The Rumor Ch. 1

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Steve couldn’t wait to read the meter where the two college girls live. This was his first day on the new route. The other guys at the Water Department were joking with him this morning saying that he would be getting home late today because of the chicks that live at 629 Front Street.

There were rumors that the girls that live there are a couple of nymphs. He heard stories of mailmen losing their jobs because no mail ever got delivered past 629. He even heard once that a cop was called their for a disturbance and didn’t report back to the station for a couple of days after the initial call! Of course, these were all just stories and rumors, but Steve was anxious to see for himself anyway. So, the 25 year old meter reader started out on his new route.

By 9:00 A.M. Steve had completed all of Oak Street. By 11:30, he had finished Oak, Pine, and Lee streets and Front Street was just around the corner.

Tina, a blonde coed, was sitting in her chaise lounger on the balcony in her string bikini top and cut-off Daisy Dukes reading her Cosmo, glanced over the top of the magazine and noticed a young man of about 24-25 years old with brown hair and a somewhat muscular build in a uniform walking down her street. She jumped up, ran in the house and shouted for Jenny.

Jenny, who had just got out of the shower, was blow-drying her long, brown locks when Her roommate busted in. “We have a new meter reader! Quick, get dressed”! exclaimed Tina as she ran into her own bedroom to change clothes. She put on a conservative looking blouse that kind of hid her 38c bikini covered breasts, tore off her shorts and pulled on a pair of jeans and ran downstairs yelling trabzon escort to Jenny to hurry up. Jenny scrambled to find a bra, sifting through a couple of 38c’s and finally finding one of her own 34b’s. She threw on a knee length skirt and a not too revealing blouse and ran downstairs to join her friend.

Steve looked up at the address. It read 629. He could feel his palms begin to sweat. He could hear his own heart beat. He swallowed hard and walked up the steps to the front door. He took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

“Come in, it’s open” he heard a voice say from inside the house. He walked in and called out, “Water Department! I’m here to read your meter”. Another voice said, “Oh, ok, it’s in the basement”! As he walked past the living room to get to the basement, Steve looked in and saw two young ladies sitting on the couch. One was a brunette and one a blonde. The brunette was wearing reading glasses and it looked as if they were studying for a school project. “Jeez”, Steve thought to himself, “this is what all the hoopla was about? They look like a couple of librarians!”

He stopped and stood there for a second just looking in on the two “nymphos” that the guys back at the shop were all talking about and began to chuckle. The girls raised their eyes from the book they reading and gave him a puzzled look. Steve, a little embarrassed, cleared his throat and said the most brilliant thing a guy could ever say. “So, it sure is hot outside.” He could just feel himself turning red.

“Hey, you’re not the regular meter reader.” said Tina with the same puzzled look on her face. Still trying to figure tunceli escort out how these two could be mistaken for a couple of nymphomaniacs, he stammered, “Huh, oh no, I’m, uh, new. Er, not new, but rather I’ve been assigned this route. It’s my first day. Not my first day, but my first day on this route. Man, is it hot!” “Back to the weather thing” Steve thought to himself, “Can I look anymore like a jackass?”

“Would you like a glass of iced tea?” Asked Jenny as she raised up from the couch where she had been sitting watching this guy make a fool of himself. “Oh yeah, that would be great. I’ll go read the meter and come back up for it.” As he read the meter and was walking backup the steps, Steve beat himself up for looking so stupid and promised himself that he would smooth it out as he shared some tea and then would move on.

As Steve drank down three-quarters of his tea, he began to thank the girls for their hospitality. He downed the rest of the tea and set the glass down on the counter. He started for the door and began to feel funny. He stopped and shook his head. “Are you all right?” asked Tina. “Yeah, I think I drank the tea too fast or something.” He started for the door again and stopped.

His mouth was dry and his head felt like it had a Tequila hangover. He opened his eyes and could only see red. He started to rub his eyes but couldn’t move his hand. He looked over and saw that his hand was bound by duct tape. He tried to move his other hand but it also was bound. His vision became clearer and could see the red was from red light bulb above his head. He tried to move his legs, but they to were spread zonguldak escort and tied to the posts of what seemed to be a footboard. He noticed also that he was nude. He became more aware now and realized that he was tied, spread eagle to four post bed.

Steve started to yell for help, but before he any words could leave his throat, he heard what sounded like a moan coming from his left. He strained his eyes to see where the noise was coming from. A lamp with a red bulb in it was switched on from where the moaning was coming from. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. There was the brunette college girl sitting naked in an oversized chair with her legs spread and the blonde girl had her head buried in her pussy.

Jenny looked over at Steve. She reached down and pushed Tina’s face hard into her cunt as she winked and licked her lips. Steve couldn’t believe he had just felt a twinge in his cock. Here he was tied to a strange bed in a strange room and his dick was doing all of the thinking. Jenny began to moan louder now as Tina was trying to bring her to orgasm with her tongue. Her mouth and face was soaked with Jenny’s pussy juice as she sucked and licked her friend’s clit. Jenny’s hips began to grind into the blonde girl’s face as she could feel herself getting ready to cum.

“Oh yeah baby,” moaned Jenny. “Fuck my pussy with that hot mouth of yours!” Tina could tell her friend was getting ready to cum, so she pushed two fingers into her wet pussy and began to stroke her G-Spot as she licked her clit. “C’mon baby, fuck me with your fingers and tongue! Make me cum baby!” Jenny’s hips began to buck wildly as she grinded her orgasmic pussy into Tina’s face. Both girls were moaning loudly as Jenny came. Tina raised her pussy-soaked face from between Jenny’s legs, moved up and the Jenny began to lick her own juices from Tina’s lips and chin and tongue. They looked over at their captive and saw that his cock was fully erect.

To Be Continued…

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