Always Help Your Friends Ch. 2

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This is a continuation of Always Help Your Friends. Please read that section First.

* * * * *

Mary looked around the room. She looked in my direction, but evidently didn’t see me. I guess the weed and alcohol was still flowing freely through her system. I continued to sit there and sobered pretty fast. But a plan started unfurling.

Just so you know, I really was not a good friend of Mary. She was an outcast, but she was too much of a junky for me. In fact she encouraged the others to join her in her games. Only Jason was able to stand up to her at first, but I soon joined in. The reason we hated her: She nearly made Mike W. a drug addict.

So with a slight buzz and still a little high, I decided I needed revenge. I felt around the desk to my left till I found Mary’s camcorder. I figured I could get a few bad pictures of her and Lisa in bed and blackmail her. Boy was I wrong.

Mary suddenly sat up and pulled the covers off of her. She pulled Escort bayan Lisa, who was completely out of it, up as well. With one tug, Lisa’s jeans were on the floor and her legs were being spread. Mary took her finger and started working it in and out of Lisa. Mary then took her other hand and took a finger and worked it in and out of Lisa’s ass. Lisa was groaning with pleasure. I of course was filming all of this. After Lisa came, Mary grabbed Lisa’s head and forced her to eat Mary’s pussy. After basically raping Lisa’s mouth, Mary sat smoked a cigarette triumphantly.

She then fell asleep. I put Lisa’s clothes back on her and carried her down the hall to her room. I put her on her own bed, kissed her forehead, and laid her in her bed.

I then went to my room. I copied the tape which showed the act and then formatted it into an MPEG file that I could put on my computer.

The next day, I went to Mary’s room. When she saw me she was surprised Bayan escort but let me in.

I then showed her the tape.

Her face started trembling and her eyes looked scared. Then all of a sudden she sighed, grabbed the tape and broke it in half.

“That’s the end of that,” she proclaimed.

“Well, that copy at least,” I mentioned.

“I have at least 20 tape copies and I have it on my computer. Either you do what I say, or I will make sure the campus police get it, every person with an Amherst email address including faculty, and I will personally make sure your parents get it.”

After fighting back tears, Mary was forced to agree to it.

“What do you want” she sobbed.

“I will get anything I want” I mentioned. “From now on, I am the master and you are the slave. You will do everything I say. If you don’t, well you know the consequences. If you do, the material will be suppressed. Now, I feel like a blowjob. Escort Get going”

With that Mary was forced to get on her knees and take my 10 inches in her mouth. I forced her to look right at me. I even forced her out of her shirt and jeans, so she was in her bra and panties.

“Stop slut.” I pulled her mouth away and thought of something else. A moment later I hung up the phone. A moment after there was a knock. “get in the corner,” I growled.

In walked Lisa. After showing her the tape, she was furious at Mary. I ordered Mary to crawl over. Mary looking humiliated crawled over. I then told her to obey Lisa.

Lisa smiled placed her toes her Mary. “Suck them slut, she demanded.” Mary obediently took each toe in her mouth and sucked them. Then without warning, Lisa took her toes out and kicked Mary stiffly in the face. The dazed Mary soon found herself on her hands and knees. Then without warning I shoved my dick in her ass. She screamed in pain.

“You like tormenting people, I said. You liked forcing Lisa? You like this? Is this enjoyable bitch?”

I pulled out and came in her mouth. Lisa slapped her around a couple of times and then maliciously said, this is just the beginning.

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