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I was a bridesmaid earlier this year for my younger brother’s wedding. He’s 24 and his new wife is 23. After the wedding and the reception a few people and I spent some more time with my brother. I don’t get to see him that often. It was me, my brother, his new wife Faith, and 3 of his groomsmen. We were drinking and sharing stories.

After a while of drinking and getting a little drunk, a few of the groomsmen started saying they thought the bride needed to put on a lil show for them. My brother was like “Nah, we don’t need all that” but the guys were like “Oh yea we do, it’s her womanly duty”.

Faith was pretty drunk and with a flirty lil smile said, “What kinda show y’all boys want?”

Faith is one of those sweet southern redneck girls. She’s gorgeous and likes to hunt. She is confident and flirty, lots of makeup, goes out to bars, wants men to flirt and buy her drinks. She is a beautiful wavy haired brunette, crystal blue eyes, curvy body, nice breasts, tanned skin. (There are pics of us together at the wedding.)

The guys suggested she dance for them because she loves to dance and was really getting down at the reception. They turned on some music and she started dancing and getting down in her wedding dress. She really is a good and sexy dancer. I’m really not, haha. But as she was dancing she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my seat to dance with her. I stood there and tried dancing too. She turned her back to me and started rubbing her ass on me and twerking, then danced face to face. I tried to get into it more, I’m just not the best dancer but I tried to be a little sexy too and move with her. The guys were enjoying us being all up on each other. “Make out now!” one said.

I just laughed. Faith said, “Aww, you want us to kiss? Would you like that?”

All the guys were like “Hell yea.”

My brother was like, “No! I don’t need my wife making out with my sister!”

The guys were like, “Come on you’re no fun.”

Faith said, “Aww, it’s just a lil kissing between new sisters, no big deal.” I was like

“Nah, we don’t need to be doing that.”

Faith stood right up against me and reached behind me and squeezed my ass through the thin material of the bridesmaid dress and looked up at me (she’s a bit shorter).

“Come on Courtney, just a lil kiss for the boys.”

“Yea, do it, do it, do it,” chanted the three groomsmen.

“Fine, just a lil kiss if you’ll shut up” I said.

Faith squeezed my ass again and gave it a playful slap. “I’m not a bad kisser,” she said. “Just ask your bro.”

“How’s her ass?” asked one of the groomsmen to Faith.

“Oh yea” Faith said giggling. “She’s got a fine ass, tight and round, and firm, oh and she’s definitely wearing a thong.”

“Shut up” I said groaning.

“Fine,” Faith said, and she reached up and grabbed the back of my head and pulled my head down and kissed me.

The guys were silent, I guess focused in on the kiss. It started off very simple. Her soft lips on mine, just planted there… still. Then her lips began to move, actively kissing mine. Her lips grazed against mine, little nibbles… soft, sweet. Instinctively I kissed back, my lips sometimes sandwiching her bottom lips pressing in and sliding off it, as hers did to me. Thirty seconds maybe of kissing like that with our lips meeting, rubbing, pressing, gliding, pinching, each others.

Her hands found their way to my ass again. Both hands grabbing a cheek and squeezing. I was forgetting who I was kissing as I began to open my mouth a little more as her hands massaged and squeezed my ass. I opened my mouth and felt her tongue slide between my lips into my mouth and begin to tickle my tongue. Her tongue slid over mine as it explored my mouth. I opened wide as her tongue went fully inside, wrestling with my tongue, moving around my mouth, touching every part of it. My hand went to the back of her head as my fingers slid into her hair and my other hand rested on her hip.

Her tongue retreated into her mouth and I let my tongue follow hers. The boys were silent. I wasn’t thinking about them in that moment. I was lost in the kiss, my tongue entering her mouth and playing with her tongue. My fingers running through her hair. Faith was getting into sucking my tongue deeper into her mouth. She was a natural performer and was performing for the boys. She pulled her mouth away then opened wide and slid her tongue back into my mouth, but left a bit of a gap between our mouths so the boys could see her tongue enter my mouth and vice versa. She would pull away then pull close, and close her mouth over mine then release. I began to follow her lead, letting the boys see my tongue in Faith’s mouth.

Faith’s hands started slowly sliding up from my ass to the back of my neck. I felt her unhook the top of my dress and then fumble with the zipper and begin unzipping it. I was about to protest but she sucked my tongue into her mouth and wouldn’t let it go as she unzipped me and gave one light tug. My dress fell in a heap to the Escort bayan floor around my boots.

I was wearing these cute lil white high heeled boots that I had worn at my wedding (pics if you want to see). My teal dress was in a heap around them. I was standing there in just a white thong (no bra with that kind of dress) with my tongue sucked to the back of Faith’s mouth. I tried to pull away, suddenly more aware of these men seeing my naked body and my new sister in law sucking on my tongue.

I heard the boys gasp. I heard the whispers under their breath

“Holy fuck!” “Is this really happening?” “Damn Bobby’s sis is stacked” but they quieted back down quickly in fear of what they were watching would stop.

I pulled away from Faith’s embrace, and bent over to pull up my dress. “This is bad,” I said.

“No Court, this is so good,” Faith said, pulling me back up and making me drop my dress. Let the boys enjoy your body, I know I enjoy it. You work so hard at it, right. Might as well let these boys indulge in that tight pale porcelain skinned hourglass body of yours. You can tell they like it.”

Faith’s hands slid down my bare back, back to my ass. She squeezed and released my ass cheeks then quickly slid her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on it and reached behind her and began undoing the clasps of her dress then pulled it down.

Our bodies were quite the contrast. i was tall and skinny and pale. Faith was short, not fat, but a bit more muscular and very tanned.

Faith pulled her tongue out of my mouth and pulled away. I stood up catching my breath, forgetting I was naked in front of these boys 10 years younger than me, all friends of my brother I had known most of my life. Faith just looked at me giggling.

“See Sis, that wasn’t so bad was it. You have a hot lil body Courtney. I can’t believe you popped a kid outta there, you’re so tiny!”

Her hands were on my waist and sliding up to my breasts.

“I’m so jealous of your breasts,” she said a little pouty as she took them in her hands. “I wish mine were that big.”

One of the groomsmen said “Still big enough to fuck Faith, I can show you now if you want!”

That’s when my brother stepped in.

“Okay that’s enough.” He grabbed faith’s hand as she pulled her dress up. “I really have to go fuck my wife now, so I’ll leave ya’ll be.” He led Faith out of the room as she held up her dress. I assume to go across the hall and fuck her.

That’s when I kind of realized I was a married woman with two daughters, standing in a hotel room in just a thong, with my dress at my feet and with three guys who had just graduated college. My face began to flush red.

I reached down to pull up my dress. One of the guys said,

“Woah!… wait Courtney, you’re looking too good to cover up now, and your brother gets to fuck Faith after that show. You can’t just leave us.”

I don’t know if it was the liquor or the effects of the 10 minutes of make out with Faith but for some reason I said

“What do you want?”

Why did I say that? I don’t know. Maybe it was that I was actually asked for once or that I was full of adrenaline. Maybe I just liked the attention. Maybe I was really horny. I don’t know.

“Why don’t you let us see that hot milf body move some,” one said.

The music was still playing so I stepped out of the dress that was around my feet and started to dance to the music. Swaying, raising my hands over my head, bending over and swooping back up, dancing with a tall floor lamp as if it were a pole. One of the guys handed me another drink and I downed it as I danced. The drinks were loosening me up, helping me do what I’d never do on my own. I’m normally shy and reserved and never dance!

I danced over to the best man, Jackson, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, and climbed on his lap, straddling him and began grinding into him and sliding my body over his. His hands immediately went to my chest and started playing with my tits.

“Damn you have some nice tits Courtney, I’ve fantasized about these since I was 13.”

“Thanks darling” I said as I stepped off him and walked to Conrad who was leaning on the dresser. I walked up to him in that runway style, shaking my hips and grabbed his tie when I got to him and pulled him to his feet. I licked his neck then slid to my knees then slid slowly back up his body, pressing myself against his leg and side as I slowly slid back up him, to a full standing position again. I turned around and put my ass into his crotch and began dancing with him, leaning my head back and reaching my arm back behind me to run my finger through his hair at the back of his head. His hands went around my body to grope my tits and slid down my stomach and around to my ass and pulled on my thong string to snap it. I let out a playful lil squeal, then walked over to Kris who was sitting in a chair.

I climbed on his lap and began dancing on him, feeling his hard cock through his pants. I could see out of the corner Bayan escort of my eye Jackson and Conrad taking off their clothes. I heard them whispering back and forth

“Should we take turns or bang the bitch?”

Kris grabbed my ass and buried his face in my tits sucking them as Jackson and Conrad came over. Kris lifted me off him so I was standing. He stripped and I found myself surrounded by the three young guys with hard throbbing cocks.

I stood there in my white thong and boots surrounded by the three young men with fit bodies and stiff throbbing cocks.

One said

“You know Courtney baby, we’ve been fantasizing about you for years, Bobby’s hot and stacked older sister.”

“Yea, we used to take pictures of you in your bikini or your little sexy dresses and jerk off to them, You’ve given us years of jerk material.”

“So since we’ve been jerking to you for years imagining that hot body of yours, why don’t you jerk our cocks for us?”

Kris took my hand and placed it on his cock wrapping my fingers around his shaft. Conrad pressed on my shoulders and i went down on my knees. He took my other hand and placed it on his cock. I began stroking them off in rhythm, kneeling in front of them as Jackson knelt behind me and began sucking on my neck and reaching around to manhandle my breasts.

The boys were now warmed up and ready and really horny.

“It’s time to fuck that classy MILF face Courtney, fuck that long slender throat of yours.”

Jackson picked me up and tossed me on the bed on my stomach and straddled my legs. He pulled my arms behind my back, gripping my upper arms, so it in effect lifted my torso off the bed so my face was right at the edge. My breasts dangled just off the edge of the bed. Conrad walked up to me first and grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. He didn’t take his time or go slow. He pushed his whole length in at once, forcing it deeper and driving my head back further.

My eyes grew wide and started to water as I felt his cock at the back of my mouth inching down my throat. He held it there. I couldn’t push him away, I couldn’t pull away. My jaw ached from holding my mouth wide open. I wanted to gag. I was gurgling and letting out half gags, unable to breathe.

Conrad looked down at me, his cock balls deep in my face, hands gripping fistfuls of my nicely done up hair.

“Just as I always imagined, face fucking my friends bitch of a sister turned uptight classy lil soccer mom milf”

He pulled out and thrust back in and began a series of pumps and thrusts in my mouth as i struggled to breathe and squirmed but Jackson held me fast. I had never been face fucked before. I’d given a few blow jobs but never anything so deep.

Finally he pulled out as I gagged and gasped for breath. Jackson released his grip and i fell to my stomach on the bed panting. Conrad lifted my face up by my chin and slapped my face a with his cock.

“You look good with your mascara all runny Courtney. Like a true lil slut. You’ve always had the body of a pinup, too bad you were always a stuck up classy little bitch. We’re not the only guys who’ve wanted to fuck you senseless. Trust me, we heard things all through school about the Bobby’s Ice Queen Bitch of a sister. You always had too good a body, at least your tits anyway, not to let us pound away at it.”

Conrad climbed on the bed and took Jacksons place. Jackson took his turn fucking my mouth, and then Kris. Each forced their cocks deep down my throat, held my hair, and fondled my dangling breasts.

When they’d all had a turn with my mouth they said it was time for my pussy and they discussed how they wanted to do it. They paper rock scissored to figure out the order. They each wanted to fuck me in a different way. Kris was up first.

“I want to watch your face and your tits swing as I pound that sweet lil MILF body of yours,” he said. He took me over to the dresser with the large mirror and bent me over it, with my hands on the dresser. He peeled off my thong and squeezed my ass. “

Faith was right, she has a nice ass,” he laughed.

He put his hands on my waist and slid his cock in my wet pussy.

“She’s so wet, it just glides right in,” he shouted to his friends. He began to fuck me, picking up speed, beginning to grunt. “She’s still tight,” he said as he fucked me, slamming his pelvis into my ass. I could hear the slap slap slap of skin. My tits bounced and swung with each thrust. His gaze was fixed on the mirror watching my breasts, watching my face as I winced and panted. My eyes rolled back, as i cringed. His hands slid around to my flat stomach and held me as he thrust more cock meat into me. He then pushed in deep and held his cock there as his hands went up and grabbed my breasts then used them like handles to pull himself in deeper. I moaned and squeezed a bit. Then he grabbed my hair and used it as reins to force me to turn from the mirror 90 degrees so i was bending over and facing Conrad Escort who was next to us watching.

“Want the front end?” Kris asked Conrad.

“Hell yea,” Conrad held the sides of my head and put his cock back in my mouth, pounding his hips into my face in time with Kris’s thrusts into my pussy. They were both kinda holding me up so I didn’t collapse. Jackson crawled on the floor under me on his knees and reached up to fondle my hanging breasts. He put his mouth on them and began sucking like a famished infant looking for food, I could feel his teeth sinking into the flesh of my breasts and my nipples getting sucked back deep into his mouth.

Conrad pulled out

“I’m not wasting a load on her face.” Kris pulled my hair and fucked me harder.

“I’m so going to blow a load in you Courtney. Gonna blow my nuts off in your pale princess pinup up pussy.”

Kris stood me up, his cock still in me and shuffled a few feet to the bed. He pushed me face first onto the bed and yelled for Conrad to grab my arms. He grabbed them and held them outstretched across the bed as Kris held onto my waist and buried his cock in deeper.

“Wait, not in me!” I said beginning to fear the ramifications. Kris was too into it.

“Fuck Courtney… Fuck Courtney you tight little busty bitch” and he started to groan as i felt his fingers dig deeper into the flesh of my sides. He was cumming deep in my pussy.

I moaned, slowly rising from the bent over position Kris had me in. Sore, filled with cum, a bit worried about that. I figured it was over, but the guys had more in store. Not everyone had had their turn.

Jackson pushed me back on the bed so I fell on my back.

“I’ve fantasized about fucking you for a long time, since junior high. So I want you on your back, I want to look down at your face as I drill you.”

He climbed on me and spread my legs and wrapped them around his waist. I locked my ankles together behind his back and he leaned down to kiss me as he pushed his cock in.

“mm yessss” he said as he began to fuck me. His hands massaged my breasts as he kissed me on my mouth and neck. Then he just started looking down at me and picked up the pace of his thrusts. My tits began to jiggle the harder he went. I started to pant and arch my back as he fucked deeper. He looked down at me occasionally while playing with my tits or sucking on them.

His hands gripped my thighs as he hammered his cock into me, then he let them slide down to my ass and squeezed as he pushed in deep.

He lifted my legs up on his shoulders and drove in deeper. I squealed and whimpered as he fucked me. In and out… in and out… he went at my pussy like a jackhammer until he blew a big load of cum deep in my cunt. Then he climbed off, rolled me onto my stomach and slapped my ass. “Thanks for the ride Ice Queen.”

Two down one to go. Conrad sat in the chair. “Come here Court.” I stood up and walked over to him on shaky legs. He pulled me onto his lap.

“Ride me doll.”

I straddled him and lowered myself on his erect cock. His hands went to my ass and began directing my movement, slow and first then faster until my breasts bounced up and down in his face. He took them in his mouth and sucked on them. His hands slid up my back and around to my chest and he mauled my breasts before his hands went to my hips and he began bouncing me up and down on his cock harder and faster. I was moaning and panting, my body already tired and weak and sore.

Conrad stood up, holding me up by the ass, his cock still in my pussy and carried me to the wall, pinning me against it off the ground, my feet in the boots, dangling in the air. He fucked me harder, my head was banging against the wall. He grunted and pulled out and let me fall to the ground. He stood over me and started shooting streams of cum in my face.

“Makes your stuck up bitchy face a lil hotter Courtney, I’m not gonna lie.”

I laid on the floor for a few minutes. The guys were just congratulating themselves already talking about the highlights of the nights action and comparing me to their other conquests.

I finally got up and picked up my dress and thong and walked into the bathroom to take a shower. I had to clean up before going home. I turned on the water and let it get nice and hot before stepping in, letting the water wash the cum, sweat and saliva off my body, still in disbelief about what had happened. I was beginning to sober up and have a few regrets.

Then the bathroom door opened, I looked through the clear glass doors of the shower enclosure and saw Faith in a little robe walking toward me.

Faith opened the door of the shower and let her robe slip off her tanned body and fall to the tile floor of the bathroom. She was naked and I stared at her body. I could tell she’d just been fucked. Her breasts still had light teeth marks and hickies, her ass still red from slaps or squeezes.

She stepped into the shower behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist and put her head on my shoulder.

“You okay babe?” she asked.

“I guess. I wasn’t prepared for all that. It kinda got outta hand.”

“Yea, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left you with those guys. It was like leaving a wounded antelope with a pack of lions.”

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