The Punishment Pt. 01

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i am a slave owned by my Master/Daddy. i obey Him. When He tells me to do something i do it, no questions, (even though sometimes my head is full of them) i don’t ask, i just do.

Oh and i don’t have safe-words, i trust Him completely. For me, my Master should know me/my body well enough that i shouldn’t need a safe-word, i should trust Him, that i can let go, He has complete control, He will be able to tell/see if it becomes too much. He is also strong enough to know His own limits that is why He is who He is.

The sound of His voice, a look, just being around Him, makes me so wet, that i can actually feel it between my thighs as i move. i can feel the wetness spreading, my lips becoming wetter and wetter. He turns me on so much. He doesn’t have to touch me, just the thought and i start to tremble. The feelings of anticipation, when He does touch me, are like smouldering embers that soon erupt into a burning fire.

W/we have a connection, a bond that is so strong, i will do anything for Him. W/we communicate every day, if not speaking, then by text. Communication is so important. Master gives me tasks, which i love to do for Him, it means, i am serving Him, even though i am not physically with Him. This story is a task, i have been told to complete. So now you know a little snippet about me…

After visiting my Master on Tuesday, (that’s a whole different story ). W/we were texting when i probably responded to something Master said, in not quite the right way, which resulted in making Him angry with me, or so i thought.

Since then, i have received no phone calls from Him. His texts were different to how they usually were. i understood that He has other things on His mind.

Anyway because i didn’t really know what was going on, my mind decided, that it would start to analyse, what it thought the problem was. Of course, as always it concluded, that i had been a bad slave and not served my Master well.

This resulted in making my Master mad at me, which in turn, meant i couldn’t sleep. i was restless, over emotional and unable to focus. i was definitely not able to think, in a positive way.

It has been two days since i heard His voice, (not long i know), but when a slave feels she hasn’t served well and failed her Master, it feels like an eternity.

i was driving into work, when Master called me. i answered the call so fast. As soon as i heard His voice i felt my pulse race. The relief was instant, i had been so scared and missed Him so much. my reaction on hearing Him is as always, His cunt twitching and becoming instantly wet.

He began to explain what had happened, the reasons why He hadn’t called. Surprisingly it had nothing to do with my mind’s version of events. i burst into tears. In a way i had still failed Him, because i was adding to the stress He was already having to deal with and that isn’t how i serve my Master.

my Master knows how i get and i am lucky that He does. He understands me, He knows me. He realises that i become really lost without His guidance, He knows how i fall apart without Him.

After all that He had been through, then me breaking down in tears. This time He really did get angry with me, saying that He didn’t need this and He will call me when He wants to talk to me! He hung up.

Now i really was a mess, i couldn’t do anything except wait for Him to call me. i had no idea how long that would be. i needed to serve my Master, be there for Him, not make things worse.

i sent Him a text apologising for my behaviour. When He hung up on me, it was the shock i needed to remember my place, i am here to serve Him. In the manner that He desires me to do so, it is never about me, i serve Him.

Saturday morning i received a message from Him, commanding me to meet and fuck as many men as i could, between now and when i went back to work. i was back Escort bayan to work on Monday. i had two days.

i read the message over and over, i was surprised, but my heart sank. He wanted me to do this, particularly after what had happened at the party i attended (another story). He had commanded me, i will obey my Master.

i text three men that lived local to me, all had been texting for some time asking if i would meet up with them. Two i had met before and one i had only text and spoken to a few times.

my message asked if they would be willing to meet with me the next day, as i had been given a task to complete, which was to have all my holes used and dripping with cum. They all responded and were happy to oblige.

i arranged times that i could meet with them on Sunday.

i wasn’t really happy about doing it, but i would never disobey my Master.

i decided to go on a bike ride as this helps to clear my head. It was a lovely warm day, i was enjoying my ride. As i cycled past a field i saw a tractor. It had stopped near the hedge, the driver started waving to me, then i recognised him as the farmer who had seen me taking a topless selfie for my Master, a few weeks before, he was in a combine that time.

He called out so i stopped. He came over and said that he had enjoyed the view the last time he had seen me, smiling he asked if he could have a closer look? i felt really embarrassed, and could feel myself begin to blush. i looked around, there was no one about, just the sheep in the field opposite.

i couldn’t look at him, with my head down, i mumbled ok. He took my bike from me and laid it in the long grass. He said for me to follow him, behind the hedge into the field by his tractor. i followed. As soon as we got into the field, he said show me. i was wearing a top and shorts, the top was a strapless elasticated one, that just covered my shorts.

i gripped the top and slowly pulled it down, my bra too. Releasing my breasts, exposing how big they are to a man, i didn’t know, alone in a field!

He looked at me, grinning and said bloody hell they are amazing you have huge tits.

As i stood in front of him, i could see that he appreciated what he was looking at, his hardness was growing, i looked at it and smiled.

i said the tits belong to my Master, as do i and that i had been given a challenge to do. He looked at me a little funny, asking oh yeah what’s that then? i explained that Master wants my holes to be used and a photo taken of cum dripping from me.

He smiled and came towards me saying i can do that. He said he could show me the cab of his tractor, so i climbed up behind him, it was quite high up.

Once in the tractor cab he began to undo his overalls, i tried not to look but i couldn’t stop myself. Revealing his hard cock to me, i felt myself blushing so i turned away from him. As i looked at the view across the fields, i slowly pulled my shorts down, only part way so they were around my thighs, i bent over the tractor seat, revealing my open cunt to him. i heard him breathe a sigh and could feel him behind me, i jumped as his fingers began gently rubbing up and down my slit.

my mind turned to thoughts of my Master, i could feel tears in my eyes as i started to get wet. The man pushed his fingers into me a few times, and i heard myself moan, i adored being fingered, my most intimate parts being penetrated by rough dirty fingers, then i felt the head of his cock against my opening pushing it’s way in, as his hands moved to gripping my tits.

He was pushing into me, at the same time his thumbs were rubbing my nipples, i could hear his breathing getting heavier, he sort of panted saying for me to open my arse cheeks, he then pulled out, i felt a warm liquid hit my skin and begin to trickle down between my cheeks.

He said Bayan escort i had made his day, to see his cum running down my arse was the best, i handed him my phone and asked him to take a picture, which he did.

my tears were still threatening to fall, so i quickly wiped myself on the back of my top, got myself together, climbed down off the tractor, which was a bit tricky. He did help me off the bottom step as it was quite high, i said goodbye, grabbed my bike and rode off really quickly.

As i was peddling away, i couldn’t believe that i had done that. The tears were falling, i couldn’t see properly but i rode till i was almost home.

i then text my Master sending the picture, He replied good you will fuck him again. i wasn’t expecting that response, Master was obviously still angry with me.

i got home and showered, i felt happy that i had completed a bit of my task, but also sad because i felt a little how i did before, when my Master wasn’t with me, i was alone, it wasn’t a good place for me.

Sunday i went on an early ride to clear my head, a different route i didn’t want to bump into any farmers today. i wasn’t looking forward to my meetings very much this afternoon , i had planned them quite close together so that i didn’t have to stay too long with any of them.

The first meeting was at 2pm, i needed to feel my Master close to me so i decided to wear the same dress i wore to see Him just a few days before. i inserted my little pale blue butt plug as Master had instructed and i went to meet 2pm guy.

When i arrived at the hotel, i text him and he came out to meet me, i had met up with him a couple times a few years ago and he had asked to meet up lots of times, but i declined saying i have a Master. As soon as he saw me he grabbed my hand and almost dragged me into the room, he is very tall, and i am tiny in height, he picked me up stood me on the bed, put my face between his big hands and kissed me.

He said he had been waiting so long to get into me again, i smiled and said i can see. His cock was straining against his jeans, so i knelt down on the bed and released it, when i saw his cock bounce free i remembered that he did have a nice cock, i held it in my hands as i bent to lick it, i could feel his pre cum. i rubbed my thumb over the head of his cock it was really slippery and the pre cum made it look all shiny.

i began to lick and suck just the head of his cock, cupping his balls in one hand and running my tongue up and down his shaft, feeling the bumpiness of the veins, i could hear him softly moan, so i opened my mouth and took as much of his hardness as i could, he started to push into my throat and i could feel myself starting to gag he held my hair and said yes baby you know how i love you gagging on this cock.

i knew what he was going to do next he was getting so aroused i knew he was going to want to fuck my arse, my plug was still in, all of a sudden he said i need your arse baby, he picked me up this time he almost threw me face down on the bed, arse up baby he whispered, he saw the plug and said oh yes i like that, he then pushed his fingers into me and wiggled the plug with his other hand at the same time.

Then he turned me over and dragged me to the edge of the bed pushed my legs wide open and right back over my head, he then let his cock find it’s own way into my Master’s now very wet cunt, i felt exposed and open, i remembered this is how he likes to see me. His cock found it’s way and he fucked me so hard, he had to keep pulling me back down as each thrust he made into me he was pushing me up the bed.

He kept the pace going and was beginning to moan louder and i knew he was going to cum, i could feel his cock starting to pulsate inside me and eventually he stopped, he was breathing so heavy, i could feel his cum squirting up inside Escort of me, he looked down at me and said he had waited a very long time to do that to me again.

Letting my legs down, watching me he began to rub his cock head up and down my Master’s cunt, i could feel his cum starting to seep out of me and he rubbed his cock head into it sliding up and down from my clit to my arse and back up again. He told me he needs to use my arse next, he pulled the butt plug from me and pushed his finger in my arse i let out a gasp he smiled and said that has made it a bit easier to get into.

His cock was once again rock hard, he slid it up and down Master’s cum filled cunt so that it lubricated his cock. Once again he pushed my legs back and slowly, gently pushed the head of his cock into my arse, i started to wriggle and he told me to keep still, that he would be gentle, slowly i could feel myself stretching to take him, i relaxed as i used to with him all those years ago.

He was in me, the feeling of being stretched and filled is amazing, i was taking all of him, i could feel his balls against me as he pushed all the way in, then slowly out and in, eventually as i got more used to him he began to get faster and the strokes were deeper, i could hear myself whimper, my legs were shaking in his hands and he whispered that i was amazing, that i felt so good, that he has always loved fucking me, everyone of my holes were perfect.

He took my camera took a video of him fucking my arse for my Master as He wanted proof that i had done this task.

He continued fucking me but decided to slow down he said he didn’t want to cum again yet. As he was slowly fucking my arse he was running his finger up and down my Master’s wet and sticky cunt that was still open from him fucking me earlier, he pinched my nipples between his fingers and then bent down to kiss me, this made me moan out loud because he was so deep in my arse at this point.

He then started to thrust hard and deep, once again my legs shaking, my throat dry from whimpering and moaning then he pulled his cock out announcing he was going to fucking cum as he exploded all over my tummy and tits, as i looked down there were big pools of creamy white cum all over me, he always did seem to cum loads.

We chatted for a bit as he cuddled me he asked if he could take me to dinner, i said i had to go soon, he looked at me and said really your not staying?

i apologised and said i had to go, i went to the bathroom and when i came back he said i need to have you again before you go, i looked at him and said you haven’t changed, he was sitting up on the bed leaning against the headboard.

Tapping his legs, he said climb on baby, i got up onto the bed and straddled him, he put his hands over my Master’s tits, squeezing them pulling them towards his mouth as i began to grind on his cock i could feel him growing harder inside me his warm wet mouth sucking my nipples until they were almost as hard as his cock.

i started to ride his cock pushing down as far as i could go, so i could feel him deep inside me then lifting up till the head was almost out then back down again, he started to moan, this time his leg began to shake as i continued to ride his cock, he then gripped my hips and tried to stop me, i knew he was about to cum again i kept riding pushing down onto him he moaned and i felt his cum squirting up inside me he held me tight kissing me.

He asked if i really had to go. i climbed off him went to the bathroom again to clean up and said yes i really do. i quickly got dressed and said it was good to see him again he gave me a big hug kiss and i said goodbye.

i was now running late for 4pm guy. i wondered what my Master was doing if he was thinking of me, i wondered if i will be forgiven when i complete this task, if He will be proud of me, especially when i send Him the video. i love my Master very much but i don’t know how He feels about me.

i still don’t understand why He told me to do this task, all i can think is that it is a punishment because i hadn’t served Him well, i was a bad slave and should be punished …


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