The Reno

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The bathroom was turning out to be a much more difficult job than I had expected. My wife of 14 years had come up with the plan to renew it, and it was up to my DIY skills to get the job done. I had booked a week off from my office job, and set out with energy and enthusiasm, though lacking the necessary skill and experience. Removing the fixtures had been no problem, but as I tore down the old drywall to expose ancient lathe and plaster construction, I knew that I was not going to get it all back together.

I needed someone who really knew how to hang drywall. Janet, my wife, suggested I ask for recommendations on our community Facebook page, and in short time I had three separate recommendations for the same guy; Ray. With my week shrinking rapidly, I grabbed my cell and called with a tone of desperation. To my amazement, and relief, he was available, quoted a reasonable fee, and agreed to join me the next morning.

Ray showed up only moments after Janet had left for work the next morning. He stood just shorter than my 5’11”, and was clearly more adapted to the heavy labour of construction than me. He tossed his winter gear over an armchair as I offered him a coffee, and with travel mugs in hand we climbed the stairs to survey our task.

Ray knew what he was doing. In no time we had the remainder of the old drywall down, and he had me hard at work removing the old screws and broken plaster to create a smooth face. He measured the walls and rapidly scored my waiting greenboard to the needed shapes. We chatted as we worked — about our children and wives; the local hockey team, and; the daunting Christmas schedules approaching. I enjoyed Ray’s more relaxed and off-colour approach to life, which broke into our conversation through innuendo and undisguised sexual references.

We were both sweating pretty profusely by mid-morning, hauling the rubble down and the drywall up the stairs. The -30 degree weather outside didn’t lend itself to opening up windows, so Ray slipped off his paint-spattered work shirt, while I was working in just shorts and a t-shirt. I found myself admiring his rippling muscles as he lifted the old cast iron bath onto its end and we slid it out of the doorway.

Just before noon his phone chirped. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him pull it out to check it, and went back to sweeping the plaster dust away. About a minute later, Ray moaned. As I looked over at him he reached down to adjust the front of his pants.

Suddenly self-conscious, he apologized. Then, with one last look down to the screen of his phone, he tossed it to me, saying “apparently my wife is bored.”

I barely caught the phone. It took me a moment to register what I was seeing, and I nearly dropped the phone again. “Holy shit,” I exclaimed.

Ray laughed.

The phone was playing a video which showed a woman’s hand, with brightly painted fingernails, slowly sliding a translucent purple dildo in and out of a very wet and very aroused pussy.

“Your wife sent you that?”

“Yup. Sometimes she likes to see if she can drive me crazy at work. It makes the homecoming pretty fucking spectacular, if you know what I mean.”

“No shit,” I responded. “I don’t think my wife would know where to find videos like that, much less be willing to send them to me.”

Ray gave me a grin. “She didn’t have to find the video. She made it this morning.”

“You mean…” I started, eyes fixed on the phone, “that this is your wife?”

“Adrienne. Yeah. Her text said she’s annoyed I left her to take care of herself. Doesn’t look like she’s having that much trouble.”

I knew I was staring at the phone, but I couldn’t look away as the video looped itself back to the beginning. Adrienne’s pussy opened to me as her fingers deftly twisted the head of the dildo between her lips. Her pelvis lifted closer to the phone as the shaft slid into her. My shaft, I suddenly realized, was solid and bulging out the front of my shorts. I didn’t know what to say.

Ray broke the silence. “You like?”

“Fuck, yes,” I said as I looked up and caught his eye. “I can’t believe she sent you this… I can’t believe you’re showing it to me.”

“It’s fun to share,” Ray smiled. “Besides, I figured I should have some explanation for why I’m standing in front of you with a hard on.”

At his words, my eyes drifted down his chiseled chest to the front of his tight jeans. His earlier adjustment had pointed his cock upwards; a visible bulge mirrored my own. I adjusted my own erection, then chuckled. “I guess it is better that we’re both hot and bothered. Thanks for letting me see. And don’t worry… I won’t tell Adrienne.” I chuckled, knowing that we’d likely never meet.

“She wouldn’t mind,” replied Ray. “She siirt escort likes her men hot and bothered.”

With one last lingering look, I handed back his phone. He took it from me and started tapping on the screen. A moment later, my own phone vibrated in my pocket. Surprised, I pulled it out to see a text notification from Ray. Opening it up, I saw that he had forwarded me a copy of the video “for inspiration.” I looked at Ray and he winked at me before turning back to the drywall he had been fitting in place.

We went back to work. Ray would lift each piece of drywall into its spot, and I would quickly drill the screws to hold it in place. Every few boards Ray would stop to watch the video again. After his third break, he said “Feel free to watch it yourself. I wouldn’t want to be the only one dreaming of other things.”

Despite his invitation, I felt uncomfortable openly ogling his wife, and kept my phone in my pocket. Just knowing it was there, however, kept my dick erect and my senses alert. I could smell Ray’s sweat every time I stepped near, and it smelled like sex.

Clearly, work was not the only thing on our minds. Our conversation stalled while we hung the last few pieces of drywall. I suggested we break for lunch. Ray had brought a sandwich, so I slipped out to the kitchen to make one for myself. I couldn’t resist, and pulled out my phone to watch the video a few more times while my bacon fried.

I could faintly hear Ray talking on the phone as I climbed back up the stairs. His tone was low and his voice sounded huskier than before. As I entered the bathroom he looked up at me, catching my eye while saying into the phone “keep it hot and wet — I’ll fill it as soon as I get home.” He hung up the phone. I suddenly realized his fly was open and his hand was wrapped around his erection.

“Sorry about that,” he said as he turned his back to me and wriggled himself back into his jeans.

“Sounds like you’ve got a pretty good relationship with your wife,” I said, trying to cut through the awkwardness. “Have you been together long?”

“Twenty-two years,” Ray replied. “We had a few rough years in the middle, but we’ve worked through a lot of our shit. As you can probably see, we’re enjoying our life together right now.”

“Yeah, I can see,” I said ruefully.

Something in my voice must have given Ray notice. “Things not going so well for you?”

“Let’s just say it’s been a while since Janet and I enjoyed our life together.”

“That sucks, man,” he said. “Maybe you just need to talk honestly with her. I finally got around to telling Adrienne how I felt, and she surprised me with her response. I don’t think either of us have had a complaint since.”

By the end of the afternoon we had the drywall up and a first coat of plaster spread. Ray left as Janet arrived home, saying “See you in the morning. Have another look at those designs I sent you, and let me know if you’ve had any inspirations.”

Janet was pleased to see the progress on the bathroom, but spent the evening on work she brought home. Having spent much of the day in a state of arousal, I announced I was going to take a shower, and slipped into the downstairs bathroom where I set Adrienne’s video on a loop, propped my phone off, and proceeded to give myself release as the warm water washed the plaster dust off my body.

The next morning Ray looked at me and asked if I’d watched the video for inspiration. I blushed slightly as I admitted I had. He said “Good. Now let’s get to work.”

We spent the next several hours sanding and plastering. As we got towards noon, I offered to order a pizza, and headed downstairs to do so. The doorbell rang just before I submitted the order.

I opened the door to find a woman standing on the porch. She looked me up and down and said “Hi, I’m Adrienne. Is Ray here?”

With shock (and self-conscious guilt) I stammered “Uh, yes, uh, he’s upstairs. Come on in.”

She entered and proceeded to remove her coat, giving me an opportunity to settle my nerves and take a second look. Adrienne stood about 5’9″, with dirty blond hair that tumbled just past her shoulders. She was wearing short-heeled black boots that emphasized curved legs clad in tights rising to a black skirt that tantalized the imagination. On her top she was wearing a loose-knit sleeveless vest, through which could be seen the faint outline of a black bra encasing her large breasts.

She turned away from me and bent at the waist to untie her boots. Her ass seemed to beckon to me. The memory of her hands sliding the dildo between those legs flashed into my brain, and the erection I had extinguished in the shower quickly returned. I’m sure she could sinop escort feel my eyes locked on her. She did not say anything, however, until she stood and turned back towards me.

“Ray tells me you enjoyed my video.”

I was completely tongue-tied, and made no response.

“Turnabout is fair play, don’t you think?” she continued. To the silent question in my eyes she said “You saw me, so I think I should get to see you.”

With that, she walked over to me and grabbed my waistband. Her other hand slipped across my cock as she dropped to her knees and sought my zipper. I was still in mute shock as her hand wrapped around me.

“That feels good,” she said as she guided my eight inch member out the front of my pants. Without hesitation, her head bobbed forward and she engulfed me in her mouth. I groaned in ecstatic pleasure.

“I see you’ve met Adrienne.” My eyes shot open as Ray’s voice brought me back to reality. I looked over to see Ray smiling at me from the living room doorway as his wife continued to give me the most fantastic blow job I had ever experienced.

“Uh, Ray…” I started to panic…

“Don’t worry. I told you…It’s fun to share. If you don’t mind, I’m going to go take a shower while the two of you get better acquainted.” With that, he turned and left me alone with Adrienne.

She pulled herself off my cock, looked up at me, and said “Ray told me I inspired you. He thought you looked to be a good size. I thought I’d like to inspire you in person. Can you take me somewhere more comfortable?”

I gave her my hand and helped her to her feet. She said “I assume the bedroom is upstairs,” and pulled me along behind her by my erect cock. I directed her to my marital bedroom. Seeing the bed, she let go of me. Turning around she sat down on the edge of the bed and leaned back, spreading her legs wide. I was pleasantly surprised to see that her tights were thigh-high, and the naked pussy I had gazed at on my phone now lay displayed openly in front of me.

“Eat me,” she ordered.

I didn’t hesitate. Echoing her movements from downstairs, I dropped to my knees and bobbed my face down into her cunt. I inhaled the scent of her arousal, as my tongue opened her lips and slid upwards to find the hardness of her clit. Flattening my tongue, I licked the sides of her nubbin as her hands pulled my mouth against her body.

Hearing the staccato cries of her pleasure motivated me as I continued to devour her. She lifted her hips off the mattress as my hands lifted her skirt up above her waist. Her own hands left my head and I felt rather than saw her pull her sweater over her head.

“Fuck me,” she said, as her hands returned to my head to pull me up. As I stood I saw her naked breasts. I reached out to take them in my hands, but she swatted me away, saying “Get naked first.”

I complied immediately, undoing the button on my pants and pushing them down to the floor, simultaneously lifting my shirt over my head as I stepped out of them. Adrienne quickly pushed her skirt off her feet, and then grabbed my bouncing cock with both her hands. She pulled me to her and guided my cock head to the lips of her waiting pussy.

I took a breast in each hand and fondled her nipples as I slowly thrust my hips forward, feeling the warm moisture of her arousal open up around my shaft. She wrapped her legs around my back, pulling me hard against her; deep into her. I felt my back arch as I threw my head back in pleasure.

Slowly, gradually, I began to withdraw from her enveloping body, then thrust back in. Adrienne moaned in pleasure and I enjoyed the view of her writhing body disrupting my wife’s carefully made bed. I remained standing at the end of the bed as I fucked her, carefully avoiding my own climax while trying to bring Adrienne to hers.

I froze as suddenly I felt a hand push between my legs from behind, cupping my balls. Ray’s voice spoke to Adrienne from beside my ear. “Told you he had a nice cock.” Adrienne and I both looked at him. He grinned, let go of me, and walked up beside the bed. He was wearing only a towel, wrapped around his waist, which Adrienne soon loosened and let drop. His cock was slightly shorter and thinner than mine, but was easily as hard. I resumed fucking Adrienne as she leaned sideways to draw Ray’s cock into her mouth.

Watching a woman blow another man was definitely a first for me. I couldn’t take my eyes from his cock as she licked his shaft and took his head into her mouth. I watched her suck on him as her eyes closed in pleasure and passion.

Adrienne’s hand found my left hand on her tit. Her feet caught the edge of the bed and in one motion she pushed herself further up and pulled me forward şırnak escort and down on top of her. She reached down to grab my dislodged cock and once again guided me into her. I kissed her neck and up behind her ear as she turned her head to engulf Ray again. I watched, entranced, as she continued to make love to his cock.

She let his cock fall away from her mouth as she turned to me and said “Fuck me slowly.” I gazed into her eyes as I lifted my hips up to slide myself in and out of her wetness. She reached up to take Ray’s cock in her hand, and then with her other hand took my chin and turned my face towards him. She pulled him towards me, and without any second thought I opened my mouth and let her slide the head of his manhood in. I closed my lips around his shaft and tasted the salty sweetness of another man for the first time.

“Love us both,” I heard Adrienne plead. I started to pump myself in and out of Adrienne’s pussy, letting the movement of my body cause Ray’s dick to fuck my mouth. I sucked, and circled the head of his cock with my tongue. I wanted him more, and with every thrust forward I tried to swallow him further, until I gagged. I pulled back as I watched Adrienne lift her head to take Ray’s ball sack in her mouth. Her hand reached behind him and suddenly he started to erupt in my mouth. I swallowed the first few shots, and felt myself explode deep into Adrienne’s body as she screamed “Fuck, that’s so good.”

I continued to suck and bob up and down on Ray’s cock as his orgasm finished.I enjoyed the sensation of the warm cream collecting in my cheeks. As he finished I pulled off his cock and kissed Adrienne deeply, sharing her husband’s cum with her.

As we all came down from that incredible high, Adrienne pushed me to the side and rolled on top of me. My dick slipped out of her once again, and she giggled as my cum covered member slapped against my stomach.

“That was incredible,” I moaned.

“I’m not done with you, yet,” said Adrienne as she leaned forwards and pressed her left tit against my mouth. I felt a hand grasp my cock as she lifted off of me, and then a warm mouth that could only be Rays wrapped around my softening member. As he licked our juices off of me, I was surprised to find myself hardening quickly.

“He’s ready,” I heard Ray say as my erection reached fullness.

Adrienne climbed off me and, on hands and knees, presented her sopping pussy to me again. “Do me like this.”

Ray’s hand never left my cock as I rose to my knees and aligned myself with her body. He guided my to her lips and with his other hand cupped my ass and pushed me into her, only letting go of my shaft as it slid into her body.

I reached over and took his member in my hand, and began to stroke him gently. Feeling another man grow to hardness was a new sensation. I promised myself I would experience it again.

All the while I continued to fuck his beautiful wife.

Ray’s hand remained on my ass, and I felt his fingers slide between my cheeks and press against my rectum. He leaned towards me and asked “May I?” Not entirely sure, but not wanting to have any regrets, I nodded. His hand moved to his mouth, and he covered his finger in saliva before moving it back to my asshole and pressing his finger gradually into me. It felt incredible.

“Fuck me” I told him.

He smiled, and moved behind me. I felt his spit fall between my cheeks and his hand massage it against me before I felt the press of his cockhead against my hole. It was so much bigger than his finger. I withdrew all but my own cockhead from Adrienne, leaned forward as far as I could to open myself to him, and tried to relax my muscles. I felt my asshole open wider as he pressed his cockhead into me, and the force of his movements pushed my cock back into Adrienne. I pulled out of her and pushed back at him and with some discomfort I felt his member fill me as I had never been filled. It was incredible.

We held like that for a moment, until I breathed “Okay.”

Ray said “Fuck her,” and I began to press my cock back into Adrienne’s hungry pussy. As I did, I felt Ray’s cock pull out of me. He kept his head in me as I bottomed out, and pressed back into me as I pulled back out.

“Is he in you?” Adrienne asked.

“Fuck, yes”, I said.

“Then fuck me hard,” she said, and thrust back against me.

It didn’t take long before we were all grunting and screaming in pleasure. In the end, I felt Adrienne’s orgasm take her as my cock shot a second round of cum into her body. At the same time as I felt Ray’s pulsing member push his cum deep within my ass.

Spent, we all collapsed onto the bed.

After a few minutes, Adrienne said “Well, that was inspired”.

Later that afternoon Ray and I finished painting the bathroom. Janet was thrilled when she got home that evening, and although it didn’t lead to sex, I was pleased with her affirmation.

As we settled into bed that night, I said “I’m thinking it might be time to finish the basement…”

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