The Landlord Ch. 02

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I watched as my friend and neighbor Tom slowly pumped his thick 9-inch cock up into my girlfriend’s distended pussy. Jess straddled Tom facing away from him and toward me, ensuring that I had an unimpeded view of the proceedings. She sighed as she sank down on him and he slid all the way in, her pussy lips gripping him tightly as she did so.

As always, the sight made me hard as a rock, helped in no small measure by the fact that Tom’s gorgeous wife, Maya, was expertly stroking me as I watched her husband cuckolding me. I was leaking pre-cum like a kitchen faucet with a busted washer; the head of my cock was already glistening with it as Maya squeezed and stroked and swirled one finger around the opening. Every so often she would run one exquisite fingernail under the glans along the nerve, sending an electric thrill up and down the shaft.

Maya giggled wickedly. “David sure loves to watch you fuck other guys, doesn’t he, Jess?”

My girlfriend grunted as she sank to the hilt on Tom’s cock. “You know he does,” she said. “Sometimes I think he’d rather watch me fuck another man than fuck me himself.”

The weird thing was that Jess was uncomfortably close to the truth. In the six months since we’d started living in the small apartment building, Jess had been fucking our 65 year-old landlord several times a week, never failing to let me know when he’d stretched her out with his 12-inch long, beer can-thick monster cock, just like he’d stretched out all of the other young wives and girlfriends who lived in the building. Including Tom’s wife, Maya.

Not that any of us husbands and boyfriends were complaining. It wouldn’t have done any good, anyway. Jethro was the A-Number One cock of the roost, and our women were only too glad to for it. Besides, once you’d seen your lady totally ruined by the old coot’s foot-long monster, there wasn’t much to do but accept the natural order of things. I was hung pretty well — 8 inches and a bit more and no complaints from any girl I’d bedded — but neither I, nor Tom, nor any of the other men in the building stood a ghost of a chance of competing with Jethro.

It just was what it was, and we go used to it. More than used to it. In a strange way it felt totally correct and it was incredibly hot. Though Tom fucked at least one other wife and one other girlfriend in addition to Jess — and though he did a damn fine job of it too — he’d allowed as how watching Maya take Jethro’s monster cock in her bald Asian pussy got him hotter than anything. “I may be a bull, but I’m also Jethro’s cuck, just like you, and I have no problem admitting it,” he’d said.

Maya was encouraging me to bull for another couple in the building who were interested in playing with a guy closer to their own age. They were freshmen and both 18. From a small Iowa town like Jess and me, too. Sara was a pretty thing — raven-haired and grey-eyed and really petite, maybe 4 feet 11 inches tall, slim and fit. Her boyfriend, Tate, was a nice guy, though slight and a bit shy. He was still struggling to adjust to the fact that Sara was getting pounded by Jethro, and I was not so sure I wanted to add to the adjustment. Maya was having none of it.

“Don’t let Sara fool you — she loves cuckolding Tate and wants some variety. I’d offer up Tom, but he’s already taking care of Jess and two others. Besides, Tate’s only hung about 5 ½ inches and now that Sara’s had Jethro stretch out her pussy she needs a bigger cock,” she opined. “You should see the other side of the cuckolding scene for yourself, and Sara thinks you’re really cute.”

I’d come to understand that Maya was quite the instigator. She’d not only encouraged Jess to fuck Jethro in the first place, but had then persuaded her to cuck me with Tom, not that it had taken much effort. Jess was completely willing and after seeing her with Jethro, nothing much phased me. Tom had let me know that Maya had also set him up to bull for the other two couples. “She’s really into it,” he’d said. “Loves seeing me cuckold other guys, and loves being the femdom.”

I’d made a point of having a couple of beers with Tate just to check out the situation on my own terms. I liked him, and we hit it off pretty well. When I’d finally worked my way around to asking about Sara, he nearly blushed but admitted his girlfriend wanted more cock than he could deliver.

“Jethro’s pretty well ruined her pussy for me. I mean, we still make love, but mostly it’s me eating the creampies after she’s been fucked, and her giving me a hand job or oral sex.” He’d paused, then said, “Besides, it’s embarrassing to admit it, but I really get off seeing Sara fuck other guys, and she really gets hot having me watch. Guess we’re destined to be a cuckold couple.”

I’d laughed at that. “You guys, me and Jess, Tom and Maya and every other couple in this building. Jethro’s been turning young college students into cuckold couples for years,” I said. “And if that isn’t enough, I know for a fact that he’s bred more than a few.”

Tate was shocked. “You’ve Escort bayan got to be kidding. At his age?”

I shook my head. “You doubt it? With that monster of his and the huge loads he puts into our women it’s bound to happen. The couple who had your apartment before you moved in, did you meet them?” Tate shook his head. “Married graduate couple; he was 24 and she was 23. When they left she was three months pregnant. By design, too. They asked Jethro to breed her and it did not take him long to get the job done.” Tate sat there slack-jawed. “Better make damn sure Sara is on the pill and doesn’t skip any doses,” I added. “Jethro is potent as hell.”

I’d pressed Tate about whether he was sure he could handle it if I cucked him. He assured me he would manage. “Besides, I almost never get to watch Sara with Jethro anymore, and she’s frustrated that she isn’t able to show off.”

He was right about that. Jethro made certain that new husbands and boyfriends watched the first few times he took our women. He wanted to make sure we knew who the alpha bull was, and there was no question about it once you’d seen your lady impaled on his pole. After that, he had no use for us and made it clear we were to wait, not watch. It was one of the reasons I’d agreed to have Tom bull for us. I truly enjoyed watching Jess fuck him, as much as she enjoyed having me watch. Who was I to deny Tate the same pleasure?

“All right,” I said. “I’ll give it a try. Do you have any pointers? I don’t want to disappoint you.”

“Let me talk to Sara,” Tate replied. “I’ll get her to let Jess know what she wants.”

A loud moan from Jess snapped me out of my reverie. I looked over as she ground her pussy down to the base of Tom’s big cock while he thrust into her as deep as he could go. She looked me right in the eyes. “God, I love fucking Tom’s big dick. It’s the next best thing after Jethro’s monster,” she said, grinning wickedly. “I just love having you watch me cuckolding you. It gets me so damn hot seeing how hard your cock gets when you see another man taking me.”

Maya was rubbing the head of my cock harder now, and the pre-cum was dripping onto the end of the bed where we sat. She leaned forward and whispered in my ear. “You like watching my husband fuck your slut girlfriend with his big cock?” I nodded. “You know he fucks her better than you, don’t you?” I nodded again. “I bet you can’t wait to suck his hot cum load out of her pussy, am I right?” I nodded. “Then tell him what you want him to do, cuckie,” she instructed, stroking my cock still faster. I gasped.

I looked at Jess, pounding herself up and down on Tom’s cock. Her eyes were heavy-lidded and half open, a sure sign she was nearing a massive orgasm. She was watching me intently, and leaned back so I could get an even better view of her sopping pussy. I could see Tom’s big balls, swollen with the load he was going to deliver into her womb, and I knew he was close to climaxing himself.

“Fuck my slut girlfriend harder, Tom” I groaned. “Stretch her pussy and fill her up with cum. Give it to her.”

In an instant, Jess slammed down on Tom and started shaking as she orgasmed. I could see her labia clenching on his hard cock as he arched his back and spewed his load deep into her cunt. Jess was gasping for breath as her climax went on and on, Tom seemingly matching her spasm for spasm. Finally, Jess collapsed back against him, shaking. As she did so, Maya stroked the nerve under my glans faster and faster until my pent-up orgasm erupted, shooting cum several feet across the bedroom until it splattered on the carpet.

Jess slowly raised herself off Tom’s softening cock and lay back, motioning for me to approach. As I did so, Tom and Maya left the bedroom. Jess kissed me passionately and then spread her legs wide, holding her pussy lips open with her fingers. “Time to suck my pussy clean, lover,” she said, as I lowered my mouth to her wetness and slid my tongue into her gaping opening.

Afterward, we talked as we lay on the bed. I filled Jess in on my conversation with Tate. She listened intently. “I think it’s a great idea for me to talk to Sara,” she said. “She’ll tell me things she might be hesitant to tell you, at least right now. I’ll take a shower and go chat her up.”

She was gone for nearly two hours. She kissed me when she returned. “Well that was certainly interesting,” she said, pouring herself a glass of wine. I waited patiently until she began.

“Turns out our little country girl Sara is quite the adventuresome slut,” Jess began. “For starters, this isn’t their first cuckold situation. She loves Tate to pieces — says he’s her one and only soul mate. But he just doesn’t do it for her in bed. He’s too small and too quick,” she said. “They started having problems, which didn’t escape the notice of Tate’s dad. He asked about it, and after a lot of hemming and hawing, Tate told him what the problem was.” I nodded, and Jess continued.

“I’m not sure how to put this delicately, but Bayan escort I should say that Tate got shortchanged in the family manhood department. His dad is well-hung. Very well hung — pretty much at least as big as Tom, probably bigger,” she said. “He’s also a widower. Didn’t take all that long for him reach the logical conclusion, which was that he could help out temporarily. At least it was supposed to be temporary, but Sara got hooked on his big dick. Plus the fact that she was cucking her boyfriend with his own father really got her hot.” I sat, surprised.

“Tate didn’t watch at first,” she said. “Sara would come over for dinner and go upstairs with his dad, or come over after school. But she wanted Tate to watch and make it a shared experience. Told him it felt like cheating because he wasn’t there. He finally agreed to it. It was awkward at first, but it became just a part of their relationship. Everyone’s happy, I guess. Sara gets all the big cock she wants when they’re home, Tate’s enjoying getting cucked by his dad, and his dad bangs the hell out of Sara.”

Jess smiled and continued. “It gets even more convoluted,” she said. “Sara has a married older sister; she’s 25, I think. Anyway, Sara told her all about what was going on. I guess she needed to talk to someone about it. Turns out her sister’s husband travels all the time and so she is frustrated as all get out. She was intrigued by the whole idea of cuckolding, talked it over with her husband, and he agreed to let her try it. So now Tate’s dad is banging Sara and her married sister, too. The husband doesn’t get to watch much because he’s out on the road, but when he’s home he watches all the time and when he’s not there, Tate fills in for him. Sara tells me the husband is quite nicely hung, too, maybe your size and thicker. She didn’t come out and say so, but it’s a safe bet he’s fucking her too.”

I sat, pretty well stunned.

“So it really was no adjustment at all when Sara and Tate moved in here and she got nailed by Jethro,” Jess said. “Sara’s a horny little slut and needs more cock than she gets from Jethro, so that’s where you come in, sweetie.”

“What is it that she wants?” I asked.

“She likes it pretty nasty,” Jess replied. “Hair pulling, ass slapping, dirty talk, that kind of stuff. Likes to be a real slut in front of Tate. He gets off on it too. From my point of view, Tom’s primarily a bull who likes to get cucked; you’re primarily a cuck who I hope will enjoy being a bull. Tate is a cuck, period.”

“You think I’m basically a cuck?” I asked, my pride tweaked a bit.

“You don’t?” she replied. “Hell, sweetie, you hardly batted an eyelash when I started fucking Jethro and as I recall you were completely enthusiastic about me cucking you with Tom. Not to mention how easily you took to pussy cleaning.” She grinned at me.

“Jethro has a huge hung black friend he’s promised to introduce me to. Says he’s older, longer, and thicker and just loves fucking young white wives and girlfriends in front of their cucks. He’s already fucked Maya a couple of times and she says he’s even better than Jethro. She did warn me that once I go black I may not want to come back, though. It’s part of the reason she set up Tom with us and the two other couples — so he can get pussy if she goes black only. They’re talking about it,” she said.

I wondered how long it would be before Jess and I were having the same discussion. She must have been reading my mind. “I’m not going to make any decisions until I’ve fucked Leonard, and you’ll be there when I do,” she said. “Besides, between Jethro and Tom, you’re not fucking me very much these days and when you do, I’m so stretched out I have a hard time feeling you and I know you don’t get a lot of pussy friction either. Add a black monster cock to the equation and you can see where it could go, can’t you sweetie?” I nodded, and Jess kissed me. “Plus Maya says black bulls like to pass around young white sluts to their friends. If they do it means I’ll be getting more huge cock than I can handle.”

Clearly, I had a lot to think about. I walked down the hall and knocked on Tom and Maya’s door. Tom opened it and let me in, offering me a beer in the process. I told him what was on my mind and asked him about Maya and Leonard.

He sighed. “He doesn’t make Jethro look small, god knows no one could do that. But he’s bigger — a little longer, a bit thicker and it’s black as night,” he said. “Did she tell you he’s over 70 years old? He’s all wiry muscle — tough as an old Army boot. He used to be in the Army, where he developed a real taste for married white women. That’s all he fucks, too, white wives and white girlfriends, with the occasional Asian thrown in. Says he’s converted every white woman he’s ever had. I have no reason to doubt his word.”

“How many times has he fucked Maya?” I asked.

“So far, twice, and that’s been enough to get her talking about going black full time. Don’t know how he does it, but he gets inside Escort her head. I’ve never seen her act like she does with him — just a total complete submissive slut. Did anything he told her to, came like I’ve never seen her before, and ended up passed out. It was like that both times,” he said.

What are you thinking about it?” I asked.

“I honestly don’t know. Leonard shares his white women with his family and told me her pussy would be used too much to be available for me. Said if he fucks her a couple more times she’ll only be thinking about black cock when she’s fucking me anyway, so I might as well get used to it. I would have laughed but Maya’s already told me she’s going to fuck him some more.”

“Wow!” I said.

“Indeed. You better watch out, David. Jess has been asking a lot of questions, and Maya is definitely encouraging her to fuck Leonard. I’m certain she will, too,” he said. “He’s coming over tomorrow, and I think Maya has set Jess up to fuck him.”

“Jess told me she wasn’t going to make any decisions until she fucked Leonard,” I explained.

Tom laughed. “Looks like that’s going to happen sooner than you expected. All the more reason for you to start fucking Sara. If Jess tries Leonard’s black monster I don’t know how much more of her pussy you can expect to get.”

“Between Jethro and you, I’m not getting very much of it as it is now,” I groused.

Tom had the good grace to wince at the comment. “Sorry about that, my friend,” he said. I smiled and nodded.

“No worries, Tom. Jess is getting all the cock she needs, and I sure don’t mind watching her get it.” I thanked him for his time and went back to our place. Jess was waiting for me with a purposeful look on her face.

“We should talk, sweetheart,” she said. I sat down. “Leonard is coming here tomorrow, but not to fuck Maya. He’s coming to fuck me. I asked him to do it. I know things are happening fast, but I really want to try big black cock and see what it’s all about,” she said. “Can you be okay with it?”

I sighed. “I don’t know what to think, Jess. We’ve gone from being monogamous to you cuckolding me with Jethro and Tom in a really short time. Now you want to add a black monster cock to the mix,” I said. “Tom says Maya’s fucked Leonard twice and she’s on the verge of going black only. I worry about that happening. Hell, Jess, we’re not even married and you’re already a slut ‘wife’ and I’m your cuck.”

She kissed me, tenderly. “No matter what, my heart will always be yours. It doesn’t matter who owns my pussy.” Then she smiled. “Besides, tell me the thought of your petite little girlfriend getting fucked out of her mind by a huge black bull doesn’t get you hard as a rock.”

The bitch of it was, she was right.

Leonard arrived at 10:00 a.m. the following morning. He was a bit under 6 feet tall and impeccably trim and fit, not an ounce of fat on him. His hair was close cropped, military style, and had long since gone to grey. He didn’t so much enter our apartment as he took control of it like a combat objective. “I’ll have some coffee,” he said. It wasn’t a request.

While Jess went to make the coffee, he looked me up and down. “How old are you, son?” he asked. I told him. “And how old is your slut?” I told him she was nineteen. He laughed. “I swear, you white bois are giving up your women younger and younger every year. Used to be I was lucky if I found a wife under forty. Now they’re mostly in their twenties, some are a bit younger like yours.”

He looked at me intently. “Do you understand how this is going to work?” I shook my head. “I’m a take charge guy, no nonsense. I’m 72 and most likely fitter than you’ll ever be. I have the biggest, thickest, hardest, blackest cock you’ll ever see. I can fuck longer, harder, and better than any man your girlfriend will ever have inside her pussy and I’ll make her cum so much she’ll beg me to stop. Which I will not do until I’ve pumped her full of more nut juice than she’s ever had in her worn out pussy. Are you clear so far?” he asked.

“Yes, sir,” I said.

“Good. I am not interested in romance. I am focused like a laser on one objective, and that is turning as many of your young white wives and girlfriends into black cock only sluts. By the time I am finished breaking her in, she won’t have the slightest interest in your or any other little white cuck boi cock, but she’ll spread for any black man I tell her to fuck. Are we clear on that?”

“Crystal,” I said.

“A few final details. Once we go into your bedroom neither you nor your girlfriend call it off. Her pussy is mine until I’m done with it. After I’m finished, you can talk it over and see if you want to continue; you work that out between you. I give you fair warning that I’ve never had a white girl turn down a second encounter. If it goes beyond two or three encounters, in my experience she’s a convert and her pussy will belong to black cock. That can be a hard adjustment. Any questions?”

I shook my head.

Jess came back with the coffee and Leonard drank his quickly. “Okay,” he said, “time for your first black cock encounter. It won’t be your last.” He turned to Jess. “Go get naked.” She practically ran to the bedroom. Leonard laughed. “Guess we know what she wants,” he said, and we followed.

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