t alarmed or anything, although I didn’t fully understand, but all the men were smiling and nodding and one had his arm outstretched towards the tent opening and bending over slightly like he was ushering us in so we eyed each other and went in the tent. There was light coming in from the top of the tent and was brighter where the sun hit the ground and furnishings. Over to one side was an elevated chair with a man about 30 or a little younger. He had some kind of headdress on his head and he held a spear straight up like they all did.

He was smiling brightly muğla escort and waving his hand to Amber to come over. Two of the other men brought me a chair and I sat down then they got themselves chairs and put them on either side of me but out in front some. They were turned but not totally facing each other. They could see me easily.

The Chief pointed at Amber and said, “Boolagoo.”

The two other men, still smiling brightly, took Amber and sat her down on a wide cushion among a lot of cushions, all of African design and colors. You couldn’t help watching the men’s dicks hanging down, through their legs from behind. Sitting it was an ever better thrill. The loin cloths on the two men on either side of Amber were only a couple of feet away and level with her eyes. She had great views. She bit her lips once and gave me a sparkling eye. I thought she was really enjoying all this. It was an unexpected surprise.

The Chief stood up and leaned his spear back behind his chair and said, “Boolagoo. Boolagoo.”

The two men beside Amber lay their spears down and lifted her up by her arm pits and started unbuttoning her blouse. By the time she got a little alarmed they had all the buttons undone and her blouse open showing her thin knit bra and breasts and nipples.

She said, “No. No.” and grabbed her blouse and closed it.

Both men got their spears and pointed them at her and one said, “You buy. You Boolagoo Chief.”

One dropped his spear and took her blouse off and her bra. I was stunned and didn’t know what to do. I stood up but both men guarding me jumped up and pointed their spears at me and I sat back down. The two men at Amber had her pants down around her ankles and lifted one leg then the other and took them off. She was standing there nude. When I looked at the Chief again his loin cloth was off and his dick was getting hard. It wasn’t fat around, not yet anyway, but he was longer than I’ve ever seen for real. The two men with Amber were fully nude too. Amber wasn’t a virgin but her one and only boyfriend was nothing like this man.

The Chief said, “Rumbner.”

One of the men with Amber was sitting her down and laying her back, arranging the cushions as he went. Her butt was just on the edge of the wide cushion she originally sat on. The sun was shining straight down on her from the tent top. The other man went for something and came back and handed it to the Chief. He opened it. It was a condom. He was all the way up and he started putting it on. It was long enough to go way down.

I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to get speared and Amber didn’t either. She was looking up at the two nude men with spears beside her and bouncing her eyes from one dick to the other. She had both lips in her mouth and I think she was smiling or had a smirk on her face. Amber is 5ft11 and slim and a little muscular. She was almost 20. The Chief was about 6ft2 as most of his four men were and he was quite slim and his loins dived between his hips right down to his dick sticking up.

He was clean looking and without his head dress his hair was down below his shoulder blades. His chest was full and muscular. I wasn’t that alarmed for Amber and it didn’t seem like they were going to hurt either one of us. She didn’t seem alarmed either. It was what it was. You didn’t argue with men like this. It wasn’t our country or customs but it was obviously theirs. We would survive. The two men with Amber lifted her knees up and pulled them out. The Chief kneeled down between her thighs. She was wide open.

The Chief said, “Boolagoo.”

He took his dick and rubbed it up and down Amber’s clit and pussy lips then he stuck out his tongue. It had to be one of the longest tongues I’ve ever seen. He backed off and got muş escort down and ran it around her clit and hood for about 5 minutes which seemed like forever. Meanwhile the other two guys leaned over and started on her nipples. They had her arms stretched out on either side like a cross. The Chief stretching out backwards more and holding her open sank his tongue fully down in her vagina. He must have been moving it around inside because Amber let out a loud moan then another.

The men beside me smiled and nodded their heads several times. Their Chief was doing good. I could see the Chief’s cheeks working when he pulled his tongue out and slipped it in again. He was giving Amber a decent fuck just with his tongue. It was having an effect on me. Amber was a good fighter and she had good defensive skills. If she was horrified or totally against this I knew she would fight almost to the death before giving in. I think she was thinking what I was. At least I hoped so.

Amber was totally out of it with two nude men on her tits and a wild African tongue in her vagina. Both men on her tits let her arms go and pulled her hands over to their dicks and let go. By now she was on auto. She started jacking both men and pushing her hips up into the Chief’s mouth. About that time she let out a guttural sound and jerked her hips until she could stop. She had her head back and her eyes closed. The Chief nodded his head many times and started up her trunk with his mouth.

His dick was going to get to her vagina long before he got to her head. The two guys on her tits got off but left her hands on their dicks. She wasn’t jacking, just holding on. The Chief started rotating his hips up under and back looking for her vagina. At some point on her tits he found it and the two guys beside her let go of her knees. Amber lifted her knees higher and out further and got out another big moan. The Chief stayed on her tits and played with her nipples while his hips kept rotating his dick up her vagina. Every now and then he moved up. There was no way she could take his entire dick. It was too long.

One of my guards put a hand on my knee. Their chairs were close enough, besides I was sitting on the edge of my chair in case I had to get up fast. The Chief was getting near her neck and he was still stroking fully up her vagina. He must know how much a female can take before it gets dangerous or hurts her. He shifted up once more and his balls were slapping her groin. He was fully in. I couldn’t believe it was possible. Amber got both arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his and kissed him hard as she could and didn’t stop thrusting up at him. He was fucking her senseless.

Both my guys had their hands on my thighs very near my shorts and my shorts were very loose for air and so they didn’t rub me raw. They were going to do what they were going to do. I couldn’t stop them. I kept my eyes on Amber and the Chief fucking her. He wasn’t going that fast, just steady. It wasn’t orgasm time yet for him. He knew how to do what he’s doing. He’s probably fucked every female in the village. Who would turn him down? It had to be over half an hour since he started fucking Amber, how long could he last.

It was a stunning sight. A coal black man fucking a slightly tanned young white girl. Their bodies glistening with sweat under a round glow of sunlight on brightly colored rugs and cushions guarded by two totally nude coal black men with spears. The sex was raw and desired, obviously by both, and they weren’t holding back. The length of the Chief’s thrust up her vagina was almost not real but there it was. His dick did get fatter and her vagina was full, both width and length and she was loving every single second. It was the first time I’d ever seen two human nevşehir escort beings fucking live.

I had fingers from two African tribesmen up my shorts playing with my bare clit and bare pussy. The crotch of my shorts was down about 5 inches below my crotch and I wore them low so there was plenty of room. I held on to the arms of the chair and watched Amber and the Chief. Finally he pulled out and moved back a little and the two guys turned her over and got her knees down on the cushion and out and the Chief got moved back in and started fucking doggy.

It didn’t take any time to get all the way in again. He started slow and ramped it up. He was going for it. I hoped the condom held but Amber was on the pill anyway. Her head was bobbing and turned to the side and her tits swinging and her eyes on the big dick of one of the helpers. Both their dicks were fully up as were my two guards. One of my guards got a cushion and put it down in front of my chair.

He didn’t take his loin cloth off and he kept looking back at the Chief. He pulled my shorts aside and got in my vagina, holding my knees out. The other guy said something quietly and he stopped looking back at the Chief. The other guy was watching for him and he had both hands on his spear and he was blocking the Chief from seeing me getting fucked. I was about the same size as Amber except at my age of 42 my vagina was more open so he was in me quickly and he did get in all the way. I’ve never felt a dick touch me up that far. He didn’t put a condom on but I wouldn’t get pregnant. I leaned back in the chair against the cushion and let him fuck me. Frankly, I was about ready.

I could see over the shoulder of the guy watching the Chief and Amber was pushing back into the Chief. On one hand we were getting raped and on the other hand we weren’t. Amber had to be sore later but other than that it probably wasn’t something both of us hadn’t thought about after seeing their dicks hanging down. I wasn’t going to make a fuss, this was a good fuck and Amber was obviously willing. I felt an orgasm coming and I think my guy did too. He had his hands around my ass and he was going great guns getting his dick in and out.

He closed his lips tightly and I heard sounds but they only got out of his nose. He let loose with a ton of semen. I had my arms around his neck and we were in sync with each other. He pulled out when he could and got a cloth and cleaned me up nicely. He got his spear and got back in his chair. The Chief was still going at it with Amber then he couldn’t take anymore and let out a howl and popped his dick in and out until he couldn’t. He pulled out and closed his eyes and breathed, still kneeling behind Amber.

Eventually he got up and put his loin cloth and headdress back on and sat down. Amber turned over and lay down. She looked fine but fucked out. She got up and got dressed. Her guards got dressed in their loin cloths and smiling, escorted us out.

All this time the Chief was saying. “Good boolagoo. Good boolagoo.”

Amber and I wandered around the village until the transportation came back and we left. Amber and I have talked about in, in absolute private, and agreed we did what we needed. It was probably the best fuck she’ll ever have and mine was very memorable. We love Africa. It took about two months to get used to my husband’s size again but I did.


Back in the Chief’s tent the Chief said, “Oh man. That chick was one of the best fucks I’ve had. I think I drained my balls. I gotta get dressed and fly home. My wife is taking me to a dinner.”

“You always get the young ones. Doesn’t seem fair.”

“That’s the deal. When it’s your turn you get what comes along. We all agreed, besides I saw you fucking mama and it wasn’t your turn. You could have messed mine up. You gotta keep it down until it’s your turn.”

“She wanted me, I could tell. She loved it. No harm done.”

“Well, watch it. We’ve got a system, let’s stick to it and be careful saying English words. Gary, you’re king until you get fucked.”

“Damn straight.”

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