Well… He Did Say Please Ch. 05

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I was a freshman in college. The year was 1973. I had decided to experiment with marijuana, and in doing so, had found myself on the receiving end of dick. In 3 days, I had sucked 3 different dicks, and I had been fucked by all 3 guys… and what’s more, I had enjoyed it.

What I didn’t realize is that my roommate, Alan, had become suspicious of my activities, guessing that I was gay and willing to suck ANY dick presented to me. It was Saturday morning, early in November. Our school’s football team was ranked in the top 5 of the country and playing at home. Kickoff was at NOON. Alan and I had gotten seats together with many of the guys on our dorm floor. Today’s game was against a conference rival, also ranked, but in the top 20.

Alan shook me awake at 9. I had not set an alarm last night, being too tired from the pot and the fucking that I had received from Carl. I had had dreams all night about cocks, Michael’s… Carl’s… Ralph’s… Alan’s (Alan’s???). I had never played with Alan, but had seen his cock numerous times over the previous 2 months. Alan, like the rest of us, was 18-years-old. Like Michael and me, he was white, but he was from the suburbs of Chicago (we were from Detroit area). He was 6 feet tall and about 175 pounds, a runner’s build. While I had seen his morning wood in his boxers, which seemed impressive, I had never seen him in other than a limp state.

I opened my eyes, and to my surprise, Alan wasn’t wearing his boxers. He did not have his morning wood, but he wasn’t limp, and I couldn’t figure out why he was touching me while he was naked. Alan reminded me that the cafeteria closes at 10, and if I wanted some breakfast before the game, that I needed to get dressed and get down there. Being an 18-year old college student, on Saturday morning, with no test in the foreseeable future, all I could do was stare blankly, at his dick.

Alan thought that Jack was going to reach for his dick. Other than his morning shower (almost every morning) and an occasional afternoon, when he knew that Jack wasn’t going to be around, Alan had not had an orgasm since he came to college. He really needed something warm and wet around his cock, and if it was Jack’s mouth, instead of some co-ed’s welcoming pussy, so be it. He had jacked off again this morning in the shower, but he was still horny. He shook Jack’s shoulder again, leaning his crotch just a little closer to Jack’s face. It turned out to be a mistake. He broke Jack’s trance.

JACK: HEY! What the fuck are you doing?

ALAN: Just trying to wake you up man. You want something to eat before the game?

Alan was hoping that Jack would take another look at his semi-stiff cock, and nod his head… that he did want to eat something before the game.

Unfortunately for Alan, I was shakin’, completely awake. All that I could think of was getting breakfast before the game. While I was still curious about why Alan was not dressed, all that I could think of was hitting the shower, and getting down to the cafeteria before it closed.

I stuttered out a thanks to Alan, and jumped out of bed. I slipped out of my boxers, facing away from Alan and grabbed a towel to wrap it around my waist. I kept my back to Alan, because I didn’t want him to see that I was hard as a rock… morning wood… right? What I hadn’t thought about, is that some of Carl’s cum had leaked out of my ass and dried on the back of my thighs sometime during the night.

Alan watched Jack jump out of bed to get ready for a shower. Jack kept his ass towards Alan, and Alan saw something on the back of Jack’s thighs. He then remembered the sheen that he had seen on Jack’s thighs the previous day… the last time was when he guessed that Jack was gay. Alan thought about it some, and came to the conclusion, that Jack was not only swallowing dick, he was taking it up the ass. He stiffened a little more.

I wrapped a towel around my waist, and grabbed my shower supplies and ran out of the room. First stop was the urinals. I did my business and worked my way around to the other side of the bath, to the shower stalls. There, I ran into Bill, a guy from down the hall. He was drying himself off, just outside of the first stall. Bill was the tallest guy that I knew. He stood about 6’6″, tall, lanky and white.

JACK: Excuse me. I want to get to a shower.

Bill moved aside slightly, and I couldn’t help myself. I glanced down. I saw a good sized, limp dick hanging from between his legs. He was hairless. I had seen guys that shaved in high school. They were all swimmers. I just had to ask.

JACK: Are you a swimmer Bill?

BILL: What gives you that idea?

Bill knew exactly what gave Jack that idea. He saw where Jack had looked. Bill had been on his high school’s swim team, and had started shaving for that. He was thinking of trying out for the swim team at the college, so had continued shaving while here. Bill was a 19-year old freshman, and had experimented with guys while in high school. He and a fellow senior had asked for a room together during the one swim meet siirt escort that had required an overnight in a motel. They had spent most of the evening trading blow jobs. He had tried to talk the other guy into getting on his knees so that Bill could fuck him, but that was apparently going too far.

When Bill got to college, and started getting to know the guys on his dorm floor, the rumor was that Michael (the one that roomed with Carl) was gay. Bill decided to check this out, and had come right out and asked Michael. Michael set him straight, that he (Michael) swung both ways, but rarely sucked a cock. After sharing a joint with Michael one afternoon, they made a deal. Michael would suck Bill’s cock, but only if Bill would let him (Michael) fuck his ass. Bill did not see a problem with this, Michael was such a little guy, he probably wouldn’t even feel the cock in his ass. Bill was wrong a couple of times on that assumption (he was young, horny and high… being wrong is understood). No matter what size cock pops your cherry, it always seems huge AND while Michael was not “extremely” thick, he was much longer than you would assume from his 5’6″ and 125 pound body. Michael was packing 8 long inches, as much as Bill, who was a full foot taller.

Bill had played that afternoon with Michael, and had traded blow jobs with Carl. He balked at the size of the dick that Carl was packing. There was NO way that was going up his ass, but Carl and Michael seemed to have a regular stash of weed, and if he only needed to give a blow job every once in a while to get high, he was fine with that. Michael had offered to hook him up with a guy to get an ounce, but Bill hadn’t decided about that yet.

Then, last night, he saw Carl rush out of his room, wearing only his shorts and flip flops. Carl went past Bill, quickly telling him to take a look in his (Carl’s) room. Bill took a couple of quick steps down the hall and glanced into Carl’s room, just in time to see a naked Michael jump up from the bed, and on the bed was Jack, naked and leaning back like he was just fucked royally. Michael closed the door.

Now, here was Jack, standing in front of him along the row of showers, glancing down at his cock. In spite of the fact that Bill had jacked off in the shower just five minutes before, he felt that tingling in his balls, and thought he felt his cock twitch.

I was still looking at Bill’s cock, and I swear it moved, growing just a bit.

JACK: It’s just that the only guys that I know that shaved, were all on the swim team in high school. You are shaved?

BILL: Yes. I never think about that any more. I did swim in high school, and have just continued shaving since then. I like how big it makes my dick look.

FUCK. It did look big, and it wasn’t even hard and it did seem to be growing.

JACK: Well, excuse me. I need to get to a shower.

Bill stood up straight, back against the shower stall behind him, to allow Jack to get past. Jack glanced again at Bill, looking down at his cock, as he scooted by. Jack went down 2 showers, put his soap and shampoo in the stall, and went to take the towel from his waist. It dropped to the ground. He wound up bending from the waist, showing his ass to Bill, who had kept his eye on Jack. Bill saw the matted hair on the ass of Jack, and was guessing that some of Michael’s cum had leaked out overnight. Bill knew that feeling. He reached down and stroked his dick, then remembered where he was. Bill wrapped his towel around his waist and left the area.

I scooted past Bill, looking down at that smooth crotch. I wanted to touch it, but resisted. I went down 2 shower stalls, tossed my toiletries into the stall, and tried to “whip” the towel from my waist. It fell in front of me. I bent over, and when I did, I glanced behind me and I saw Bill stroke his dick, only once or twice, but then he wrapped his towel around him and left. Was he strokin’ while looking at my ass? Why was I looking at dicks?

I hopped in the shower and took care of my morning business. If you’re wondering if that means that I jacked off in the shower, well then I guess you need to be reading stories on another website. Of course I jacked off. At this rate, I wasn’t going to get out of the dorm if I didn’t get some relief. I rinsed off, and stepped out of the shower to grab my towel. Michael was standing there, with my towel in his hand, naked as the day he was born.

MICHAEL: How was your shower Jack? Did you sleep well?

His question broke my spell. I was staring at his dick again. He wasn’t hard. In fact, he was limp, and he was almost as long as I am when I’m hard… and I was 6 inches taller than him and had him by almost 80 pounds!

JACK: I… uh… yes. Yes and yes.

MICHAEL: You’re going to the game? You didn’t sell your ticket, did you?

JACK: Yes. I’m going. Just trying to run down and get breakfast before the cafeteria closes.

MICHAEL: So am I. Keep a space for me in the cafeteria. We can have breakfast together.

Michael jumped sinop escort in his shower, and I dried myself off and returned to my room. Alan was dressed now and waiting for me. I dressed quickly. For some reason, I thought that Alan was checking my ass out. I mentioned to Alan, that Michael had expressed a desire to join us at breakfast. No problem.

Alan and I went down to the cafeteria, grabbing a table that had a few open seats. Michael showed up a few minutes later, with Carl and Bill in tow.

Small talk ensued about the game. Michael and Carl seemed a little nerdish, so it was surprising that their thoughts on the game seemed to make so much sense. They are full of surprises, especially the snakes that they were packing.

We finished breakfast and had about 30 minutes before leaving for the game. Michael invited us all into his room for a joint before the game. Alan declined, but Bill and I joined Michael and Carl for a pre-game buzz. We did just that, passing a joint around the room. Bill sat close to me on Michael’s bed. Michael was on his other side, and Carl was standing in front of us to complete the circle. Next thing that we knew, Alan was knocking and telling us it was time to leave for the game.

Our team kicked ass. The game was out of hand by middle of the third quarter. Michael produced another joint (reminder to myself… roll some joints and have them ready… no need to take advantage of Michael’s generosity), and we passed it amongst ourselves. Even Alan took a few tokes. By the middle of the fourth quarter, the score was 42 – 7, and the second and third teams were playing. It was fuckin’ cold (November in Michigan), so we decided to leave.

We headed back to the dorm. Dinner wasn’t being served for a couple of hours, so we stopped at the store and picked up some snacks. We had several beers left over from the night before back in the dorm. Michael and Carl invited us to their room. I told them that I wanted to grab my weed, and went down to my room. Alan went with me. I asked him if he was going to join us, and he said that he was probably going to just sit around here and maybe take a nap.

Alan really wanted his dick sucked, but while he “knew” that Michael was gay, and suspected that Jack was too, he did not know about Carl and Bill’s preferences. With Jack out of the room, he could jack off and relieve the pressure, then take his nap before dinner.

I grabbed my pot and the rolling papers, and headed back to Michael’s room. When I got there, Carl was at his desk, wearing his shorts and flip-flops again. Michael and Bill were on Michael’s bed, either end, still talking about the game. Carl had his bong out, and was getting ready to load the bowl. I told him to hold off on that. I needed practice rolling a joint.

Michael jumped off his bed, and grabbed a tray. He placed it on his desk, and suggested that I use that to roll the joint. With Michael’s guidance, I rolled a joint for the second time in my life. I held it up to Michael and suggested that he light it up. He said that since it was my pot, and my joint, that I got the first toke. Sure as hell makes sense to me. He handed me a lighter and I took a nice toke. I passed it to Michael and decided to roll another couple of joints. Never hurts to have a couple ready to go.

The guys passed the joint around, always making sure that I got my share.

BILL: Damn. How can it be 25 degrees outside and 80 in here. Anyone mind if I take my shirt off?

There were no objections, and Bill removed his shirt… then Michael removed his shirt. Michael looked at me and said, “When in Rome…”

Duh. I didn’t get it.

MICHAEL: Take your shirt off, Jack… please.

Always so fuckin’ polite.

I took my shirt off. I wasn’t that warm, but “when in Rome…”

BILL: I never noticed before, Jack. You’ve got a pretty good body. Do you hit the gym?

JACK: No. Just good genes I guess.

Carl stepped up behind me, and reached around and stroked my chest, resting his crotch along my back.

CARL: What ever it is, your body always makes me hard Jack.

I could feel him growing along my back. He was so fuckin’ large.

Carl then pinched my nipples, and I moaned. I leaned back into his hardening dick. So hard. So long. So thick. It was a fuckin’ log. Carl kept working on my nipples and I felt him humping my back through his shorts. I looked over towards Michael, and saw that he and Bill had removed their pants and were stroking each other. Oh boy. Here we go.

I turned a little bit and reached into Carl’s shorts (I knew he would be going commando), and stroked his balls. Carl lowered the waistband of his shorts and his cock dropped down in front of my face.

CARL: Suck me Jack… please?

Well… he did say please. I took his cock into my mouth, and did my best to get it nice and wet. It was difficult to try and get it into my throat from this angle, but I did what I could.

MICHAEL: Jack… why don’t you get your clothes off and şırnak escort get up here on the bed?

Carl told me to go ahead. I stood up, removed the rest of my clothes and went to climb up on the bed. Michael directed me to lay on my back, with my head near one end. Bill then crawled up over me, and I was staring up at his bald crotch, his 8 inch hard on staring back at me. Then I felt his mouth on my cock. I reached up and lowered his ass down, so that I was able to start slurping on his cock. While Bill and I were in a 69, I saw Michael rubbing some jel into Bill’s ass… then I felt my legs being lifted, up on either side of Bill’s head, and Carl (I assumed) was rubbing some jelly into my ass.

I was watching Michael work a couple of fingers into Bill’s ass, while I was chowing down on his cock, and then I saw him get up on the bed behind him, and start to enter his ass. There were now four of us on this bed. Carl and Michael didn’t weigh much, but there still must be about 700 pounds on this bed. Hope they had some extra thick slats to hold up the mattress. While this thought was going through my mind, I felt Carl try to enter my ass with that log that I referred to earlier. I had taken him the evening before, so it slid in a little easier this afternoon, and still felt fuckin’ great.

CARL: Oh fuck, Jack. That ass feels so good. I just love the way it hugs my dick.

Carl was not being gentle with me. Where last evening, it took several minutes to get his whole dick in me, he was balls deep after a couple of strokes. He had my hips up off the bed, forcing my cock deeper into Bill’s mouth, as he was driving his dick deep into my ass.

The action at the head of the bed, just above my head, was equally as frantic. Michael was pounding into Bill’s ass, pulling his dick almost all the way out, and then thrusting back in. It was one of the most erotic things that I’ve ever seen, but then again, up to that point in time, I had not actually seen that much. It seemed that Michael and Carl had developed a rhythm, thrusting into Bill and my asses at the same time. While Bill and I still had the other’s dick in our mouths, we were not doing much other than holding on.

CARL: Oh fuck Jack, I can’t last much longer.

I felt him thrust a couple of more times, then he unloaded into my ass. Thrust and cum, thrust and cum. Each thrust was followed by a loud grunt. He pulled out most of the way and I felt a couple of shots of cum near the end of my ass.

BILL: That was so fuckin’ hot Carl watching that black spear fuck him. Now can I have my turn?

His turn? They’re taking turns?

MICHAEL: Hold on big guy. I haven’t cum yet. You just keep working on his cock. I’m almost there.

Then I got a front row seat of Michael’s 8 inch cock “pounding” into Bill’s ass. With every thrust, Bill’s cock was driven into my mouth and Bill’s mouth was driven down onto my cock. He was easily able to take my whole 6 inches. I was not in the same league as any of these cocks.

Michael finally came in Bill’s ass. I watched him pump a couple of times, and then he pulled out and his cock spurted a couple of more times, onto my face. Michael slapped Bill’s ass and said, “there you go big boy, he’s all yours.” Who is all who’s?

Bill jumped up, off the bed. The next thing that I know, I’ve got my legs on his shoulders as he stands on the floor and he enters me easily. Carl had left a gaping hole. Bill was big, but he wasn’t Carl big.

Bill was ecstatic. He was finally getting to fuck an ass. He had had this desire for a year, and finally found someone willing to take his dick… extremely willing.

While Bill was fucking my ass, Carl had slipped out of the room to get his washcloth wet. He had left the door ajar, not open like the night before. Anyone walking down the hall could hear the noises from the room though, and there would’ve been not much doubt about what was happening in the room. The only thing is, since Michael’s bed wasn’t visible through to crack in the door, no-one would know who was doing what to whom. Not until…

BILL: Oh fuck Jack! I’m going to shoot deep into that ass!

While Carl was out, he decided to check in on Alan. He knocked on the door and called for Alan. Alan opened the door, looking a little sleepy.

CARL: Oh fuck Alan, I’m sorry. Jack mentioned that you were going to take a nap. Shit.

ALAN: No worries. I had actually already waken up. I was just going to head down to take a piss.

CARL: Ok. Sorry again. I was just wondering if you would care to stop by for a joint before dinner?

ALAN: Maybe. Let me shake off the sleep and take this piss. I may be down there in a bit.

Carl headed back to his room, with Alan right behind him. The restroom was down the hall close to Carl and Michael’s room. As they approached, they heard: Oh fuck Jack! I’m going to shoot deep in that ass!

ALAN: What the fuck is going on down there?

CARL: I’m not sure, but I’m going to take a look.

Carl and Alan quickly closed the distance between them and Carl’s room. Carl opened the door, but the action was still behind the door. They opened the door all of the way, and both stepped in. Carl had wet his washcloth, and already cleaned his dick off, so he handed it to Michael, who proceeded to scrub his dick. Alan just stared.

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