The Reminder

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Walking slowly up the dark walk way, my heart pounding in my chest. Master and I have only been together for a few months and I had slipped out while He was at work for what was supposed to be a quick drink with the girls and ended up turning into four hours. I knew He would be mad.

My legs trembling with each step. I quietly unlock the door and slip inside, the house is dark and I let out a sigh that He must have went to bed and I wouldn’t be in trouble until at least the morning. I hang up my small jean jacket beside the door and start to head upstairs. I stop dead in my tracks as the light flicks on.

Master is standing in the doorway to the living room. His arms are crossed over His strong chest. My heart jumps into my throat as I step down from the first step, hanging my head and fiddling with my cell phone in my fingers.

“Where were you?”

His voice was cold and one I was getting to know very well.

“i went out with my friends and lost track of time Sir.”

My voice trembling. I keep my head lowered not able to look at Him and His dark eyes.

“And you dressed like this?”

He steps over slowly, and reaches for the short hem of my jean skirt. His question rhetorical but I feel the need to answer anyway.

“Yes Sir, all my friends dress like this,” I stammer over my words, shifting nervously in my high heels.

“So all your friends are whores?”

“No Sir.”

“Well only whores dress like this, wanting to show off what goods they have to use.” His voice still soft and icy.

Before I can speak His warm hand grabs me around the throat and pushing me back to the wall, pinning me there. My pussy clenches with half excitement and half fear. He leans his mouth into my ear and hisses.

“Did you ask Me if you could go out whore?”

“No Sir.” My tone rasping under His strong grip.

“Are you supposed to ask Me if you can go out?” His hot breath making my hips squirm.

“Yes Sir, but You were working …” My words get cut off as He grips harder.

“There is no excuse whore, you could have texted Me, you had Me worried and I do NOT like that feeling!” He hisses, His cold eyes glaring at me.

My body freezes while He cuts my air off completely, then gasping hard as He releases letting me breath. My pussy now aching. His other hand grabs at my thin tank top and pulls it down along with my bra, exposing my breasts. His hand landing hard smacks to each one in turn until they are a deep pink. I gasp and cry out as the sting spreads through my body. My legs dance on the spot not able to move from the wall.

“i’m sorry Sir!!”

He lets go of my throat and grips a handful of my hair, pulling me down to my knees.

“You will be! Perhaps you need a little reminder of your place, and why I allow you to stay with Me!” He says quickly, kicking my knees open wide. My micro mini skirt easily slipping up and exposing my red satin panties. He crouches down and rubs His fingers hard and rough over the crotch of them which is now damp with my juices. I push my hips greedily into them.

“Well look at you My little whore is already wet!” He steps behind me, keeping the grip on my hair.

“Sometimes I wonder if you do these things just to get punished.” His mouth right by my ear as He crouches behind me. He reaches around pinning my arm to my side and grabs my breast, pulling and twisting my nipple one then the other. I cry out my nipples being super sensitive and my body squirms in pain, closing my knees. He slaps my legs until I slide them open then slaps my inner thighs.

“Keep those fucking legs open!”

My panting gets harder, fear and excitement rushing through my whole body.

“Oh Sir, please, i am sorry…i’m sorryyyyy!”

He keeps pulling and twisting my nipples. My back arching with each twinge of pain. He pulls me back against His body between His legs which He drops to His knees to keep from falling back from my hard squirming against Him. My legs sliding out straight and sitting on my ass, as He slaps each inner thigh to make me spread them wider. His hand again comes around to my throat, gripping it tightly, my head hard against His chest. His other hand slips under my panties and rubbing my clit fast and hard.

“Sir!! pleaseeee!” I screech out under his grip, an orgasm now edging hard and He knows it.

“Don’t you fucking dare!” His fingers now plunging in and out of my soaked hole.

My hips twisting and moving trying to force back my climax. My hands on the floor at my sides trying to keep balance, writhing back against Him. He pulls away quickly and pushes me to the floor.

Panting and gasping hard, closing my legs and trying to sit up on my knees. I watch Him walking to a chair where He had rope already sitting out. He grabs it and walks back to me. I quickly try to scurry away, knowing He’s going to hog Escort bayan tie me, as its my most hated binding.

“Where do you think your going whore!?”

He grabs my hair and pulls me along the floor, my legs kicking and my hands gripping around His wrists, squealing and gasping. He pushes me flat to the floor on my tummy. Putting His knee in the middle of my back, grabbing my arm and pulling it back. He quickly ties and wraps it around my wrist, then pulls the other arm back and tying them together. I keep twisting and trying to move under His weight.

“Stop fucking squirming, you’re just making this worse!”

“Please Sir, i’m sorry, i’m sorry! i just wanted time with my friends!”

“I would never deny you time with your friends slut, you just did it the wrong way!”

He keeps tying the rope now around each ankle then pulling, bending my legs up and attaching the rope to my wrists. I pant deeply as He tightens the hog tie. He makes me spread my knees by smacking each inner thigh.

“Open!” He hisses through clenched teeth.

Whimpering hard with each smack, my skin on fire and glowing bright pink, spreading my knees as wide as I can being bound. He grabs the scissors out of His side pocket and pulls my wet panties up hard, cutting them and roughly pulling them from my body. I screech out as the fabric is pulled between my now sopping pussy lips.

“That is enough out of you!”

He hisses, crumpling my panties up and roughly pushes them into my mouth the same time His fingers quickly push into me pumping them in and out. I scream into my panty gag, my muscles clenching hard around His fingers. He twists them with each thrust, my body squirming on the floor. My breasts still out of my tank top and bra rub painfully over the hard carpet.

He pulls His fingers from me. I let out a deep hard groan into the gag as my edging climax is once again denied. He pulls His fingers out and slaps my squirming inner thighs. I hear His zipper coming down and getting between my spread legs, His arms on either side of my head. One hard thrust and He is buried to the hilt. Riding me hard and fast and just as I was about to explode He pulls out. He stands up straddling His legs over me gripping my hair and pulling my head back sharply and hissing into my ear.

“Oh no you don’t slut this is not about pleasure! you seen to ruining that for yourself with your little disappearing stunt. Perhaps next time you’ll remember the rules in this house and in My life! It’s time for your reminder.”

He unties my legs and pulls me up to my feet, and pushes me towards the basement door and down the stairs into His playroom. I stand still as He pulls the small cage to the middle of the room. I let out a deep groan, biting down on my panties. I hate that thing, it is so small that I have to crouch in it or stay on my knees. He goes to the drawer and pulls out a large anal hook, nostril hook then some more thin rope, lube and sets it on the top.

“You WILL learn to ask for My permission for ANYTHING you want or need!”

He walks behind and unties my wrists. Again taking His scissors out as starts roughly cutting off the rest of my clothes. He pushes me to the floor with my face on the cold concrete. His hand on the back of my neck and slaps my ass cheeks.

“Arch that ass up!” I quickly arch my back and push my ass up high in the air.

“Stay just like that.”

I whimper as He pours the cold slick liquid over my tightly puckered hole, making me squirm. He slaps my ass hard again, making me still. He presses the large cold metal plug to my hole. He eases it in. I freeze as my ring stretches out around it. Whimpering deeply into my panties still in my mouth until it finally comes to rest and my ring closes around it to a somewhat comfortable size. He ties the thin rope to the end of the hook and drapes it down over my shoulder.

“Up, crawl into your cage and squat!” He barks sharply.

I slowly crawl in the small door, twisting carefully around. I barely have any room. I slip my feet under and lean forward on my knees. He lets out a sigh as He closes and locks the door, then reaches down through the top and grabs the rope pulling up. A muffled cry fills the air as I lift my ass.

“I said SQUAT! Not kneel slut!”

I get my feet under me, squatting and put my fingers through the front of the cage, leaning forward a little until my face is close to the opening so He still has access to my mouth.

Panting deeply as the pain shoots up through my filled ass. He pulls the rope out and over top of the cage and lays it aside. I watch him carefully He picks up the nostril hook and sets the black rubber ends into my nose and takes the rope pulling it through the loop on the end.

I whimper out as He pulls the rope making it pull hard on the hook in my ass and my head Bayan escort tilt upwards. A Discomforting pain shoots through my spine. He ties it off happy with the position and knowing I can not move. If I did drop my head it would pull hard on the hook up my nose and tug on the hook in my ass. He crouches down to look at me and smirks wickedly, reaching in and softly touching my cheek.

“Mmmm you remember this from your training, don’t you My pet?”

I nod my head as little as I can closing my eyes with a whimper as the hook pulls. He laughs

“Good.” His finger slides over my parted lips then slowly pulls my panties from them. I lick my lips and move my jaw a little.

“You also remember what is going to happen right now, don’t you?”

“You are going to leave me like this for some time to think Sir.” I pant out softly.

“Not quite yet.” He stands up and unsnaps His pants and pulls out His half hard cock, stroking it in front of the opening in the cage.

“Since you were not here when I arrived home for My blow job greeting, I am just going to take it. Open.”

I open my mouth whimpering as my nostrils are pulled back. I lift my ass up to give myself a little slack, holding my tongue out. He quickly and roughly shoves it into my mouth. I suck and slide my tongue around it and moan softly. He lets out a groan at the vibrations and starts to fuck my mouth deep and hard with each thrust. The once pleasurable sucking turns into deep hard gags. My fingers grip the bars now whimpering with each movement of my head causing the hooks to wriggle and move.

He grips the top of the cage and lets out a guttural growl, stilling deep in my throat and releasing His cum. I try swallowing hard but it is too much and gets pushed out of the corners of my mouth, running down. He pulls out and tucks His cock back in His pants. Crouching and laughs at His cum hanging from my chin.

“Don’t you dare touch that. I am going upstairs now to let you think for a little bit.”

With that said I watch as He walks to the door and flips on the intercom and heads up the stairs. I let out a sigh, squirming and panting softly. My legs start to burn from being squatted and really wishing I had of peed before I left the bar. My bladder starting to pain from the drinks I had earlier. I know if I started to beg right now I would just be ignored so I resign myself to staying quiet for now.

After what seemed like hours tears start to flow down my cheeks. It really has only been 45 minutes according to the clock on the wall. Every muscle now turning numb and aching, it feels like it’s been hours. He left the door open and I could smell that He has cooked. My tummy starts to growl along with the multitude of sensations rolling over my whole body. Shooting pain down my spine, a deep numbing burn in my legs, my bladder screaming to be emptied and now my stomach craving sustenance. I start to cry out.

“Master please.” Not really knowing what I want first with everything that is happening to me.

“What slut? I’m busy eating!”

“i need to pee, please Master.”

I hear movement upstairs and then His footsteps descending down towards me. I look at the door careful not to move my head and He grins.

“Now was that so hard?” He states walking over and picking up a bowl.

He opens the front of the cage and my heart sinks. I was hoping He would let me out to go to the bathroom to pee, so i could at least stretch my cramping legs. He slides the bowl under me. I close my eyes with humiliation trying to force my bladder to let go, but it is hard with Him standing there.

“I thought you needed to pee?”

He chuckles, watching my cheeks turn bright red, knowing I am still embarrassed about peeing in front of Him even after all this time. It is amazing how much He learned about me in these few short months.

“Yes Sir, i do. i am trying.” I gasp out softly then groan as finally the hot stream flows out, making my whole body shiver with relief. Once done He passes me some toilet paper to wipe myself. He takes the bowl away and closes the door.

“Is that all you need?” He smirks

“No Sir, i can’t feel my legs and i am so hungry!”

“Well?” He raises His eyebrow.

“Master please may i get out of here and have something to eat?” I ask in a soft groan.

“I’ll think about it.” He turns and heads back upstairs.

Tears start to flow down my cheeks softly sobbing. I know He is making a point that I will have to endure if I want to stay with Him. I can not believe I was so stupid not to have asked Him permission to go. He would never deny me anything, well almost anything with in reason.

Lost in my thoughts, He comes back down with a plate and sits down in His chair. Pushing the food around the plate. The smell making my stomach twist with hunger. He keeps watching Escort me closely until I break.

“Please Master may i have a bite?”

He smiles and stands up. He starts feeding me through the cage. I thank Him for each bite as He speaks.

“You do know how much I love you girl. You scared Me a great deal. What kind of Master would I be if I let anything bad happen to you?”

I know not to say a word as He talks. My heart pounding in my chest now. After finishing what was on the plate. He stands and lightly taps my upturned nose.

“Anything else?”

“Yes Sir, please take the hook out of my nose.”

“I think you have earned it so far.” He smiles at my pleading tone.

He unties the thin rope and gently takes the hook from my nose, laying the rope still attached to my anal hook over my shoulder.

Without any prompting I beg deeply.

“Please Master let me out, i can’t feel my legs.”

He smiles and nods. Coming around the front and opening the door. He picks up the rope from my shoulder and pulls gently. I gasp and whimper as I drop to my knees and slowly crawl. Panting hard as the blood rushes back to my legs with each movement. It quickly turns to pins and needles. I lay curled on the floor not able to even stay on my knees. He reaches down and starts to massage my legs making me squirm from the sensation and making the hook in my ass move pushing in deeper.

He pulls me up from the floor and bends me over the leather padded table. I start to slide down my legs aching hard, whimpering.

“You brought this all on yourself. All it would have taken was a simple text.”

He comes around in front of me pulling my arms straight, making my body thankfully slide up higher on the table and stretching them out to each end of the table. Picking up the leather cuffs attached to each leg of the table, He buckles one around each wrist. He walks back around behind me and grabs my ankle pulling it, I let out a screech, to which I promptly get a swift stinging slap to my ass cheek. I bite my lip to try and keep quiet. He puts the cuff around it. He does the same to the other leg, deep whimpers fill the air.

“The only thing I want to hear from you right now is, i’m sorry Sir i will always ask for permission.”

He picks up the cat o nine and starts a build up of swats all over my back and down over my ass. I whimper out each time they cross over and hit the hook, repeating the phrase with each one. They start getting harder and the sting starts to flow through my deep pink skin. My pussy clenching and drooling with each one. My ass clenching hard around the unforgiving metal still hooked into it. They suddenly come to a stop and His hand starts to rub softly over the heated flesh. My body gasping for air from holding it between lashes.

I suddenly cry out as two fingers push deep inside my sopping wet pussy. Every muscle clenches hard. He fingers me mercilessly, curling and twisting His fingers with each fast thrust. That delicious feeling of climax within my reach, I start crying out.

“Please Sir, may i cum!! please!! please!! please!!”

“Mmmm good girl, you can learn!” His fingers like a piston.

My body starts twisting and trembling trying to hold back, clenching every muscle with what little strength I have left, knowing I would be in deeper trouble if I let it go.

“Good girl…cum!” He hisses.

A torrent of pleasure rushes though my whole body at His words. He pulls His fingers from my soaked pussy, and quickly in one hard thrust His cock is buried balls deep. My back arches hard, throwing my head back with a loud screech. He leans over my body and grips my throat tightly as He pounds me into the hard table. What once was pleasure is now turning to pain, grunting like an animal with each thrust. His cock finally grows harder and He stills deep inside me and fills me with His release. Slowly pulling from me stepping back watching His cum ooze out.

“Please Sir, can i go upstairs now?” I gasp deeply, my whole body exhausted and trembling. I am so sore and just want to curl up to Him and pass out.

He walks around and undoes my restraints, pressing on my lower back and slowly pulling the hook out of my ass, making me whimper out loudly. He grips me around the waist and pulling my all but limp used body to His sweat covered chest. Softly He rubs my hair and kisses me taking what little breath I have left, pulling back leaving me like a weak kitten in His strong arms. I look into His now soft soothing eyes.

“No pet, you are going to stay the night down here.”

My heart sinks,letting a soft whimpering pout push past my lips. He scoops me up knowing I would not be able to walk and takes me over to the bed laying me down on the soft mattress face up. He walks around and restrains me spread eagle. I am not able to argue or move. He puts a blindfold over my eyes and kisses me once more. I feel Him getting off the bed and walking to the door.

“Get some sleep My pet, you’re going to need it.”

He chuckles closing the door. My mind races with thoughts of what tomorrow will bring.

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