Amy’s Seduction

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Amy was in a quandary about what to do with Thomas, her longtime boyfriend. After three years of an on and off relationship, he had asked her to marry him. Several times during that time, they had drifted apart and dated other people, but always seemed to find each other again. She liked him and they were comfortable together, but he was such a geek.

She was a brunette, with large brown eyes and a beautiful smile. She didn’t have an hour glass figure, but all the curves were in the right place. At 24, she wanted to marry and begin a family. Her problem at the moment was her feelings for Thomas. Liking someone wasn’t the same as love, and starting a family under those conditions didn’t appeal to her. Amy knew Thomas loved her and would provide security while being a good husband and father. That was another thing she was unsure of. He was only the second man she had made love to. The first was too painful to remember and making love to Thomas wasn’t worth remembering. If he was only more exciting in bed! At the moment, she had no better prospects, but surely she could do better. All this thinking and worry was giving her a splitting headache.

Thomas called later, and said. “Honey, an old college friend of mine is going to be in town this weekend. I invited him to join us for dinner and a drink after-wards. Will you do me a big favor? Will you wear something really sexy? He was a real ladies man in school and always made fun of my attempts at finding a girlfriend. Just wait until he sees you! It’s his turn to be jealous of me.”

Amy wasn’t surprised at this request. Thomas had done it before. He liked showing off his sexy girlfriend to his friends. It was time to teach Thomas a lesson he wouldn’t soon forget.

Going shopping, she bought a very short cream colored dress, made of a material that gave it a shiny metallic look. It tightly hugged her curves and showed more of her huge breasts than were decent in mixed company. Buying a pair of matching panties finished off the outfit. After giving it some thought, she decided not to wear a bra. If her nipples showed through, that would really convince Thomas to keep his mouth shut from now on.

Friday evening arrived and Amy couldn’t wait to get ready. She even poured herself a drink to help settle her nerves. She had never dressed this daring before and knew she was going to look “slutty.”

Thomas was late and she made herself another drink before putting on the dress. Standing in front of the mirror was like looking at a stranger. The dress was supposed to be classy, but it was so tight it appeared to be painted on. She giggled as she thought a deep breath would force her breasts to plop out for the world to see.

She knew she looked hot and couldn’t wait to see Thomas’s reaction. Amy could feel a tingling sensation between her legs just from the way she felt wearing this sexy outfit.

Finally arriving, Thomas was speechless at the sight of his soon to be fiance. With his mouth hanging open and his eyes bugged out, he looked liked a fish out of water. Regaining his voice, he said. “My God! You’re not going out of the house dressed like that! You look like a prostitute!”

“You’re the one that wanted me to show my body! Well, I either go as I am, or we stay home and never again do you suggest I dress sexy. I did this for you, so you can get your thrills seeing other men staring at me!” Turning around, she said. “Now, zip me up and let’s go!”

With a hang dog look, Thomas zipped the back of her dress. As they left the driveway, Amy glanced down and could see the hem of her dress riding up and the crotch of her panties showing. The thought crossed her mind to be careful the way she sat.

Arriving at the restaurant, they couldn’t find a close parking space and had to walk half a block. Amy was receiving long stares from the men and sneers from the women. Giving their names at the door, they were escorted to a table with a male occupant.

He turned and smiled when he saw Thomas. Standing and slapping Thomas on the back, he then hugged Amy and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“I’m Jason, and you have to be Amy. Ole’ Tom told me you were beautiful, but until now, I didn’t really believe him.”

Amy saw a man about 6′ and built like every woman’s dream. Now, here was a real hunk! Why in Hell couldn’t Thomas have been like this? Looking into his eyes, she could tell Jason was impressed with her. By his expression, he thought she was the hottest looking woman in the Escort bayan place. Smiling, as she slowly released his hand, she said. “I’ll bet you say that to all the women you meet.” Still, she was flattered and slightly embarrassed.

About half way through dinner, the cell phone in Thomas’s pocket began ringing. “Please Thomas, don’t answer that,” Amy pleaded.

Her request fell on deaf ears, as Thomas said. “Hello?” Listening for a moment, Thomas hung up and explained. “One of our critical computers crashed and I have to get to the office. We could lose six months of information. I’m sorry honey, but, I have to go. I have no other choice. Stay and enjoy yourself. You can get a cab home later.”

“Don’t worry about her getting home. I’ll see she’s safe and delivered to her front door.” Offered Jason.

Amy was disappointed and excited at the same time. Jason didn’t seem at all sorry to see Thomas leave. He had a gleam in his eyes when he asked her to stay and talk, maybe have a drink together.

Going through the double doors and entering the club next door, Jason said he loved to dance and would be honored to have her company for the evening. Since Thomas wasn’t much of a dancer, Amy was thinking how much fun it would be to have a good dance partner.

Amy told about her and Thomas, and and his plans for them getting married. She also told about her doubts and indecision. Jason told about his recent divorce and subsequent hostility toward all women in general. Talking of their problems and feelings seemed to bring them closer together.

After that, they danced every dance, only stopping to have another round of drinks or take a breather to talk.

The time flew by and Jason was very charming, but on the slow dances, he held Amy very close and his hands on her buttocks pulled her into his crotch. The first few times, she pulled away, but finally stopped resisting and just enjoyed the feeling of dancing with a very handsome man.

Amy began looking forward to the slow dances and being held close as they swayed to the rhythm of the music. Being bra-less, his muscular body was rubbing against her dress, stimulating her nipples and causing a tingling sensation between her legs. Since her breasts were so sensitive, her panties were soaking wet.

Several times as they sat and talked, she knew he must have gotten a view of her tight panties, and was embarrassed that he could see how wet she was getting. My God, she was turned on just dancing with him. Looking up, she saw Jason staring at the material covering her breasts and realized her nipples were erect and visible through the dress. Amy could feel the blood rushing through her face as she blushed

The drinks were making Amy more uninhibited and she let Jason caress her ass, as he pulled her into him. She could feel his growing erection pressing into her stomach. She couldn’t tell how big he was, but she was certain he was bigger than Thomas. She was rubbing against his cock and wondering what it would feel like, when the dance ended.

The music stopping snapped Amy out of her reverie. She realized she was letting herself go too far with this man she had only just met. Thomas had said she was dressed like a prostitute and now she was acting like one!

Amy knew she was getting very drunk and should go home before embarrassing herself any further. Telling Jason she needed to go home, he insisted he drive her home and see her safely inside.

Parking in the driveway, Jason helped her to the door and taking the key from Amy’s fingers steered her inside. Since she was unsteady, he kept his arm around her as she led him to her bedroom. Turning to face him and say goodnight, Jason suddenly pressed his mouth against hers. His lips were so unlike those of Thomas, and even though she knew not to, she began kissing him back. Pushing his tongue inside her mouth and pulling her closer against him, his hands kneaded and squeezed her ass.

Looking up at Jason, Amy whispered. “You must go now. It’s not right for us to do this.”

Jason was all apology as he said, “I’m sorry, but you looked so hot and sexy, I couldn’t control myself. Thomas is very lucky to have you and I understand that you don’t want me.”

“It’s not that I don’t want you, but I could never marry Thomas if we did anything. I couldn’t be unfaithful and ever be his wife.” Amy explained.

“Give me one more kiss and let me hold you a moment before I go.” Jason pleaded.

Opening Bayan escort her mouth to welcome his tongue one more time was the downfall of Amy’s resolve to remain faithful. While kissing him, he began to gently stroke her left breast through her dress. Amy still believed she could stop anytime she wanted. Jason wasn’t being forceful and was still very much a gentleman.

Convincing herself it was just a little harmless flirting and Thomas would never know. She decided to let him continue a few minutes longer. Jason pulled the top of her dress down a little, exposing her nipples, as he rolled them between his fingers.

Amy was startled when he unzipped her dress and fully exposed her firm erect breasts. When he began licking and sucking them, she tried pulling away, but he increased his sucking. It felt so good, she didn’t want him to stop.

He was walking her backwards until her legs were against the bed. Since her knees were shaking and legs weak, she collapsed on the edge of the bed. Amy thought, just a few more minutes and I must really make him stop. It was so exciting and naughty to be a slut with someone other than Thomas.

Jason gently lay Amy back on the bed, straightening her out, as he lay next to her. He began caressing her inner thighs and when she didn’t resist, pulled the hem of her short dress up. He was softly massaging her pussy through the material of her thin panties.

Amy moaned as he spread her legs farther apart. Her panties were soaking wet. Amy was now thinking of how to climax without letting him fuck her.

Jason pulled the panties to one side and his hand was now in direct contact with her burning pussy. One of his finger entered her tight cunt and his thumb was tickling her clitoris. As he continued, her pussy got wetter and hotter.

“Jason, Please! We have to stop now! We shouldn’t be doing this!” Amy moaned.

Jason answered by moving his mouth down her stomach and sucking her panties over her clit. He was tugging her panties down her thighs!

“No! This has gone far enough! We must stop!” Amy cried. At the same time she was raising her hips for easier removal of her last defense. She had never felt a man’s mouth on her pussy and knew she must feel the sensation once in her life. That much wasn’t being unfaithful, as long as they never actually fucked.

Amy lay back as he slowly kissed around her labia and then began licking her very sensitive clit. He had never stopped pinching and massaging her nipples. Feelings of ecstasy were shooting up and down her body.

Jason knew just what to do and how to increase her pleasure to the point of no return, or, refusal of the next step. It only took a few moments for an orgasm to build within her stomach. She was moaning while waiting for the release that had been building within her pussy.

Unknowing to her, Jason had removed his pants and boxers. She didn’t realize he had stopped licking her pussy, until his lips touched hers. Opening her eyes to see Jason above her, and looking down to see him guiding his huge cock between her soaking cunt lips.

Her first thought was, My God! It’s enormous and twice the size of Thomas! Her second thought was, he’s going to fuck me! Just then, he began pushing the huge mushroom shaped head into her tight pussy.

“Jason, No! We can’t do this! You’re making me unfaithful to Thomas. What will I tell him?” Amy screamed.

“Thomas will never know. I have to feel the inside of your tight pussy for just a few moments. Oh God! You feel so good!” He continued to push a few more inches into her.

“You’re not even wearing protection! What if I get pregnant?” Amy questioned. She tried to squeeze her legs together, but it was useless. She was starting to cum already, as he sank more cock further than anyone had ever been, stretching her pussy more and more. Amy’s body betrayed her, as her hips pushed and moved with his every thrust. Not able to control herself, she could only moan and push back, wanting more of his huge cock.

She was so close to climax as he stroked in and out, deeper and deeper with each thrust. Finally his entire shaft was in to the hilt, filling her completely. Their pubic bones slapping against each other. When Amy felt his huge shaft push against her cervix, at the opening of her womb, that did it! Her orgasm exploded into wave upon wave of pleasure. An electrical current seemed to sear her entire body, as sparks of pure ecstasy emanated from deep within Escort her pussy.

Finally recovering, she realized her pussy had adjusted to his huge size and his massive cock was sliding smoothly in and out. She was in love with his cock and how it made her feel. Being unprotected no longer mattered as long as he kept fucking her. Now, she knew what she had been missing with Thomas and his puny dick.

Amy was moaning as he slammed again and again into her hungry pussy. She bucked and thrust back against each of his strokes. It was fantastic having a large, powerful cock inside her pussy. She could feel another climax building quickly within her stomach. Jason’s thrusting got stronger and faster, his cock seemed to swell even larger. She knew he was on the verge of his own orgasm.

Putting her legs around his ass, she pulled him deeper inside her. His whole body stiffened as his stiff cock head smashed against her cervix. He groaned loudly as he shot spurt after spurt of his hot scalding seed deep within her. He was pushing into her with all the strength and intensity of his climax. The incredible feeling of his hot jets shooting against the walls of her pussy, sent her over the top again. She screamed with sexual joy as her orgasm raced through her body. All she could do was grab his ass and pull him further into her!

As her sexual pleasure subsided, she could feel the hot warmth of his seed spreading out into the depths of her body. She knew they were searching for her eggs and would soon impregnate her. The excess was beginning to seep around his cock and down the crack of her ass. She was amazed how much sperm his body could release at one time.

Reality began to return and with it, the fear of what she had just let happen. He was still slowly pumping his shrinking tool in and out. She could see the shiny coating as it clung to the slick shaft. More of his cum came oozing out of her swollen pussy.

Amy cried. “What if I’m pregnant! You’re not my fiance. What will I do now? I can never explain this to Thomas. He will never speak to me again.”

“If you will let me, I would like to be your fiance. I want you for my wife and the mother of my children.” Jason said.

Amy couldn’t believe her ears! Here was the man of her dreams asking her to marry him. Best of all, his huge cock was all hers for the rest of her life. “Of course, I’ll marry you. Tonight! Tomorrow! The sooner the better!”

“Let me show you my love this way.” Jason said, as he slowly and gently thrust his cock in and out.

It was such a soothing feeling to have his semi-turgid cock stroking her raw pussy. Even this way, he was much larger than Thomas. She had missed so much, but never again! Her body was beginning to respond again. He kissed her very gently and softly licked both erect nipples.

Jason’s huge member was getting hard again and Amy wrapped her legs around his ass to pull him inside. Meeting each of his thrusts, they began a very slow, steady fucking motion. Amy had never dreamed sex with a man could feel so good. Her pussy was again filled completely and stretched to it’s limits. Jason continued to piston in and out, causing gasps of pleasure to escape from her mouth. His large cock felt so wonderful!

As they fucked, she had several smaller orgasms, but nothing to compare with the big one. She had lifted her head and was sucking his nipples.

Jason panted, “I’m going to cum again. If you aren’t already pregnant, you will be now.”

Picking up speed and thrusting deeply into her, he suddenly stiffened and shot another incredible load of sperm into her womb. Again, feeling him shoot jets of his seed inside her triggered another orgasm. She screamed and clawed at his back. It was as if the whole world was whirling around. How Wonderful! Even her nipples were on fire!

When he finally rolled off and pulled his long cock from her red and swollen pussy, Amy set up on her elbows and looked down at how totally fucked she looked. Her pretty dress was bunched around her waist, her panties hanging on one ankle, and her pubic hair matted from his cum. She thought, My God! What an erotic, sloppy mess!

After showering together, they returned to his hotel for a good nights sleep. Returning the next afternoon to gather her things, they saw Tom’s car parked in front. They found Thomas standing by the bed, looking at the mess left from the night before.

Needless to try and explain the awkward apologies and embarrassing situation that followed. Thomas left and she gathered whatever she was taking. Having a furnished apartment made it much easier and Amy found there wasn’t much she really wanted.

For once, infidelity paid off. Of course, this is only a fantasy.

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