Two friends, one bedroom

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Amelia teased her salmon-colored top upward, showing Lauren her slim waist and tight, flat stomach.

The two loved playing together on nights when Amelia could sleep over. Lauren’s parents were in bed, a fact that the girls knew by the muffled sounds of lovemaking coming from the bedroom. The two often sat in Lauren’s bedroom closet which shared a wall with her parents’ room, giggling quietly at the sounds from the next room.

Now that Mom and Dad’s lovemaking was under way, the girls knew they wouldn’t be interrupted for the rest of the evening. Tonight was Amelia’s turn to go first, and she had already removed her sandals. The game was that anything uncovered or exposed by removal of a piece of clothing was fair game for the other to touch.

Amelia loved having her feet touched — not tickled — and Lauren knew just how to do it. So while Lauren held Amelia’s foot in her hand, fingering the strip along the side from her little to her ankle and watching Amelia squirm with delight, Amelia played with her top, taking her time in uncovering her beautiful, small body.

Lauren was getting aroused too; the combination of playing with exposed parts of her friend’s body and watching the next ones always got her started. She could feel the tingling in her body, the tingling which would occasionally flash a message to her breasts to pucker, and which would increasingly swish by her pussy and make her shiver or tense up. She knew she’d eventually start secreting that slippery fluid from around the outside of her pussy, a welcome sign of her excitement.

Amelia’s top passed her breast but her fingers still covered the deeper pink of the circle of her areola. Lauren was trying to be patient; she knew the sensation she would give to Amelia when her tongue lapped over her nipple and she was expectant for the touch of her tongue and lips against Amelia’s breasts. Sometimes, their game lasted an hour and sometimes it was a frenzy to tear one’s clothes off as quickly as possible, it just depended on the mood.

Amelia had set the pace for a slow and steady climb to that peak of orgasm, though the pace at the beginning was not always kept steady through to the end. Lauren was ready for something sooner, and Amelia knew it, part of the reason she was going so slowly. She knew that when Amelia eventually climaxed, it was always much more intense if she had edged her at least a little bit, balancing the frustration against the desire for maximum effect.

But Amelia also wanted that release and for her, a wild and fast time of heavy and hard petting gave her the ecstasy she craved. The two were so different and yet so compatible. The privacy and intimacy they shared was known to no-one, and the secrecy of it all was sacrosanct.

Amelia lifted the top over her head and her braless chest popped out. Ringlets of light brown hair bounced back down and flowed over her narrow shoulders. Gracefully, Lauren moved up from her sitting position at Amelia’s feet to a kneel beside Amelia. Head to head, their faces turned and they melted into a kiss. Amelia tipped her head to one side and opened her lips, accepting Lauren’s tongue hungrily into her mouth. Lauren licked her tongue around Amelia’s, both savoring the frictionless smoothness as their tongues danced. Lips sealed together, they kissed pleasurably, fingers playing in the other’s hair and holding them close. There was no hurry to their kissing and no impediment to their complete relaxation. Amelia sucked and released gently on Lauren’s tongue, as if she were enticing it to yield its offering like a penis would. Lauren felt the pressure and hummed quietly in appreciation. They inhaled the waft of each other’s scent, drawing it into their overall experience. The two drew sexual energy from each other, sliding their lips and tongues, and letting fingers probe through their hair and brush lightly against their necks. They had been this way before and had become familiar with the journey. This kind of familiarity did not bring contempt, but rather a sense of comfort in the knowledge of the direction they were traveling and when they would reach the destination, and the landmarks along the way. Familiar experience equaled comfortable ride equaled customary outcome, and every time they did this it brought greater depth to their relationship and drew them closer in spirit to each other. They were more able now than ever to read the other’s emotions and sexual road signs.

According to their game rules, Lauren was now free to touch Amelia’s breasts, and having established through the kiss a mutual rhythm in their arousal, this would be the next section of the ride. At the slightest hint of Lauren’s lips lightening their pressure, Amelia gave her tongue one final extra suck before releasing it back to Lauren. She knew what came next and anticipated it eagerly. Lauren’s soft pink lips slid down Amelia’s cheek, dusting kisses, and then under the angle Betturkey of her jaw and onto the fleshy and smooth side of her neck. Amelia lifted her head a little to give better access, her eyes closed and her breathing steady and slow and deep.

The two had met in high school when Lauren’s family had moved into the area from the neighboring state. Amelia had been taken straight away with Lauren’s eyes. She loved the way they seemed like deep pools of intrigue, with a sparkle on the surface and a hidden mystery beneath. Lauren’s dark hair framing the cute, almost babyish, face that was home to those beautiful eyes was almost as much of a draw to Amelia. At the first available opportunity, Amelia had introduced herself and taken Lauren under her wing. Lauren was glad for the company of another girl who knew the places to go and the boys to avoid and the teachers to stay on the right side of. She was also fascinated by Lauren’s athletic form. She loved the way Amelia gracefully carried herself, with an air of self-confidence without arrogance. Amelia had also mastered the art of turning every male head in admiration of her looks but had stoutly withheld herself from anyone’s touch. She was interested in boys, oh for sure she was, but she was going to be the one setting the pace with any suitor. Until Lauren, that is.

As their friendship had deepened, first at school and then off-campus doing homework together, and later socially in non-academic environs, the two of them began to confide in each other more and more intimately.

After high school graduation, they both stayed locally, attending different courses at the local college and taking separate part-time jobs. But the friendship was well-established and they continued to hang out. Each dated occasionally, and a couple of times they went on group dates, but each of the guys they dated had some fatal flaw which ended the relationship. The longer they hung out, the more they realized that the best one for each of them was the other. They reached the point where both of them wanted to express a desire for the other, but neither knew how to break the ice without risking the friendship. Shortly after Amelia’s 20th birthday, they bought tickets for a movie they both wanted to see. Neither one was dating at the time, so they went together.

The action on the screen took an unseen twist into a bedroom scene where the two girls in the movie found each other’s lips and kissed passionately. Amelia let out a not quite silent “Wow” which Lauren heard but didn’t acknowledge at that moment. Lauren too was excited by the prospect of that kind of action. Walking home afterward, Lauren had started the conversation.

“You said ‘wow’ in the movie, like you really felt it, you know, when they were kissing,” Lauren said.

“Yeah, I did,” Amelia replied. “It seemed really… I don’t know what word.”

“Seductive?” Lauren suggested.

“Yeah, it was seductive alright, but…”


Amelia laughed. “Yeah maybe that too, I hadn’t gone that way.”

“Ummm, intriguing?”

Amelia looked over at Lauren. “You felt it too, didn’t you?”

Lauren nodded back at her.

They were silent for a few moments, and when there was a break between two buildings, Amelia said, “Ssss, in there,” nodding her head in that direction.

They turned together between the buildings, as if it was the way they always went. It wasn’t private, but it was out of the main stream. Amelia stopped and held Lauren’s arm.

“I want to try it,” she said.

“Kissing?” Lauren verified.

Amelia nodded, grinning with excitement.

The moment that followed was photographed into their minds. First kiss, and all the feelings it evoked. It had been a little slow and awkward at first, but once they recognized the other’s equal desire, they settled lips onto lips and embraced like long-time lovers. Coming up breathless, they looked at each other for a second and burst out giggling. The nervous laughter passed.

“That was… delicious,” Lauren said with a smile.

“And seductive,” Amelia agreed.

“Not intriguing though.”

“No. But the idea was.”

“It was horny too,” Lauren said, surprising herself with that word.

“Did it make you wet?” Amelia asked, diving deeper into the experience.

“It certainly would soon.”

“Same here. Again?”

Lauren nodded and leaned Amelia back against the wall of the building. This time, tongues met and the game was on. Both moaned and purred and their faces slid slowly from side to side joined at the lips.

Again, they separated out of breath.

“I can feel the wet,” Lauren said.

“Me too,” Amelia confided. “Geez, I’ve wanted that.”

“So have I,” Lauren answered in shock.

“Since when?”

“I dunno, long time.”

“Time wasted,” Amelia said. “Wish we’d known. I was Betturkey Giriş afraid to say anything.”

“Same here, you’re such a special friend, Amelia, and I couldn’t risk losing you.”

“OK, then here’s the deal,” Amelia said. “From now on, we agree to be able to share anything, anything, and know it won’t change the friendship. Yes?”

“Agreed,” Lauren replied immediately.

“C’mon, let’s not be late,” Amelia said, practically skipping back out onto the sidewalk. “Oh, this is a fantastic day!”

From that day had developed the game they now played. And now, two years out from high school, they still had sleepovers together, sometimes at Amelia’s and sometimes, as with tonight, at Lauren’s. It was especially fun at Lauren’s because of her parents’ fairly predictable schedule of going to bed about 10pm and either falling asleep within half an hour or indulging in a session of lovemaking which lasted however long it lasted and was followed by sleep. Either way, by 11pm, the girls could be confident of a quiet night together.

Lauren was still caressing Amelia’s neck with kisses and feather light touches from her fingertips and Amelia was in a state of suspension. Lauren’s touch on her body was seductive and sexual and took her mind to places of fantasy where colors were bright and delightful, and movements were slow and sensual. The absolute knowledge that there was an orgasm of substantial worth coming her way within the hour fueled her desire for more.

Lauren worked her fingers skillfully along Amelia’s neck and out onto the top of her shoulder, then back again, curving their trajectory downward onto her upper chest. Lauren’s lips and tongue continued to layer their magic elixir on her sensitive neck though they too were slowly working their way the same direction as her fingers. Amelia felt her mind slipping into neutral; she loved this feeling, like sinking slowly into a bathtub of hot water, her body buoyed by the lifting power of sensuality. Lauren’s fingers slipped along the gentle rise of Amelia’s small breast, reaching to the peak where her trembling nipple awaited. Meanwhile, Lauren’s kisses blazed a trail of desire down toward her other mound.

Lauren’s being slow tonight. Amelia’s mind floated the thought out there, stating the obvious for no particular reason.

And then just as the thought faded into obscurity, Amelia’s sexual radar blipped twice. Both together! Fingers on one and tongue on the other, and Amelia’s mind lit up like a Christmas tree, sparkling with sensations that carved through her stupor and illuminated her desire. She gasped in surprise and delight and panted it out as Lauren began an all-out assault on her nipples, sucking and licking on one while squeezing and teasing the other.

“Oh my gosh,” Amelia squealed, her breathing instantly different. Lauren chuckled inwardly, enjoying the surprise attack she had executed so perfectly. Lauren sucked on Amelia’s taut nipple, sensing its quivering and tasting its freshness. She licked around her areola, feeling the boundary it shared with the mound of Amelia’s breast. She knew this almost invisible line of demarcation was a hotspot for Amelia and she ran round and round it, knowing it was piling up desire like a casino slot machine payout.

Lauren continued her work on Amelia’s breasts for fully two minutes, ramping her into a sexual tremor and then she settled back to almost nothing.

Amelia complained at her not to stop until Lauren reminded that the next move was Amelia’s. Lauren was waiting for the next piece to come off.

Amelia scrambled to get her hands down to her white shorts, fumbling her thumbs into the soft elastic waistband and pushing the fabric down while trying to raise up her bottom to let the shorts pass. If it hadn’t been so intense for both of them, it would have looked comical, but Lauren was as turned on as Amelia was and desperate for the next move.

Amelia finally managed to push her shorts away from her pussy and down onto her thighs. The garment was considered to have been removed once displaced far enough from its place, and Lauren once again took Amelia’s nipple between her lips and sucked it onto her tongue, but now her hand slipped eagerly down Amelia’s flat belly, right past her oval navel and over the expanse between her hip bones toward her crotch. The girls often skipped wearing underwear on their evenings together, as Amelia had done tonight, and as an added bonus, she was freshly shaven and silky smooth. Lauren slipped her hand, fingers first, over the mound above Amelia’s pussy and curved her fingers between her thighs, feeling Amelia’s pussy lips on her fingers. Practice guided her middle two fingers either side of Amelia’s clit, dipping down into the space either side of her inner lips, squeezing them with gentle pressure as she pushed through toward the bottom of her slit. She felt Amelia’s hips push slightly forward against the direction she was pushing and knew this was a sign of Amelia’s heightened arousal.

Lauren tried to remain partly focused on the nipple in her mouth and as her fingers neared the end of Amelia’s pussy, she sucked and licked again around her areola. The reminder to Amelia of her nipple in Lauren’s mouth drew a gasp from her and an involuntary twitch in her pussy. Lauren used this effect often, alternating attention between pussy and nipple and keeping Amelia’s senses in a state of surprise, unable to concentrate on one spot alone.

Lauren drew back her fingers, pressing her middle finger against Amelia’s lips until they acquiesced and Lauren’s finger sank into a velvety pool of slippery cum juice. Her ring finger followed right behind and Lauren slid them both up toward Amelia’s clit. Amelia rocked her hips backward now, pushing her clit more rapidly toward Lauren’s fingers and gasping again as they brushed either side of her sensitive nub. Lauren swirled her tongue again and Amelia twitched involuntarily and then Lauren slid her fingers back again between Amelia’s legs. Amelia rocked her hips forward again, plunging Lauren’s two fingers deeper into her cave. Lauren ran her top teeth across Amelia’s taut nipple and back again. Amelia was in a constant state of agonized arousal; at first, it had frustrated her not to be able to center her orgasm on a single stimulus, but now instead of counteracting each other, the different touches now emphasized each other and gave her a more prolonged and intense though delayed orgasm. She was getting close but not there yet.

“Oh shit Lauren, can we go fast tonight?” Amelia asked, as she often did.

“Sure,” Lauren purred back at her, not changing a thing.

“I’ll get you back,” Amelia threatened once she realized nothing was different.

“Mmmm, OK,” Lauren answered. She was the only person Amelia would allow to exercise control over her and she admitted to herself that she was glad they had grown to this point. Now, with Lauren, she could fully relinquish control and appreciate her orgasm to the fullest.

Now, every time Lauren drew her fingers back up the length of Amelia’s pussy, she was shuddering with the anticipation that those two fingers would slide up either side of her clit and perform two small circles at the end of their travel, and every time they did this, Amelia’s pussy spasmed and she gasped a breath. There was no escaping it; she had no control whatsoever over this behavior and here they came again, sliding up the… side… of her… clit, hahhaagggghhh, hungk, hungk as they circled and Amelia jerked. And then before she could recover a single thought, the nerves in her nipple and areola jangled with the smooth slide of Lauren’s tongue around the perimeter.

And Amelia’s arousal climbed one notch higher.

And so on, as Lauren seamlessly played the same symphony of motions over and over: slide down inside Amelia’s pussy as she rocked hips forward; tweak nipple, gasp, curl fingers inside pussy, draw back up, rock hips back, slide… up… my… clit… hahhaagggghhh, circle, hungk, circle, hungk, lick areola, gasp; and again.

And again.

Amelia’s legs started to twitch and shiver and Lauren knew the time had come. Amelia was moaning with every breath, ready to come. Lauren pulled her fingers up to Amelia’s clit one last time and stayed there, circling slowly. Amelia’s legs tightened and she sucked in a breath and held it. In silence, Lauren’s fingers circled Amelia’s clit. Several seconds later, Amelia gasped out her breath and jerked her hips back and then forward one time just as she sucked in a fresh breath. Lauren continued to circle as Amelia’s legs quivered. One more time, Amelia jerked her hips and then felt the impending rush of her climax.

Amelia’s body injected the right cocktail of hormones into her circulation, causing her to let out a long low moan.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” she sputtered almost incoherently as her body spasmed into orgasm. She clamped her knees together to stem the tide of Lauren’s finger onslaught on her clit. Lauren held her fingers still but kept them resting on Amelia’s pussy, and she let go of her breast from her mouth. She sat up and leaned close to Amelia, wanting to share in the heat of the moment. Lauren too was highly aroused just by being around and participating in Amelia’s orgasm, but she suppressed her own desires to maintain the level of Amelia’s own experience.

Amelia looked at Lauren through half-closed eyes.

“Did you come?” Lauren asked the obvious with a grin.

Amelia nodded with a smile. “I think you know the answer,” she breathed.

“Looked fun.” Lauren kissed her softly, lingering for just a couple of seconds.

“Incredible,” Amelia answered, adding, “as always.”

Amelia twisted into a lying position and Lauren lay down beside her. The two kissed silently for a moment and cuddled with each other in the quiet. Lauren stayed close, gently kissing and massaging Amelia through the afterglow.

Amelia looked into Lauren’s eyes.

“I can’t imagine sex with anyone but you, ever,” she said.

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