Loving Mami

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Hello All, I am trying to write this story which is a real incident of my life and has occurred just a few weeks ago. This is a story about me and my aunt (my mom’s brother’s wife) i.e. my mami as we call her in India.


Mona sounded a little upset today when we spoke over the phone this afternoon. And of course, why not she would be upset? She was going through a divorce. Yes, my uncle and Mona were getting divorced and have been staying separately for last 4 years now. I was very fond of her right from my teenage days. She was a nice female with an average body, wheatish complexion and stood approx. 5’7″ tall. She was married to Viraj my mom’s younger brother for almost 14 years. And God Knows what triggered problems between them. But in spite of none of my family members were on talking terms with her I always kept in touch over the phone or meeting her and sharing a cup of coffee or so. Our relationship of friendship was stronger than she being my aunt and me her nephew.

That evening I thought to surprise her by paying her a visit at her home and cheering her a bit. So I reached her home around 7:00 and found her sitting on the couch and watching TV. She greeted me with a sad looking smile on her face and asked if I would like to have some coffee. On insisting to help her to make some coffee for us düzce escort we both walked to the kitchen. While preparing the coffee we got into the discussion which started straight from the root of the problem. She was more depressed and tears started flowing from her eyes. She leaned over me and rested her head on my chest and I took her into my arms just to console her for all the problems going around. As she wept, the tighter I held her in my arms. Slowly she also started gripping me hard and we held each other tightly. Unaware of what I was into I started moving my hands caressing Mona’s back. I held her chin and kissed her forehead. She was now sobbing. Slowly moving down from her forehead I planted a soft wet kiss on her lips. She did not respond and was still sobbing. “What am I doing, she’s my aunt” I, told myself in a whispering sound. “I am a woman too and I have some desires of mine. It’s been long I have experienced a man’s touch to my body. I’ve been longing to get loved and pampered” she said. I looked into her eyes and taking a drop of her tear on my finger tip I licked it and said “Henceforth you will not be deprived of your right to get loved”. I carried her into my arms and headed towards the bedroom.

While in my arms holding me tight she started kissing me all over my face and neck. We reached edirne escort the bedroom, Mona still lying in my arms, now her eyes were closed and silence prevailed all over. I put her on her bed and switched on the air conditioner. She opened her eyes looked at me and said “Love me until eternity, I am all yours” I, leaned over and we started kissing each other. Tasting our lips we slowly parted them to let our tongue meet. We were kissing passionately when I moved my hands to her boobs and started pressing and caressing them slowly. They were soft and bubbly. She was moaning softly by now. Still engaged in kissing and cuddling we were exploring each other. She then requested me to undress her while she removed my clothes. There we were now completely naked lying on the bed. “How beautiful you look even at 43” I told her. “Do I? Thanks for the compliment” she said. The first thing I did after I saw her womanhood was to take a good smell of it. I then wasted no time to caress and kiss her mound. I don’t know how long I ate her pussy but I should say she was ashamed as I could see from her face as she came after a very long time probably thinking that her own nephew who grew up playing with her was eating her pussy and I was happy that I made her cum.

After sometime, I placed myself between her thighs, took hold elazığ escort of my now very erect throbbing dick and slowly inserting into her vagina. She was in ecstasy and thoroughly enjoying every moment of it moaning loudly. I then inserted my entire dick into her cunt, stopped there and then kissed her lips. I really thought she was my bride and this is our first night!

She smiled at me as I started thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy. She looked at me and said “I can’t believe this is the same kid whom I have known for being the most mischievous but, most liked among all the family members” Now I was ramming my dick in and out of her pussy as she was moaning in excitement. I could feel my dick moving as her cunt muscle expanded and contracted for every movement of mine. As she was enjoying every bit of it she came again oozing out lots of juices. Then as I climaxed I felt a load of warm cum hitting inside her. By now I was happy that I was fucking my own aunt that too on her request. I collapsed on her huffing and puffing as my dick twitched for every load it pour into her pussy.

We were soaked in sweat but we could not move as we were very tired. I laid on her until we got some energy to move. By then my dick wilted and withdrew from her now very wet cunt.

After a nice clean off section, we both dozed off to sleep in each others arms, NAKED! From that very day we are seeing each other and of course sex has become a regular event between us.


For my readers: I welcome all the constructive criticism that would help me improve my stories in future. Thanks for giving your valuable time to my story.

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