Meet Me in San Fran

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The following story in written in 3 pieces. The first and third in the point of view or Mr. WT and the middle section by Miss EP.


Written by WT. . .

You are in San Fran for business however I am lucky enough to meet you there for 24 hours. I wait for you to finish work as I wait with anticipation from a booth in the near the hotel bar. As I wait I am watching many visitors check into the hotel and go up the glass elevators to their floor.

When I finally see you stroll in with you high heels and well-fitting pencil skirt my heart skips a beat. You look around for me and settle at the bar. I am not the only one who has noticed you. You look at your phone for a sign as one of the men offers to buy you a drink. I quickly text you to know you should accept and that I will briefly enjoy his flirting with you. Both men are enjoying themselves as they look you up and down. The men are clearly noticing the very fine assets that are straining the buttons on your New York and Company blouse that is thankfully cut just right.

As much I am enjoying watching this take place I figure it’s my time to interrupt. I walk up and give you a quick peck on your lips as we say hello. The bartender asks me if I need a drink and I reply that I need to order enough drinks for this beautiful Escort bayan lady to go upstairs with me. You blush but mention that no more drinks are required. I ask how many you would need to drop to your knees in the elevator on the way. You are really blushing now and I order you a shot.

Soon we depart and I have zero expectation of the elevator fantasy. However, as we approach the elevator another group is there too. You mention we should wait for the next ride. I have never been so excited to be on the 28th floor as I was when you immediately dropped down and reminded me of that sensational feeling. I open my eyes and look down on the bar. Everyone is looking up as us as we head to our floor.

Written by EP. . .

So I’m on my knees in a glass elevator fulfilling a fantasy of yours while on display for the lobby below. Thank you for the shots! It definitely helps with some exhibitionist inhibitions. 😉

I wonder do you like being on display? Do you just like that others are watching? Do you like to be in control and being able to watch yourself being pleasured? Do you like that you are the envy of everyone below…going up with the girl?

So we ascend 25 floors. I’ve brought you to a near climax. I slowly pull back lingering with my tongue on the tip of you. Bayan escort I reach around and pull the stop button of the elevator. The glass elevator now has privacy. I stand up in front of you. I pull up my skirt. I bring my entire body pressed up against yours. I ask you to take me. I maneuver myself up against the elevator glass wall. You pick me up. I wrap my arms around your neck and legs around your waist. You forcefully enter me. You pull my hair to pull my face toward you so you take my lips in passionate kisses while you pulse in and out of me over and over…and then…

Written by WT. . .

While I am enjoying holding you up and thrusting myself into you I need more. I need to kiss you more, I need to touch you more, and I need you naked. I let you down so we can make our way down the hall to the room. While I let you pull your skirt back down I insist on leaving your partially open shirt as is. The gives a great view or you bra coverage cleavage to the couple we pass on our floor.

In the room, I open the blinds to the view of the city then make a call down to room service to bring up a couple of beers. We stand by the window and exchange several minutes of kisses while pulling each other shirts off. The skin to skin contact is amazing. Finally I grab you hair Escort and pull you down to finish what you started in the elevator.

Looking down at you still in your heels, skirt and bra is so hot as you dance your tongue around my dick. It feels and looks amazing. Also knowing that you are tasting yourself turns me on. I grab the back of your head and head and fuck your face for a few strokes before allowing you to return to the rhythm and pace that you know so well. I tell you that if you don’t stop I will come all over you. This idea prompts you to go harder and I shoot a small shot in your mouth before pulling out and covering your chest. As this happens there is a knock at the door.

I quickly give you my dress shirt which you lightly pull on as I slide under the sheets. You open the door fully allowing the young man to get a good view of you and what is happening in the room. You tell him you will need a few more in an hour or so.

I tell you that I need to taste you. You instruct me to relax while you open your beer. As you sip your beer I finally finish undressing you fully. My tongue needs you. It needs to be deep inside you. You lie back on the bed and allow me to work between your legs. This excites up more but you want control. You flip over and force yourself on my face moving back and forth you can control the action with my tongue and nose. I love reaching up and grabbing your tits and around to grab your ass while you pleasure yourself with my face.

This is great but I am hard again and I need to be inside you. . .

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