The Scholarship Student Ch. 8

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Mistress Calista had finished humiliating Willa, now turned her attention toward Beresford, still straining at his chains. Beresford was privately pleased to see the lesbian, Willa, receive the heterosexual torments that she, in his mind, so richly deserved. His ball gag prevented him from speaking his concurrence with his Mistress’s actions toward Willa. Calista sensed that Beresford was glad that Willa had been so humiliated through having to endure and experience sex with a male. Calista smiled to herself as she approached the bound male slave Beresford.

“So, Beresford, are you pleased with Willa’s performance?” she asked him. Beresford nodded yes and Calista noted a momentary twinkle in his eye. Mistress Cerces moved behind him and began to fondle his cock and balls. His pleasure at the fondling of his genitals was obvious from the oohs and ahs barely escaping from his ball gag. Mistress Cassandra brought a restraining device to apply to Beresford’s balls. It was made of two dowel rods, each one half inch in diameter and about eighteen inches in length. They were joined together by a bolt at each end of the device that passed through both dowel rods. The bolts had large wing nuts by which to bring the rods together, crushing anything placed between them.

Cassandra placed the device at the back of Beresford’s thighs and separated the dowels. Cerces pushed his balls through the opening and Cassandra screwed down the wing nuts trapping his balls outside the rods. Beresford moaned in pain, as Cassandra tightened the device to squeeze the space between his cock and his balls firmly in the grasp of the device. The ends of the dowels lay hard against the back of his thighs. Fondling his exposed testicles, Cerces grasped a short and narrow leather paddle and began to spank Beresford’s balls. At first the blows were lightly applied and felt more like heavy fondling than a spanking, but soon the blows increased in severity and Beresford began to hurt with each blow. Even though the blows hurt they also felt good and his cock began to swell until his hard-on presented his Mistresses with a fully erect eight-inch cock. “How dare you show that miserable prong to me and my Mistresses, you worthless pig!” declared Calista as she struck Beresford’s cockhead harshly with the whip she still held.

He jerked as the pain in his cockhead coursed throughout his body. “Did you like that, Beresford?” asked Mistress Calista sweetly. He shook his head no, as the pain in his cockhead subsided. “That was a love tap, compared to what you’ll receive if you refuse me. Your worthless cock won’t even function to urinate let alone any sexual function, if you resist my amusements.” She grabbed him by his sweaty hair and raised his head to look him in the eye, as she softly told him, “I’ll also strike your miserable balls with equal force if you refuse me anything I ask.” Beresford nodded his compliance and Calista motioned to Cassandra to remove his ball gag. Meanwhile, Cerces stopped paddling Beresford’s balls. She moved to Robert, who had been fondling and masturbating his cock to restore his hard-on to fullness. She grasped him by his hard cock and led him to Mistress Calista. “See this cock, Beresford? You will lick and suck it until he cums down your throat!” Calista said sternly.

“No, Mistress!” Beresford shouted, as he tried to turn away from the young mans’ proffered cock.

“You too, Beresford? Didn’t you see Willa bend to my will? Must I make mincemeat of your cock and balls before you comply with my will?” she asked him, as she savagely struck his protruding and defenseless balls, with the whip. His scream pierced the Tower Dungeon and was rewarded with another blow to his aching testes. He slumped in his chains, unable to even scream from the unbearable pain. His eyes rolled and he nearly lost consciousness. “Would you like another stroke to remind you what’s in store for you, Beresford, if you resist my wishes?” Calista asked him.

His head hung down and he softly whispered, “No, Ma’am.”

“Good, Beresford, that’s a good boy. Now open wide for Mamma, shall we?” cooed Calista as she grabbed his hair and brought his mouth to Robert’s hard cock. Beresford had hatred in his eyes as he reluctantly opened his mouth. “Before you taste his magnificent cock, Beresford, notice the pre-cum oozing from his cock hole,” she paused for effect, then continued, “Robert is a young man and his pre-cum is thick, clear and salty. Just right for your palate, my client slave. You often described, to me, your absolute hatred of sex between males, although you are always eager to watch, and participate, in sex between females. I’ve never understood that, Beresford.” continued Calista, “Sex is wonderful no matter who the participants are. That’s my view. You need to be introduced to the wonders of same gender sex, to fully appreciate Escort bayan life.” Calista placed the tip of her whip on Beresford’s cockhead to remind him of his predicament. “Ah, I see you’re flaccid now. No matter, Beresford, only Robert’s cock need be hard, not yours.”

“Good. Now that we understand one another, Beresford, here’s what you must do to amuse me,” Calista told him, “lick the pre-cum from Robert’s cock and swallow it.” Reluctantly, Beresford, put out his tongue, to flick it across Roberts cock hole, wiping up the clear salty nectar. “That’s nice, now take this wonderful cock into your mouth and lick the cockhead all over, Beresford.” Mortified, he closed his lips about Robert’s cock and wrapped his tongue around it. Calista seized his hair and began to move his head back and forth on Robert’s cock. Robert closed his eyes to enjoy the smooth tongue sucking and licking his manhood. Beresford continued sucking hoping that somehow the young man would resist cumming and spare him this indignity. As he tasted the rock hard piston fucking his mouth, he saw, out of the corner of his eye, that Edward had entered the chamber naked. He walked to Calista’s side and stood awaiting her instruction.

“Cassandra, prepare Edward, please,” ordered Mistress Calista sweetly. Cassandra kneeled before Edward and took his flaccid cock into her mouth. Cerces, meanwhile, replaced the cock ring on Robert’s cock to prevent him from orgasm. Soon, Cassandra had Edward’s cock fully erect to its full nine-inch posture. It was a massive and magnificent cock. Fully two inches thick in its shaft and larger still at the large bulbous purple head. Cassandra expertly sheathed the magnificent cock in a condom, kissed Edward on the cheek, then kneeled at Calista’s feet.

Beresford realized what would happen next, as he continued to suck the young cock in his mouth. His eyes opened wide as Edward, taking his cue from Calista, moved behind Beresford to place his cock head between the cheeks of Beresford’s ass. Slowly, his cockhead pushed against Beresford’s resisting sphincter. His determined refusal to comply with Calista’s wishes caused him great pain, as Edward’s relentless cock pressed forward. Soon, the sphincter surrendered and Edward rammed his great cock painfully into the depths of Beresford’s ass.

Calista smiled with pleasure as her bound slave moaned with pain at the violation of his asshole. “Tell me, Beresford, does it feel as good as it does when you’re the one doing the ass fucking?” Calista taunted him, as she held his head to Robert’s cock. Edward began pumping his great cock in and out of the asshole it was buried in. Beresford could not bring himself to relax and enjoy the fucking he was getting. Calista enjoyed watching him squirm and writhe with pain while Edward continued his relentless assault. “Relax, you bigoted asshole, suck that cock and thrust your ass back towards Edward’s cock,” Calista told him. “Remember, I still hold this whip and I’m aching to blister your cockhead, you faggot!” Beresford rolled and shut his eyes, resigned to his fate, he began to earnestly suck Robert’s cock and fuck Edward’s cock.

Calista reached out to Robert to remove the cock ring from his cock. Almost immediately, Robert felt his semen boiling in his balls as the warm tongue rolled about his cockhead. Mistress Calista was proud of how neatly her plan had been executed this evening. She spread her legs and motioned to Nell to service her asshole. Quickly her servant moved to her task. It was evident that Nell had preformed this service many times before, and her Mistress closed her eyes momentarily to enjoy it. Edward quickened his pace as he sensed his orgasm was near. Robert too, could feel his cock throbbing in Beresford’s mouth as he resisted the urge to cum, just as he had been trained to do. Calista’s senses told her that both of her submissives were ready to orgasm and she smiled watching both of them trying to prevent cumming.

“Edward, Robert, you have my permission to cum, dear slaves,” Calista said sweetly. Edward erupted first, as he spewed his semen deep into the condom sheathing his cock inside Beresford’s ass. His cock seemed to spasm for several minutes, although it was only seconds. The ferocity of his orgasm caused his knees to buckle momentarily, but he recovered quickly to continue emptying his fluid into Beresford’s ass. The bound slave’s ass felt as though it was swelling, as the semen filled the condom completely.

Edward clasped his thumb and forefinger tightly about the condom at the base of his cock and slowly withdrew his still erect cock from Beresford’s ass. Carefully, Edward prevented any of his semen from oozing out of the condom, still bloated as a balloon, about his cock. Edward watched as Robert’s body stiffened, his eyes rolled back as he erupted his cum deep into Beresford’s throat. The bound slave gagged as the semen spurted forcefully from the young cock onto his tongue to roll about down his throat.

“Swallow it all, Beresford, or you’ll regret it,” Calista cautioned him. Beresford, reluctantly, submitted Bayan escort to his Mistress’s demands and swallowed the massive load of cum in his mouth. He continued to swallow, as Robert spewed forth volleys of semen with each spasm of his cock. Finally, Robert could cum no more and he pulled his cleansed cock from Beresford’s mouth. Cerces took Robert’s arm and had him sit in a hassock she placed behind him. Edward removed the condom from his cock and handed it to Cassandra. Mistress Calista ordered Beresford to cleanse Edward’s cock of semen and the bound slave reluctantly did as ordered. Edward moved out of the light to disappear into the shadows. Cerces had Robert lay belly down on the hassock with his ass pointed at Beresford. Cassandra brought the condom filled with cum over Robert’s ass, emptying some semen onto Robert’s ass and between his ass cheeks. The thick pearly semen slowly flowed over his asshole and onto his balls.

“Lick and swallow his cum laden ass, Beresford,” commanded Calista. Mortified and humiliated Beresford collected the semen from between Robert’s asscheeks with his tongue. As he sucked up the semen, Cassandra continued to pour semen from the condom onto Robert’s ass and balls. When Beresford finished, Cassandra turned the condom inside out and pushed it into Beresford’s mouth, and he licked it clean. “Now, lick Robert’s asshole for my amusement, Beresford,” commanded Calista. He reached out his tongue and began to ream out Robert’s ass hole. “Push your tongue inside his asshole, you miserable whore.” Beresford did as commanded, pushing his tongue against the sphincter until it parted. Calista smiled her victory smile, satisfied that she had completely broken Beresford to her will. She felt both pleasure and satisfaction at her triumph over both Willa and Beresford.

“Come Robert, join me and my assistants in my bedroom,” Calista announced, as she and her entourage prepared to leave the Tower Dungeon. “Edward, leave the wretches in their chains, until I decide what to do with them.” Edward nodded affirmatively and left the chamber. Calista, Cassandra, Cerces and Robert left the room, with Nell following them closely. Calista grasped Robert’s cock and led him to her bedroom. Once inside, Calista took Robert to her private shower and told him to bathe himself. Robert reveled in the warmth of the water, as it cascaded about his tired and sore body. The water surrounding him soothed his welts and bruises. His aches seemed to subside from the warmth enveloping him, as he washed himself for the first time since arriving at Mistress Calista’s home.

When Robert finished, he got out of the shower stall to see Nell, still naked, holding a terrycloth robe for him to wear. Robert accepted the robe and continued drying himself. “You were great, Robert,” Nell whispered to him and he thanked her as she left the bathroom.

Robert stepped into Calista’s bedroom to see the three Mistresses waiting for him on Calista’s king sized bed. Calista reached out to him and he took her hand. She embraced Robert and kissed him full on the mouth, driving her tongue deep into his mouth. “This is your last night here at my home, Robert. I want this night to be memorable for you. We shall dispense with any dominance and make love to each other for a while tonight. In the morning you will be driven to the airport for your return to Mistress Agnes,” Calista told him while fondling his quickly swelling cock.

Calista laid him on his back and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked him until he was rock hard and replaced his cock ring snuggly on his cock. Assured that he would not cum, she straddled his hips and guided his cock into her wet pussy and buried it to hilt. Cassandra licked each of his nipples, then straddled his head facing Calista, and lowered her cunt to his mouth. Eagerly he licked at Cassandra’s cleft, seeking out her clit and sucking it out of its hood. Cerces sat on the bed rubbing her clit and watching her sister Mistresses pleasuring them selves with Robert. Cassandra leaned forward to lick and suck at Calista’s nipples. Cerces felt her orgasm begin to rise and she stopped masturbating. She stepped over Robert’s body between Calista and Cassandra. She stood facing Cassandra and gently pulled her mouth to her cunt. Cassandra licked and sucked Cerces cunt. Calista leaned forward to lick Cerces asshole, while she continued fucking Robert’s cock.

Calista’s orgasm exploded first and she rode Robert’s cock hard to another hard climax. Cassandra squealed as Robert’s tongue brought her to multiple orgasms too. Cerces quickly followed suit and bit her lip at the intensity of her orgasm from the tongues of her sister Mistresses. The three Mistresses alternated positions, so that each of them enjoyed Robert’s cock and tongue, while servicing each other. Robert’s cock ring prevented him from coming and he was happy to be able to service them all. Each woman each enjoyed several orgasms before, sated and exhausted, they lay down on the bed to rest.

Rested, Calista arose and pulled a bell cord next to the bed. Soon, the door opened and Nell Escort quietly entered the room to stand, naked, at Calista’s side. Nell had bathed and her fragrance filled the room. Her pert little tits swayed as she shifted her weight, waiting to service her Mistress. The three Mistresses moved to lounge chairs surrounding the bed, leaving Robert alone in the bed lying on his back. “Nell and Robert, please fuck for our amusement,” Calista told them. Nell nodded and climbed onto the bed to straddle Robert’s hips. She lowered her self onto her knees, grasped his cock and buried it in her sweet, wet and fragrant cunt.

Robert, still wearing the cock ring, smiled at Nell, as his nearly perpetual hard-on nestled into her tight little pussy. Nell rose and descended rhythmically on the cock in her sweet pussy, closing her eyes to deeply enjoy each up and down stroke as she fucked Robert. Her pert little titties stood out as rose tipped cones. Robert lightly rubbed her nipples with his fingertips to increase her pleasure. She moaned delightfully at the wonderful sensation at her nipples. Nell leaned forward to bring her nipple to Robert’s mouth. He took the rosy tipped nub into his mouth and licked and sucked tenderly at one then the other nipple offered him.

Nell shuddered through a satisfying orgasm that left her momentarily lying chest to chest with Robert, to catch her breath. She swallowed hard then rose up to continue clasping the hard cock inside her with her young strong cunt muscles. Invigorated by her orgasm, she resumed fucking Robert with renewed enthusiasm. She smiled down at Robert, as another orgasm began to build within her loins. She moaned openly, her pleasure mounting, as she neared orgasm again. The young woman, sweating profusely, leaned back, eyes closed, head looking at the ceiling and erupted in a gut wrenching orgasm that wracked her slender frame. She uttered a little laugh, as her orgasm peaked and she resumed fucking the cock she sat impaled upon. Nell leaned down and kissed Robert hungrily. She grasped him by the shoulders and rolled over onto her back with Robert over her, without losing his cock from her cunt. Her legs wrapped around Robert’s loins and he thrust his cock deeply into her cunt. Nell returned his thrusts with thrusts of her own.

They fucked in the missionary position for several minutes until Nell cried out again in orgasm. Robert’s cock throbbed with desire to explode. The semen in his balls boiled and yearned to be expelled into this magnificent young woman’s womb. The cock ring strained mightily, but did its job preventing Robert from cumming, to Nell’s delight. She grasped her legs behind the knees and brought them to her shoulders as she took Robert deeper into her cunt. Again, she squealed in ecstasy, as she erupted with another powerful orgasm. Nell grabbed Robert behind the head and pulled him to her mouth to kiss him deeply, sucking his tongue into her mouth.

Another orgasm wracked her soul and she laughed with glee at the marvelous sensations rippling through her sweet cunnie. She rolled Robert over again, to sit and mount his cock. Nell lifted up until only Robert’s cockhead remained embedded between her cunt lips. She waited for a few seconds then drove herself down on the rock hard cock once again. She fucked herself, with wild abandon, to another mind numbing orgasm. Her cunt muscles spontaneously clasped and released Robert’s cock as they fucked throughout her orgasm.

Nell lifted herself up once again and paused. Mistress Calista nodded to her and she reached down to release Robert’s cock ring from his throbbing prick. Freed from the constraint of the cock ring, Robert’s balls boiled violently as the semen surged to be released. Nell, feeling Robert’s impending orgasm, plunged his cock deep into her cunt just as Robert’s cock erupted. He cried out in relief, as he spewed his semen profusely into Nell’s clasping cunt. Nell felt the heat of the semen filling her and she threw back her head gleefully to bask in its warmth. She contracted her cunt muscles in rhythm with the spasms of Robert’s cock as it spurted volumes of semen in the tight cunt imprisoning his manhood. Finally, his cock stopped throbbing. She recognized the sign that his orgasm ended and she watched him sigh deeply and close his eyes exhaustedly. Nell waited a few seconds for Robert to catch his breath from his massive orgasm.

The young woman placed her fingers about her cuntlips and slowly lifted up, withdrawing the spent cock from her sex, but careful to retain the semen in her cunt. Carefully, she turned around and got onto her knees and elbows with her cunt over Robert’s head. Slowly, Nell lowered her mouth to Robert’s cock, covered with semen and her own cunt juices, and took it in her mouth. As she licked the semen, mixed with her juices, from his cock, Nell lowered her cunt to Robert’s mouth. She opened her fingers to release her cuntlips and let the captured semen flow slowly onto Robert’s waiting tongue. She lifted her hips slightly so that her Mistress and her assistants could see cum gathering at her cuntlips and gradually form a large drop of semen. The drop of cum extended to a large teardrop shape and slowly dropped into Robert’s open mouth. The drop left a string of cum from her cunt to his mouth, as a track to be followed by the next cum drop forming on her cuntlips.

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