Janet, Chrissie and Me Ch. 04

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Ryan’s eighteenth birthday just keeps getting better and better!

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Ryan awoke the following morning with Mum’s lips around his cock demanding that he supply her breakfast as she had an appointment that morning. She returned just before noon.

For the detail of the story so far — please see Janet, Chrissie and me Chapters 1 – 3.

“Right, first things first. Ryan, you still thinking of a career in graphics? Design? Illustration? That kind of stuff?”

“Yep, if I can find it! Anything in that line, even just printing. Why?”

“Mrs. Rawlinson, this mornings’ client. Her husband’s a printer and she does the designs and illustrations for him. They’re looking for a trainee with ability. Interested?”

I grinned. The grin turned into a chuckle which quickly became a delighted laugh. My Birthday! I’d lost my virginity, spent the night in bed with Mum and would spend the next twenty four nights in the same bed as her and now I’m asked if I’m interested in my dream job? Was I interested? Too damn right I was!

“Yes Mum, very interested… Err how?”

“Can you get your portfolio ready to show her by tomorrow morning?”

“Haven’t got the facilities to print it out at a decent quality but I can sort it and put it on a memory stick or take the laptop, that’s got everything on. That do, d’you think?”

Mum pulled out her mobile.

“Gimme five, I’ll give her a ring. Both of you upstairs, we need to sort out the bed and therefore the bedroom.”

I skipped up the stairs excitedly with Chrissie hot on my heals.

“What’s wrong with the bed?” Chrissie asked as we entered the bedroom.

“It bangs against the wall.”

“Yeah, I heard,” she giggled.

We looked around the room for a few moments.

“Got ‘n’ idea. Follow me!” said my Sister, taking my hand firmly.

She led me into her bedroom, what used to be our bedroom until Mum realised the temptation would probably be too strong to be sensible. Chrissie got the big bedroom and I got the smaller one. Didn’t matter, we knew we’d be sleeping together as soon as we were old enough to fuck anyway.

“What’s different?” she asked.

“Nothing of note, about the same size. Your stuff instead of Mum’s and a single bed.”

“Almost the same size BUT, crucially we’re end of terrace so no party wall to bang the bed head against AND the window faces away from next-door’s!”

“Good thinking Sis, the windows quite important. Mum does make a fair bit of noise at times,” I chuckled.

“Yeah, I heard that as well, frequently. I’m really looking forward to my Birthday. Think I might be as noisy?”

“Possibly, you’re very like me in many ways,” laughed Mum from the doorway, “what you two doing in here?”

“Chrissie’s come up with a simple but brilliant solution,” I started.

“Which is?” smiled Mum at Chrissie.

“Well Mum, it wasn’t only the bed that made a lot of noise last night,” sniggered her daughter, “you weren’t very quiet yourself. I just suggested to Ryan that if we moved the bed, that we’re going to fuck him on, into this room, there’s no party wall with next door and the window faces away from them, so in the summer, like now, your noise isn’t going straight out of your window and into theirs.”

Mum beamed at her delightedly.

“Who’s a clever girl then? Sure you’re happy with that?”

“Muummm! In only a few weeks time I’ll be sleeping in this room as often as you, maybe more,” she sniggered naughtily, “makes perfect sense. Whoever’s not sleeping with Ryan can sleep in the other room and if Ryan needs a rest, to recover, we can share this bed while Ryan rests in there. So, this becomes Ryan’s room and we cum when he needs us.” she grinned dirtily, “That’s cum, spelt C-U-M,” she added.

“You’d be happy sleeping with your Mother?” asked Mum without attempting to hide the fact that she wouldn’t object to sleeping with her Daughter.

“Let’s put it this way, Mum. In less than a month I’ll be regularly fucking my Brother. My Mother is already fucking my Brother and will continue to fuck him when I’m fucking him, so we’ll both be fucking my Brother. We’ll probably both be in his bed at the same time very often. You think there should be a problem with you ‘n’ me sleeping together when neither of us are fucking my Brother? Coz I don’t.”

Chrissie grinned delightedly when she saw her Mother’s face light up.

“I see no problem with that at all, Darling and as you say we’ll probably be together in bed with your Brother a lot of the time. Naked, I might add.”

She took Chrissie into her arms and hugged her tight.

“No might add Mum, you did… add, Mum. Quite looking forward to snuggling up to you when you’re naked, just like my Big Bro does. Should I admit that?”

“If it’s true? You know I don’t like secrets. You won’t find me objecting either. Now, no proper kissing! You’re not old enough… yet!” she giggled, then kissed her fondly on the forehead. “OK, problem sorted now back trabzon escort downstairs while I tell Ryan what Mrs. Rawlinson said, a cup of coffee then we work out the best way to swap the bedrooms around. How long do you need to get your portfolio organised Darling?”

“Couple, maybe three hours. Depends on what she wants.”

### ### ###

Mrs. Rawlinson wanted to see my work, all of it including draft ideas, sketches, finished items, half started ‘n’ scrapped, basically everything. It wasn’t a major problem, it was all on the laptop and she’d said either the laptop or a memory stick, whichever is best for me. I just needed to organise it a so that it looked a bit structured. I scribbled a few ideas as to how to present it on my pad while Chrissie made the coffee and Mum peered over my shoulder.

“She wants to see your Lady C illustrations,” Mum whispered in my ear.

“That might be a bit of a problem, Mum. You’re Lady C., I’m Mellors. She’ll probably recognise you,” I murmured back, “has she met Chrissie? I use both of you as my muses, daft not to really.”

Mum grinned wickedly.

“They dirty?” she whispered very quietly.


“Ooooo! That’s rude! I’d love to see them. Don’t think Mrs. Rawlinson will be unduly bothered either. I rather suspect she might enjoy them. Chrissie! Ryan has used us as his muses in some of his work, you bothered if he shows them to Mrs. Rawlinson?”

“Really!” she exclaimed delightedly, “Nope! Of course not. Chuffed actually. Hope they’re rude Bro. Wouldn’t like all my teasing to have gone to waste.”

Well that made things a lot easier!

“I’ll start straight after our evening meal, Mum, give me time to get it organised by bed time. OK?”

“Only half an hour? Thought you said a couple or three hours!” she teased.

“OK,” I laughed, “I’ll start as soon as we’ve finished organising the bedroom. You and Sis will need to get dinner ready on your own. You can manage that?”

“Cheeky bugger!”

### ### ###

Moving the bedrooms around didn’t take long at all. Less than two hours and everything was swapped over. Chrissie asked why the blankets were dangling off the side of the bed and why we put them back after we’d moved it. I left it to Mum to explain. We went online to check beds, sizes and costs.

“Reckon we can knock up a bed base between us Ryan?” asked Mum after half an hour’s research, “they seem very expensive for what they are and if we can make one we can get a better, bigger mattress.”

We went back upstairs and stripped the bed again so I could see how it was assembled. After sketching out a few ideas we all pored over them. Did we need a head board and/or foot board? Alternative ways of building the edges, all four sides? Height? We put the bed back together, Mum knelt and I measured while Chrissie laughed. Mum and I gave each other a knowing wink but said nothing.

After another cup of coffee we went back on line to source materials, costs and delivery. No head or foot boards just a small rim around the perimeter to stop the mattress sliding, which we’d upholster with foam and a bit of fabric once the final size was known. The biggest problem was the actual mattress base. Slats or sheet material? Couldn’t really go into a bed store and have a pretend fuck on the beds to see how they bounced now could we? Mum’s bed was slats and Chrissie’s and mine were a thin sheet of, cardboard? Didn’t look very substantial. Anyway ours were singles. Mum’s was a double and we were looking for the biggest we could find — King size? Super King Size? 6’x6’6″ sounded about right and it would fit the room!

After further research we decided on a platform base with that non slip foam roll mesh stuff to stop the mattress sliding about. Topped off with a memory foam mattress. That came with a lifetime guarantee but they didn’t know what kind of life it would have . Job done!

By 4:30 in the afternoon I was on my laptop sorting out my portfolio for Mrs. Rawlinson.

Mum and I checked the new bedroom for quite a few hours after dinner. It was most satisfactory. Unfortunately we had to be up early to see Mrs. Rawlinson.

Mum and Chrissie dropped me off at Mrs. Rawlinson’s large, detached house, kissed me and wished me luck. They were going to wait for my call in the local Country Park about a mile away.

=== === ===

Mrs. Rawlinson and I sat in the large conservatory while Mr. Rawlinson practised his putting from various positions on the large lawn to the hole near the middle.

There was a big screen waiting to be connected into on the table with two comfortable chairs facing it. I didn’t have anything fancy like that but Mrs. Rawlinson had everything necessary. I connected my laptop and WOW! Just like being at the movies.

“That do?” she laughed when she saw my reaction.

“Just about,” I laughed, “got any spares?” I added cheekily.

“Now, let’s see what you’ve got,” she replied with a grin.

The way she said it made me suspect that Mum might have been quite tunceli escort right in her assessment of Mrs. Rawlinson.

“It’s a bit higgledy piggledy I’m afraid. Doubt you’ll want to see my early stuff when I just playing around and experimenting so how about what I’ve done for the school, clubs, my friends and stuff?”

She agreed so I opened up my ‘jobs’, and passed her the mouse. She started to explore going back and forth with very few comments but those few were favourable so I didn’t worry too much.

“‘scuse me a minute,” she said as she stood up.

She walked over to the open conservatory door.

“Jim! Got a few minutes, please?”

Mr. Rawlinson ambled comfortably across the lawn without even taking his shot.

“Morning, Ryan. Good of you to come at such short notice.” he held out his hand.

I was already on my feet as I’d stood when Mrs. Rawlinson did. I extended my hand and took his firmly.

“Morning Mr. Rawlinson, good of you to see me. Sorry I’ve interrupted your practice session.”

“No problem. I seem only to be able to practice missing the hole anyway. So, what’s got my little girl all of a tiswas?”

That caught me off balance, not being aware that his wife was ‘all of a tiswas’ anyway.

“Take a look at that lot.” his wife suggested.

Mr. Rawlinson was clearly very familiar with computers and was quickly flicking backwards and forwards through the contents of the folder much as his wife had.

“All your work?” he asked at length.

“Err, yes.”

Why wouldn’t it be? It was ‘my’ computer I thought.

“We do a great deal of work for the local schools, clubs, youth organisations etc.. at reduced costs. Our main business being companies that are too small to have an in-house design/printing section or big companies where the accountants have concluded that best business practice is to outsource everything or take a ‘just in time’ approach to their requirements.

Thing is, over the last couple of years we’ve noticed that the local schools etc.. have been sending us much better quality proofs of what they need. They used to say ‘can you knock up something that says…’ sort of thing. Now we get a proper design and they say ‘can you produce these?’ Much easier for us and more satisfying to be honest.

Now we know who the culprit is! You! You’ve got the job, when can you start?”

My mouth dropped open in surprise. My head wasn’t much better controlled either.

“Err.. Ummm… how…?” I tried instead of a very sensible ‘tomorrow?’

Fortunately both Mr. and Mrs. Rawlinson laughed at my response.

“Thing is Ryan,” said Mrs. R, “when your work came in from your clients we said, early on, that we could find a place for somebody with that talent. What we didn’t realise, mainly because of the scope and breadth of the work, was that it was all the product of one person. So, we’re offering you the job. Interested?”

I rather think that the gamut of expressions that ran from shock to absolute delight across my face answered her question. I very nearly pulled her in for a great big, delighted hug but propriety prevailed. I extended my hand to offer a hand shake.

“Interested? I’d be absolutely delighted. When would you like me to start?”

They both took my hand. Mr. Rawlinson laughed as he shook.

“You’re supposed to haggle over salary and T’s & C’s lad,” he chuckled, “Rose, you sort ‘im out. Pay ‘im what he’s worth else somebody will steal ‘im away. Call me if you need, I’m off to miss some more putts. Welcome to the team Ryan.”

“Thanks Mr. Rawlinson, hope your putting improves… err should I say that?”

They both laughed.

“Thanks, Lad. Can’t get any worse, thankfully, and it’s Jim and Rose. We don’t stand on ceremony here so you only have to bow and scrape on paydays,” he chuckled.

“I’d like to have a look in your Fantasy folder, if I may?” asked Rose.

“Fantasy?” queried Jim.

“It’s something I target at horny adolescents. Images I put on a website where they can buy backgrounds or screen savers. I’d like to make them available as posters sometime.”

“Now this I’ve gotta see!” exclaimed Rose as she slid back into her chair.

Without any pause she navigated back and clicked on ‘Fantasy’.

“Fuck!” she grunted as the first image appeared.

“Now that we can print and sell!” said Jim, “25 quid a time, plus postage? That do you, young Ryan?”

Rose was glued to the image on the screen, examining it closely.

“That’s Janet,” she accused joyously, “and that’s you!”

“Well yes, they are our faces, painted not photos. Not our bodies, obviously. No idea what Mum looks like dressed like that but I know I don’t have a body like that,” I laughed.

“Not your cock then? Pity,” observed Rose with no embarrassment at all.

“Unfortunately not. I use Mum’s, Chrissie’s and my face to give the image a focus. They are on separate layers so I can substitute them as required. The bodies are pure fantasy bodies, all suffering from much enhanced zonguldak escort Barbie Doll syndrome,” I added with a grin.

“So that’s not really you fucking Janet then?” teased Rose.

“Isn’t it every young man’s fantasy?” I replied.

“And Chrissie?”

“I try to cater for all eventualities,” I said, delighted at her responses and struggling to suppress my building grin.

“Stop teasing the lad, Rose. We could offer a bespoke poster? Change the faces from the three of you for general distribution and the buyer’s preferences for bespoke? How long does it take to replace the faces?”

“Well, I’d need two or three photos of each to work from but roughly an hour, depending on the photos really. I wouldn’t want to cut ‘n’ paste them in then draw over them — way too fiddly.”

Rose clicked through the folder making very appreciative noises as she went. Jim and I stayed behind her chair. I have to admit they looked good on the large screen. Jim stayed for the duration.

“Now don’t go getting too horny Rose. We’ve got a busy day tomorrow and I’ll need some sleep sometime,” he chuckled as he wandered off to practice getting a hole in one.

“Janet tells me you’re illustrating Lady C. May I have a look?”

“You promise not to keep Jim up all night?” I teased wickedly.

Like Mum when she was aroused, Rose’s nipples were sticking out like little organ stops.

“All night? Those were the days. You offering an alternative?” she added wickedly while navigating to the Lady C folder.

Her face was to the screen so I couldn’t see her expression.

“To my new boss or my new boss’s wife?” I suggested, faking alarm.

She chuckled.

“Both. I’m your boss as is Jim. We’re equal partners. If I gave you three head ‘n’ shoulders shots of the two of us, could you put them into a poster for us, sometime?”

She was still studying the contents of the screen, steadfastly refusing to look at me.

“Of course. You’re the boss. Anything you say,” I replied happily, “a good opportunity to test the process.”

Rose turned to look at me. A great big smile spread across her face.

“Not quite ‘anything’, yet!” she laughed mischievously, “now, to business…”

=== === ===

I rang Mum nearly an hour later. Rose went to ‘powder her nose’ while I chatted with Jim until Mum and Chrissie arrived. I had a job! Start the following Monday, Rose knew we were redecorating and said I should finish the job before starting work. I wouldn’t have much spare time after. And I was going to get a very decent salary! Birthday, loss of my virginity, regular sex and a well paid proper job! All my Christmas’s, in one weekend! How good was that?

Very nearly perfect!

Very nearly perfect? What more could I ask, you ask? Just a very tiny problem.

=== === ===

Mum and Chrissie were very pleased for me. Chrissie was flabbergasted at my starting salary. I told her that Jim had said to pay me what I was worth, so that’s what Rose said my salary was. Mum just smiled. Knowingly?


“Yes Darling?”

“I think Rose is my Mum,” I blurted out.

Chrissie looked at me as if I were mad. Mum just nodded.

“Why do you think that, Darling?”

“Rose looks a lot like you! When I first arrived here I thought that you looked just like my Mum, about the same height, very pretty, lovely smile, everything. Made it very easy to love you and call you Mum. Rose said that she has a daughter, Gerry, and she’s about seven years younger than me. You got a letter from Gran after you threw Dad out. She said Mum discovered that she was pregnant with Dad’s baby after she’d left. That baby would be about seven years younger than me by the time it was born.

Jim calls her Rose, there was a letter on the desk addressed to R. Rawlinson. My Mum’s name was Rosalind, I’m Ryan that’s two ‘R’s and Mum used her surname, Jenkins, on my birth certificate not Dad’s. Dad and Gran used to call her Roz. Rose sounds very similar to Roz, don’t you think? She’s very good at graphics. I’m good at graphics and so is Gerry, apparently. Jim’s name is Rawlinson so when she married him she’d be Rosalind or Rose Rawlinson. That’s a lot of coincidences, isn’t it? On top of all that I felt very comfortable with her and Jim. Didn’t feel nervous, nothing. Just sort of comfortable, like I did with you ‘n’ Chrissie the very first day. It’s kinda odd considering that I was after the job of my dreams, don’t you think?”

Mum was silent for a few moments then smiled happily.

“They’re not coincidences, Darling. Rose is your birth Mother. We only discovered it yesterday morning. You know what hairdressers are, we talk to our clients to while away the time. Last time we just chatted general stuff but yesterday we started to talk about work. How was the hairdressing business? Was I busy etc.. She said she was a graphic designer. I told her that my son was very good at that sort of thing and that he was hoping to find employment in that line. She asked about the stuff you did and I told her. She was interested and said they were looking for a trainee. She asked your name and your age.

I told her your name was Ryan and it was your eighteenth birthday today, that is yesterday. She immediately burst into tears. I knew then I’d found your real Mum! I let her calm down while I made us another cup of tea.

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