The Topless Tango Club Pt. 02

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The Pool

Several weeks passed. Alan and Cindy were relieved to see that Tom and Terri had not forsaken their friendship with them. While they seemed very conservative, especially in their private life, they were open-minded enough to accept the fact that other people had different needs and lived in different ways. So their friendship continued as it had before. Tom and Terri even accepted their flirtations when they danced with the other’s spouse. In the back of their minds, Tom and Terri saw their friends in a very different light. It was a warm light. But they were still too shy to bring up the topic.

One hot summer day, the phone rang. Terri picked it up. It was Cindy.

“It’s so damned hot today. Why don’t you and Tom come over to our house and take advantage of our pool? We’ll have a barbecue afterwards. Okay?”

“I think Tom would like that,” Terri answered, “so it’s a yes.”

Tom decided on a T-shirt and shorts, the changed his mind to put on his swimming shorts. He placed his underwear and shorts in Terri’s big, figuring that we need them later on after he had finished with the pool.

Terri chose shorts and a loose-fitting white blouse. She put on a lacy see-through bra; it would keep cooler than her standard bras. She was too shy to dispense with the bra entirely. She put on her sandals. Two beautiful dancer’s legs linked her shorts to her sandals.

“Why don’t you just put on your swimsuit? Tom suggested, “you know, that two-piece white one. I like seeing you in that. Take the blouse and bra with you so you’ve got something dry to change into.”

In the early afternoon the couple headed off for Alan and Cindy’s place. They arrived just as the sun reached its zenith. Not only was it hot but it had also become very humid.

Alan answered door. “Come on in. We’re just setting things up. He led them through the house,” he suggested. It’ll save you the trouble of going through the house to the back where the pool was located. “We’ll be with you in a couple of minutes.”

A few minutes later, Alan and Cindy joined them. They had changed into their swimsuits. Cindy wore small two-piece bikini that left nothing to the imagination, except for the good parts of course. Alan wore a thong that did little more than hide his ass crack and outlined his equipment.

Terri couldn’t help but notice Alan. Tom was equally delighted by Cindy. his eyes followed the contours of her curvaceous body.

Terri broke off her brief reverie. She poked Tom in the rib with her elbow. “Let’s enjoy the pool. We need to cool off.”

“That’s for sure,” wondering whether his wife intentionally gave her statement a double meaning. He decided she was probably referring to the heat of the sun.

For the next few hours, the two couples enjoyed the pool and each other’s company. Late in the afternoon, they changed out of their swimming clothes. The two men and Cindy favoured shorts and t-shirts. Cindy wore no bra. Terri put on the bra and blouse she had brought with her.

Terri was pensive.

“Is there something wrong?” Cindy asked her friend.

“Not really,” Terri replied. “I feel a little down in the dumps. I can’t put my finger on why I feel this way. Maybe the heat is getting to me.”

“Maybe we need a girl-to-girl talk, Terri.”

“Why? About what?”

“About Alan and me, about our lifestyle. You’re just too shy to ask.

Terri reddened as she began to tell her story. They and Ed and Susan switched wives, and they called their two-couple group the Topless Tango Club, and that they wanted them to join!

* * *

Alan noticed the two women appeared to be deep into some discussion. When he saw Terri’s face redden, he decided it was a good time to take the topic up with his buddy.

“Look at the girls,” Alan urged Tom. “Look how your wife is blushing. Cindy’s decided to tell it all about us and our swinging lifestyle. So I might as well lay my cards on the table too.” And he did.

An hour passed but it seemed only like a minute to both Tom and Terri.

“Oh how time flies when we’re having fun!” Cindy cried. “Alan, get off your ass and get the barbecue going. I’m hungry. We can get to eat sooner if the two of you help. Tom, you help Alan with the steaks and the grilled vegetables. Terri, you come with me to the kitchen to prepare the salads, desserts and drinks.”

A few minutes later, Terri came out of the office, with a glass of wine in each hand. She handed them over to the two men and then returned to the kitchen saying, “we’re drinking ours while we prepare the salad and desserts.”

“Please don’t be offended, and I’ll shut up if you say I’m out of line, but Terri is a gorgeous woman.” He eyed Tom, and then added, “I wouldn’t kick her out of my bed.”

Tom briefly made eye contact with Alan but didn’t say anything. After all, Alan was far from the first guy to take an interest in Terri.

“You may ogle my wife as much as you like,” Alan added chuckling. “She likes that kind of attention from men she finds attractive. And she certainly thinks you’re Escort bayan attractive.”

After the two couples finished eating, they relaxed beside the pool drinking their wine. The sun was much lower in the sky and the temperature had dropped to a more comfortable level although it remained hot. They talked about many things but it was clear that Tom and Terri were avoiding the topic swinging, because they felt awkward asking questions about it in front of each other. The wine had loosened them up a little, but apparently not enough.

Tom got up. “Nature calls,” he said and went into the house to use the washroom.

“Terri, would mind getting some drinks?”

“No, of course not.” She grabbed the tray and walked into the house.

Cindy whispered, “I got a idea,” and then explained it.

“It’s worth a try,” Alan agreed smiling.

Terri came back with the drinks. Tom accompanied her. He held two bottles of wine. “So we don’t have to go in and out of the house all the time,” he said.

Little did Tom know that he was playing into Cindy’s hands, almost literally.

* * *

The two couples polished off the original wine plus the two bottles Tom had taken from the house. Alan and Cindy, however, drank their drinks slowly so that they could offer more to their friends. Sometimes they pretended to pour wine into their glasses when in fact they were keeping it back to serve their uptight friends.

When both bottles were drained, Cindy slyly suggested she get another bottle from the house.

“Sure,” Terri said slurring the word somewhat. Terri wasn’t much of a drinker and it didn’t take very much to get her high.

Then Cindy set her plan into action.

“Are you sure you can handle it,” Cindy asked.

She got up and approached her.

Terri waved her away. She attempted to step around Cindy but Cindy pretended to lose her balance. And knocked Terri off-balance and into the pool.

“Eek! Terri cried as she fell into the water.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” Cindy said although her insincerity was made obvious by her laughter. “Let me help you out.”

Terri extended her arm to grasp Cindy’s hand. As Terri began to pull on her arm, Cindy pretended to lose her balance and purposefully fell into the pool.

“Oh my!” Cindy said laughing. “I think we drank too much.”

Cindy climbed up the pool ladder and then helped her friend up. “That water felt so much colder than it did this afternoon. We’ll a cold if we stay in these wet clothes!”

Tom was laughing because he was in on Cindy’s plot. Tom was gape because Cindy’s wet t-short revealed all the glorious detail of her breasts. Even better, Cindy’s nipples were erect, partly due to the coolness of the water but also because her scheming had sexually aroused her.

“This is so uncomfortable,” Cindy said in mock consternation.

She could have run into the house to change but instead she lifted the wet t-shirt over her head and took it off.

“What difference does it make?” she said looking pointedly at Tom. “Why bother to hide bare skin when you’ve seen everything else anyway.”

Tom’s eyes were glued to her wonderful breasts. His cock stirred at the sight of female glory.

“What the hell! My ass is wet and cold too,” Cindy continued as if talking to herself. Then to Tom’s astonishment she removed her shorts too. She wore no panty! Tom’s cock went from half-mast to full-mast.

Still pretending that Tom was not watching, she turned to Terri. “I don’t want to catch you death of cold because of me she mock-declared.” Without asking Terri, who was still feeling the effects of the wine, she unbuttoned Terri’s blouse and pulled it off over her head.

Terri was too stunned, confused and tipsy to react immediately.

Cindy undid her bra and pulled it off. This time it was Alan’s turn to stare at another woman’s mammary mounds.

To Tom’s growing astonishment, Cindy grabbed Terri’s shorts and panty and quickly yanked them both down at the same time. “Get out of these,” she ordered. “They’re wet.”

It took only a few moments for Terri to realize that Cindy had stripped her naked! She glanced at Alan and recognized the lust in his eyes. She reddened.

“Don’t be so prudish,” she heard Cindy say. “The neighbors can’t see us.”

“It’s not the neighbors I’m worried about,” Terri managed to retort.

“Just take it easy,” Cindy soothed. “Let the men enjoy the view.”

“Oh Cindy, I’m so embarrassed.”

“Don’t be,” her friend urged. Turning to Alan, she said, “Come on guys, it’s only fair you take off you clothes too.”

“Yeah, take them off,” Terri slurred as she chimed in.

Terri had barely finished when Alan pulled down his thongs. For the first time since she married Tom she was seeing the cock and balls of another man. She stared at his crotch in fascination. They were of course very similar to Tom’s although they seemed different in detail.

“You too, Tom” Terri demanded. “It’s all of or none of us! She guffawed when she realized what a silly thing Bayan escort she just said. Three-quarters of those present were already nude. The none-of-us opinion was off the table even before she even said it.

“You aren’t chicken, are you?” Cindy asked.

“No, I’m not chicken!” he declared.

What the other’s didn’t see because Tom was a little outside the line of sight of the other three was the erection that had grown when he watched Cindy strip. Embarrassed, he turned his back to the others, removed his trunks and then slipped into the pool to hide his sexual arousal.

Alan laughed. “I think the man has a hard-on. I’m sure he’s used to seeing his own wife naked, so I’m guessing, Cindy honey, that you’re to blame for his current state.”

“Well, you’re not doing any better, you know, Cindy retorted.

“Oh yeah, that, forgot about that,” he smirked.

“Let’s all get into the pool,” Cindy suggested. She pushed Terri toward the pool ladder.

Terri obeyed, relieved that she could at least partially cover her nudity in the waning hours of the evening light. Cindy didn’t follow her friend down the pool ladder. She strode over to the other end of the pool where Tom had slipped into the water. Alan knew his role. He went down the pool ladder to join Terri.

Terri became nervous as Cindy’s handsome sexy husband approached her. Even in the coolness of the water she felt her pussy moisten. The closer he came the more loins tingled and moistened. She recognized the undeniable signs of sexual attraction.

Alan put his arms around her shoulders. “I won’t bite,” he said to reassure her.

“It’s not biting I’m worried about,” she said nervously.

“Then what are you worried about,” he asked softly.

“You… and me,” she rasped.

“I’ll take that as a confession that you’re attracted to me,” he said.

“Yes,” she barely croaked out.

“I’m not going to do anything you don’t want me to do,” he assured her.

“Yes, I know. The trouble is that I might want to do something I shouldn’t do,” she said. The slur from speech was now gone. Either the effects of the wine had already worn off or her adrenalin was running and had cancelled the effects of the alcohol.

“Let’s relax,” he suggested, and see what happens.” Then he held her hand.

* * *

Meanwhile at the other end of the pool, Cindy was standing in the water facing Tom. Through the water and despite the waning light, she could see that his cock still stood at full attention. It stood proud and erect, ready for action.

“Did I do that? She asked sweetly.

He nodded.

“I’m sorry,” she said. Actually I’m not sorry. I like knowing you think I’m an attractive sexy woman. I am, aren’t I?”

“Yes,” he agreed his eyes focusing on her breasts. His cock seemed to harden.

Without asking, she took hold of his cock. “My, my! How hard it is.” She stroked his tool with the tips of her fingers.”

Tom grunted.

“Do you want me to stop,” she asked teasingly.

“Yes, no, I don’t know.”

“What kind of answer is that?” she enquired.

“We shouldn’t be doing this sort of thing. We’re both,” he grunted,” married to someone else.”

“But you like what I’m doing, don’t you? Fess up.”

“Yes,” he croaked, I like what you’re doing.”

“So yes-no means you want me to stop and you want me to continue. Is that right?”


Tom changed the subject. “Where’s Terri?

“At the other end of the pool. Alan is keeping her entertained.

“I have to go her now,” he said urgently.

“No you’re not,” Cindy replied holding more tightly on his cock. This cock stays at this end of the pool.

Tom tried to look around her. “What are they doing?”

“Nothing, something, who cares?” she replied.

Still holding his manhood and stroking it up and down its full length, Cindy came up close to Tom. Then she kissed him, passionately.

“This is wrong,” Tom managed to get out.

“No it isn’t,” she replied. “We’re consenting adults.”

“You’re a very sexy woman Cindy but you’re not my wife. I’ve never cheated on Terri. I don’t want to ruin our marriage by cheating now.”

“But if she agrees to what we’re doing, then it can be argued you’re no longer cheating. Isn’t that so?” Cindy questioned.

Cindy turned her head and then nodded to Alan at the other end of the pool. He knew that this was his cue to take the next step on the road to seduce their friends into swinging.

* * *

“What’s going on over there?” Terri demanded.

“I’m guessing Cindy is playing on his weakness.”

“Weakness? What weakness?”

“The one between his legs,” Alan elucidated. “His cock.”

“No way!” she protested.

She was about to wade over to the side of the other pool when she felt Alan’s hand gently clamped down on her breast and kneaded it. That immediately took her attention away from what Cindy and her husband were doing.

“Hm,” she grunted. Oh. What are doing?”

“I believe I am massaging your very gorgeous Escort breast.”

Terri felt her nipple stiffen under his skilful manipulation. She had to admit to herself she liked the erotic sensation he was giving her.

Alan moved to face but made sure he didn’t block her view of what was going at the other end of the pool. Cindy’s plan was to seduce them simultaneously, and more importantly, to make both Tom and Terri think that their spouse was succumbing to the seduction. Facing her also made it easier for Alan to massage both breasts at the same time.

“Oh.” That came from Terri.

“Admit it, Terri,” Alan whispered in her ear. “That feels good, doesn’t.” First he nuzzled behind her and lightly nibbled on her earlobe. He it was an erogenous zone for some women.”

“Oh, oh.”

Alan was pleased he was now two for two.

Several minutes of massaging and nibbling later, Terri put her arm around Alan’s shoulder to hold keep herself steady in the water. She was no longer trying to pull away from Alan.

“What are doing to me?” she gasped.

There was no answer. Instead, Alan pressed his mouth fully onto her lips and kissed her. Terri resisted his kiss for a few seconds and then she found herself responding! The kiss was so good. It had been years since she had a kiss like that.

Then Alan put his tongue in her mouth. Although she told herself she shouldn’t be doing this, she found herself returning his wet kisses with almost equal abandon.

She suddenly broke the kiss. “No, no, I can’t do this. I have a husband. It’s wrong!”

She started to make another attempt to cross to the other side of the pool but Alan restrained her.

“Look at what they’re doing,” Alan urged as he nodded toward their spouses.

She looked.

* * *

Both Tom and Terri watch the French-kissing going on the other side of the pool.

“She’s a goner,” Cindy declared emphatically.

She knew it was probably not entirely true but she was counting on Tom’s libido to conclude that if she could do what she was doing, so could he. Indeed, tom thought that what was good for the goose was good for the gander. He drew Cindy into his arms and kissed her lustfully.

Cindy responded by letting her hand descend to Tom’s balls. She massaged them evoking a long hum from Tom’s throat.

While holding Cindy to his body with one arm, he began to massage her breasts with his free hand.

“They’re really sensitive,” Cindy moaned. I really like that. Please suck them.”

And Tom did. He nursed on each breast in turn almost as if he was trying to draw milk from them.

“Ah,” she grunted as she pressed her tit deeper into his mouth.

Now that his mouth were working on her breasts, Tom used his free hand to the hot spot between Cindy’s legs. He caressed her labia, occasionally letting one of his fingers enter her vaginal opening.

“Oh, that feels so good,” she croaked. “More, more,” she begged.

Tom stuck two fingers deeper into her hot wet box.

“Oh yes,” she cried. Having induced Tom to lose control of himself, Cindy now lost control of herself. She wanted Tom and she wanted him inside her.

His eyes glazed. He took hold of his cock and readied himself to enter her. He saw Terri watching them. Come hell or high water what he wanted now was sexy Cindy.

He surprised himself by nodding to his wife as if to say, “It’s okay.”

* * *

“It looks to me that they’re having sex,” Alan observed. “And I think he just gave you permission to have sex with me.”

Alan didn’t give her a chance to respond. Alan put his hand on both sides of his rib and lifted out of the water and onto the edge of the pool. “There’s a beach towel behind you,” he told her. Cover your shoulders. I don’t want to get chilled.

Terri grabbed that and wrapped it around. For a split second, she thought he had given up on her. But only for a split second. As soon as the towel covered her shoulders, Alan dove, not into the water but straight into her exposed pussy. Alan was still standing in the pool. He had a perfect view of feminine delights.

“Alan! she yelled, “what are you doing?”

He drew back. I want to know what you taste liked, especially when you’re juicy,” he stated flatly.

“But that’s disgusting!” she objected!

“You mean Tom has never done cunnilingus on you?” he asked surprised.

“No! I won’t let him. It’s dirty!”

“You mean you never wash your pussy?”

“Of course I do,” she said indignantly. I always do.”

“Then it’s clean,” Alan concluded. Then another question occurred to him. “Have you ever done fellatio on Tom?”

“No of course not. I won’t allow it.”

What do you mean ‘of course’. At some point every married woman, and probably a lot of unmarried women have tried. Some women even like it!”

Alan suddenly realized that he had better stop talking, that he had better focus on the woman in front her him whose pussy was almost in his face. Cindy had told him he was good at cunnilingus. Now was the time to prove it on Terri. He dove in.

“Eek!” she bellowed and tried to close her legs. Too late. With both arms spreading her leg further apart, Tom’s head was lodged in the vee that joined her beautiful dancer’s legs to her lithe well toned torso.

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