The Spark

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Chapter One

“Damn!” I swore. “How could a person get lost going back to their own hometown?” I hadn’t bothered with maps except to get near the right area. I figured I would remember the way once in the vicinity. I should have known better. I had definitely not inherited my mom’s knack for finding where she was going. In fact, I would call myself geographically challenged.

I guess considering that Mom and I had left when I was five might explain some things. Back then, I’d really known only how to using landmarks, not street names, to get to neighbor’s farms and into town, but landmarks change. I wouldn’t be returning even now, or rather, trying to return now, 25 years later, if it weren’t for my older brother.

Jason was two years older than me. When Mom had decided to leave and move from Iowa to Florida, Jason had stayed with Dad and I had gone with Mom, our family split down the middle. We had had no contact until I’d received an invitation to Jason’s wedding in the mail a month ago.

I really hadn’t planned to attend. When we had left, Mom had moved us to a nudist resort in Florida. Crystal Palms was a beautiful place. We had lived in a sweet, cozy double wide surrounded by billowing palm trees. It was a much different life than I might have led. We had only worn clothes to leave the resort, I had a perpetual, all-over tan, and my hair had lightened over the years from dishwater blonde to almost pure white. I didn’t think I’d fit in back home even though I’d love to see my brother get married.

Two weeks ago I’d changed my mind. I’d gone to visit my fiancé at his home to surprise him. We’d met a year ago and been engaged for six months. He was a businessman to whom my best friend had introduced me at a party. Well two weeks ago I’d been the one in for a surprise. I walked in quietly and heard sounds from the bedroom. I figured maybe he was watching some porn. I snuck in only to find my best friend Liza with her legs in the air over her head and my fiancé Steve with his cock buried in her pussy thrusting away. I stood there, my chin on the ground, for over a minute before they realized I was even there.

He’d tried to explain. Things like Liza had hit on him. He’d been weak. It would never happen again. It didn’t work. My trust was broken. I gave him his ring back and then began making travel plans. I’d needed to get out, a change of scenery. Two days ago I’d packed up the saddlebags and trunk on my sweet little glossy white Harley Softail, strapped on my suitcase, geared up and pulled out. Riding always calmed me, brought my spirits up. The open road, the wind, and the power beneath me all combined to restore my sense of freedom.

I’d never made a multi-state ride before however, and, to make things worse, I had gotten lost. I was dirty and tired by the time I found my way and pulled into the main street of my hometown. I got strange looks as I slowly made my way to the other side. Not many chicks in riding leathers on Harleys around here I guessed. That didn’t bother me though as memories came flooding back of shopping at the grocery with Mom, or carrying nails for Dad at the hardware store, or all four of us enjoying an ice cream at the soda shoppe. Some places were gone or replaced but most still there.

A strange feeling of belonging, of coming home passed over me as I revved out the other end of town passing the church and the elementary school. There would be no more getting lost now, I was on the right path. I sped up and ate up the miles toward the farm. When I was getting close I made a rash decision and turned off on a little dirt road that led into the woods behind our closest neighbor’s farm. Their son Noah, one year younger than Jason, had been his best friend way back when. Instead of blowing me off as a pesky little girl, they had let me join in their adventures. The three of us had been inseparable, until I’d had to leave.

I pulled to a stop parking my bike in a clump of willows just in case someone came by. I wanted to be alone. This had been our favorite place of all, Noah’s pond. It was lush and green and cool. The old rope swing was even still here. I stripped out of helmet, gloves, boots, leather jacket and clothes. I walked up to the rope naked as the day I was born. I had a flashback of two black haired little boys and a small blonde headed girl swinging, splashing and screaming together. Regret pierced my heart for a moment for what might have been if Mom and I had stayed. Then I smiled, took the rope in hand, swung out and let go.

With a splash, the cool water enveloped me. I popped to the surface with a smile. I loved the feel of water caressing my skin as I swam around. It was crisp and clean, the sky was blue with a hint of summer clouds, and it smelled like nature. I eventually climbed out and lay on a nearby rock to dry off in the last warm rays as the sun began to sink.

When I began to doze I knew I’d been here long enough. I began plaiting my hair in a braid and putting it up to keep it dry Escort bayan for one last quick dip. I hated putting my head into my helmet with wet hair. I waded slowly into the pond running my hands over my body as I did so. Over my large breasts, tweaking my nipples as I went, down over my tummy and my hips, I was not a toothpick but not oversized. I was just right for me and happy with myself, the kind of woman who looked good in a tankini but not a bikini.

My hands wandered lower yet to pet my slight bush, threading through my pussy hair and tugging gently. My fingers parted my folds and I caressed my clit. My eyes closed as sensations traveled up my spine. I cupped my fingers and pushed them up inside me pumping myself as the heel of my hand bumped my clit. I was cumming hard an instant later. My body was shaking and my mind blocked out the outside world…until I heard voices.

“Fucking hell!” I swore under my breath, broken from the spell I had woven. The male voices were coming closer. It sounded like two of them. I couldn’t be found like this, not here. Nudity was natural to me but not to the people who lived around here! I moved through the water into the curtain of sheltering branches of a weeping willow. Just in time too, as the two men who belonged to the voices came into view at the edge of the pond. They were staggering a bit and one appeared to have a beer bottle in his hand. In the meager light the only thing I could tell was that one was slightly taller, they were both dark headed, and they were built, muscular and strong. In my mind I named them Shorter and Taller. I struggled not to giggle.

I quietly listened as the shorter one started disrobing. “Tonight was your idea. Now I’m drunk, it’s getting late, and no girls. What happened to the stripper? I wanted to see naked girls!”

“I didn’t get a stripper. I told you that,” said Taller, sounding less drunk than his friend.

“Shows what a good friend you are!”

“I am a good friend. That’s why no stripper. Got you drunk early, now I can take you home to tuck you in early for a good night’s sleep. I know you can’t handle your alcohol.”

“Fine,” Shorter responded. “I’m swimming. You coming?” he asked as he shucked his underwear.

“Soon as I finish this beer,” responded Taller taking a seat in the grass at the edge of the pond.

Shorter stood up on the rock I had recently been lying on. I got a good view of his well-hung muscular form just before he dived in. He surfaced in the middle and began swimming around. My luck ran out just as he neared my hiding place. A fish chose that moment to nibble my breast surprising the crap out of me. I jumped and gave a small gasp. It was just enough. When I looked up again, I was looking into dark brown eyes.

“Oh, I see,” said Shorter. “No stripper, but he got me a mermaid!” He reached for my arm and pulled me from the covering branches. “What’s your name little mermaid?”

“Ariel,” I tossed back at him sassily, trying to pull out of his grasp.

“You’re hot Ariel. Such a nice gift.” He pulled me flush against him and lowered his mouth to mine. I was too shocked to protest, both at being called hot and that this stranger was kissing me.

I could feel his body responding to mine, his cock was pressing against me. His tongue invaded my mouth as his arms wrapped around me. My nipples, already sensitive from my own touch earlier sprang to life against his furry chest.

My brain had not stopped functioning as my body traitorously responded to the attention. A mermaid? Yes, he was drunk, but really? I had only ever had one sex partner in my life; I wasn’t loose and didn’t play around. I had discovered I enjoyed sex with my former fiancé until I had found him cheating. We had tried a little of everything and he was always careful and gentle with me. What would be the harm to play the Lorelei, just this once? I’d never see them again after tonight.

I wasn’t going to give in too easily but I did give myself over to the kiss. Oh yes, he had skills. He’d kissed girls before. His tongue swept into my mouth delving deeply as his hands caressed my back downward until he was cupping my ass, squeezing my cheeks.

I pulled back from him. “I’m not a mermaid. You can’t just grab me and kiss me.”

“Mmmmm, yes you are and yes I can. You’re a present and a delicious one. I want to taste more. Come with me.” He pulled me along through the water with him.

As we had been introducing ourselves, taller had come quietly into the water. I’d been so engrossed I’d heard nothing.

“Hey bro thanks for the surprise gift.”

“What are you talking about?” Taller asked.

“You got me a mermaid and she’s tasty. Want a nibble? I’ll share.”

“You’re crazy man. Mermaid?” Obviously Taller was much less drunk than shorter. As I was pulled forward and thrust into Taller’s arms I lost my balance. He caught me just before I could go under.

“Have I just caught myself a mermaid?”

“Of course Bayan escort not,” I replied. “Your friend is drunk. Thanks to you?”

“Me and an afternoon of beer,” he chuckled. “It’s for his own good. What’s your name sweetheart?”

“Ariel,” I answered promptly. “And yours?”

“I’m Erik and my friend is Sebastian then.”

“Oh ha ha,” I couldn’t help but grin.

“I don’t even know you damn it. I’ve never done anything like this before but I want to kiss you. May I?”

“You ask for what your friend took without permission. I’m not easy Erik, but yes, kiss me.” His lips descended to mine in a soft caress. It felt like I’d been zapped on my lips by static electricity. I’d never felt anything that intense from a kiss.

He pulled back from me a moment giving me a strange look. Had he felt it too? I stared into his green-blue eyes until his lips once again met mine. This kiss was not a caress like the previous one. It was an invasion, an attack, and I met it head-on. Our tongues met and twirled together in an odd ballet. My arms locked around his neck, my body pressed tightly to his.

I felt his cock pressing firmly against me. I was still stirred up from getting myself off so recently and the wetness I was feeling in my pussy now was not pond water. His fingers threaded through my hair pulling my head back as he moved down to kiss my neck.

As he nibbled there I felt Shorter behind me. His hands came around me to cup my breasts and tug at my nipples. I felt his cock wedged between my ass cheeks. He rubbed it up and down. Double team? My ex and I had tried anal a few times and I’d liked it, but two guys? Was I in deeper than I cared to be?

It didn’t matter. Tonight I was Ariel, a sea siren, and a water nymph. There was a first time for everything. I felt like the tasty morsel in the center of a sandwich. If there were not a whole lot of preliminaries I would be fine with it. I was feeling hot and needy.

“I want you Ariel,” Erik said in my ear. “I want this.”

“I don’t do this kind of thing Erik, but I want it too.”

“Come on then,” he said taking my hand and leading me to the shore, Shorter following with his hands on my waist. “Was it so he wouldn’t get lost,” I thought and giggled.

“What?” Erik asked.

“Do you think Sebastian will remember this in the morning? He’s pretty drunk.”

“I don’t know, but I will,” he answered seriously. I blushed.

Once at the shore he lay back in the cool grass. His cock stood invitingly tall from its own nest of grass. I knelt down and covered it with my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his head once then engulfed him deeply. He gasped in pleasure as I sucked.

I felt hands on my ass as Shorter was at me again. He pulled my cheeks apart and his tongue laved my ass slit. He poked into my puckered hole making me groan. I needed filling…now. Getting up from my knees I straddled Erik. He didn’t touch me. I think he was giving me the chance to back out. I wasn’t going to. I’d made up my mind. I plunged my wetness down over him taking it all.

I sat there, propped by my hands on his chest and eyes closed, enjoying the full feeling. My ex had been much smaller. This felt good. I opened my eyes to see him grinning up at me. I liked the way his eyes glittered when he smiled; I smiled back and leaned down for a kiss. As our lips met once again, I felt Shorter’s hand spreading my ass cheeks and the tip of his cock at my backdoor. I’d done anal, yes, but never DP. I concentrated on the kiss as the tip of his cock eased slowly into my ass. As it slipped deeper in I deepened the kiss. When he was in all the way everything stopped for a moment. I gasped.

“Are you OK?” Erik asked.

“Yes,” I answered breathlessly. “Just so full. It feels good. I’ve never felt it like this before.”

Then Shorter started moving pulling out slowly. I could feel every inch. He plunged back in which caused me to move on Erik. Their cocks seesawed inside me, rubbing everywhere. It was intense, and I cried out as I came. They kept pumping into me. It was almost like an odd ballet. I was riding Erik while Sebastian was riding me. They were both groaning, and I was whining as I felt tremors race up my spine. I was going to cum again even harder.

I exploded. I saw stars as lightening zinged through my limbs, my throbbing pussy spasmed around Erik’s cock. Shorter pulled out of my ass. I heard him groan as he came. He shot his load over my ass and up my back. I could feel the warm stickiness landing on me only to cool quickly in the night air. When he was done spurting he stumbled to the rock I had lain on. He lay down and was immediately snoring, so romantic.

I continued to ride Erik’s cock, admiring his control, surprised he had not cum yet. I squeezed my inner muscles around him, hugging him inside me. He grasped me tightly and pounded in one last time. With a deep moan he came. I could feel him spurting deep inside as I rocked on him trying to milk every drop Escort he had to offer. When we were both spent, I lay on top of Erik not really wanting this to end. The cool night air wafted some pollen from a night blooming flower to my nose and I sneezed causing a very unglamorous ending as his cock and our juices squeezed right out of me. I turned red as a tomato. Thank goodness it was dark and he couldn’t see. I hopped up and made for the pond. Erik was right behind me. I got waist deep before he was able to stop me.

“Are you OK,” he asked once again.

“Do you really care or are you just being nice?” I bit out at him.

“May sound strange, but I do care. I don’t get it. I don’t know why. I felt a spark. I feel drawn to you.”

“I felt it too,” I admitted. “It was weird. But I’ve got to get cleaned up and get going. I have somewhere to be and I’m late.”

“Meeting someone?”

“Actually, yes,” I answered as I cleaned myself as well as possible. “And he’ll be worried I’m so late.”

“He? Oh, OK then, whatever,” he responded. He sounded dejected, deflated, like he’d been kicked in the gut. “Let me help you with your back so you can get going.” He helped me rinse the spunk from my back where I could not reach. “Listen, I’ve got a towel on the shore. I’ll get it for you.”

“Thanks,” I said as he waded to the bank. I finished cleaning and met him at the edge. He gave me the towel and I dried off.

When I was standing dry and naked before him he said, “One more kiss before you disappear forever?” He didn’t give me a chance to say no as his lips claimed mine. I felt that strange spark once again. I didn’t want this kiss to end. I didn’t want to go. I wanted to stay and explore this further, but I knew my dad was waiting for me and most likely worried.

He pulled away first. “You’d better go.”

“Will Sebastian be OK?”

“Yeah, I’ll let him sleep it off then take him home and tuck him in. He has a busy day tomorrow.”

“All right then. Goodbye Erik,” I said wistfully.

“Goodbye Ariel.”

I turned and headed through the bushes to my bike. I dressed and suited up quickly. Pulling on my helmet, I started up my bike and grinned as it roared to life. I pulled out onto a small lane the sound of my oversized pipes the only thing I could hear. Without looking back I headed to my childhood home.

Chapter Two

Ten minutes later I pulled up to my dad’s farm. It was full dark by then so I couldn’t see much. Dad must have been waiting for me though, as he came down the porch steps when I roared in. He pointed out a nearby barn where I should park my bike. I pulled in and dismounted. After removing my helmet, I gathered my gear and took a deep breath. I was so nervous I thought I might throw up.

As I approached the house, Dad relieved all my fears by scooping me into his arms like a child for a huge bear hug. He was, as I remembered, a large man, strong. His dark hair tinged with silver was the only sign of his age. I felt like a little kid again. With tears in my eyes I returned his hug. As he led me inside into the light of the kitchen, I could see the tears streaming down his cheeks. Everything would be OK.

Dad insisted that I sit at the table so he could feed me. I was soon eating homemade pizza and garlic bread. We talked during my meal and became easier with each other. It turned out that Jason was not here. Noah, still his best friend, had taken him out to do bachelor things on his last night of freedom. He had promised to have him at the altar by noon tomorrow. It was nice to know they were still friends. I could only hope the two would accept me back.

When I’d finished, Dad carried my things up to my old bedroom. I could do nothing but yawn as he set my bags down and gave me a hug goodnight. When he’d left, closing the door behind him, I stripped out of my tank, jeans, boots, bra and panties. I flopped on my little old twin bed I’d had as a kid and was instantly asleep.

For how tired I had been, I awoke in the dim light of early dawn. With a yawn and stretch I let myself out onto the veranda that wrapped around the second story of the old farmhouse. No one else was up or around as I stood nude and greeted the day as I had many mornings back home. I loved the feel of the sun as it warmed my skin. I combed my fingers through my messy morning hair and skimmed them over my body. I wanted to get myself off there in the morning light. I tweaked my nipples till they puckered then lowered them to tug at my bush. I didn’t understand the females who liked to be bare as so many at the resort did. I loved to tease myself by pulling at my fur. Loved the softness of it under my touch. Oh yes, it promised to be a beautiful day.

I went back inside and ventured down the hall to the bathroom. A hot shower with shampoo and soap washed off the pond residue and the remaining stickiness between my legs. I was feeling clean and warm and starting to feel sleepy again as I headed back to my room in nothing but skin and a towel wrapping my still damp hair. Unfortunately, before I made it, Dad’s door opened and he stepped into the hall. We stopped and looked at each other in awkwardness.

“Good morning Dad,” I ventured to break the silence.

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