The Push

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I typed it in an IM window. ‘Come fuck me’ it said. Her reply was simple. ‘Yes, Master.’ How many times had I typed that to her in role-playing chat when I was on the opposite coast of the country? I’ve even typed that when I was close enough for us to make it happen. I would be there with my laptop in the king-sized bed at my hotel in D.C., messaging her at her home in New York. Close, but far. ‘Come fuck me,’ I typed. ‘Yes, Master,’ she replied. Odd how the same words looked different this time — that was last night.

‘Come fuck me.’

‘Yes, Master.’

‘Holiday Inn. L’ Enfant Plaza. Room 655.’

‘I can’t get away tonight. Tomorrow? Please?’

Come Here

My cock has been hard since last night. And now she’s just walked into my hotel room. The door closed behind her, she drops her over night bag and her purse. The card key that was left for her at the front desk slips through her fingers to the carpet.

“Come here,” I say to her. She is a petite thing; a hungry thing. My cock is hard and I am making no effort to conceal it. She won’t speak. Not until she’s tasted that cock. My khaki pants are tented and I am starting to unbutton my shirt. I can tell she is self-conscious. I don’t think she lacks confidence, however. Not with the way her jeans are loose about her waist, a hint of pink silk peeking at one hip. Is she already wet? I think so. God, I love the way her ass looks propped on her heels when she kneels before me, legs spread. And her hands, the way she rubs my thighs, clutches at the fabric of my pants. It tightens them about my stiff dick, exaggerating that bulge. And when her lips press to it in a chaste kiss, I don’t try to stifle the groan. I comb my hands through her hair and rock forward, rubbing it against her.

“Open my belt,” I say to her. “Drop my trousers.” It is a fucking turn on to command her and to have her obey. There was no thought that she would disobey me — in anything. She is here, isn’t she? She is on her knees, readying herself to suck my cock. And yes. She is already wet. I realize that I can smell her. Her pussy smells sweet. I can’t imagine how hot it is in her jeans. How soaked she must be. When she tugs down my pants, she is practically smacked in the face with it. Hard and hot, my cock needs to be sucked. She’s hot-eyed. Feeling that flesh against her cheek, already slick with pre-cum, seems to charge her up. She inhales it, the lewd, little bitch. No hands. Her hands are too busy popping the buttons on her blouse, pulling her arms from it. I can feel the breath from her nose against my abdomen, her forehead pressed against me, and her bottom lip dampening my balls. She is moaning, working me into her throat. I don’t know that I have ever been this hard. This aroused. I glance at her blouse, just tossed aside on the floor and then tighten a grip in her hair as I start to fuck her face. I can feel her tits, hardly concealed by her bra, mashing against my thighs as she melts into me in a higher kneel. Her hands at the waist of her jeans, she finally shoves them off her hips. She knows how much I like that. Just the sight of her ass from that ‘over-her-shoulder’ view earns her tongue another taste of pre-cum, spilling right into her tight throat.


“Filthy,” I say to her as my grip in her hair loosens and my very stiff, very aroused cock slips out until the tip lies rize escort on her tongue. She doesn’t hesitate to swirl it about the tip; to kiss and suck noisily at it. She is shoving her panties down to the middle of her thighs in that tall kneel. I love the look of her bare ass. I can’t help staring at it over her shoulder. As she nuzzles close, cupping my balls with her tongue, does she know how nasty I want to get with her? How she inspires me to explore and just let go. She has to know. After all those late nights that turned into early mornings speaking of unspeakably lewd things in Instant Messages, how could she not be thinking of the same fuck fantasies that I am? As she wraps her fingers around my shaft and strokes slowly, tilting her head up to kiss me when I lean toward her, I can feel her aggressiveness and taste myself in her mouth. She is painting her throat with my dick, her fingers squeezing me to coax more lust from it. When the kiss breaks wetly and another man is standing there, she starts. Apparently the door was slightly ajar and room service just let himself in. The tray is there on the credenza with its pretentious silver dome. It surprises her. She settles soon enough and looks at him up and down, taking a long lick against the underside of my shaft before glancing to me with a query in her eyes. She’s curious. I can see she won’t go further without the go ahead and I give it to her. It is far too compelling to resist.

“Suck his cock, baby,” I say simply, “I want to watch.” Now he starts, but her palm is already rubbing the front of his pants, working the zipper down. He was here to deliver the sandwiches and now he is stiffening in her hand as she works the tip to her lips to kiss it. It took no more than the arousal in my voice to urge her forward. Why this fantasy? Is it the fucking internet porn that makes me want to see her fingers wrap around a second cock even as she is stroking mine? Only now it is not some smut .jpg in an email that we are sharing online. He is still nervous, but his inhibition is fading fast. I love the way her eyes meet mine as her hand slides up the front of his body to unbutton his shirt. She’s got a tight suckle on the tip of his fully erect cock and her other hand is not idle. It is still stroking me slowly. Now that his shirt is open, she slides the tips of her fingers into the waist of his pants, but leaves them on now. She likes the way a stiff dick looks poking through an open zipper. She’s told me that a dozen times when we chatted online. There it is; smooth and hard, gripped in her fingers just like we imagined it.

The Next Level

It’s what she does next that takes things to another level. From one to the other, her mouth is pleasuring two cocks. There is something very lewd about that. The pre-cum from both is mingled in her mouth, on her tongue, each making the other slicker. The first time I saw that in an adult movie, I was put off by it, but the way we’ve described it to one another made me want to do it with her. Her lips are so slick. Saliva and pre-cum are on her mouth, on the tip of my cock, on the tip of his; joined by that filthy fluid and the proximity. I am wondering what how bold she is. Will she rub his cock against mine in her efforts to get both of us off? Of course she will. And I am not surprised it feels good. Flesh to flesh, her sakarya escort lips and tongue never far from either cock. When she takes both tips into her mouth and presses them together in a cheek caving kiss it makes my knees buckle. I nearly empty my balls into her mouth, all over him. And the thought of that makes it difficult not to cum right now, but I want more. I want to push this further with her. The nastier it gets, the nastier I want it to get.

“Stand up, slut,” I command her. And she does; a cock in each hand, rubbing them on either of her thighs. Her jeans fall and she steps from them. It is indescribably hot to me to look down the front of her body and see the way her bra is drawn down over her tits, the nipples erect, the way her panties are stretched between the middle of her thighs. And I will be damned if I don’t want to kiss her when she turns her chin up, breathing hot. If it was lewd to kiss her after she sucked my cock, kissing her after she’s had mine and his in her mouth is — I don’t have a word for it. It is wet and slippery, her tongue sliding into my mouth. She loves this intimacy, this fearlessness and turns toward me. The kiss continues, becoming fierce and hungry as she slips one hand around my waist. Her other hand reaches behind her to first tug his belt open, dropping his pants, then to hold him close behind her. Three bodies are rubbing and rutting. My cock is trapped between the two of us, rubbing her belly. His is wedged between her ass cheeks, straight up against her spine. And when our kiss breaks, I hear her speak for the first time.

“Fuck me, please,” she begs.

No Inhibition

I can barely get my shoulders to the bed before she is getting her thighs around my hips, grinding that unbelievably hot, completely bare, soaked cunt against my ridiculously hard cock. I want in. She is laid atop me, her tits rubbing my chest and her curvy, spinner ass is writhing from side to side until I suddenly find the pocket of her pussy and just glide right into it like it belongs there. Her cunt clutches so tightly, an involuntary, instinctual reaction to the plundering of my thick flesh. I had just about forgotten about our room service person when I felt her hips push down heavily against me. His hands are on her ass cheeks, squeezing her before he buries his face between them. She jerks forward in shock and I nearly cum right there. I think it is the vise grip of her pussy that prevents it. Suddenly, she bucks back as his tongue licks along her lips. How do I know? He is licking right along my cock as he does it. He isn’t even tentative about it. Her fists are in tight little balls as she tries not to thrash, but she can’t stop. Her flesh is hot and she is starting to cum. I can’t explain how erotic it is to see her reaching for his hair, grabbing a handful of it as she juts her ass right at him. As much as I cannot deny that it felt good to be licked while I fucked her, she doesn’t seem concerned to deny the pleasure of his tongue darting into her asshole.

Filthy good, that is how she would describe it. That is how she imagined it might feel when we spoke of it once. No imagining it now. By the way his chin is rubbing against the underside of my dick, I can tell his whole tongue must be buggering her. I think I can feel it through that thin sheath of flesh. I can’t imagine samsun escort he doesn’t feel it when my thighs tighten, when my cock jumps in her cunt and just starts spurting. She is wiggling atop me, rutting like a fucking animal, losing the grip of his hair. Fuckhazed? Yeah, and I am feeling it too. He holds her ass still when he slides his tongue free. Still close, he presses a firm kiss there and it is too close to my cock not to feel it nearly as fully as she does. That makes her kiss and nip at my shoulder, whimpering with the want to pull away but the need to stay right there. It is when he slides up, his hands planting on either side of her hips, that I realize he wants to fuck her ass. He wants to be in there while I am in her cunt, but I shake my head ‘no’ when he looks at me. She leans up to kiss me. It is a light kiss; gratitude that I didn’t let him have her ass. She would not say no, but we are not ready for that. I think she nearly passed out from the forbidden pleasure of having his tongue deep in her tight hole while her cunt was stuffed with my erection.


We both know what we want to see, to experience. And when he maneuvers to the head of the bed with his hard cock waving before him, she reaches for it and begins to stroke. When she turns to buss a kiss to the shiny tip, I realize just how close he is. And when I feel the fire in her cunt stoked, I realize just how much she likes that. With every lingering kiss against his erection, she turns to brush my mouth with her lips. Slick with saliva and pre-cum, it is a filthy kiss; a filthy good kiss. I realize just how intense this has gotten when the inadvertent touches do not alarm me. This is no time for inhibition. The lewdness of it already has my spent cock stiff again, filling her cum-flooded cunt with my erection. The way she moans. It vibrates my dick, tightens my balls. I realize that I am sucking at her cheek where his cock has dented it from the inside. And then I am kissing the corner of her mouth, feeling his stiff flesh fuck her between her swollen lips.

I slide the edge of my palm between the cheeks of her ass and rub against her where his tongue raped her. It makes her buck and when her mouth opens to gasp, I cannot avoid the brush of his cock against my lips. Her pussy clutches at that sight. Such a filthy, little whore. My filthy little whore. Her back and forth between kissing his cock and kissing my mouth is no longer as well defined as it was. The kiss is too hot, too hungry for that. His cock slides in and I don’t relent. I just let it slide across her tongue, my tongue, and then slide back out. I don’t know that I like what just happened, but I do know that I am fucking hard and she is shuddering again, grinding her clit down against my lower belly. Fuck. Fuck! He is cumming. The first spurt splashes against her throat before she can angle him back into her mouth. She is such a beautiful cocksucker. As he jerks, his hips thrown against her face, I am right there. I can feel his dick where my mouth presses the corner of her mouth. His balls are tight against her chin as they empty his very full load onto her tongue.

The Beginning

He is dressing at the side of the bed. She watches him, her cheek against my chest, like it was the most natural thing in the world. As she rides me in a slow grind, I see her hand reach out for the waist of his pants, which he had just managed to get buttoned and belted. She looks at me in a curious way and I nod. She wants more, and so do I. By the waist of his pants, she jerks him closer and licks the obvious boner he tucked away before she glances up at him and says, “Tomorrow. Same time.”

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