Amber Tales Ch. 02: After the Rush

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I had met Amber, a beautifully plump woman about half my age, at the singles night and taken her back to mine because her Mum had told her to find a man and get laid…

After sating our initial lust for each other with a quick and dirty missionary style shag in my bedroom, Amber and I agreed to move back into my little living room and I offered her a drink. She opted for a cup of coffee so I put on my dressing gown and as I busied myself in the kitchen Amber joined me, wearing one of my blue work shirts with only a couple of buttons fastened and a pair of sheer blue “boyshort” style mesh knickers (a matching outfit!). As I got the drinks together I kept looking over at this pretty young woman and thanked my lucky stars that I had chosen that particular night to go out, as she really was stunningly beautiful (in my eyes).

Amber seemed perfectly relaxed and asked me about my work so I briefly told her about the workings of my office (it’s not really that interesting, general IT stuff, but it pays the bills) and as I finished the coffees she pulled out her phone and rang her Mum.

“Hi Mum – Yeah I’m fine thanks… Yeah not sure when I’ll be back, I’ve just got laid like you told me to… Yeah, an older man called Mike… oh yes Mum, it is very different with a real man like just you said it would be, I loved it! … Yeah it fit inside me just like a glove, and the feeling of him cumming inside me was such a rush… Not sure when I’ll be home as I’m hoping we can have some more fun soon… Yeah, OK Mum, I’ll be gentle with him… Love you too Mum… Bye.”

As I passed Amber her coffee I asked if everything was alright, and she chirpily answered, “Better than alright Mike, I’m so happy we met, oh, and Mum says that I shouldn’t be too demanding, or I’ll scare you away.”

“Little danger of that young lady, the only danger I can see is that my poor old heart may give up at such exertion!” I joked.

“Well we’re going to need to get you into some serious training then to make sure that doesn’t happen Mike” Amber fluttered her eyelids at me and smiled. “We’ll have to set you up a “sexercise” routine, so you can keep up with me”

“Keeping “up” is not going to be a problem Amber” I said, and I pushed up behind her where she stood at my worktop, my dressing gown opening and my hardening cock pushing into her leg. “I’m finding it “hard” just looking at you!”

I plonked my drink onto the side and leaning over began to kiss her again. Amber kissed me back hungrily, and putting her own drink down took my growing cock into her hand, slowly wanking me as we snogged. Escort bayan Looking down I saw her fabulously firm round boobs down the open shirt collar and reaching down I slowly unbuttoned it, releasing her large firm tits so that I could lean down and lick them, nibbling and kneading them as Amber continued to rub my stiff cock.

“I want you in my mouth Mike, is that OK?” Amber asked as I greedily gobbled at her firm big boobs.

“Anything for a lady” I said, and leant back against the worktop. Amber knelt down in front of me on the kitchen floor. I spread my legs a little and she pushed her boobs into me and looked up. “I’ve never done this before with a real cock Mike” Amber stumbled “but Mum says that I should just try and do what they do on the porn movies”. Amber leaned up and kissed my stomach then pulled back and slowly let a trail of saliva from her mouth fall onto my hardness. “I hope that the practice Mum and I have done on our vibrators will have prepared me for the real thing.”

Amber looked into my eyes and continued slowly wanking my cock, letting the saliva lubricate her hand motion then looking down started to lower her mouth, stuck out her tongue and started licking at my crown while she jerked me. As she did this she looked up and I looked down into her pretty brown eyes as she slowly licked me more vigorously and started to take my now rock hard knob into her mouth, still holding onto it with her hand and jerking me.

“Oh Fuck, YES!” was all I could say as Amber started to earnestly suck on my cock, bobbing up and down as more and more of my hard dick disappeared into her mouth. I grabbed the sides of her head pushing her onto me again and again and started to thrust, fucking her pretty young mouth while she carried on slurping. Amber continued to wank the base of my knob as she sucked, and as she cupped my balls with her other hand, squeezing them in rhythm with my thrusts I could soon feel another load rising.

“FUUUUUCCCCK” I moaned as I shot a load of sticky jism into her hungry mouth, Amber continuing to slurp on me as I bucked and came.

Amber slowly pulled back from me, a trail of cum and saliva dribbling from her sweet young mouth onto her big tits. She stood up, leaned up to kiss me and her now sticky big tits were pressed against my chest again as she snogged me, swilling my own salty cum around our joined mouths. I reached round and hugged her close to me, rubbing my hands up and down her back and then moving my hands lower so I was holding onto her big arse as we kissed.

“If I ever meet your Mum I must remember Bayan escort to congratulate her on the quality of your education.” I told Amber, continuing to stroke her wide buttocks.

“I know its weird Mike, but it feels to me like all the practical sessions me and Mum have had have led to this evening. It feels so natural to be here with you.”

“What sort of activities were included in these “practical sessions” that you are talking about?” I asked, truly surprised that Amber may have learned how to turn me on so from her Mum.

“Well it started when I had just turned 18 and Mum caught me having a cheeky finger in my bed. I was so embarrassed but rather than being upset, Mum came and joined me on the bed. She told me that I was growing up too fast, and she leaned over and squeezed my boobs, and then before I knew it she was kissing me, not like a Mum and daughter, but proper kissing while she kept squeezing my boobs.”

“Like this?” I asked and stuck my tongue deep into her mouth, still holding on to her arse with one hand I grabbed hold of her left boob with my other, squeezing her firm young titty flesh and teasing her nipple. We kissed for a while with Amber’s arms around my neck.

“Oooh, Yeah, just like that Mike.” Amber said and put her hand over mine on her tit. “So, then I got into it and I squeezed her boobs back. Her boobs are much bigger and softer than mine but they felt lovely. I suppose after that well one thing just kind of led to another.”

“Sounds like a very open relationship you have with your Mum!”

“Yeah we really have, and since that first time Mum and me have explored lots of different things together, like licking each other (which I do really like by the way Mike)” Amber winked at me “and over the years since then we have done all sorts of other things too, like playing with sex toys and we have watched a lot of pornos together too.”

“Well if what you just did to me was a result of this very “practical” education, I will have to thank your Mum!”

“I’m sure she’d like that Mike”

“How about you sweet cheeks, what would you like?” I asked and started to rub her big arse vigorously with both hands

“Oh I’d love for you to eat me Mike, if you would like to?”

“I would like nothing more!” I told her and pulling at her arse cheeks started turning her round. “How about you bend over the counter here so I can get to you?”

Amber did what I had asked, and soon she was face down over my kitchen counter, her wide white arse sticking out behind her. I fell to my knees behind her and palmed at her Escort big buttocks, tracing the lacy line of her blue boy-short panties with my fingers across each buttock, then slowly pushing my fingers inwards towards her waiting sex.

I rubbed her slit through her panties, and was rewarded by the feel of her juices starting to flow through the panties onto my fingers. I pushed my head in and started to lick at her vulva through the panties, tasting her musky sex juices through the mesh of her blue panties.

Grabbing the waistline I pulled those big panties across her pale arse and down, seeing “Size 16” on the label, and as Amber pushed further forward across the counter and lifted one leg onto the counter beside her I was presented with a stunning view of her glistening hairy cunt, with her dark pubic hairs continuing round to her little brown arsehole.

Pushing my head forward I started lapping at Amber’s juicy cunt, alternately slapping each of her big white buttocks with each hand. She started moaning and wriggling herself against me as I pushed my tongue into her wet hole.

“Oh yes Mike, smack my big bum!”

Taking this encouragement I continued to spank her white cheeks repeatedly as I shoved my tongue as far into her as I could go. Amber continued to writhe on my face and licking upwards I slid my tongue along her perineum and up to her puckered arsehole. Pulling her broad arse cheeks apart I started licking at her bumhole.

Amber squirmed and pushed back against me. “Oh Fuck Mike that’s so good, lick my arse your dirty fucker!”

I lifted a hand and pushed a finger into Amber’s wet cunt while I continued slurping at her arsehole. Amber started to buck against me and I thrust another finger into her to join the first, and slowly pushed my tongue into her arse.

Amber started to shudder and suddenly there was a gush of wetness running down my hand and arm as she came, gushing juices out of her sopping cunt. I quickly pulled my fingers out and pushed my face down to catch as much of this wonderful sex juice as I could in my mouth, tasting the salty tang of the mixed juices of her sex and my own come from earlier.

After Amber was finished gushing, I slowly licked up her back until I was softly kissing the base of her neck, pushing my hands round her body to hold her tightly.

“Lets go to bed Amber, I want to cuddle you to sleep.”

Amber and I slumped in a heap on the bed, and I pushed my arms around her waist as we both floated off towards sleep. Just before I nodded off, I nuzzled into her back, and could hear that she too was near sleep as she started snoring lightly then I head her gently muttering in half consciousness

“I found Mike, Mummy. Yeah Mike. I didn’t tell him you are Jenny Green, I didn’t tell Mummy, but now I know why you liked him so much…”

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