Marie: After The Storm Ch. 03

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I awoke the next morning in my sisters bed. Marie was already up and around, I could hear her moving around in the bathroom. I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom door to see Marie rummaging through the medicine cabinet. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her naked body, my morning hard-on slipping between her ass cheeks.

“Good morning.” I said.

“It’s about time you got up, sleepy head.” Marie replied, wriggling her ass into my cock.

‘What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m looking for my birth control pills.” Marie replied. “Ah, here they are, we have to be real careful Ray. I’m too young to be a mama, especially with by brothers kids. I don’t want to be raising any “Flipper” babies.”

“Yeah, I never thought about that. It’s something we don’t need.” I said.

“Right, I mean what we’re doing would be enough of a scandal if anyone ever found out.” Marie said. “Any babies that came from this would be subjected to a living hell for the rest of their lives, I’m not about to put any innocent child through that.”

I agreed completely with Marie on that point.

“You better get a move on, remember Laura is coming over in a little while.” Marie said. “Oh, and there is a surprise on the bed for you.”

I walked back to Marie’s bed to see a small package there. I reached in the sack and pulled out the contents.

“You want me to wear this?” I exclaimed, holding up a black thong swimsuit.

Marie laughed. “Yep, Laura picked it out and even paid for it, so I think she is gonna expect to see you in it. Try it on so we can see how it looks.”

My morning erection had started to wilt a little, but the thought of Laura wanting to see me in a thong had me at full hardness again.

“Uh, Marie, I don’t think its gonna fit with me in this condition.” I said, waving my hard cock at her.

Marie laughed. “Geez, you guys can get hard over anything, can’t you? Ok, sit on the bed and I’ll take care of it for you.”

I sat on the bed as Marie walked to her nightstand and reached inside, pulling out a tube of lotion.

“Let’s try something new.” She said, kneeling on the floor between my legs.

Marie poured some lotion on her hands and proceeded to coat my dick with it. She then rubbed some all over her tits. She leaned forward and placed my cock between her tits and used her hands to squeeze her tits together, trapping my cock between them.

“Now, this is called titty fucking. I’m sure you’ve seen it on those porno’s you watch all the time. Just relax and let me do all the work.”

Marie started to move up and down, my cock slipping through the valley of her tits. It was an incredible feeling, the lotion eased the passage, and I was soon fucking her tits as hard and as fast as I had fucked her pussy the night before. Marie would lash at the head of my dick as it emerged at the top of every stroke, and every so often, she would stop and suck the head in her mouth. After a few minutes of this, I was moaning and on the verge of cumming.

“I’m cumming Marie.” I groaned, and started shooting my cum all over her upper chest and neck. Marie kept pumping until she had drained every last drop from me. She took my softening cock in her mouth to clean any remaining cum off me.

Marie got up and went back into the bathroom and soon returned with a wet wash cloth and a towel. She cleaned the both of us off and then smiled and handed me the thong.

“Now try it on.”

I stepped into the thong and pulled it up my legs. The front pouch covered my cock and balls snuggly and the thin strap slipped between my ass cheeks.

Marie smiled with approval. “Bend over and let me show you how to adjust the back. You lean over and slide your finger underneath the thong like this.” I felt her finger slide under the tong and between my cheeks. “Now you lift and guide the strip into place with your finger.” I felt her finger slide through my crevice, over my asshole and come to rest against my balls. “Just like that. Now turn around and let me see the front.”

I turned around and Marie looked me over. She frowned and I followed her gaze to my crotch. The pouch fit well enough, but there were tufts of hair escaping from the edges.

“Looks like were gonna have to do some trimming.” Marie told me. “You go shower, and when you’re done, come see me and I’ll take care of your bikini zone.”

I took a leisurely shower, dried myself off and headed back to Marie’s room. She too had just showered and was still nude waiting for me. She had grabbed dads beard trimmer and motioned for me to sit on the shower bench.

“Now, I’m gonna trim you down until you’re almost bare before I start shaving.” Marie said.

The hum of the trimmer soon filled the room as my sister went to work. She was true to her word, after a few minutes I looked almost like a child down there. Marie sivas escort grabbed the shaving cream and soon had my entire crotch covered.

“Now hold still.” She ordered. I don’t want to castrate you.”

Marie soon had the hair above my cock shaved into a nice neat patch. She then took my dick in her hand and held it up against my stomach as she shaved my inner thighs.

“Now you’re really gonna have to hold still, I’m gonna remove any stray hairs from the shaft and then I’m gonna shave your balls clean.”

I held my breath as she worked the razor down my shaft. Marie then gently and slowly shaved my balls until I was almost as hairless as a new born baby. She then had me turn around and spread my ass cheeks. A few quick strokes later, she was done.

Marie smiled at her handy work. “Jump in the shower and rinse off, then we’ll try the thong again.”

A few minutes later, I had the thong back on and we were both happy with the results.

“Perfect.” Marie said. “How does it feel?”

A little weird at first.” I replied. But now I can hardly tell it’s there. It’s really comfortable.”

“Good, now get out of here and let me get ready.” Marie said. “Laura will be here soon.”

I went out to the pool and stared to get it ready for the day ahead. I skimmed the leaves off with the net, and then started to vacuum the bottom.

Laura must have turned up right about then, cause I heard a whistle of approval and turned to see Laura and my sister standing there.

“Looking good Ray.” Laura called out to me smiling.

I must have turned about 10 shades of red as Laura looked me up and down with a wide grin on her face.

“Thanks. “ I finally stammered. I couldn’t think of anything else to say, so I quickly turned back to the pool and continued my work.

Laura and Marie giggled at my embarrassment and started to make themselves comfortable on the pool deck. Both girls had their hair pulled back into ponytails and were wearing identical thong bikinis, Marie in red, and Laura in black. They sat on their towels and proceeded to oil themselves up. I watched (stared actually) as they covered themselves in glistening oil. They each did their own fronts, and then did each others backs. It was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen: each girl massaging oil into the others ass cheeks, fingers slipping under the thong straps to get all over coverage. I was soon feeling a little over heated and jumped into the pool to cool off.

The girls were soon laying on their stomachs, chatting away as if they were old friends. Once in a while, they would lean over and whisper in each others ears, look over at me, and giggle. At one point in their conversation, I heard Laura gasp, “You were gonna be a stripper?”

“Well, I need a job real bad so I can afford a place of my own.” Marie replied. “But I didn’t have the nerve to even get out of the car once I got there. Plus, I don’t think I could keep a secret like that from my parents for very long.”

“Have you ever been to a strip club?” Laura asked.

“Nope.” Marie replied. “But I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like.”

“Have you ever been to that strip club, Ray?” Laura called out.

“Yeah.” I replied. “It’s called the Tigers Den.”

“What’s it like?” Laura asked. “Do they go fully nude or just topless?”

“Oh, they get completely nude.” I replied. “But only when they are on stage or in the private dance area. It’s not like what you seen in the movies and TV, though. The guys don’t hoot and holler and try to climb on stage. “

“Wow.” Laura said. “Do you really thing you could do that?”

Marie thought about it for a moment. “Well, I don’t know. If I had to, I guess I would.” Laura looked over at me and called out. “Hey, Ray. Do you thing your sister could strip for strangers?”

I smiled at the girls. “She defiantly has the body for it. You do too, for that matter.”

“Thanks. “ Laura smiled. “But I’m kinda picky about who gets to see me naked. Only a lucky few get that privilege.”

The girls soon turned over on their backs, and after a few minutes of whispered conversation, they reached behind themselves and untied their bikini tops and removed them.

“Now don’t stare to hard Ray.” Laura said. “I’m sure you’ve seen tits before.”

I tried not to stare, but I did get a good look. Laura’s tits were a little bigger and firmer that my sister’s, and capped with small pink nipples. I floated around the pool while the girls chatted amongst themselves, enjoying the hot summer weather. We soon got hungry and decided to head indoors to get some lunch. Both girls left their tops off while we prepared and ate our lunch. Their nipples hardened as soon as we got indoors, the A/C working wonders.

We were sitting there eating and talking when the phone rang. Marie walked across tekirdağ escort the kitchen to answer it. “Hello? Yes this is she. Oh, hi. Sure, I can be there in an hour. Thank you very much.” She hung up and looked at us excitedly. “That was the lingerie store, they want to interview me in an hour!”

Laura got up and ran over to Laura, hugging her. “That’s great! We don’t have much time, let’s go get you ready! Ray, you stay down here, we don’t need any distractions.”

The girls headed upstairs, and I couldn’t help but watch as 2 fine asses climbed the stairs. Laura looked back and caught me staring and flashed a wide smile at me.

I headed back out to the pool and lay back to get some sun. About a half hour later, Laura appeared and joined me on the deck.

“Well, she’s of to the mall.” Laura said. “I think she’s got a real good chance.”

“Good.” I replied. “I hope she gets it.”

I rolled over on my stomach to feel the sun on my back.

“If this is your first time in a thong, you’re gonna need some lotion on your butt.” Laura said. “You’re starting to get a little pink there.” Laura grabbed the lotion, and before I could say anything, she started to rub it into my ass cheeks. I felt her fingers slide under the thong and give my balls a little tickle. My cock hardened instantly at her touch. “Now roll over and let me do your front.”

I was hesitant to roll over, because I was embarrassed about my erection. But Laura insisted, so I rolled over and let her see what she had done to me.

She smiled at my embarrassment. “Don’t worry about that, Ray. It’s a natural reaction. I know your sister and I have been teasing you all day, showing off our tits and talking about strippers and all.”

“Yeah.” I replied. “It’s been difficult trying to keep it down all day with two beautiful women showing off like that.”

“Laura smiled. “I know it’s been hard for you, so I’m gonna make it up to you for all the teasing. Why don’t you show me the way to your room.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but I wasn’t gonna argue with her. We stood up and she took my hand as I led her to my room. We stood by me bed and she wrapped her arms around my neck and reached up to kiss me. She was a fantastic kisser, and soon our tongues were dueling with each others.

Laura broke off our kiss and moved her lips down my neck, taking little nibbles along the way. She sucked my left nipple in her mouth while her fingers gently rubbed the other. She moved her way down my stomach and soon she was on her knees, her mouth inches away from my cock.

Laura slowly slid my thong down, freeing my aching cock. I could feel her hot breath on the tip as she brought her lips closer. I looked down to see her tongue shoot out to lick the head of my cock. I closed my eyes and relished the feeling of her lips as they surrounded the crown and worked my cock in her mouth. She began moving back and forth on my shaft, my cock disappearing between her lips and as far down her throat as she could get it. I looked down to see her eyes locked onto mine. The look of pure lust was shining in her eyes.

Laura slowly removed my cock from her mouth and pushed me back on the bed. She turned her back to me as she slid her thong down her ass and to the floor. Her beautiful ass jutted out, and I could see the hint of her pussy lips peeking out from in between her ass cheeks. She turned around and I saw her in all her glory for the first time. She was a natural red head. Her bush was trimmed neatly, but not shaved.

Laura smiled at me and spoke. “I want you to know before we get too far along, Marie told me all about what you two have been doing the last couple of days. I have no problem with it. In fact, it turns me on quite a bit.”

“You don’t think we’re freaks?” I asked.

“Hey, we all need to get a little freaky once in a while.” She replied grinning wickedly. “Marie also told me you have a good tongue, that you really know how to eat pussy . I’m gonna put you to the test right now!”

With that, Laura lay back on the bed and pulled her legs up and back against her chest, completely exposing her pussy and ass to me. I wasted no time and dove right in and stared feasting. I took a long lick starting at her asshole and swiped up to her clit. I took her clit between my lips and gave it a good suck.

“Oh, that’s good, suck my clit.” Laura moaned.

I slid my tongue down her pussy and stuck it in as far as I could, and started giving her a good tongue fucking while I rubbed her clit with my fingers. After a few minutes, I slid my tongue down to her ass and started to probe there, not really sure what her reaction would be. I shouldn’t have worried.

“God, yes!” She squealed. “ I love a tongue licking my ass. It’s so nasty, but I love it! Marie said you were nasty! Keep licking my tokat escort ass and I’ll come real quick!”

I took her advice and tongue fucked her ass as I kept rubbing her clit. Soon she was squirming all over the bed as her orgasm exploded.

“I’m cumming Ray! Keep licking my ass you nasty boy!!”

Her orgasm subsided and I crawled up and sucked on her nipples as my hard cock rubbed against her pussy lips.

Laura smiled at me. “It’s your turn now baby, slip that cock in my cunt and give me a good fucking!”

I needed no further encouragement, and I reached down and guided my cock into her wet hole. Laura was a little tighter than my sister, her pussy walls grabbed at my dick as I slid in all the way.

I stared fucking her gently, slowly gathering up a head of steam and was soon pounding her for all I was worth. I put her legs up over my shoulders so I could go deeper.

“Yeah, that’s it Ray. Fuck me deep and hard.”

“I’m getting close.” I warned her so she could tell me to pull out if necessary .

“Good baby.” Laura whispered. “ Don’t hold back, cum when it feels to good to stop. Fill me with your cum, I want it inside me.”

That was all I needed to hear. I gave one last thrust and exploded inside her. I could feel my cock jerking inside her as I came down from my orgasm. I slowly pulled my softening cock from her hole, and we lay on the bed holding each other, her head on my chest.

We must have fell asleep for a while, cause the next thing I knew I opened my eyes to see my sister standing in the doorway to my bedroom.

“Uh, hi.” I said sheepishly.

“So you started without me, huh?” Marie said.

Laura had woken up and heard our conversation. “Don’t be mad Marie, I just couldn’t help myself.” Laura said smiling.

“Oh, it’s ok, just as long as there is some left for me!” Marie said grinning.

“I think we can manage.” I said.

“Yeah!” Laura agreed. “Get your clothes off and get over here. I wanna see some nasty brother and sister action!”

Marie was soon naked and on the bed. Laura crawled over to her and soon the girls were sucking each others tongues while caressing whatever body part they could reach.

Laura broke off the kiss and started giving orders.

“I want you to suck your brothers cock.” She told Marie. “I want you to clean my pussy juices off him and get him hard so I watch him fuck you!”

Marie soon had my cock in her mouth and with very little problem, soon had me at full mast.

Laura was soon ready to join the action. “Now get on your knees so he can fuck you doggy style and you can lick his come out of my pussy at the same time.”

Marie wasted no time getting into position, burying her face in Laura’s pussy, waving her ass in the air waiting for me. I quickly got behind my sister and slid my cock into her warm, wet pussy.

“Yeah, that’s it you little slut.” Laura told Marie. “Eat my cunt while your brother fucks you. Can you taste his cum in my pussy??

I was really getting off on this, fucking my sister while she ate Laura’s pussy. Laura was pinching her nipples as Marie licked her pussy.

“Mmmmm, you have a good tongue there Marie. Almost as good as your brothers. Keep licking my cunt while your brother fucks you, slut.”

Laura’s dirty talking was getting both me and Marie hotter and hotter.

“I can taste his come in you.” Marie said, stopping briefly her assault on Laura’s pussy. “This is so nasty having my brother fuck me as I eat his come out of your pussy!”

Laura reached down and guided Marie’s mouth back to her pussy. “Enough talking, eat my cunt!” She growled. “I’m real close to cumming on your mouth.”

Marie doubled her efforts on Laura’s pussy and I pounded harder into my sisters pussy. We were all so close, all it took was for Laura to scream out.

“I’m cumming!” Laura yelled. “Eat my cum, you slut!”

I felt Marie’s pussy tighten around my cock as she exploded with her own orgasm. The feeling of her cunt squeezing my cock was more than I could take, and I exploded into her.

We all collapsed in a big heap, everyone breathing hard, hearts beating wildly.

We lay there for a while, recovering our senses.

“Hey.” Laura said. “I forgot to ask, how did the interview go?”

Marie rolled over and smiled at Laura. “Well , let’s just say you just came in your new co-workers mouth!”

Laura laughed and hugged Marie. “Great, your gonna love working there, I can’t wait. Hey this calls for a celebration!”

Marie laughed. “Isn’t that what we just did?”

“No, lets do something really special.” Laura said. “Hey, I have it!” Laura leaned over and whispered in Marie’s ear.

“Are you sure you wanna do that?” Marie asked.

“Yep, the three of us are going, and that’s all there is to it.”

‘Wait.” I said. “Is anyone gonna let me in on the secret.”

Marie and Laura smiled and shook their heads. “Nope.” Said Laura. “It’s a surprise. Marie is gonna come back to my place with me to get ready. You just shower and dress nice, but casual. Believe me, you’re gonna love it!”

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