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This is one of those “I had a strange thing happen and I need to tell somebody” stories. But I really do need to tell someone because I just can not get it out of my head. It’s not really guilt… more a fear I may be going insane. Well, that is if not being able to tell the difference between fantasy and reality classifies as insane. I mean I know what I am about to tell you could not have really happened… but… this is the second time I have had such an intense fantasy that I have my doubts. And both times there have been an email… a real email which I received (but somehow was deleted) from the same man. But, I am getting way ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning.

I am a married woman, and yes, a happily married woman. I have had one affair, which my husband does not know about. It was both passionate and short-lived. I mention this just to point out that at the age of forty-four, there are men out there who still find me attractive. I have been told I have the “classic” redhead-look with my red hair and very freckled, very fair skin, and tend to look younger than I really am. After having two kids, I do not have the skinny body I had when I married twenty-three years ago, but am still able to fit into a dress size which make some of my friends jealous. And also, as a result of having children, my breasts filled out and seems to catch the attention of both men and women.

About a year ago, my husband was out of town. I was alone at home and was working on the computer when suddenly I was bound to my chair. I thought my lover had crept into the house, but it seems it was some black man, who took full advantage of the situation. It was not a rape… more like the playing out of a bondage fantasy which I did not even know I had. The strangest thing was when it was over, and both of us sexually and totally satisfied, it was like I awoke from a dream or fantasy. I was still just sitting at the computer. My clothes were not torn or even in any form of disarray. There was no evidence anything had happened. But I immediately received an email which indicated something had happened and was signed, “Your Black Lover”. To add to it, in the email, he said that this time he came to me… the next time I would come to him.

This whole episode messed with my mind for a long time. I never told my husband, but spent a lot of time trying to figure out just what happened. And if anything really did happen. But I had that damn email and it was REAL!. The most obsessive thing about it was the intense sexual feelings which I felt whenever I would think about it.

But as with most things, the obsession with it faded as the days, weeks and months passed. One of the things which did linger though was how I looked at black men now. I found myself paying more attention to black males when I would see them. And I finally had to admit to myself that I am attractive to black men. Please do not misunderstand me. I have not ever considered myself racist. It’s just I never thought about having a black man as a lover. But I guess it’s like how some men are attracted to redheads, I realized I am now attractive to black males.

Like I said, my thinking about the whole episode had faded… until last night. My husband was again out of town and I was again home alone. I was just passing time on the computer, checking my email when I noticed an email with the subject line of “More Memory Making” and the sender was Your Black Lover. When I saw it in my In Box, it suddenly felt like a hundred butterflies filled my stomache. And all those intense sexual feelings returned. My hand started to tremble, yet as if on auto-pilot, moved the mouse… and click… opened the email. Unconsciously holding my breath, I read:

Hello, Dear Lady,

Please join me. Your Black Lover.

There was some odd looking icon or link or something right after the message which seemed to beckon me. Hesitantly, yet without much thought, I moved the cursor over the icon and unable to stop myself…

In an instant, I am no longer sitting at my computer. But I find myself standing outside two very large, heavy doors. I am wearing some sort of very light ivory-colored long dressing gown. Slowly, the doors swing open, revealing a massive hall or chamber with exotic music drifting through the air. The room is very dark except for a strangely lit path leading from the open doors, down stone steps across the smooth stone floor of the room, and ending at the base of a raised platform with a type of altar on it. The altar seems to be no more than a table or platform in itself, covered in white linen. Brilliant light is beaming down on the altar from somewhere above, giving it an appearance of sanctity.

As I stand, Escort bayan two figures in dark hooded robes move from behind the massive doors and come to my sides. I sense no malice or ill-will. Rather, I am feeling warm, welcomed… protected by my new escorts. Silently, we descend the stairs and as we cross the floor, I can see two more hooded figures move to either end of the altar. As if silently agreed, my escorts and myself stop at the bottom of the steps leading up to the lit platform and wait. A large statured black man dressed in an ornate white robe drifts out of the darkness and gracefully moves until he is standing in front of the altar, peering down at us. He is a powerfull looking man, yet with a glow about him that gives off a natural warmth. As our eyes meet, a welcoming smile fills his face and with a simple hand gesture, beckons us to him. Ascending the steps seems effortless for I am attracted by this man’s strength.

I find myself directly before the man in the white robe. The two hooded figures who had been standing on either side of the altar silently move behind myself and my escorts remain at my sides. I feel engulfed in the presence of the man in the white robe and the feeling is a dynamic mixture of gentleness, passion and desire. I do not feel intimidated, but rather a sense of familiarity and trust exists.

Gazing into my eyes and reaching forward with one of his large hands, he ever so gently strokes the side of my face. His feathery light touch electrifies my body, sending shivers through me, weakening my knees. His fingers dance along my cheek, following the line of my jaw until they rest so softly upon my lips. Pursing my lips, I kiss his fingertips with the same butterfly touch he has shared with me. I am thrilled with the smile which comes to his face. I realize my desire for this man is growing with each touch… each glance… each smile.

His fingers leave my lips and continue their dance down my chin… and now my sensitve throat… until they come to rest on the knotted string holding the top of my gown together. He gently tugs on the cord and I feel the knot come loose. Our eyes still locked, his hands slowly pull the gathered material of the gown open until my shoulders are bared. And with the simple release of the material from his grasp, the gown falls, puddling around my feet. For a brief moment, I experience a feeling of vulnerability. But his eyes are not filled with anything other than adoration and desire. And the feeling of vulnerabilty is quickly replaced by arousal and a deep burning need.

The man glides forward, wrapping his massive arms around me. Closing my eyes, I feel him press his sensual, soft lips to mine and we kiss. The passion within me surges as now our tongues meet for the first time. Holding me tightly to him, I can feel the contrast of his strength and gentleness. And my knees weaken as the kiss seems to touch the very center of my being.

As if carefully choreographed, our kiss slows until our lips part, and I stand breathless in his arms. With my eyes still closed savorying the touch and taste of this man, I feel him lowering my body back and into the arms of our hooded companions. Without fear, I allow them to lift my nude body and place me on the linen covered altar. It is at that moment I feel as if I am a queen waiting to be serviced… beautiful… sensual… and deservant of their absolute attention.

A silken pillow is carefully postioned under my head. I watch as one by one, each hooded figure unfastens and removes their robes, until standing on all sides of me are four wonderfully attractive and naked black males. With a nod from the man in the white robe, my body is immediately being touched… massaged… tantilized and teased by four sets of hands. No matter where I look or feel… my legs… arms… abdomen… or chest and breasts, there is at least one black hand touching me… gliding over my skin. The sensations are almost overwhelming as my arousal climbs to a new level. And added to the touching and feeling is the eroticism of contrast between my very fair skin and the dark colored hands caressing me.

I watch as two hands playfully stroke my breasts… rubbing and teasing my nipples until they are hard and standing up from the attention and begging for more. I feel my legs being gently parted and positioned so two other sets of hands can massage both of my calves while yet another set of hands glide over and between my thighs, working higher and higher up until they meet at my very wet and now open nether lips. And as if my body is not experiencing enough, the last pair of hands begin their dance from just below my breasts… downward… pausing to tease my Bayan escort naval for just a moment and then continuing their journey until they reach the top of my slit. As if knowing how sensitive I can be, they gently caress my mound, avoiding my clit.

I can not focus on any one part of my body for the sensations seem to be everywhere! I close my eyes as a moan escapes from my lips. Masculine fingers are delving into my wetness, opening me up and ever so slightly sliding into my warm chamber causing my hips to press downward. My breasts are swollen with desire as they are molded in strong hands. Each of my nipples are now being gently sucked and licked, feeling both soothing and stimulating at the same time. Finger tips are dipping into my wetness and find my exposed clit. My body feels so sexually alive as I squirm on the altar under the perfect manipulations of my black lovers. I have never experienced such intense sexual sensations permeating throughout my entire being.

I am brought back from my complete emulsion in the continual surging of sexual sensation when I feel something soft touch my cheek. I open my eyes and must smile for positioned next to my face is the large black shaft of one of my companions. Without hesitation, I wrap my fingers around the very hard shaft and guide it into my waiting mouth. I suck and lick the head, twirling my tongue around and around… stroking and pulling the rigid rod so I can take more and more of it. I love the feel of the black cock as it gets wetter and wetter and slides deeper and deeper between my lips. The man attached to the beautiful column of flesh begins to rock his hips forward and back, allowing me to lay my head on the soft pillow and just enjoy. My other hand is slowly moved until it too feels another hard cock, which I grasp and stroke.

My thighs are lifted and parted… bringing my knees up… held in place… opening further my wet slit. Soft lips begin to kiss my swollen labia until finally, I feel the tongue of one of my lovers lick the full length of my pussy. I try to squirm and guide the tongue to my clit, but the hands holding my thighs open are strong and unyielding. The thick tongue continues to lick and explore, working its way into my opening, reaching inside me and then pulling back, only to spear back into me. I suck harder on the cock in my mouth and gripping the shaft that is in my other hand firmly, I slide my fingers more quickly up and down.

After an agonizing eternity, the tongue in my pussy moves to my clit. And with the first few flicks of this marvelous instrument, I begin to quiver. An orgasmic wave is building deep inside my being. I raise my head, forcing the last bit of shaft in my mouth deeper until I feel the course hair at it’s base tickling my nose. The man in my mouth moans and I can feel the shaft start to pulsate and his hips move more rapidly and purposefully, driving into me. My clit is now being sucked, the tongue dancing against my most sensitive of spots. The wave inside me is building and though my thighs are held, my hips bounce up and down, trying to force as much of me into the hot mouth which is driving me to my orgasm.

It is the moans of the man whose cock I am stroking which becomes louder, echoing in the darkness. In my heat, I had not realized how I was yanking on his root with such determination. The rod is rock hard and begins to throb. I hear his gasps, then feet the release as his juices jet from the staff, the hot liquid landing on my chest and breasts. Before he is done, the cock in my mouth swells and with a thrust, fills my mouth again and again. And as I am attempting to swallow this load, the tongue on my clit quickens it’s pace and is joined by two large fingers pushing deep into my womanhood. No longer to be contained, my orgasm sweeps through my body. My whole world seems to explode in white light… intense spasms of sensation radiating through my being. And it seems to surge and crest, only to surge again. I feel my body thrash against the hands holding me… I am unable to do anything but experience the most intense of physical pleasures.

As the white light fades and my body begins to calms, I feel the hands gently lowering my legs. A warm cloth is used to clean away the remnants of our climax, wiping my face, chest and breasts. The attention is soothing and I feel serene.

The man in the white robe approaches my ritualistic bed, smiles, and hands me a glass of amber liquid. It smells and tastes sweet, and seems to be just what I need as it’s warmth fills me. As I lay on my side and propped on one arm, the man bends and kisses me. He tastes even sweeter and his lips seems to re-ignite the flame inside me. I watch as he unties Escort the fastening of his robe and two of the other men slide it from his body. He has a broad chest, with muscular legs and arms. Glancing down, I stare at the largest, blackest cock I have seen. In no way does it look menacing or threatening, yet it’s length and girth is amazing. I realize I am licking my lips in desire for this man. He moves up on the altar, now spotted with my juices, and lays down next to me. Passing my glass to one of the others, I touch the man’s massive chest, my fingers skating over this smooth skin. Playfully, I tease his nipples until they harden to my touch. Our eyes lock for a moment as I bend and trace my tongue across his perfect chest, pausing to tickle his nipples before sucking each into my mouth. I can feel one of his hands softly stroking my hair as if in approval.

My fingertips drift down his hard abdomen, learning every curve… every ripple of muscle… until they touch the soft, smooth skin covering the head of his cock which is laying in waiting for me. Teasingly, I lightly drag my nails down the full length of the monstrous shaft until, unable to control myself, I wrap my pale fingers around the solid column of manhood. It feels so large and heavy as I try to stroke it. And as I lift it away from his body, it seems to protude up… begging to be kissed.

With a feeling of lustful confidence, my mouth moves to the top of the ebony pole and I kiss just the tip of it. He moans ever so quietly and my determination to please him whelms up. I lick the head until it gleams in the white light, then guide it between my lips. I can feel my lips stretching around him and can only take a little bit in at a time. My tongue stays busy… twirling around and around… playfully teasing and at the same time, continuing to wet each new inch of his black cock as it enters my mouth.

His marvelous instrument quickly fills my mouth and presses against the back of my throat. It is too massive for me to take but part of it in, so I speed up the bobbing of my head and now both of my hands are stroking up and down. My world at this moment is so small… and time seems to stand still, for all that exists is the pleasure I am experiencing devouring this pillar of ebony cock.

But then my pleasure comes to an end as I feel him lifting my head up and away from his cock. I am consumed with disappoint for my obsession with this massive organ is not quenched. Yet, as I look into his eyes, it is obvious he has no desire to disappoint me. He silently nods to the men standing around us. I feel strong hands lifting me completely and gently positioning my body so I am sitting on the abdomen of my black lover. With my legs sprauled on either side of his body, he pulls me down so that we may kiss. Again, I feel as if I am melting as we kiss, our tongues playing out a lustful ballet in each other’s mouth. His kisses are simply beyond words for they send thrills through me as no other kiss has.

The hands of the other men are again on my body… touching me… sliding up and down my back and thighs… gently squeezing the globes of my ass… slipping into my wetness… and gliding into my opening as if preparing me for the next step. Over and over, the fingers slide in, opening me up. I can feel my juices coating the inside of my thighs as a hand snakes between our bodies and finds my clit. With the first touch to my responsive bud, another orgasm begins to swell and I moan deeply into my lover’s mouth.

But before I can climax, I am quickly hoisted up and my body is positioned just above my black lover’s lance. The hands begin to lower my body and I feel the bulbulous head pressing into my wetness. Slowly, it enters me… stretching me… filling me as I sink further and further down the impressive shaft. I feel so light headed with lust as my body is lifted, leaving just the knob still within me, only to be again lowered and touched deeper inside. Over and over, my body is raised and lowered dragging my clit up and down this black tower of pleasure… waves of sensual delight coursing through me. I am like a ragdoll, completely giving myself over to the hands sliding me up and down, allowing them to pace my pleasure.

My breathing is shallow, yet with each slide down the black pole, a moan is forced from me. I am being bounced up and down… stretched… filled… touched in places so deep they have never been touched before. My orgasm is suddenly upon me… my body trembling and shaking as wave after wave ripples through my being… pleasure so intense I hear myself scream out… then all is dark.

I opened my eyes to a sunlit room. I was laying naked in my bed. It was morning. The confusion set in. Was it a dream… an incredibly powerful dream? Like the last time, it all seemed so real yet so surreal.

I rolled over to look at the clock and that is when I saw it… a long, ivory-colored gown, draped over the chair. That all to familiar shiver ran through me.

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