The Only Asian

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We stand outside of her apartment, saying our goodbyes. Her computer is all fixed up now thanks to me. A small favor I typically do for my younger friend. She has flowing dark blond locks and deep blue eyes perfectly accompanied by a lovely hour-glass figure. I’ve always wanted her and I’m sure she knows it.

She’s afraid to give me a chance, fearing to be with me. The reason is simple enough but sets my anger on fire. Her family, the racist scum, would likely disown her were she with someone who wasn’t white like her. She doesn’t have the slightest hint of racism in her heart, however, she respects her families wishes and sticks with her own race. Even though she’s been on her own for four years, she still acts as if they watch her every move. An Asian man like me would get no approval from her family whatsoever. She loves them dearly, despite their obvious flaws.

I’ve tried asking her out in the past, around the time we met. She was just as beautiful as she is standing in front of me now. She sighed deeply and told me she couldn’t. At first I was sure it was her own views. But after we became good friends, I did meet her family one day while at her place. Her father came over to be sure she was doing well on her own. I overheard a conversation between her and her father.

“So what’s with your friend?” her father asked, not seeming to care I was in the other room and the walls were paper-thin.

“What do you mean?” she asked. I could tell she already knew what was coming.

“You better not be dating him,” he said sternly.

“I’m not seeing him, Dad. He’s just a friend.” She lowered her voice.

“You know how I feel about that.”

“I know.”

“It’s disgusting. And if I find out you’re dating him, I’ll never speak to you again. You’d be no better than the rest of those gooks and shoe-shiners, and I’d be sure to treat you as such.”

By that time, I’d heard enough and left, getting into my car and leaving. I was furious at what I’d heard. I was probably half-way home when she called me on my cell phone crying her heart out. I ended up going back to her. Crying in my arms, letting my shirt soak up her tears, she explained to me that her father gave her a pretty harsh verbal thrashing. She knew if she ever told him she saw everyone as equals and didn’t share his views, that he’d blow a gasket and probably despise her for life for not being proud of being white. Such a shame.

Here we are today, the indecent nearly forgotten and my gorgeous barefoot friend wearing a baby blue spaghetti strap sun dress that makes me want to choke myself with a car door to keep my mind away from wanting to take it off. “So I’ll see you later then?” I ask.

She smiles that sweet smile as a light breeze comes by and gently blows the fabric of her dress across her smooth thighs. “Absolutely.”

I smile and open my arms to her, inviting her into a hug goodbye. Her sweet smile stays as she rocks to the side a bit then brings herself into my arms, wrapping hers around me. She rests her chin on my shoulder as my arms return her embrace. Her body molds into mine like dough as the wind wisps her hair into my face. The sweet smell of her shampoo comes over me as I give her slender torso a little bit tighter of a squeeze. “You be good, ok?”

“I’m always good,” she tells me. I hear the smile clear in her voice. I want to stay here forever. I know I shouldn’t. I can’t help but feel this way, she has a presence over me greater than Aphrodite would have over any God. I can’t resist, as she slowly pulls her head away, beginning to break our hug, my head turns and my lips gently connect with her cheek, just above her jaw.

She pauses, freezing with her hands on my shoulders, my hands on her waist. I grow anxious as I wait for her response. Will she freak out? Kiss me back? Get mad at me? Turn me down nicely? The brief moment seems like an eternity as I wait for her response. I get more nervous as I think of what a stupid mistake I’ve just made. I tilt my forehead down and place it on the side of her head gently, closing my eyes, sighing.

Slowly, she moves, I feel her head turning against mine, towards mine. Keeping my eyes closed, I feel the soft nuzzle of her nose on my upper cheek and the gentle kiss of her delicate lips on my lower cheek. She holds her lips on my cheek briefly before mine return to her cheek once more, a little further inward now.

Our lips depart from each others cheeks at the same time. She breathes heavily, the air leaving her lungs is almost in a quiver. Excitement? I hope so. I turn my head a little more, hoping this doesn’t get me slapped, and place my lips over hers. She doesn’t slap me. Instead, one of the hands she has on my shoulder moves back and runs through my hair, pulling me a little closer.

Her lips are softer than silk and taste of Cherry Chap stick against my own. As soon as they touch mine, she pulls her head back, just slightly, then returns those beautiful lips to mine. Escort bayan My hands wrap around her waist a little tighter and pull her a little closer, remolding her body into mine. I could swear I feel her heart beating like a drum against my chest.

Then she stops, pulling her head from mine. It takes me a moment to snap myself out of her daze and open my eyes. Finally I do. She is looking right at me with those soft blue eyes, uncertainty clear on her face. “We shouldn’t do this,” she tells me. Definitely not what I want to hear.

I look down at her lips and I continue to hold her close to me. They are swollen slightly from our brief kiss and just barely pulled apart. I want to kiss them again, they are beautiful. I’m not sure what to say to her. I know she’s right. But, God, I can’t help it. I’ve wanted her from the moment I met her, and I tell her.

Her eyes shut tightly when I tell her and she bites down on her lower lip. When she reopens her eyes, they are slightly moistened and glimmering in the afternoon sun as we stand outside her apartment door. I feel like crap. I’ve upset her and I know it. “I’m sorry,” I tell her in a pathetic attempt to make her feel better. I pull her back to me in a comforting hug. “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“I’ve wanted you, too,” she tells me, pulling her head back and looking into my eyes. The hand she held on the back of my head moves to my neck, her thumb now rubbing my cheek softly. “You don’t even know how bad I want you.” She smiles a sad smile before speaking again. “But I…”

I silence her with another kiss. She kisses me back passionately, making me only want more. Gently, I push back on her with my body. I keep my lips pressed to hers, not wanting to give her the chance to deny either of us what we want as I gently force her into her apartment. As we get inside, I unwrap one arm from around her and reach behind myself to push to door shut.

It’s a short distance to the bedroom in her little apartment. I stop walking with her and wrap one arm around her back. I bend slightly to wrap the other around the backs of her knees and lift her up, holding her close to my chest.

As I begin to walk again, she buries her face in my neck and wraps her arms tightly around me. She has no objections this time. I slowly carry her into her bedroom where I lay her down on the plush bed covers. I keep my arm around her back as I lay beside her and bring my other hand up, tucking loose hair out of her face.

She says nothing as she tucks her cheek into the palm of my hand with a soft smile, not so sad this time. If she only knew how beautiful she is to me right now. I gently pull her head back towards mine and give her another gentle kiss. “Do you want me?” I ask, praying she lets my ears hear positive things.

“Yes,” she says in a whisper almost as she lifts her head to mine, kissing me once more.

I roll on top of her slowly, laying my body over hers. I know this is what she wants, she can’t deny it. Cautiously, I slide my hand down from her cheek until it crosses her collar bone, continuing down slowly. She sucks in a sharp breath as my hand reaches her breast and exhales the softest of moans.

Already her body seems seems remarkably sensitive to my touch. I can tell this will be an extremely wonderful experience and I want to savor every portion of her. I want her to feel things she never has before. She deserves it.

I slide my hand down further until it reaches the bottom of her dress where I tuck my hand under the soft cotton fabric. I feel her stomach tighten under my hand as it runs over the smooth flesh. My hand continues up until it gently squeezes. Her breast is firm and smooth, everything I’d imagined.

She draws in another hard breath as my fingers move and lightly fondle her hardening nipples. I carefully move my lips from hers and move away, sitting back on my knees. She sits up with me, knowing what I want. I place both of my hands on the back of her dress and pull the zipper down slowly. I unzip her dress and reach to the bottom, slowly pulling it over her head. Tossing it to the side, I reveal the succulence of her perky chest.

After I toss her dress to the side, her hands come up and her fingers wrap around the bottom of my own shirt. I get the hint and help her take off my shirt, exposing my torso along with hers. Though I’m sure mine is nowhere near as impressive as hers. She has a smooth, flat tummy that leads up to a remarkably flawless chest.

As she tosses my shirt away, I lay her back down and clasp my lips over her hard pink nipple. I let my other hand fondle and tweak the other nipple as she begins to softly moan beneath me. I feel my pants tightening around my waist quickly. I can’t take much of this. Years of held back feelings are coming out all at once and it’s starting to hurt.

I remove my lips from her now moist nipple and kiss down her belly until I reach her panties. I slide my fingers under the silk Bayan escort band and pull them down until they come off her ankles. She’s bare to me now. Her body is flawless. Everything she has is perky, firm and smooth. I want to touch and taste every inch of her.

I toss her panties to the side and let my eyes devour the sight of her laying naked in front of me. Her long legs give her the perfect 5’6″ height. Between her legs her a glimmer of wetness seeps from her flawlessly pink slit. I so badly want to rip my pants off and dive my growing hard-on deep inside of her pussy.

But I wait, I have to. I don’t want her first Asian to be rushed through and boring. I move my head down and kiss the inside of her thigh. She pulls in a deep breath of satisfaction as my lips move more and more towards the center.

Finally, my tongue exits my mouth and rolls over her smooth clit. She lets out a low moan at first contact and brings her hand down, clutching mine tightly. Her sweet taste overwhelms me as I press my tongue a little harder against her, beginning to nibble her clit.

After a moment I take my free hand to her wetness and press one finger into her tight pussy. Her back arches as I feel her tightening around my finger at the sudden invasion by my finger. I press my finger into her for a minute or two before letting a second finger join the fun. Her soft moans turn to much harder moans as my fingers press harder into her soaking pussy and her pleasure grows.

As I continue working my tongue and fingers, I kick my shoes and socks off, letting them fall to the floor. After a moment I look up to her, the back of her head is pressed hard into the pillow and her mouth hangs open slightly, letting her cries of pleasure come freely. I almost can’t take it anymore.

My tongue swirls around her stiff clit as my fingers turn upward and make a rough ‘come here’ motion on her smooth G-Spot. I feel her orgasm beginning to ravage her young body as her hand tightens around mine and her pussy clamps down on my fingers as if it were holding on for dear life. She calls out my name at the peak of her pleasure, much to my delight.

Slowly, her moans soften again until they become heavy breathing as my tongue returns to my mouth and I slowly slide my soaked fingers out from her body. She exhales deeply with a huge smile on her face as she lets my hand go and sits up.

After she sits, still trying to catch her breath, she reaches forward and pulls my head to hers, kissing me hard. I give her what she wants as she pushes on my shoulders, wanting me on my back. I lay back as she keeps her lips firmly pressed against mine, her tongue tasting herself in my mouth until I am laid all the way back.

I glance at her as her lips depart from mine and her head begins to move down. She runs her hands across my dark chest as she continues down. Her hands run over my stomach until they reach the zipper and button on my jeans. She unbuttons then unzips my pants and slips them off, finally letting my now rock-hard cock free.

She crawls up between my legs and reaches with one hand, wrapping her hand around the swollen shaft. The warm wetness of her tongue finally connecting with the tip of my cock sends shivers down my spine as I grunt softly. After a moment she opens her mouth and sucks the tip into her mouth, working slowly at first.

She begins to suck me in deeper, slowly quickening her pace. Sucking roughly half into her hot mouth now, her soft hand works what’s left over. I can barely contain myself as my hand comes up and wraps itself around her blonde locks, tugging softly.

I groan low in the back of my throat after I lift my head slightly to look down at her. Between her mouth and her hand, I can see barely any of my throbbing cock. My hand stops tugging and begins rubbing her head. She lets out a muffled moan of approval.

She lets her tongue swirl and soak my cock as her hand pumps tightly. I groan a little louder as she tightens her lips around my cock and quickens the pace slightly once again. Seeing her warm wet mouth wrapped around my cock, sliding up and down sends me to the brink of ecstasy.

My body begins to tingle as she takes me in deeper, moving her hand away. I feel the inevitable build up as my stomach begins to tighten up. I try to warn her but the words are trapped, coming out only as groans of pleasure. As if she senses it coming, she sucks my cock a little faster and harder, sending me over the edge, making my cock throb with pleasure.

With one more deep groan, my cock throbs harder and I explode in her hot mouth. She moans slightly with her pink lips sucking me for all I’m worth. With each spurt, I relax more and more until she drains my cock, swallowing every drop my cock gave her.

My cock stays at full attention as she slowly lets it slide from her mouth. I exhale a long, deep breath as she smiles up at me, proud of her work. And she should be. I don’t think anyone has Escort ever sucked me so beautifully. I have to have her.

I sit up and wrap my arms around her, pulling her body into mine before I lay her on her back again. As she lays, she opens her legs to me, inviting me in. Her beautiful pussy is still slick and glimmering with her juices as I lay myself on top of her.

I place the head of my cock just at her entrance, eager to enter her. I pause briefly, admiring her beauty. The soft flush on her white cheeks, the way her hair is slightly messed up and the shimmer of ecstasy in her eyes.

Her arms shoot around my torso and she buries the back of her head into the pillow as I begin to push into her. She’s tight as can be but her body shows my cock no resistance as I press into her deeper and deeper by the second. My hand grabs the pillow beneath her head and squeezes tightly as I press every inch into her tight pussy.

The final inch of my cock is pressed firmly into her pussy and she lets out a quick moan. I almost can’t move. Finally, after all this time, I have the blond of my dreams squirming her hips against mine, laying helplessly beneath me.

I almost can’t believe it. The shy little white girl from a racist family, has her first Asian cock buried deep in her pussy and I’m fortunate enough to be that first. Slowly, I pull back and press into her again, slowly at first. She moans gently beneath me as her hips begin to rock against my own. Her tight, wet pussy clamps down on my cock as I gradually pump a little harder. As my pace quickens, her moans get louder.

The tight, wet walls of her pussy clamp down on my cock, taking every throbbing inch. Since she’s already made me come once, this next one will take longer. “Oh God” and “Yes” slips out between her moans as she holds me tightly against her body. She grinds her pelvis into mine as her feet lift off the bed and she wraps her legs around the backs of my knees.

After a few short minutes, she moans louder and tightens her grip on me. She grinds her hot pussy onto my glistening Asian cock almost in desperation. Her body is building up to another orgasm. The walls of her pussy pulse around my raging hard-on as the orgasm hits her full strength.

She buries her face in my shoulder as she cries out, her orgasm taking over every part of her. I continue to thrust inside her, enjoying what I am doing to her. The soft features of her delicate face clench while her mouth hangs open to continue to voice the feelings in her body.

Slowly, her moans soften and return to normal as her orgasm releases her from it’s grasp. Her pussy feels wetter than before as her come covers my cock. After a moment, she presses her hands into my shoulders, softly forcing me off of her and onto my back. I do as she wishes and lay on my back, inviting her to do as she pleases.

She sits up and places one leg on each side of me, straddling me. Slowly, as she still breathes heavily, she lifts her pussy over my cock and lowers herself onto me. She presses every inch into her pussy and gasps briefly before beginning to raise and lower herself. The tip of my cock presses hard against the back wall of her pussy as if my length is almost too much for her to take in.

She stays sitting straight up on my cock, giving me a wonderful view. Her hand grasps one of her beautifully perky tits and squeezes softly as the other tucks hair from her face. Every expression she makes lets me know my cock is doing its job, and doing it well. My eyes move down to watch my dark cock effortlessly sliding in and out of her tight pink pussy lips.

I place my hands onto her hips and help guide her up and down on me, still watching her juices soak my cock. If her Daddy could see her now; His blond haired, blue eyed, baby girl riding some ‘dirty gooks’ cock, moaning his name, taking it all and loving every inch. I know right now she couldn’t care less about what her family thinks. She loves it as much as I do.

After a minute, she brings one hand down and runs it over her dark blond landing strip before bringing it to her swollen clit. She rubs herself in small circles, pressing firmly as she continues to bounce her pussy onto my cock. I know she’s getting close again.

I move my hips up to meet with her thrusts as her breasts bounce freely. As if she can sense the pressure building inside me, she softly orders, “Come with me.”

“I wanna feel it,” she tells me, not breaking pace. Her words seem to come as a half moan, half actual word. I’ve known her long enough by now to know she is on birth control and have absolutely no problem giving her what she wants.

She cries out as our bodies explode together. In an instant my cock throbs, growing briefly as I shoot inside her while her pussy clamps around it, making my mind go as blank as a sheet of paper. My hands tighten on her hips as my face clenches in ecstasy.

She lets out one final moan before she collapses on top of me, breathing as if she’d run a mile while smoking a whole pack of cigarettes at once. She wraps her arms around me and lays her head on my shoulder. Every few seconds I can feel her pussy pulse around my cock, still feeling the after-effects of her orgasm.

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