Melissa Goes Wild Ch. 12

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In my dream someone was playing with my pussy. They would dip a finger in my pussy, then bring it to my clit, rubbing it a few times before dipping it into my pussy again. They were also gently sucking on my nipple, running their tongue over it. This was a great dream as I was in heaven.

Then I realized I wasn’t dreaming. Looking down I saw Nick sucking on my nipple, his had on my pussy.

“Mm this feels great. I should wake up every day like this.” I said as I ran my fingers through his hair.

“Good morning babe. Ready for your morning fuck?” He let my nipple go, but I pushed him back towards it. Getting the message he sucked it back into his mouth. I looked around but didn’t see Josh.

“Hey where’s Josh?”

“He had to take care of a few things. But don’t worry I’m here to take care of you.” With that he got up, pushed my legs wide, positioned himself over me then pushed his cock in. I was already soaked so he slid right in. He found his regular tempo in a few seconds, steadily pounding me. I forced my legs a little wider, he pushed in deeper. A few minutes of this and his pace picked up. He grunted, then shot his load deep into me. A couple more thrusts then he rolled off me. We lay there together for a bit in silence. His cum began to drain from me. Then he spoke:

“Did you like stripping last night?”

“Yeah I had fun.”

“Would you do it again?”

“I don’t know. One time is fun, but to do it night after night. I don’t know.” Then I remembered the money. Looking over I saw a pile of bills on the floor. I grabbed them, then threw a towel on the bed. I sat on the towel so his cum wouldn’t leak all over his bed. I counted the money.

“Wow 67 dollars here.” I exclaimed.

“You weren’t even up there for more than 10 minutes.” Josh said. “Imagine if you worked all night.”

“Really. I’ve got to go, can I take a shower first?” I asked.

“Yeah no problem.”

I grabbed a fresh towel and opened the bathroom door. One of the other suite mates was in there shaving, and when he saw me completely naked he froze.

“Mind if I shower?” I asked, not really caring what his answer was. Bending over I started the water, giving him a good view of my ass and well used pussy. When the water was just right I jumped in. He was still staring at me as I pulled the shower curtain closed. When I was done showering the other guy was gone. I dried off and returned to Nick’s bedroom. He was still lying on the bed, completely naked, his cock completely limp. I pulled on the thong, dress and then my shoes.

“You better take care of that thing before it ends up all crusty.” I said picking up my money, then turning to leave. I blew him a kiss before walking out the door.

When I got back to my room Amy was studying.

“Wow what happened to you? It looks like you slept in the dress.”

“No I didn’t sleep in it, that’s for sure.” I smiled at her.

“No way, you got lucky last night. Who was the lucky guy, Nick or Josh?” She put her books down.

“Yup.” She looked confused for a second, then she realized what I had just said.

“No way you slept with both of them? You’ve got to fill in the details.” So I told her how we went dancing, then ended up at the strip club. I didn’t tell her I stripped, but went right to the part where we fucked ourselves silly, then basically passed out. Amy wanted to know all the details, if the guys were any good, how big they were, stuff like that.

I was putting on some fresh clothes, jeans and a t-shirt when the phone rang. It was Destiny.

“I’ll be stopping by in 30 minutes to pick you up. I’m taking you out lunch.” I didn’t have a chance to say no. 30 minutes later I’m standing in front of my dorm when this bright red corvette pulls up to me. I look in and see Destiny.

She took me to a nice place. At first it was just small talk, the weather, what I’m studying, and things like that. Then she asked if I had thought about stripping anymore. When I said I hadn’t totally ruled it out she told me how things worked at the club, as she called it. The club doesn’t pay the girls, but they get to keep all the tips. Lap dances cost 20 bucks, and the DJ arranges that. The club keeps 5 bucks for every lap Escort bayan dance, the girl gets 15. The girls have to pay for their own alcoholic drinks, but not for soda, water or juice. The girls have to mingle with the customers between their sets as she called it. But the customers can not touch the girls. The girls have to wear at least a g-string at all times. And there are always several bouncers around to make sure nothing stupid happens.

I asked about the money. That’s when she told me she bought the vette several months ago, paid for it with cash. And she had been working at the club as a regular for less than 2 years. Yes she said the money is good. Plus sometimes there are private parties the club arranges and the girls get paid well for.

She said it’s a good place to work. The guys watch out for the girls, so nothing ever happen to them. She said everyone thought I did a real good job last night, even the owner. And they were all hoping I would come back.

She drove me back to campus. As I was getting out she asked:

“So are you interested?’

“Well it sounds like a great deal. But I’m still not sure.”

“Why don’t you come down to the club tonight, about 7pm. Bring a couple of sexy outfits. I have some you can borrow. And bring some g-strings or thongs. If you want we’ll get you up on stage for some sets. See ya tonight.” With that she drove off.

I still wasn’t sure, but it was easy money. I tried to study but I could take my mind off of the offer. Going through my panty I pulled out several thongs I’m sure the guys would like. But I didn’t have any g-strings. Then I remember the 67 bucks from last night. I went through my closet, found a short skirt and a white blouse, put them in my duffel bag along with the thongs and some sexy bras and I went downtown. I bought several pairs of very skimpy g-strings. I got back in my car and headed for the club. But it was only a few minutes after 6, so I drove around for a bit. Finally I just decided to go to the club before I changed my mind.

When I walked in I asked for Destiny. She came from the back, almost running.

“I’m so glad you decided to come out.” She took me around to introduce me to everyone. There were several girls there, one was already dancing for a handful of guys. We talked to the Dj about what songs I wanted to dance to. She took me in the back, the dressing room. It had lockers along 2 walls with benches in front of them. Along another wall ran a counter with chairs. A mirror ran the full length of the counter. And a bathroom in the corner.

I asked about the owner. I had met the bouncers, bartenders, DJ and some of the girls, but not the owner. Destiny explained that he rarely interacts with anyone, yet he is almost always here. That’s when she pointed out a large window high on the wall opposite the stage. It was a one way window, so we couldn’t see in. Destiny said that’s the owner’s office, you never know when he’s watching but he always seems to know whats going on. She said he saw my act last night and really wanted me back. That is why Destiny took me out to lunch earlier in the day.

She got us a couple of drinks and we sat at the bar watching the girls perform. She talked about how each girl has their own moves and styles. After several girls had performed she said it was my turn. Now I still wasn’t 100 percent positive I wanted to do this but I couldn’t say no. She pulled me into the dressing room and helped me get dress. She picked out one of the new g-strings I had just bought, so I put it on. Then a sexy bra, my short skirt, and the blouse. I tied the blouse in front so my stomach was showing. I was really nervous, especially now that I had a few moments to think about what I was doing. Then the girl who was dancing came in the room topless with her clothes and money in her hands.

“Now please welcome the newest member of our beautiful ladies, Melissa.” The DJ said as my first song started playing. Destiny pushed me out the door. I hesitated, turned to look at her.

“Remember,” she said, “Keep your g-string on.” And she gave me another push. Slowly I approached the stage. I climbed the stairs, looked out into the crowd. I couldn’t see much. The music was Bayan escort pounding so I concentrated on that. I started to dance. I moved up and down the stage, shaking my ass, swinging my hips. It wasn’t long before the blouse was open, then it was off. At the end of the first song I dropped the skirt. Some dollar bills were falling on the stage now and the guys were cheering. About half way through the second song my bra came off, bring more cheers and more dollars. I strutted around in just my g-string for the next song and a half, then my set was over. I got down on my knees and crawled along the stage picking up the money and my clothes, making sure all the guys had another good look at my ass. I ran off the stage and Destiny met me with a big hug.

“You were great up there. Everyone loved it.” We went into the dressing room. I pulled on my blouse, then started to count the money. Only 18 bucks.

“Don’t worry about the money. Its still early. It will pick up soon. Then the dough will be rolling in.” Destiny told me. The DJ stuck his head in the door.

“Melissa don’t get dress yet. There’s a guy who wants a lap dance from you.” I wasn’t expecting that, especially right after my very first set. Destiny asked me if I knew how to give a lap dance. I told her I did have some experience. So she pointed out the semi private room where we did our lap dances. It wasn’t really a separate room, since the whole thing was opened to the bar. There are several couches in there. Plus a bouncer standing just outside of it, to make sure nothing gets out of control in there. Next to the DJ booth was a young good-looking kid, probably went to my college.

“Melissa, this is Joey, he wants a lap dance from you.” Said the DJ.

“Hi Joey, lets go.” I said, taking his hand then leading him across the bar to the semi private room. I sat him down in the farthest couch, took off my blouse then proceeded to dance for him. I wiggled my almost naked body for him for a bit, then turned around, sitting my ass down on his crotch. I ground it into him, back and forth, then up and down. Getting off of him I turned around, straddled him, and started grinding my pussy on his crotch. Leaning forward so his face was pressed against me between my tits, I pushed my tits onto the side of his face. I could feel his hard cock and it was making me wet.

After 10 minutes of grinding into Joey the bouncer signaled that his time was up. I climbed off Joey, kissed him on the cheek, said thank you and returned to the dressing room. I got dressed again and went to the bar. Destiny was now dancing, with her huge nipples ready to poke out any mans eyes that got too close. After her set was over she got dressed and joined me at the bar. A guy came up and bought us drinks, and we talked with him for a bit. Before I knew it Destiny said I was next and she pulled me back into the dressing room. This time when it was my turn there was no hesitation, I got right up and started dancing. And when I was done I could clearly see there was more money this time, at least double. Again the DJ poked his head in the door.

“Melissa, lap dance.” I didn’t even bother to put anything on this time, I walked out in just my g-string. And there was Joey standing next to the DJ booth.

“You again Joey? Wow I most be doing something right.” He nodded. Taking his hand I led him back to the lap dance room and proceeded to give him a lap dance. Basically I did the same routine I did before. But this time when his face was pushed into my chest I pushed a nipple into his mouth. He took it, sucked on it. Looking over my shoulder I saw the bouncer watching us. He just smiled a little, then turned around. Joey kept sucking on my nipple as I ground away at his crotch. When his time was up again I kissed him, thanked him then returned to the dressing room.

After my next set again the DJ poked his head in the door of the dressing room.

“Melissa, lap dance again.” Again Joey was standing there, but this time there was another young kid.

“Melissa you already know Joey I take it.” Said the DJ “and this here is his friend Kevin. They both have requested a lap dance from you.”

Dressed only in a g-string I took both their hands Escort and led them to the dance room.

‘Alright who want to go first?” I asked after I sat them down.

“I do.” Said Kevin. “I want to see what is getting Joey all excited.”

I proceeded to dance for Kevin. When I straddled him I immediately slipped a nipple into his mouth, and he eagerly accepted it. I looked over my shoulder at the bouncer but he had his back to us. Kevin put his hands on my ass, pulling me in even closer to him. I was getting so turned on. Pulling out my one nipple I slipped the other one into his mouth. He was an expert at sucking nipples. When his time was up I immediately jumped on Joey, facing him, pushed a nipple into his mouth. He wasted no time sucking, running his tongue over my nipple. After a couple of minutes I switched nipples again. I pushed my pussy back from him a little, then reached down and pulled my thong aside. With my other hand I guided his fingers to my wet pussy. He started to rub my clit and I was in heaven. I looked over my shoulder again the bounce still had his back to us. Looking at Kevin I motioned with my head for him to join us. Reaching over his fingers also found my wet pussy. Now both guys were trying to rub my clit. Joey moved his finger down, found my hole and pushed in. I leaned forward onto Joey, wrapped my free hand around his head. I was lost in a world of pleasure as these two guys worked me. The beginnings of an orgasm were beginning to build, I was really getting into it. Suddenly there was a hand on my shoulder.

‘Alright break it up, times up.” It was the bouncer. The guys quickly pulled their hands from me and Joey let my nipple go. I kissed them both then ran to the dressing room. There Destiny told me they have enough girls for the rest of the evening and I could leave, especially since I wasn’t scheduled. She was going to call me in the next day or two to arrange some more work for me. I got dressed in my jeans and T-shirt, not bothering with a bra. Throwing the rest of my clothes and money into my duffel bag. At the DJ booth I collected 60 bucks for the lap dances. On my way out I stopped by the bouncer at the dance room. I gave him 20 bucks, then kissed him.

Driving back to campus I was still hot and bothered. I pulled into the parking lot, then quickly made my way to Nick and Josh’s room. There I pounded on the door. I could hear someone in there.

“What the fuck?” And the door opened. It was Nick, wearing only a T-shirt and a pair of running shorts.

“What are you doing?” I asked as I pushed my way into the room.

“I’m catching up on some studying.” He said as I kept pushing him back.

‘Time for a study break.” I said as I pulled my shirt over my head. “Get naked now.” I demanded.

“Whats going on here?” he asked. I kicked off my shoes, then pulled off my jeans.

“Do you wanna talk or do you wanna fuck? I wanna fuck so strip or I’m outa here.” Grabbing his shirt I pulled it over his head, then I started pushing down his shorts and underwear. He stepped out of them and was totally naked. I pushed him back onto the bed, pulled off my thong, climbed between his legs. His cock wasn’t completely hard, but it was starting to come around. I started stroking it, then kissed the head. My tongue snaked out and licked all around. Then I sucked it into my mouth, started to bob up and down on it. It wasn’t long before it was rock hard. Still stroking it I straddled his hips. I positioned his cock at my hole and sank down on it. He pushed up into me, filling me up. I started bouncing up and down on his cock wildly. Both of his hands were on my ass, helping to guide me up and down. It was only a matter of minutes before my orgasm began to brew.

I slammed down on him even harder and then it hit. My whole body shook, my back arched, driving him in even deeper. He kept pushing into me as my orgasm raged, as my pussy gripped his cock tightly. Just as my orgasm was subsiding I heard him grunt. Then I felt his cum squirt up inside me. Kept bouncing on his cock, now I was squeezing it as hard as I could with my pussy. He shot several more squirts, then stopped. But I continued to hump his cock. Our juices were beginning to leak from me, all over his cock and balls. His cock remained hard for almost a minute while I kept fucking it. Finally it slipped out, and I rolled off Nick. We lay on his bed silently for a while, my head on his shoulder, listening to him breath. I fell asleep shortly.

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