The Professors and the Slave

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Chapter One: Becoming A Whore

A soft breeze rustled the long red hair of a young woman as she ran through the campus. Somewhere, a bell tolled once – it was already one. She was late for her exam. She started to sprint, the wind waving her skirt back and forth. Dodging other students and professors on the crowded sidewalk, she arrived at her lecture hall. She nervously peeked through the double doors. The seats were filled and the exams had been handed out. 200 other students rustled through their papers and chewed their


The professor looked up as he heard the door creak open. He walked over to the red head, motioning to the lobby. The girl swallowed hard. “Name?”

“Molly Efferson.” The professor stared down at her. She was not a very tall person. She was often mistaken for a high-school student, and yet, here she was, 18, a freshman in college. The professor on the other hand was tall, maybe over 6 feet. He was a brooding, middle aged man who never allowed you to enter class late.

“Well, Miss Efferson, it looks as though this will be a zero in the gradebook.” Molly shook her head.

“Oh God, please don’t. I can’t afford to take this class over. I need it for my major. Just let me take it.”

“If I let you take it, I would have to let any student who came in late take it. And where would I be then?” He crossed his arms. Molly started to cry into her hands.

“I’ll do anything, Dr. Morgan, just let me come to your office and take. I need to be able to pass this class.”

The professor frowned. “Today, 4 pm. Be prepared for the exam and I will make you do a few chores too.”

Molly raised her head from her hands. “Oh thank you sir. Thank you so much! I well be there then!”

The building was already deserted. It was a Friday afternoon, most classes were done by 3 and professors practically evacuated campus after that. Molly walked down the hallway, her sneakers squeaking on the waxed, tiled floor. She arrived at his office and knocked. A rustling inside, a few seconds beat, and a voice shouted for her to enter.

She opened the door and stepped inside, waiting in the doorway. Dr. Morgan looked flushed, as though he had been caught in the act of something. “Take a seat.” He motioned to a desk and chair in the middle of the room. The Escort bayan exam lay on it. “You have the same amount of time as everyone else, one hour.” Once she was settled he stared at the clock and said “begin.”

Dr. Morgan watched her start, first looking over the problems. He looked her over, first starting at her face, scrunched up in confusion. She was cute though. She had long, curly red hair that fell to her shoulders and framed her chest. He knew that chest. He had the tendency to stare at it during lectures; she always wore a low-cut shirt. He then moved down after a moment of admiring her cleavage to her hands. Small, yes, but they looked soft and well taken care of. Next came his favorite part. His eyes flickered down to below the desk and he felt a twinge in his pants. She was wearing tiny, lace panties. She hadn’t crossed her legs and he had a nice view of them. He felt his pants become tighter as he watched the clock. He tried to distract himself, organizing the papers on his desk, the pencils in his drawers.

Finally he heard movement. Molly was standing up, ready to pass in her exam. He smiled. “All finished?”

She gave a nod. “Some I just wasn’t sure about, but others I know I got right.”

“Good girl. Now, about those chores. I asked the janitor not to come in tonight, so if you would please clean the windows and sweep the floor, that would be wonderful. I’m afraid you’re going to have to stand on a chair to get the top windows, though.”

Molly looked around the office. “I can do that sir.”

“And while you work, why don’t I grade your exam for you?”

Molly set to work, first sweeping the floor, gathering built up dust from the corners that the janitor probably hadn’t touched in years. Every once in a while, she would notice Dr. Morgan lost in thought, staring at her. When it came time for the windows, she did the lower ones first.

“Sir, will you hold the chair for me? I don’t want to fall.” Dr. Morgan looked up.

“Of course, I just finished grading your exam anyway. He pulled up a chair and steadied it as Molly climbed up. His eyes wandered up her fit legs to the hem of her skirt. Underneath it were those lace panties, just barely covering her ass cheeks. Molly started to clean and nearly lost her balance. Dr. Morgan stuck Bayan escort a hand out to her ass, cupping it, keeping her steady. She swallowed and continued, ignoring it. Dr. Morgan was planning.

After the cleaning materials had been put away, Molly returned to the front of his desk. “May I see my score, sir?”

“Miss Efferson, I am sorry to say you did not pass this exam.” Molly began to cry. “However, I can offer you extra credit. If you refuse at any point, you will lose points on the exam. If you ever tell anyone, I will use my power to have you expelled. Do I make myself clear?”

His voice was harsh and scary. “Y-yes sir.” Molly said slowly.

“Good. Take off that shirt.”

Molly froze. “Excuse me?”

“What is 56 minus 10, Miss Efferson?”

“46…” She said slowly.

“This is now your grade. Take off the shirt.” Molly grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it off her head, revealing a black satin bra underneath. Dr. Morgan stepped forward, grabbing her tits. With one hand, he reached behind and unhooked the bra as he forced a kiss on her lips. She struggled a little as his tongue found a way into her mouth. He swirled it around for a moment before breaking off. He moved to her chest, sucking one nipple as his fingers pinched and twisted the other one. Molly moaned loudly.

“Whatever I say you do, you do, you will be my slave until I see fit to release you.” The hand that was not teasing her nipples was at his crotch, undoing his belt and releasing his rock-hard cock. “Suck it, you little tease. This is what you get for wearing little skirts.”

Molly moved down and put her lips around the head, going slowly. “I know you aren’t a stranger to this you whore.” With that, he put his hand on the back of her head and forced his cock deeper into her mouth. She gagged a little. He held her there for a few more seconds before releasing her. “Now suck it for real.” She did as she was told. She kept her eyes forward, staring at his stomach. “Look at me.” She looked up with her blue eyes, still sucking. He nearly came right there, but he made himself wait.

“Stop it now. Get on my desk and stay still.” He went into his closet and pulled out white rope. He bound her hands together above her head and tied her legs to the feet of the desk. Escort His hand rubbed her crotch. “You’re a wet little slut, aren’t you?” She nodded. He pulled out a pair a scissors and cut her panties off. He sniffed the cotton crotch of them. Her juices were sweet. “Why doesn’t my little whore have a taste of her own juices?” He stuffed the panties crotch first into her mouth. She struggled against her bindings. Her pussy was now completely revealed and to his pleasure, completely bare. His fingers slipped up and down her smooth lips, pausing at her clit to tease it. Molly moaned louder. Dr. Morgan put his mouth on one of her nipples, playing with it between his teeth. The hand not teasing her pussy was on the other tit, resuming its teasing. With a bit of laughter, he bit down on her nipple, pinched the other, and shoved two fingers into her pussy at the same time. She squirmed in pleasure. He began pumping his arm, hitting her G-spot with each movement. She was moaning through her panties. He took his mouth off her tit. “Do not cum until I say you can, or you will be punished.” It was too late though, Molly’s body was already shaking with orgasm as she squirted all over his arm and leg.

Dr. Morgan frowned. “What did I just say bitch?” He slapped her tits and twisted her nipples until she screamed through the gag. “Exactly. Looks like you need to learn another lesson.” He grabbed his cock and positioned it at the opening to her pussy. He held onto her shoulders and pushed. She screamed again. He started to pound her, moving as fast as he could. One hand went to rub her clit. “My squirting whore, that’s what I’ll call you. And from now on, you will call me master or sir.” Her moans were picking up. “Do not cum.” He said through grit teeth. He felt his orgasm nearing. His balls clenched up and soon released.

“Now you can cum.” Almost immediately, she was convulsing again, squirting all over his cock as it released cum into her pussy. He bent on top of her, pushing her out of her face. He pulled the gag from her mouth and kissed her, this time she kissed back. He undid her ties and commanded her to get on her knees. “Clean up my cock, you little slut.” She nodded and took it in her mouth, sucking the cum from it, swallowing it.

He moved to the armchair in the corner of the room. “Crawl here.” She did as she was told, sitting at his feet. “You are to remain my slave. Remember your rules. I want you to meet me at my home tonight at 7. Do not eat dinner, you will be going out with my wife and I. She will love you as her anniversary gift.”

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