Alone in the Dark

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You block off the time on your work calendar and tell your coworkers you have an appointment. At 2:00, you leave your office to meet me.

We are strangers. We’ve never met before or even seen each other’s pictures but we share the same fantasy.

You walk into the movie theater. It’s dark. It’s not as empty as you expected but there are only 25 or so people spread out throughout the theater. You look for me, not knowing what I look like but knowing what I’ll be wearing.

You walk into my row and sit next to me. The movie has already started. We nod at each other and furtively scan each other’s body.

I mouth “WOW!” and breathe a sigh of relief.

You whisper in my ear, “You’re a very pleasant surprise too. . . “

The sound of your soft voice in my ear removes any nervousness I may have had. I resist the urge to introduce myself; you said you wanted anonymity. You glance at the movie screen and I see a little doubt in your body language. It’s clear that I will have to make the first move.

It’s my turn to lean in to you and whisper, “Let me know if you are having second thoughts.”

“Not at all,” you say as your eyes water with excitement.

I lean in to kiss you and you let out the slightest moan as our lips touch. You kiss me back like someone who hasn’t made out in years. My thoughts return to high school, the last Escort bayan time I’ve had such a hot makeout session. I caress and then softly tug on your hair as we kiss.

Your body is hidden beneath a conservative blazer and pencil skirt and I want to touch it. I reach my hand underneath your shirt and feel your plump breasts over your bra. I slid my hand underneath and feel your cute little nipples start to harden.

You start to touch my chest before I whisper back to you, “Let’s focus on you.”

I kiss your neck as my hands start to explore your legs. I work my way up towards you panties and then back down again. I do this teasing several times, each time lingering just a little longer on your panties. I rub you through your panties and see your head tilt back. I kiss you again and start to tease your legs again. You can’t wait much longer.

“Please!” you whisper convincingly.

I slide your little panties off and put them in my pocket for safekeeping. I see you look around to make sure no one is watching. It’s dark so I can’t tell. We’re still being pretty quiet.

You get a little less quiet when I move my fingers up to your clit and touch it gently. I slip my finger inside you and am pleasantly surprised to find that your pussy is soaked. I move your juice around your clit to get everything wet.

You are breathing Bayan escort heavily. “Ohmigod, I’m gonna cum really quickly,” you tell me and I accept the challenge.

I work your little clit until I find the perfect rhythm to make you purr, making a small clockwise circle. I can see you’re getting close so I resume kissing you to quiet you down. You moan into my mouth as I frantically rub your clit faster and faster. Your hips start to vibrate up and down. Up and down. You grip both armrests tightly as you get closer. Your head tilts back as I feel your little lips contract around me. I see your body convulse. You let out the most beautiful sigh as you cum in my ear.

I reach two fingers inside you to feel your soaken pussy. I just have to taste you and lick all of your cum off of my index finger. I get ready to lick my middle one but you grab my hand and pull it towards you. You slowly lick your juice off of my middle finger as you lock eyes with me. I don’t blame you for wanting a taste. You really are delicious.

Your pussy beckons to me once more. I slide one finger back inside you. God you are so tight. I love feeling how excited you are for me. I move my finger inside you and can feel you start to get worked up again. I manage to squeeze two fingers inside you but it’s a bit of a challenge.

You are starting to feel more comfortable Escort with me. “It’s been such a long time since I’ve been fingerfucked.” “Oh, is it OK?” I ask. “Oh yeah. I’m loving it!” you reply.

I use my two fingers to fuck you hard and fast and you start to moan even loader. For a moment, I see you realize there are other people here and you cover your mouth but soon you lose yourself again in the moment. Your pussy is dripping all over my hand as I feeling you getting closer. This time, it’s my hand that’s over your mouth and I feel you getting more comfortable making noise now that it’s muffled. I curl my fingers towards me in a “come hither” motion as I finger you and I start to feel your pussy convulse. In no time, your pussy cums all over my fingers as you moan into my hand. Your body shakes for several moments.

I slowly sit back into my chair and smile at you. My fingers are covered in you and once again, I lean in to give you a taste. You lick every bit of yourself off me and I’m a bit jealous that you don’t leave any for me.

You whisper to me again, “God, I needed that!” You touch your little pussy, wet your fingers, and raise them to my mouth. As I savor my last taste of you, you speak again, “Next time, let’s focus on you.”

As I smile and begin to reply, you give me a kiss and stand up. You walk away and out of the theater. As I turn back towards the screen, I notice several male glances my way in acknowledgment that they saw and heard what we were doing.

“Next time?” I spin to whisper back, confused about our arrangement. It’s too late. You are gone.

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