Affairs of the Heart

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This was inspired by an author of Literotica. Thank you for the inspiration Sparrow.


My name is Sierra and I lived next to the Jones’ Family for about two years before actually getting to know their eldest son, Craig. We chatted on messenger on and off at first, then we became close after he had a fall out one night with his then girlfriend, Melissa. I helped him get through the rough patch of arguments they were having and we started talking more intimately. I got to know the real him, inside out. He told me about his childhood and about his favorite foods and books. He was a big John Grisham fan.

Craig was away at university and wouldn’t be back until the end of the year. I was just his friend but little did I know I had hidden feelings for him. For two years I’ve gone on friendship not bothering about my personal life, until one day he told me he was getting back together with Melissa. He told me how they kept in contact with each other and had lunch that day to discuss the relationship and the changes they were making so that being together will be successful this time. He also broke it to me gently that they were going to be engaged when he was back home in December. He knew I didn’t like Melissa.

I couldn’t say I understood at the moment why I was hurting while the messages were coming through via messenger. I looked away from the screen and my eyes were welled up, I couldn’t see the screen. Why was I feeling like this? This guy is not even mine. He is just a friend and he is engaged to be married to someone who is not me. To someone who doesn’t care about him the way he deserves to be cared for. I realized then that he was the one for me. He was the one I was waiting for. He was the one I wanted to share my life with. He was the one I was doing that with for the past two years until Melissa came around again. Damn you Melissa! Damn you!

The months rushed by pretty fast — of course when you are running from something the time flies faster than a rocket to the moon. Craig and I spoke often still. He spoke of Melissa and how she had changed a little. She’s not nagging like before but workable. I could have cared less. Where was she the past few months when he needed a shoulder? I was that shoulder. In the time Craig was away I became close to his family and we did everything together. It was like I was already a part of the family.

The day came when Craig came home. Chatting and cam-ing with him seemed so old school now that he was standing 6ft 3in in front of me. We hit it off (again) instantly. He wrapped me in his arms and swooped me off the ground. His family roared with laughter. They appreciated our friendship because they knew what he went through over the past few months with Melissa. They knew I brought back his happiness. There was an unmistakable glow in his eyes when he looked at me, I pretended not to notice.

I lived alone in a one bedroom apartment next to the Jones’. It was a comfortable apartment for a single person starting a new life. I left my parent’s home a few years ago to be freed giresun escort from the burden of judgments. And Craig never left my side. He was always in my apartment watching movies, cooking, sleeping. He said it was homey and no one to interrupt his ‘alone time’. One day, he came up behind me and whispered, “hey beautiful” and grabbed me with both hands at the waist. Bolts of electricity flowed through my entire body; he then pressed his body into my back and I could smell a slight hint of wine on his breath. He has been drinking. Why was he drinking? He is not an alcoholic drinker, not even wine! It had to be HER! They fought again I thought to myself.

On the table there were two bottles of wine and two glasses waiting for me as I completed the dishes. My friend was in the mood. I obliged, feeling that I owed him due to the years we’ve known each other and never really gone out. We started drinking and talking. Craig is a brilliant guy and I only want the best for him. He suddenly burst out, “Why is it that a pretty girl like you doesn’t have a boyfriend?” I joking said to him, “Maybe it’s because I was waiting on you.” We giggled and as I got up to get some chips he grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him. Our faces got serious and our breathing became heavy.


He then took my face into his palms and caressed my cheeks. At that point I was confused beyond comeback. I sat there next to him like a statue, no expression on my face except my reddened cheeks giving away my inner feelings. He kissed me.. on the lips.. a grown up kiss. My lips trembled and I finally mustered the courage and I pulled back. He realized what had just happened and he apologized repeatedly saying he don’t know what got into him. Tears were welled up in my eyes because I all the feelings came rushing to me once again. And now I was even more confused. Why would he kiss me if he didn’t like me, even love me? Could it be the wine? I wanted this but I couldn’t.

We continued to watch the movie in silence. I noticed him fidget in his seat from time to time but I tried to ignore him. We continued drinking the bottles of wine until both were empty. I told him I was going to bed, he can either let himself out or he can come to bed. We would usually watch movies and sleep together so tonight shouldn’t be any different from the rest of the nights we were together on the same mattress, under the same cover, in the same bed, in the same room. I didn’t hear him lock the doors so I knew he was coming to bed. I pretended to be asleep when he jumped in the bed. I heard him breathing faster and harder and I knew it was the effects of the wine. I tried to stay calm but even his breathing started to turn me on. Between my legs began to get moist and I started to squirm a little to evenly spread the juices between the lips of my pussy. It felt wonderful.

Craig noticed my squirming and he pressed onto my back holding my arm and asking me if I was okay.. all I could mutter was “hmmmmm” gümüşhane escort I was in a sea of ecstasy as I grinded my free hand between the folds of my wet pussy. Craig couldn’t tell what I was doing because I was wrapped in my comforter. At this point all I knew is I wanted this man and I wanted him now. I tried very hard to ignore it but then he pressed his wet lips against my neck and kissed me again. This time he suckled my neck all the way up to my ear and started nibbling on my ear.

I started to moan. The feeling was out of this world. He nibbled on my ear until I arched my back and begged him to stop. Now his body was over mine and he was staring into my eyes. Lost like a little boy. I am here to save you baby.. I will never hurt you I thought. I held his face in mine hands and with a gentle nod I invited him to kiss my lips. At first the kiss was a soft sensual kiss but then it grew into one of hunger, need and want. We ripped off each other’s clothes and kissed every inch of each other’s bodies. He spent time on my breasts, teasing, tasting, kissing, making love to my nipples. I loved when my nipples get the attention. His tongue traced down my tummy, down to my now dripping wet pussy. He slid his fingers through the fold and smiled at how wet I was for him.

Not taking his eyes off of me he started licking the juices off of my pussy. Savoring and enjoying the taste of my fat pussy. I grabbed his head and kept him in place. I felt my climax building and I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted him to taste my cum. I wanted to cum all over his face. A few seconds later he started biting my clit and he started to furiously finger me and I came all over his face like I intended to. He rubbed his entire face with my cum and rose up triumphantly from my pussy. He then came to me and commanded me to lick my cum off his face and I obeyed, I licked his face clean.

We cuddled for a bit and I was dying to return the favor. He slept away in my arms so I released myself from his embrace and wiggled my way down south. I freed his cock from his boxers and was amazed at the sight before me. Half erected and it was about 8inches already. I love me some black cock. I started sucking his cock. I stuffed the entire shaft down my throat while I was playing with his balls. He woke up smiling when he saw and felt what was happening. I gagged on his cock until he was fully erected. I was impressed by the shiny black cock in front of me. It was going to be mine. I was going to get fucked by this monster and I was going to like it.

He grabbed my hair and stuffed cock down my throat. I wanted his cum in my mouth, I wanted him to choke me with his cum. Then I felt his cock started to twitch and pulse and I knew it was coming. I set my mouth open to receive the spurts of cock juice and it was the most delicious thing I’ve tasted in my life. His cock didn’t go down, instead he grabbed me and threw me on top of him. He positioned his cock at my opening and pushed me down on him. His cock flew straight up into the hakkari escort hilt of my pussy and I went crazy. I started to buck on his cock like no tomorrow. I flung my head from left to right trying to contain the pleasure

I was feeling in every inch of my being. He grabbed my tits and began squeezing them while I rode his cock. I bounced up and down and his hand reached for my clit and started playing with it in circular motions and I started to ride him even faster as my second climax approached. I came again and fell on top of him, spent. He flipped me over so I was now on my belly he put me in doggy style position and propped me up with a pillow. He held my ass and spanked it several times. I could feel the burning on my ass but it was a good burning. I begged him to slap it some more. I also reach to my bedside drawer and took out two nipple clamps and asked him to clamp me. “Ohhh baby, you are one freak aren’t you?” He said.

I can only nod because my body was shaking with excitement. He clamped me and then slammed his cock all the way into my pussy. I cried out in painful pleasure. It was the biggest cock I have ever had and the best. Craig fucked me with wild abandon until I felt him tensing up and I knew he was going to cum. I wanted his cum in my mouth again.. so I turned around and had him fuck my mouth until he filled me with that succulent drops of honey. I milked his cock dry until he went limp and we sunk to the bed in an embrace until the next morning.


Melissa was arriving today and Craig was still in my bed. I was nervous and happy at the same time. I looked up at him and he was still sleeping. I didn’t want this feeling to end. But It had to. He wasn’t mine. He belonged to HER. I slipped out of the bed and brewed some coffee. I sat at the breakfast bar and stared into space remembering last night’s events. Why me? Why am I the most confused person in the world?

Craig came out of the bedroom and smiled at me, “Good morning Minx”, he said with a smirk. I smiled and he knew something was wrong. I told him how I felt guilty about what happened between us and we shouldn’t let it happen again. “Sierra, we cannot change what happened last night. I do not regret it because somehow this feels right and I will not let you feel guilty for something that was meant to be.”

I nodded but he wasn’t pleased. He sighed. “I came to you last night with wine because I felt I needed to tell you how much u mean to me but I couldn’t do it on a sober mind. Heck, we didn’t even get this that part and we were already tearing each other’s clothes off. Sierra, I am crazy about you. Everything you told me over the internet, all the time spent chatting, all the late hours.. all of that was for you. Because I loved you all this time. There’s no Melissa, I lied about that entire Melissa scenario. We never got back together. I came home to see you baby.. to confess my love for you. I only told you about Melissa so you could figure out you had feelings for me. I knew you felt something but I just wanted you to understand what you felt. Sierra, I love you very much and I was right when I said I was coming home to get engaged in December.


I smiled and then it turned into a grin. My lost boy finally found his home. “Yes Craig Jones! Yes I will!”

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