The Postman Rang Twice

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Ten years after we began our joint venture, my brother, Alicia and I, after downing the better part of a bottle of Jack Daniels, reviewed the lot in life we’d dealt ourselves. Michael seemed content enough, modeling for and promoting our project, doing the accounting, driving the motor home and letting Alicia collect his sperm. I was content enough screwing all those generous Johns and Janes, filming the proceedings and then producing all those, ever-so-profitable videos. Last but by no means least, Alicia seemed quite content with keeping us all slim and fit through her aerobic workouts and healthy cooking. Collecting fresh sperm by fucking Mike or jerking him off into condoms every evening never seemed to be a problem for her. Inseminating those hundreds of women with Mike’s collected sperm never seemed to bother her. Most important of all, every new morning and after every video taping session, Alicia faithfully and lovingly massaged all the stiffness, soreness and discomfort out of my joints, muscles and my pussy. Life indeed was good for us all!

Michael and I congratulated Alicia once more for being the inspiration for our devil-may-care life style. That being said, I asked her what event in her former life prompted her to originate such a game plan for the three of us, to which Alicia confessed it was all brought on by a scene in the 1980’s remake of “The Postman Always Rings Twice” movie. Alicia got a video from her drawer, slipped it into the VCR then poured herself another glass of booze.

When a particularly steamy love scene passed before our eyes, Alicia paused the VCR and began the following oration:

“I tried to watch this film once about 24 years ago and don’t remember what the rest of this movie is about. I saw it at a drive-in-theater the year I worked a lumber camp in Montana. I worked there as a physiotherapist and nutritionist at the camp right out of college, feeding the crew and looking after their aches and pains. It was pretty isolated out there and other than the camp foreman, I was alone most of the time. Over the early spring I got pretty chummy with the Forestry supervisor. Roger was an outdoorsy powerhouse of a man who, given the lack of amiable companions out in the bush, loved me up strongly and was about the best thing up there in my young eyes, at least.”

“One crazy weekend in late spring, we got married over in Reno during one of his many drunken gambling sessions. As spring turned into summer his preoccupation with gambling and boozing started to get the better of me. So one Friday night I took the two young first year Forestry students who’d been helping out into Jackson to shop while the main crew was out fire-fighting in the bush.”

“The next afternoon as Roger prepared the booze and snacks for his weekly game, I was thoroughly pissed niğde escort off with him, so I offered to drive the two nineteen year old college lads into town for something to do. Not wanting to be ridiculed by the “good-old-boys,” who’d been fighting fires while the boys were marking trails, the boys offered to pay my way if I’d take them to a drive-in movie.”

“I sat back in the middle of the center seat of the old Suburban while the guys relaxed in the front bucket seats as “The Postman Always Rings Twice” lit up the screen. In one scene, Jack Nicholson lifted Jessica Lange up onto the food preparation table she’d been rolling pastry on. Jack pushed her back, shoved up her skirt then planted his thick finger firmly into the crotch of her beige nylon panties! While kissing her roughly and forcefully, flour flew and Jessica cussed as Jack unzipped then hooked his thumb into the crotch of her frilly panties and pulled them out of the way! She moaned like a cat in heat as he rammed it into her!”

“At that point I grumbled under my breath that nothing like that ever happens to me anymore. I guess my breathing might have got a little labored as I undulated my hips a little. As I secretly squeezed and pulled my nipples, I didn’t notice Todd’s head slowly swivel around until his eyes glanced down then immediately shot up to meet mine!”

“I tapped Dan on the shoulder, gave him ten bucks and told him to get popcorn, some drinks and a couple chocolate bars for me from the concession stand. As soon as Dan exited the truck, I lifted up the hem of my skirt to show off my panties. I spread my legs and asked Todd if he’d like to rub my cunt and kiss me like Jack did to Jessica. Todd obediently climbed into the middle seat beside me. I stretched my feet up onto the top of the big old console between the front seats. He kissed me roughly and rubbed my crotch delightfully, exactly as he’d seen on the big screen. I unzipped his fly, thrust my hand inside and began to knead his growing penis ever so hard.”

“By the time Danny opened the front door with the refreshments, I’d flipped down the rear seat back to produce a tabletop, sort of like the one in the love scene. Todd had pulled the crotch of my panties out of the way, was kneeling on the floor and was fucking me like a man possessed! Danny spun around in the driver’s seat to watch the action at the back of Roger’s truck. After Danny and I made eye contact, I smiled saucily and sent air kisses back to him. When Todd ejaculated and pulled back from me panting, I asked Dan if he’d like to try out Jack’s moves on me as well. As I adjusted back the crotch of my panties, the lads traded places.”

“As Todd helped himself to the refreshments, Danny thumbed in my panties, saturating their crotch with Todd’s seeping semen. ordu escort I unzipped Dan’s fly, navigated his throbbing penis out through his boxer shorts then expertly massaged its head purple and shiny. Dan awkwardly tried to get my boobs out but I pushed him away scolding, “Not here you fool! Take a look around us. People beside us are already watching the rocking!”

“Just get it done with!” I remember insisting. Todd obliged and after another hundred or so rock hard thrusts shot the second charge of hot semen deep into my pussy. The three of us assumed our original seating positions and in less than three minutes, I pointed out that their cum was seeping out of my pussy, drooling down and gluing my panties to the crack of my ass. As I waddled over to the washroom I was ever so aware of the beady little eyes following me from the vans on both sides of the old Suburban. I cleaned myself up with wetted paper towels, rinsed out my panties in the sink then returned to truck. I prodded Todd into the back seat, started the Suburban up then exited the drive-in in a cloud of dust.”

“About two miles from the camp, I put the Suburban into 4-wheel drive and headed up a gravel fire road, eventually parking it in the middle of a moonlit clearing. All that bouncing had gotten me excited again so I coyly asked, “Are you two up for a threesome?”

“I ordered the guys out of the truck, reached back through one rear side-door then flipped down the center seat’s back. I went around to the rear of the truck, opened the back door and flipped the rear seat’s back up. I instructed Todd to take all his clothes off then sit down, facing backwards on the front console. I told Dan to strip and then sit down in the middle of the rear seat. I peeled off my dress and bra, threw them up on the dash then totally naked, climbed in and kneeled onto the folded over center seat back. I faced backward to Todd, spread my legs, bent over then sucked his fishy tasting penis into my mouth! I just about gagged because it was disgusting tasting! So I asked Dan to pass me some Cola. I swilled one slurp around in my mouth to neutralize my tongue, swallowed and then took another slurp to rinse down Dan’s dirty dick with.”

“Satisfied with Danny’s refreshingly tasty penis, I spun around and gave Todd’s equally disgusting cock a Cola bath. With both boys sporting massive erections, I spun around once more and told Todd to kneel against my seat, close behind me then just jamb it into me from behind, Doggy style. After five or so good hard strokes, I grabbed onto both front seat backs, leaned ahead a little, asked Todd to play with my nipples and then sucked his cock into my mouth. Every once in a while, Todd would get close to cumming in my mouth, so I’d slurp off his knob and give it a tiny little nip osmaniye escort with my teeth, scaring the crap out of him and slowing him down.”

“Once I felt Danny’s warm rush of semen ooze into my vagina, I grabbed the Cola bottle and spun around backwards on my seat. I gave his limp dick another Cola wash with my mouth then told Todd to mount me from behind. Todd stroked away like a jackhammer so I had to be very careful not to deep throat Danny. I just whimpered and grunted with each stroke like a porn queen until another volley of hot sperm shot into my innards.”

“For some unknown reason I suddenly longed for some high protein semen to warm my mouth so I sucked every last drop of it out of Todd’s urethra. Of course I just got enough to make me cough when it slid down my throat. When I asked Danny to finger and lick my clitoris so I’d have an orgasm he said he’d have to pass on the licking part. He wiggled around but no matter how I showed him, he just couldn’t give me the right action. Dan uttered a similar reply to the licking, gave me an even worse rub so disgruntled, I decided to call it a night.”

“After I dropped them off at the bunkhouse, I gave my nether region a quick cleanup with a warm washcloth and crawled, disillusioned into bed. Half an hour later, Roger stumbled into our room, reeking of cigar smoke, crawled over on top of me and planted a rum, nicotine and taco soaked tongue into my mouth. He kissed me roughly, much like Jack did, shoved my nightgown up, much like Jack did whipped off his clothes and fucked me hard, just like Jack did!!! If I wasn’t sore after the first four hard fucks of the evening, I certainly was after the last. I prayed that he’d be quick, but he was drunk and after fifteen minutes more of pummeling my pussy, he finally shot his load into me, rolled off me, farted grossly and promptly fell asleep!”

“Life went on as usual over the next four weeks, taking Todd and Dan into town every weekend, but I never touched either of them again! My period was late by the fifth week so I had them check me out at the clinic that Friday night. Of course, the following Friday the doctor told me I was pregnant!!!”

“I thought about things then secretly packed my bags the first Friday of September. I left a goodbye note for Roger on his Poker table then took the boys into Jackson early. With a kiss and a dick squeeze to each, I put them on a bus east. I left the Suburban in the parking lot of the bus terminal then took a Greyhound west to Reno. I applied for an annulment there, got a quick abortion, took another Greyhound southwest to California then landed that job, caring for your Aunt Laura.”

Mike and I just sat there stunned and bewildered by the frankness of our sweet Alicia’s shocking confession. Alicia pressed Play once more on the VCR then after a few moments she stared into Mike’s eyes as well as mine. She cleared her throat and said, “I can’t back into the movie this time either and I see by the look in both your eyes, we’re not going to see the rest of this movie tonight either so are we all up for a torrid threesome?”

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