Redhead in Power Exchange

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In my many years of research, I wanted to learn about BDSM through personal experience. I attended numerous lectures at various clubs. One of the most memorable was my visit to a slave auction at Power Exchange.

I dressed in very short leather skirt. It was so short, that if I didn’t have my pantyhose, my pubic hair would have shown. I slipped a tiny tank top over my breasts and pulled on a short, thin leather jacket. Then I called a cab.

When the cab arrived, I hurriedly got in, hoping none of my neighbors would notice my wild outfit. Once inside, I gave the driver the address to PE. He took off, keeping his eyes focused on the rearview mere, and occasionally glancing at the road. In a short conversation we had, I told him about my planned adventure. I could tell he was very interested. In a few minutes we arrived at PE and I went in.

The crowd was buzzing with excitement and I immediately began to feel it too. I looked up at the guy who sponsored my visit and introduced myself. “My name is Brenda. I want to volunteer to be sold as a slave for the night.”

He quickly explained the club’s rules. A slave’s duty was to obey the orders of whoever purchased the slave, no questions asked! The master’s responsibility was to make sure that the slave would be safe at all times, and that no risky sexual practices were. Condoms were required. Safe sex was a priority.

When the auction started, I was one of six females and six males lined up on stage. The room was crowded with nearly 500 people. Each attendee had been given 3000 “slave” dollar coupons that could be used to bid on a slave, or traded to other people. Most of the people seemed to know each other. A brisk trade in coupons soon developed.

The guys were sold first. One by one, they took their place, kneeling at the feet of their new masters to await their fate. The bidding for us female slaves became more aggressive. Because I was a novice, I was sold last. Most bidders had already spent or traded their coupons, so the bidding became a contest between just two guys. The room divided its sympathy for them and started to collect all the coupons they could get together to support their friend. Finally, I was sold to a man dressed in black leather pants and open leather west over his naked, hairy chest.

I was very curious about my fate. I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Master “S” anounced that since I was a novice, I would be blindfolded and have my mouth taped shut. “So that he could do whatever he wanted with me. Then he presented me with a small key ring, telling me to drop it as a signal for him to stop. I was determined not let go of that key ring, no matter what. To the cheers of the crowd, he flourished the blindfold, waving it in the air a few times, before covering my eyes with it.

Next he took what felt like a plastic golf ball with holes in it, forcing it between my teeth. Then he tapped my mouth shut. I tried to make a sound, realizing that only I could hear myself. A chill of fear, mixed with excitement, shot through my body.

Two pairs of male hands grabbed me from behind, while in front of me Betturkey someone removed my leather jacket, followed by my tank top. For a moment I wished that I had worn a bra, but then I realized if I had, they would have simply removed it, too. I felt myself getting really excited. I was thinking about what was happening to me, standing on a stage in front of hundreds of people, naked from the waist up. Then I felt my skirt yanked from my body. My pantyhose followed. Now I was

standing completely naked, held up by my arms by two men, not knowing what would happen to next.

Then I heard my Master inviting men to spank me. For the next ten minutes, I was repeatedly slapped on my butt. I was surprised that despite the pain, I could tell the difference between the intensity of the slaps and the size of the hands of the various men who did this to me.

Suddenly, the spanking stopped. Many pairs of hands lifted me high into the air. Some of the hands took time out from their primary task to fondle my breasts and touch my sex. As they maneuvered around the stage, I felt my arms and legs being spread wide, making a show of my naked, helpless body. Then I was being lowered down. My bare bottom came into contact with an icy cold material. Earlier, I had noticed a gynecologist’s examination chair on the stage. I suspected I was in it. I became sure of that guess when I felt many pairs of hands tying my arms and legs to the chair. But for this exam, no one provided a drape for my body.

Next, I heard my Master inviting men to examine me. In moments, I had hands touching my body everywhere. It was strangely exciting, not being able to see who was doing what to me. I felt hands and tongues on my toes, breast, stomach, thighs and my pussy. Many fingers took turns sliding in and out of me. The public stripping and spanking had made me especially horny. Within seconds of the first finger hitting my clit, I began to have a slow orgasm. It built and built, leaving my entire body writhing.

I could hardly pay attention to the voice of my Master, as he ordered the men to do different

things to my body. At the same time, I felt the warmth of the stage lights on my bare skin. Then I heard him telling everyone to line up for picture taking.

The photo shoot turned me on even more, as I heard the clicking of cameras. I felt the men poking me with their penises in my breast, arms, face and even my pussy. My orgasm was very strong but I still heard my Master ordering the guys not to insert their cocks inside of me. I was getting very horny, couldn’t help it and drop the key ring from my hand. Everything immediately stopped and my Master came to me and pulled the tape off my mouth. “What is it?”

I whispered: “Please take my blindfold off. I want to see. I want some cocks inside of me.”

To my suprise, he screamed: ” I can’t hear you!”

I felt like Gomer Pyle, so I repeated myself a bit louder.

Again he screamed: ” I can’t hear you!”

The crowd was at full attention now. So I screamed as loud as my Master did: “Please, take my blindfold off. I want to see who’s Betturkey Giriş doing me. I want some cocks in my pussy!”

The crowd applauded and the Master took my blindfold off. What I saw got my orgasm ringing to the maximum. Lots of guys, lots of pierced cocks, hands all over me. As soon as they untied my arms and I started giving the nearest guys hand jobs. I didn’t take any cocks in my mouth but I felt at least two guys standing by my head and wrapping my hair around their penises. Then I look down

and saw a line of guys standing by my legs and the Master handing out condoms and saying: “Each of you gets three strokes, then it’s the next guy’s turn.”

I was so wet, they didn’t even need to use any lubricant. When the first guy tried to penetrate me, he took his time getting in. Then he slammed his cock three times in my pusy, really hard and then slipped out. I was cumming! I could hardly keep my eyes open, but I wanted to see and remember. It took just three or four seconds before the next guy pushed his way inside of me. I started to lift my hips and pushed against his cock, he looked at the Master and said: “If she pushes, it doesn’t count as a stroke, does it?”

“Right,” my Master said.

So this guy took three very slow strokes and pulled his cock out of me. I looked down the line. There were maybe thirty or forty guys masturbating. The ones in the front were unrolling condoms on

their penises.

The Master look at me and smiled:” Don’t worry, more guys are coming.”

They sure did. Each and every one took his three strokes very slowly, enjoying the feel of my pulsating pussy. When they pulled out, I noticed their condoms were full of cum. And then I was moaning, trying not to scream, as my orgasm made me nearly unconscious. It was a long time before the line got smaller, but I doubt I set any new record for the number of guys I took on at one time. I’m sure it wasn’t more then fifty guys.

Then the Master called: “Time for the barber!”

I guessed they wanted to shave me. I told the Master: “No, please, I was shaved when I had my tattoo done, and I hated it.”

“Quiet, slave!” was the only answer.

A huge guy with scissors came to me and started to snip my pubic hair off. I’ve never enjoyed being shaved. I love my red pubic hair, so this was a turn off for me. There was a crowd around us, watching the procedure. They cheered with every snip of the scissors. Soon my pussy had just short stubs.

The barber got his brush and soap ready, and my Master said: “Don’t get any soap inside her pussy!”

“No problem,” the Barber replied. He called to his friend. A guy with an enormous shaved cock stepped forward. I looked at him and almost jumped off the chair. It was a doctor I met at the medical clinic hospital where I have my physicals done. I always liked him—one very nice body, but I had no idea that he has such a huge cock. He just kept struggling with a condom, and didn’t even acknowledge me. His member was simply too large for that little piece of latex.

I yelled out: “No condom, please.”

He seemed very happy to hear that, and tried to get inside of me. It took some work and he got in as far as he could. I felt my pussy being stretched and it got me shake with ecstasy. Then he stopped moving and the Barber soaped my pussy with the cock inside me.

At that moment, I didn’t care that I was being shaved. My pussy had a very nice time with the huge cock inside of her. The barber finished shaving my stomach and the cock had to come out of my pussy, with regrets on both sides.

The barber shaved my labia clean, kissed my clit and I noticed a wet spot on his crotch. Well, at least it was a big turn on for him! The Master untied my legs from the chair and set me free. That’s when I glanced at someone’s wristwatch and noticed I had been tied up for two and half hours. Then I realized that my panty hose and my tank top were missing. I pulled my short skirt on, my leather jacket and went to explore other people’s kinks. I got a lot of material for some of the chapters in my book.

The problem was how to get home, half-naked. My skirt was showing a bit of my pussy, I kept pushing my skirt down in front of a mirror that didn’t help. At 3am I worked up the courage to step out and climb into the cab I had called. I thought the cab driver’s eyes were going to pop out of his skull. I gave him the direction and he took off.

“Had some fun?”

Although I was really tired, I found I was in talkative mood. So I told him about my night and also

about my shaved pussy.

“I know, I saw it when you were getting in my cab. “

Then he put his right hand on my lap and touched my bare pussy. I was tired but it felt good, so I let him. I stopped him about half a block from my house and wanted to pay.

“I would love to have sex with you, but you must be tired. I keep a camera in my cab just in case of an accident. How about you let me take a picture of your pussy and we’ll just call it even.”

What the heck, I thought. He had already seen my pussy. So I let him to take a few shots, spreading my legs wide for him, another one with my jacket open. Then I let him take one with my breast showing and one with his left hand touching my pussy, his index finger inside. When he slid closer to me, he pulled his cock out and touched my open pussy with his cock and I took the camera and snapped a picture.

He pushed his cock deeper and I took another picture and pulled away. He was already hard and started to masturbate. “Please wait and watch me to cum.”

I felt sorry for him, so I opened my legs again, leaned against the door and pulled his cock close to my pussy. He plunged it in very quickly. Then I told him: “Don’t cum inside, shoot on my pussy.” It didn’t take long before he did. I opened the door and said good night. That was more that he wanted. That night I slept well.

The next day, a guy living one block away from my house, saw me on the street and said: ” I saw you paying your cab fare last night. And I want to blackmail you for some sex, too. Otherwise I’ll tell your neighbors.”

Well, I interviewed him next the evening. He turned to be a one very kinky fucker, so I took him with me on my next research project.

Since then I visited many clubs and parties, but never as a slave. Some guys sent me pictures of that night. Here is one of them.

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