Learning to Love her Brother

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“It would all have been so different if I’d only waited ten more minutes,” Robin Witters often thought.

All she’d intended was to return a serving bowl her older brother, Steve, had left at the cookout on Saturday night. Robin had some errands to run, so she decided to stop in at his apartment along the way. But when she arrived, she heard strange sounds coming from within.

“Robin,” she heard him say. “Oh, Robin … Yesss …”

Robin pushed the door open, and was shocked to see Steve, naked, pulling on his cock, eyes closed, writhing on his bed. He let out an inarticulate cry as his long and stiff cock suddenly erupted, sending hot jets of sperm into the air, where they spattered across his hard, muscular chest. Again, he pulled, and even more sperm erupted, almost hitting him in the face.

Robin dropped the bowl. Suddenly, Steve’s eyes snapped open, and when he realized what had happened, he blushed as red as a radish. Without a word, he dashed into the bathroom.

Robin entered the tiny efficiency apartment, furnished with a bed, a couple of chairs, a table in the kitchen nook and not much else. Stunned, she sat on the edge of Steve’s bed, waiting for him to come out. She caught her image in the mirror on the back of the apartment door.

“What is it he sees?” Robin wondered. All she saw was the fresh young face of a girl just turned eighteen, with freckles, straight red hair, dancing hazel eyes, thin lips, and small, round tits so firm Robin sometimes just skipped wearing a bra. She and Steve shared the same facial shape and cheekbones, as well as similar noses. There was no doubting they were brother and sister.

“I don’t get it,” she thought. “I just don’t.”

When he didn’t come out of the bathroom, she rose and knocked gently on the door.

“Steve?” she asked. “Please don’t be upset. I’m not mad.”

The door opened slowly. Steve, now clad in a blue terrycloth bathrobe, came out and avoided her gaze. He sat on the edge of his bed, and Robin joined him.

“So now you know,” he said. “I never meant for you to ever know that.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Robin said.

“He’s so embarrassed,” she thought. “I wish I knew what to do.”

“I know I shouldn’t feel this way about you,” he said. “But the truth is, I’ve been in love with you for at least two years. Not being able to do anything about it is agony.”

“Me?” she thought. “I’m not beautiful.”

“You are so beautiful,” he said, as if reading her thoughts. “But you’re my sister, and I love you, and I would never, ever, do anything to hurt you.”

“Oh, Steve,” she said, and embraced him, laying her head on his shoulder. She felt his lips caress the top of her head, and she began to relax.

Until she spotted the terrycloth moving.

Steve’s hand traced up her side, stopping just under Robin’s breast. Robin’s eyes widened as Steve’s cock thickened and rose, poking out of the terrycloth. She found the sight mesmerizing.

“How big does it get?” she wondered.

“Robin, I – “

She tried to pull away, and suddenly felt Steve’s lips on hers as he pulled her tightly to him and rolled her onto the bed.

“Steve, don’t!”

“I love you,” he hissed, his eyes wild. “Please! You don’t know what you do to me!”

Steve was on top of her now, kissing her face, shoving his hard cock against her jeans. The heat from his groin seemed to penetrate to hers, and, as she struggled, she also humped her pussy against his demanding dick.

All of a sudden, Steve stopped and let her go. He sat up and covered his face with his hands. Robin could see his shoulders trembling as he cried.

“I’m Escort bayan so sorry, Robin,” he said. “I lost control. Having you so near, wanting you so badly. I’m so sorry you found out how I feel.”

“It’s okay,” she said. “I’m glad I know. Why don’t we forget this ever happened? We won’t talk about it again. You’ll meet a girl soon anyway and forget all about me.”

“I should leave town,” he said. “Maybe join the Army or something.”

“We’d all miss you,” she said. “Who else is going to fix my car? You know how Dad is with tools.”

Robin felt relief when Steve smiled; the storm had passed.

“You’ve always known what to say,” he said. He kissed her forehead in the brotherly way he always had.

“Not a word,” said Robin as she rose to leave. “This never happened.”

“Right. Thanks for being understanding.”


But Robin couldn’t forget it. She could not get the image of Steve’s long, stiff cock out of her mind, wondering what might have happened if she’d touched it.

“Maybe I should have,” she thought. “Get it out of his system.”

Except that Robin didn’t really know how to do anything like that. Her experiences with sex had been very limited, mostly some mutual groping with a couple of guys she knew in high school. She’d had a few dates which didn’t work out, but everything Robin knew about sex basically came from the Internet.

When she finally dropped off to sleep, Steve’s ardor came back to her in dreams, and in one of them, she kissed him back and didn’t resist. She dreamed she removed his robe, and she dreamed they kissed as lovers. When she woke, her sheets were wet and reeked of musk.

“What’s happening to me?” she wondered. “What did he do to me?”

Robin went to a local beach with some of her friends a few days later, and came home wearing a T-shirt over her bright green bikini.

“Anyone home?” she cried.

“Me,” came Steve’s voice. “I’m doing laundry.”


Robin took a look in the refrigerator, took out two beers, and went down into the basement, where she saw her brother pour some detergent into the washing machine and begin the soak cycle. She sat down on the old ratty sofa where she often came for peace and quiet. Steve sat next to her, and they sipped beer quietly for a few moments.

“I know we said we’d never talk about it,” he said, “but I really can’t get what happened the other day out of my mind.”

“Oh, Steve …”

When he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him, she did the same.

“Robin, I think I’m more in love with you than ever.”

“Don’t say that, Steve. Just don’t.”

He kissed her, gently this time.

“Don’t you like that?” he asked, looking deeply into her eyes. “It feels good, doesn’t it?”

Robin felt heat in her pussy when he kissed her again, and when he pushed his tongue into her mouth, she only resisted a little.

“Steve, this is incest! We could go to jail for this!”

“Call it what you want. I’m calling this love.”

When he kissed her again, Robin felt his hands slide under her T-shirt, and she gasped when his hand closed over her breast.

“Steve, you shouldn’t – “

His other hand pulled the string holding the bikini top in place, and Robin felt it fall away. Steve’s hand closed over Robin’s rapidly stiffening nipple, and she felt her resistance melting even further.

“Mom could come home any minute.”

“She’s at the grocery store. We have at least an hour.”

Steve tried to remove the T-shirt, but Robin somehow managed to keep it on. Both Steve’s hands were massaging her breasts, Bayan escort and he nuzzled them through the cloth.

Robin had no idea what to do. Steve was easing her onto her back, and now he’d opened his shorts and she felt the hot, steamy heat coming from his cock, which he pushed against her bikini bottom.

“Steve, you said – “

He stopped her with another kiss, and slid his hand into her bikini bottom, his finger finding her clit. He rubbed it exactly the way Robin did when she masturbated, and she started gasping for breath.

“What are you doing to me?”

“Loving you, Robin. Loving you.”

Robin knew if she didn’t do something, and something quick, her will to resist would be gone and she’d let Steve fuck her just because she wanted her brother to be happy. Robin still didn’t want to admit he’d awakened something inside of her, something animal, raw, and lustful. Right now, all she knew is she had to get out of this before things went too far.

Reaching between them, Robin grasped Steve’s cock and gave it a solid squeeze, causing him to cry out. She began to yank on it, and Steve raised his body over hers to give her more room.

“Oh, Robin! Yes! Yes!”

Encouraged, Robin moved her hand faster, and Steve responded by humping his dick into it, fucking her fist the way he wanted to fuck her.

“That’s the way!” Robin hissed. “You just get it out of your system. Come on, Steve!”

Steve’s face loomed above Robin’s, his breath coming in shorter and shorter bursts, his eyes closing, and then he called her name as his prick exploded in her hand. Gob after hot gob of jism splashed onto Robin’s belly, even as Steve buried his face in her neck and moaned with passion and pleasure.

“Wow,” he said.

“I hope you’re happy,” Robin said, “Because that was it. We aren’t doing anything like this again.”

Steve nodded.

“I know. I guess I should never be alone with you.”

“Oh, don’t say that,” said Robin, reaching for a towel from Steve’s other basket of laundry. “You’ve been dying for me to do something like that, and now I’ve done it. So we don’t ever have to have this situation again.”

“Of course,” he said.


Summer drifted into autumn, and Steve kept his word – and his distance, which saddened Robin, because she did love her brother, and wanted him to be happy in her company.

“He doesn’t trust himself with me,” she thought.

But there was something else. Steve had taken over her fantasy sex life.

When she was younger, Robin would fantasize about movie heartthrobs or guys in class she felt attracted to. But after the near miss in the basement, the situation changed. Over and over, Robin relived the day in his apartment, over and over the near miss in the basement came back to haunt her. The sight of her brother’s stiff cock above her pussy, blocked by only a thin piece of cloth, a piece of cloth he could easily have shoved aside, excited her, and when she frigged her clit, she saw Steve pull the bikini aside and slide his cock inside of her, imagined his ass plunging up and down as he rammed his powerful prick into her until she shuddered with orgasm after orgasm.

“And he’s going through the same thing,” she thought. “So close. But he’s my brother!”

They still did things together from time to time, but always in public, and he didn’t seem like Steve anymore. He hardly touched her, for one thing, and they didn’t share more than a quick embrace when they did meet.

“He’s trying to push me away for my own good,” she thought. “But it’s driving me crazy!”

Robin finally decided she could not take Escort the situation anymore. One evening, she showed up at his apartment unannounced. He let her in and poured her some wine, which they sipped at Steve’s kitchen table. On opposite sides, Steve leaning away from her.

“Steve, this situation is insane.”

“Robin, I – “

“I don’t understand you anymore! We used to be close! Now I barely know you.”

“Robin, I almost raped you. I feel bad about that. You deserve better than me.”

“You didn’t almost rape me. I’m the one who almost gave in. You nearly had me.”

“I did?”

Robin nodded.

“I can’t stop dreaming about those two times,” she said. “In half my dreams, I let you … have what you wanted.”

Steve sat silently.

“I’m confused.”

“I just want my brother back.”

“I want my sister.”

“Let’s just be normal, okay?”

“Okay, Robin.”

Smiling, Robin rose to leave. But Steve took her in his arms and kissed her.

“I love you, Robin. I can’t say that enough.”

“Oh, Steve, not again.”

But when Steve’s lips met hers again, Robin melted, and moaned in pleasure when their tongues met and danced together. Steve placed his hands on her hips and pulled Robin up against his burgeoning cock.

“I love you, Steve,” she whispered when the kiss broke. “I love you. I know that now.”

With that, Steve led his younger sister over to his bed. Together, their hands explored each other’s bodies as they kissed. Steve slowly unbuttoned Robin’s shirt, even as she reached between them and found his belt buckle, breaking their kiss only long enough to get his pants open and to feel his cock as it got ever harder.

“Yessss,” she hissed as her brother nibbled on her neck. As Robin arched her back, Steve’s skilled fingers found the clasp of her bra, and finally Robin’s breasts were free.

“Oh, they’re exactly the way I imagined,” he said, taking one stiff nipple between his teeth, even as his hand slid into Robin’s jeans and he found her clit.

Uttering small animal cries, Robin began to moan and writhe under her brother’s kisses and caresses. He stopped suddenly, removed the rest of his clothing, and then the rest of hers.

When Steve joined Robin on the bed, he asked, “Are you sure? Because if we’re going to stop, it has to be now.”

She replied by easing her body underneath his, his cock throbbing just above her pussy. Grinning, Steve grasped his long, hard prick and worked it into Robin’s virgin pussy.

“This may hurt at first,” he said. “Let me know, okay?”

Robin nodded, nervous as Steve gently, ever so gently, slid into Robin’s dripping, aromatic cunt inch by agonizing inch. When he encountered Robin’s hymen, he burst through it quickly, causing Robin to cry out, but as Steve’s rhythm increased, so did Robin’s pleasure.

“Oh, Steve,” she sighed. “More! Harder!”

Robin’s body had taken over now, and she met every downward thrust of Steve’s dick with an upward thrust of her own. More and more, she felt orgasm building, and building, and building …

“Arrgh!” she cried, as the first wave, her first real woman’s orgasm, claimed her thrashing body. Robin’s teeth sank into Steve’s shoulder as he plunged deeper and deeper into his sister’s pussy.

When Robin’s second orgasm hit, Steve’s body stiffened, and he cried out. Robin could feel his cock become extra hard, and the warm jets of sperm shooting into her triggered one more orgasm.

Steve began to slow down, and, spent, he disengaged from Robin with a gentle kiss.

“Thank you, Robin,” he whispered, kissing her again. “I’ll never forget this.”

“We’re lovers now,” she replied. “I realize now I’ve wanted this for a long time. I want to do everything with you.”

“You will.”

With that, Steve kissed her again, and Robin hoped this night would never end.


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