Two Girls, One… Girl? Ch. 02

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Their time with Thomas was wonderful, but temporary, as is most with life. The girls spent as much time separated as they did fully merged, Jana, as they referred to themselves. It was thrilling, having a secret night life. Jana thrived in the night scene. Everything was doubled, they found. They could handle twice their usual amount of alcohol, with twice the hangover unfortunately. Twice the caloric intake too… eating was… well… They were ravenous, inhaling food like each was their last meal. But their favorite, twice the sexual desire, they acted upon quite freely. Each sensation was doubled, skin felt twice as amazing to touch with their own. Jana came alive at night, reluctant to separate into Rita and Jenn in the mornings.

“Come on Jenn,” Jana was frustrated now, crossing her arms under her breasts. Frowning at their fogged up reflection in the mirror. Rita was going to be late if she stayed around much longer, knowing full well staying would end up getting… physical.

“We’re going to be late if you keep this up,” Jana threw her hands up, her chest tugged as her generous breasts dropped so suddenly. Jana was still getting used to her body.

“Come on Rita… Just a little longer?” Jana was quite the sight, as she switched back and forth between the control of Rita and Jenn, she took on the mannerisms of whomever held the wheel.

Rita attempted to pull away, and separate from Jenn. For a moment Jana’s eyes changed colors, from hers to the girls’ individual eyes. Jana’s head started to divide into the heads of both women, only momentarily, as Jenn raised Jana’s hands up to push their heads back together.

Jana looked up at the mirror angrily, “Jenn.” Was all she said.

Let. Me. Out. Rita was not having it today.

The girls learned that the easiest way to separate was when both women agreed. When they both wanted to go their own way, separating came as naturally as walking. The same went for merging. When they both wanted it, they merged so fast, they looked inhuman (more inhuman anyways) as they fell into each other, writhing inside their now shared body.

However, they also learned that if they did not agree on either separating or merging, it was difficult. Impossible, actually. But whenever a merge began, it was hard for the other to fight the sexual desire for long. Giving in, and letting the other woman in. Or out.

If one didn’t want to separate, she had to put up twice the amount of effort in either forcing themselves out, or the other woman. In this case, Rita was pulling away, while Jenn pulled back. Like a game of tug-of-war, the two were even in terms of physical strength. The rest was a mental battle.

Lately, it was more difficult to separate even if both wanted to. They were reluctant to, like a child forced to give up a toy, but that reluctance seemed to have a hold on them.

Right now, Rita had to get to work, and Jenn was being a child again.

Jana stood silent in front of the mirror. Steam settled, and water condensed around her, still dripping from her naked body. Suddenly, Rita moved, catching Jenn off guard. She moved left, then right, faking her out in their mind.

Jana divided into Rita and Jenn. Their heads forming, Rita strained as if she was moving through quicksand. Jana’s perfect body distorted in shape and color. Shifting from Rita’s skin tone, to Jana’s, to Jenns, and all over.

Rita pulled away, their body looked like two women wrapped in a silk blanket. Jenn pulled back, losing, but not without a fight. Their torso’s separated completely, each woman regaining their two arms and breasts, followed by belly button, and stopping abruptly right above the now moistened lips between their legs.

“Jennnn…” Mmm… Rita held herself upright, hands on their still-shared right thigh. Chest dropping, her nipples hardened.

Jenn wrapped her arms around Rita. Her breasts pressed against Rita’s back. Jenn reached around to fondle her, squeezing gently, lovingly, and pulling Rita’s torso upward, and breathing heavily into her ear.

This was when merging was easiest. Mentally, Rita might not want to, but her body did. Distracted with pleasure, Rita’s mind went blank as she let Jenn take over. Rita’s arms moved as if on their own, though, Jenn was the one driving now. With four arms at her disposal, Jenn used Rita’s to fondle her own breast, and slide one finger inside their shared vagina. While Jenn squeezed tightly, and their torso’s merged again.

Jen..nn.. No! NO!

“Hey!” Rita got out as she came to. Her face all that was left of her individual self, as Jana’s hands ran up and down her beautiful body.

This time Rita was quick, and not having it. She pushed this time, physically, out of Jana. Their torso’s separated, Rita pushed at Jenn’s chest. Breasts squished, and made for a slippery handhold on the woman, but helped nonetheless. Jenns fingers were forced out of them as their womanhood separated. Jenn fell to the floor.

Now Rita stood over Betturkey Jenn. Who was still writing in pleasure, still fingering herself, and fondling a breast. Rita was not happy, and planted a foot between Jenn’s thighs.

“Ah, ow! H-hey!” Jenns lip quivered.

Rita inserted her big toe inside of Jenn, pushing in, hard.

“R-r-rita… s-stop. Mmm…”

A little revenge was healthy every now and then.

“Stop? Oh, you mean,” Rita wriggled her toe around inside, “This? But you seem to like it. Or at least, your body does…”

Rita pushed her foot, rubbing Jenns lips, and forcing another toe into Jenn.

“F-fuck, Rita this hurts, please stop!”

“Not so fun is it?” Rita already knew her answer.

“No, No! Okay! Im- mmmmmm, S-sorry!”

Rita pulled out, wiping her toes on Jenn’s thighs. “Wait a second.” Rita got a good look at Jenn’s chest now. Her nipples seemed larger than she remembered. Not the aroused kind of large either, larger as in a different shape! Those.. Rita looked down at her own chest, only two smaller nipples, quite familiar in feel and size. These aren’t my nipples!

Rita groaned in frustration. Jenn giggled as she noticed too. They had mixed up it seemed, when they separated. Jenn had Rita’s nipples, and Rita, Jenn’s.

This had happened before. When merged, partially or fully, each girl had the other’s body at their disposal. They could separate into two halves that were half Jenn, half Rita. Which was… disorienting.

It was like they were staring into a mirror. Half of one anyway. The two women were half Jenn, half Rita. Each had one eye, one arm, one leg, breast, ear. The other woman had the same, but the opposite side. So one, Jenns right, Rita’s left, embraced the other, Jenns Left, with Rita’s right. It was like colliding with half of yourself… Indescribable really. Each woman maintained their half of each body, making walking nigh impossible, let alone any time for fun. Most of the time was spent trying to orient themselves.

That was a mess.

When they finally found each other, and relaxed into Jana, the girls experimented with how much of the other they could swap. Jenns legs, Rita’s top, or vise versa. Jenn was reaching down between Rita’s legs, into her own… vagina..? They fingered each other, but it was their own lips they parted between the other girls legs.

So long as one girl had over half of herself on one side, she maintained control. The only time control became an issue…

Well, it was never really an issue. It was always kinky. But when merged, both of them held the reigns.

Jana laid down after a long day of work. Jenn had practically fallen into Rita as she collapsed on the couch. Both women were more than ready to become one again, and they turned into a blob of arms and legs on the couch as their shared body oriented itself.

Jana tried to orient facing up, but Jenn had collapsed facing down. So they remained a blob of sorts, wriggling around as Rita took over, orienting Jana face up on the couch.

Long day? Rita thought, stretching Jana out on the couch, feeling Jenn’s tension melt as they cozied up in each other. Awful day. There’s a reason I don’t handle customer service very well.

Rita giggled at that, and in their mind, she wrapped herself around Jenn. Jana sighed, and yawned, and soon enough, fell fast asleep.

“Rita!” Jenn knocked harder, “This isn’t funny anymore, open up. I have a date in an hour!”

Jenn was near slamming her fist on the door now. Rita had uh… borrowed… some assets of hers last night. Well, both assets. Rita had borrowed Jenn’s breasts, and ass last night for her date. Physically stunning, Rita looked ready to pop out of her usual top. Her breasts were twice their usual size, and she was horribly unprepared to handle them.

Still manageable, they weren’t by any means engorged. Just bigger than her usual 34C. Sporting double D’s was an easy way to get out of paying for drinks for the night, and she loved the way she looked!

Jenn saw no issues with this. In fact, her night was just as fun! She felt remarkably lighter, and ran around topless in their apartment. Actually ran too. Nothing heavy weighed her down, or threw her off balance; nothing!

Today, however, was Jenn’s turn. Rita didn’t seem to get the memo.

The door suddenly opened, Rita looked a mess. A beautiful mess, knotted hair, sleepy eyes. She didn’t look like she had been drinking all night, she looked like she just got…

Rita’s sheets moved, writhing around. A low mumble sounded and Jenn saw a figure curled up and then sprawled out. A wave of jealousy, hurt, rage, and all color of emotions washed over Jenn. She had shared her… and Rita just… used her body for, this?! In their own bed?!

Jenn gripped Rita’s hand, and dragged her to the bathroom. Rita tried to pull away, but a merge had already started. The two hands were one, branching out to both women.

“Tits. Betturkey Giriş Ass. Now.” Jenn pulled at Rita, watching the woman’s chest grow smaller and smaller, and her panties dropped now with no butt to hang onto.

Jenn’s own body grew heavier, shapelier. More womanly. She had regained her own assets at least, now for the rest… She tugged, but they didn’t come.

“Rita, let go.” Jenn pulled harder at Rita. Her chest continued to expand, but slower. Rita was holding on.

“No, hey. I need these.” Rita pulled back, her body returning to normal.

“What? No, we had a deal!” Jenn pulled again. Jerked is more accurate. Rita’s chest shrank considerably, flattening, while her own dropped, suddenly D shaped.

Her ass felt fantastic, drooping over the back of her thighs. She felt its shapeliness.

“Jenn, no. Give them back.” Rita tried to pull again, but Jenn had already separated from her. Rita was left skinny and chestless. Her thighs straightening where they met. She looked like she never saw an ounce of fat in her life.

Oh, I may have taken too much… Jenn admitted to herself.


Jenn slammed the door to the bathroom shut. Running out and into their bedroom to grab her clothes and head out. Before she could open the door, however, she was tackled and pinned to the ground by Rita’s frail looking self. “Jenn, give them back!” She yelled and forced a merge.

Jenn fought the initial fusion at first. Rita planted her hands firmly on Jenn’s generous chest, pressing into them, and formed a merge small enough to establish a connection, but enough for Rita to begin transferring her assets back. Jenn’s chest seemed to deflate, while Rita’s, simultaneously, inflated. Jenn felt her tailbone hit the ground as she lost her shape to Rita. Turning smaller, and frail.

“Rita, Damnit, stop!”

Jenn gripped Rita’s chest, squeezing hard, and forced a merge of her own. The transfer stopped. Jenn’s chest was considerably smaller now. A-cup at best. They grew again as Jenn squeezed harder, as if the squeezing from one side was enough to transfer to the other. Like a water balloon, the two squeezed, and water swished back and forth. Tossed between the girls.

“Rita!” Jenn squeezed harder. Rita screamed in pain. It hurt, a lot. Then returned the favor.

“Jenn!” Rita squeezed just as hard, her chest filling as she did so.

“Give-” Jenn squeezed again.

“Them-” Rita squeezed again.

“Back!” They both shouted, squeezing the others’ chest to force their shared breasts into their own body.

Nipples hardened under hands, aroused from their struggle, the skin contact, the chest play.

When Jenn was sure she had bigger breasts than Rita, she broke the hold they had on each other. Rita collapsed onto Jenn, now pressed together, as Jenn’s nipples pushed into Ritas. Another merge began.

Jenn rolled on top, and tried to pull away before she was caught. But their breasts had fused now. Jenn pulled out so that they were joined by their nipples alone, and was wracked by pleasure at the suddenness of it all. Nipple pulled against nipple, both pairs hardened in each other.

Rita wrapped her arms around Jenn, pulling her down and pressing them close. They shared their chest now, and Rita tried to cut the merge off as far from her own body as she could.

But Jenn did the same. Cutting the merge off as far from her body as she could. Each woman fought for the majority of their chest now. Control was thrown back and forth. Majority went from Rita, to Jenn, to a tie, to up in the air, and back to what felt like a tug-of-war match.

They rolled again, Rita on top, pulling away suddenly, nearly pulling all of their tits to her side.

Jenn sat up, forcing the girls over, and rolling back on top. She tried the same.

The girls were on their knees now. Hands locked, chest pressed together. Sweat dripped now. Rita and Jenn locked eyes, furious.

Both pulled suddenly, and both girls recoiled as their breasts tugged the girls back to each other. Slamming their faces into another. Pain was doubled with them merged now, two smashed faces felt like getting punched twice in the same spot!

This went on for some time. The boy Rita had over had left early on. Not wanting to come between the two. Though, surely he would’ve loved to. The fusing bodies, and arms growing out of bodies, probably freaked him out.

The two breathed heavily. Rita had a firm grip of Jenn’s hair, and Jenn had Rita’s. The two stood still, knowing that one movement would set on a barrage of more to follow.

They were two torsos on one pair of legs. Bowlegged, and barely balancing. This was turning into a fight that would end future fights. But both wanted the victory, neither would accept defeat.

Who “won” this fight, neither could say. They kissed, and fought more. Rita maintained control for a minute, using four hands to torture Jenn as she lay there helpless, denying her a finish.

Jenn returned the favor later on, denying Rita an orgasm, speeding up to get her just on the edge before she stopped. Frustration built between them until they were furious yet again. Forgetting why they were even fighting in the first place, now they fought to make the other cum.

And when they did, and they did, they literally melted. Jana lay on the ground, an involuntary joining of the two now. They didn’t fully merge on their own, they just let their orgasm take them, and shook as they took it all in.

Jana ran her hands along her legs, tracing the lips of their womanhood, their sides, breasts, nipples. They tasted themselves. Two fingers, a fusion of two women, tasted a mixture made of their own, and their love’s.

Jana giggled, Rita and Jenn writhed inside of Jana. The two of them overcome with pleasure, and their joined body showed it. The only thing that would’ve made the evening more beautiful, is if the cum that was swirling inside of Rita would’ve also swirled in Jenn…

“Jana- Jenn,” Rita corrected herself. It got confusing sometimes, especially after spending so much time as one. “Sorry,”

Jana sighed, “Its okay love,”

I got jealous, honest. Why didn’t you share him?

Rita’s gut sank, Jana felt the rush of anxiety.

I.. Don’t know Jenn. I think I just missed my space is all.

That hurt more. Hurt to finally hear it, yeah, but there was some solace in finally knowing the truth. Jana lay there, silently staring at her apartment ceiling. Thinking.

I think we should take some time apart. Rita broke the silence.

Jana teared up. Y-yeah. Maybe. It hurt to say, to think, but maybe it was true.

Lets… worry about that tomorrow. One more night together won’t hurt.

Rita didn’t agree, but she didn’t disagree. She didn’t fight when Jana made her way to her bedroom. She curled up, eyes still wet, wrapped herself around a pillow, and sobbed sweetly into the night.

Chapter 3.

The next morning, Rita woke feeling… numb. Jana stretched out her morning stretch, and sprawled out. Cozy, she fell back asleep. Rita felt it best to leave quietly. Just for now, it’ll be easier if Jenn wasn’t awake for this. Rita silently began the separation, careful not to wake Jenn. She pulled gently away but made no progress. Rita didn’t want to wake her, but it seemed a quick tug would be needed to get this started. So she tugged, hard.


Rita, stop. Jenn thought sleepily, hazy, still dreaming.

Rita tugged again. Jana’s head jerked upward in the direction Rita attempted to rip herself out of.

“Ow! Rita, stop!” Jana snapped, rubbing her neck.

Jenn. Jenn I can’t pull out.

Jenn didn’t respond. Jana rested her head back down, attempting to sleep again.

JENN! Rita yelled in their head.

Jana’s right hand came alive suddenly. Feeling around until it got a handful of hair, and tugged. Not letting go.

“Ow, OW OW! RITA!” Jana yelled, using her spare hand in an attempt to control her right.

“STOP!” Jana yelled, and her hand obeyed.

Jenn, this isn’t funny. Let. Me. Out.

Jenn didn’t respond. “No,” Jana said flatly.

Shut up. Jenn’s voice finally came through.

Rita felt as if she was just mentally slapped. So she returned the favor by physically slapping herself. Jana’s left hand stung, as did her cheek, which now turned red.

Stop it Rita. Just stay put!

Rita felt heavier, numb. More cut off from her feelings and sensations. Like she was underwater. Even her thoughts and hearing came in, but fuzzy, distant. This is scary.

Jana’s body jerked sharply. Collapsing onto the floor. “RITA!” Jana let out, as another slap met her cheek, and a hand clawed at her hair.

Jenn slapped at rita’s mind. Cutting off her hold on Jana’s body. Only momentarily, as the woman began her twisting dance back and forth as Jenn and Rita fought for control of Jana’s body.

A twist left, a jerk right. One eye shifted coloring. Rita’s voice came out of Jana’s body clearly,


But was cut off by Jenn,


In this state, Rita felt helpless. Like all she could do was kick and scream. Her thrashing was getting out, but regular thoughts did nothing. She had to flail just to get her message out. Jenn seemed to be expending a significantly lesser amount of energy in this struggle than Rita was.

Jana held herself up on all fours. Heart pounding, sweat dripping. This fight was just as much in their shared mind as much as it was for their shared body. Jenn had taken complete control while they slept. Cutting Rita off completely from their body, and shoving her back in the recesses of their mind.

Rita felt like she was fighting through sand, and sinking deeper as she thrashed.

“Are you-” Jana gasped, “Are you done yet?”

Breathing heavily, no response was given.

We need some time apart. Sure. You can sit there and think all apart you want. Jenn thought. Taking control of Jana once again, she was cautious, but when she was sure Rita was don’t putting up a fight, she went about her day.

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