The Mile Ch. 02

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I laughed at the thought of actually waiting and wanting me for years. It didn’t occur to me that he wasn’t joking. Jake sat up and looked at Alex who had started another cigarette. I also noticed his boxers bulging with massive hard on. I felt as though he might be angry, but obviously he felt otherwise.

None of us knew what to say next. Jake pulled himself up and grabbed his boxers. He headed to the bar and grabbed the nearly empty bottle of tequila. Tequila got us into this perhaps it could get us out…..or further in.

“You know what would make this night even better?” Alex finally spoke.

“What?” Jake and I said in unison.

“Drunken swimming.” Alex answered surprising both of us.

With that we started walking to Alex’s house. It wasn’t a terribly long walk but it was filled with “remember when” and the occasional drunken trio version of Sweet Home Alabama.

When we got to Alex’s house it looked as though nothing had changed in three years. We went inside and the same feeling came over me. Not one thing was out of place. Jake went straight upstairs leaving Alex and I alone.

“So I guess I will be the one to bring it up.” I said.

“What?” Alex retorted.

“Well, the fact that Jake and I just…” I started to dive in but was interrupted by Alex.

“Sara it has been years since you and I were together. Who and what you do is up to you. No matter what we are all friends.”

“Alright as long as we are all friends.”

“Besides Jake has wanted a piece of your ass for a long time.”

“What?” I asked stunned.

“He has carried a flame for you even before you left.”

Jake came trotting down the stairs with a bottle of rum. The subject was dropped and the shots of rum were divided out. We walked out to the pool and the guys stripped down to boxers and I went bikini style in my bra and panties. Jake dove in and Alex being Alex threw me in after him. With the bottle still in hand and closed Alex cannon-balled into the pool. The three of us were together again and drunkenly happy.

“So boobs really are floating devices!” Alex teased me.

“You could raise the Titanic with hatay escort those Sara!” Jake joined in the teasing.

“Where were you hiding those when we were dating?” Alex furthered the joke.

I reached over and pushed Alex under. He then popped back up and made an effort to return the favor. I ducked to the left as he missed. As Jake laughed I splashed him in the face. Now it was a war. Jake and Alex looked at each other, took a shot, and then began the pursuit after me. Jake dove down while Alex teased me with the theme to jaws. We hadn’t laughed like this in years.

Jake grabbed my foot and Alex grabbed my shoulders from behind. Jake surfaced and with an evil grin he started splashing me while Alex held me still.

“Uncle, Uncle, I surrender!” I laughed wiping water away from my face.

“I don’t think you have learned your lesson.” Jake laughed.

“Unfair, two against one!” I started to squirm almost freeing myself.

As I squirmed Alex got a better grip on my arms and Jake grabbed my legs. They had me captive and were going to make me walk the plank. Laughing and tired from fighting being drowned I let me body go limp. I then felt Alex rubbing his cheek against mine. I looked up at Jake and he had a solemn yet extremely interested look on his face as he looked at me. I felt his hands running up my legs.

Alex began nibbling my ear made his way down my neck. He was still holding my arms back and Jake moved closer to me. He put his lips to mine and gently kissed each of lips. I slowly started to kiss back. With his lips still touching mine he slowly whispered “Tell me if you want to stop.” I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him to me. Alex loosened his grip on my arms started to take my bra off.

My nipples were instantly hard in the cold water or maybe it was sexual excitement. Alex then started rubbing my breasts, rolling my nipples around his fingertips while kissing and biting my neck. I could feel his huge cock swelling against my back.

Jake started taking my panties off. The cold water rushed against my pussy. It felt new and amazing. I could feel my lips ığdır escort opening with excitement letting the water sensation to my clit. It was cold and I was so hot. Jake pulled his boxers off and let them float off into the pool. He pulled himself closer to me and continued kissing my lips so gently and full of craving.

I felt my clit jump to life as Jake moved his fingers over it. He teased my pussy just barely putting his finger inside me and then out again. Jake had a sly grin as I started to breathe harder and whimper. I wanted to enjoy ever minute of Alex and Jake touching me, kissing me, and exploring me. At the same time I wanted so badly to have one of their cocks inside me, thrusting inside me.

I reached around and pulled Alex’s boxers down. He finished taking them off and I felt him skin to skin. I felt their lips all over my body. Their hands held me, touched me, and explored me.

Jake felt like electricity was running through his fingers as he touched me. After what seemed like an eternity of kissing and teasing I felt Alex grab my hips. With my back to him still floating he slid himself into me and I took a deep breath. His dick was familiar yet it felt like I had found something new in him. It began to satisfy my hungry pussy. He started to slowly thrust himself into me still holding my hips. I could feel his breath on my back grow quicker and harder.

Jake wrapped my arms around him and held my check as we kissed eagerly. I held onto him so tightly as I grew closer and closer to cumming. I could feel the tingle and building explosion. Alex’s breathy sigh had turned into moans. His cock slid in and out of me faster and faster. I suddenly felt a chain of orgasms. A thousand little firecracker explosions one after another filled me. Alex threw his head back and let out a groan of satisfaction. As he pulled himself out of me I still felt my pussy begging for more.

He continued kissing me and exploring my body. I felt his hands feeling their way down my stomach. He reached my still slightly swollen slit and started playing with me. Jake continued tasting every inch of my skin. ısparta escort He made his way to my chest and was teasing my nipples with his tongue. His hand ran up my stomach and between my tits pushing me back.

I laid my head my head on Alex’s shoulder as he kissed and teased me. Licking and sucking on my breasts built my anticipation. I wanted Jake to give into me. I was tired of just laying back and letting him take his time. I sat up and wrapped my legs around him. I started feverishly kissing his neck and chest.

I took a deep breath and submerged myself. Heading straight for his cock I took it in my mouth and let a little of the cold pool water in too. The hot mouth and cold pool water would return the sensations I had felt earlier. I heard Jake’s muffled voice moan from underwater. I slid his dick in and out of my mouth. Feeling his body quiver I ran my fingernails up his legs and grabbed his balls. I made sure to take them each into my mouth too. As I started to run out of air I slowly came up out of the water. Jake still had his eyes closed. Alex just looked at me in amazement. Both of their hands continued exploring me. They kissed me and worshiped ever inch of my body.

We were a mess of arms and legs. Hindus would have prayed to us. There was no real contact between Jake and Alex. It was all for me. Being pressed between the two of them made me feel like my body was going to explode with satisfaction and excitement. Jake grabbed my hips and looking me straight in the eyes he quickly slid himself into me. We both let out a sigh of relief.

Jake had two handfuls of my ass and was sliding me up and down his cock. Having him inside of me felt so good and new. Alex continued kissing and touching me making the feeling of ecstasy real. I never dreamed I would be pressed between two men. The intensity of it all made me cum all too quickly. I relished the moments Jake was inside of me. Rocking his dick in and out of me made me hotter and hotter. Another orgasm surfaced to my skin.

Tears started to well in my eyes. I had never had cum that hard and with that much intensity. My back arched again and my breast perked up out of the water. My nipples were rock hard and Jake was practically gasping. I felt him throbbing inside of me. We both had came at the same time. Exhausted I fell into Jake again.

“Jesus, that was amazing!” I said still panting.

“You have no idea.” Jake responded panting as well.

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