Lusting After Mom Pt. 02

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The range of emotions I had experienced since that first encounter with Shannon was broad and extensive. And now they were ten times stronger with Mom! It was a good thing I was young and had a healthy heart or I surely would have died or had a nervous breakdown. I was so excited waiting to massage Mom the next day, only to be disappointed…

Mom went out after lunch and was gone most of the day. I ate supper alone, then when 9pm rolled around, I started to wonder where she was and if she had forgotten she had asked me to give her a massage. Then she texted me:

…Hi Chris, sorry I know we were going to hang out tonight but I’m going to have to take a rain check on that massage. Diane is having a rough go right now. I’m going to hang out at her house and have some wine with her tonight so won’t be home until midnight probably…

My heart sank. Diane was a friend of Mom’s and her husband had recently left her so I certainly wasn’t angry, just very sad and disappointed. I didn’t want the moment to end and worried that even though Mom said she’d take a rain check, that too much time would pass and it just wouldn’t happen.

I texted her back, telling her it was no problem, and asked her if she needed me to pick her up. She said she had walked to Diane’s and would be fine walking back (Diane only lived two blocks away).

I was so disheartened that I wasn’t even in the mood to jerk off. I watched a movie downstairs, then around 11:30 I headed to my room and played some Warcraft on my computer. Just after 12:30, I heard the front door open and Mom come in. I moved to my door and listened, waiting for her to come upstairs, but after a good ten minutes she still hadn’t come up. Maybe she was getting a snack? I cracked my door open and moved to the top of the stairs but couldn’t hear a sound down below. Maybe she was in the bathroom. Oh well, she was home safe anyway.

I went back into my room but left my door open so she could see I was still awake when she did come upstairs. I went back to my game and next thing I knew, it was almost 1:35 and she had still not come upstairs. I decided I’d better go check on her just to be sure she was OK (and to make sure I hadn’t just been hearing things when I thought she’d come home!).

I threw a t-shirt on as I had just been wearing my boxers, and went downstairs. I saw her boots in the foyer and her coat hanging on the rack by the door. The kitchen light was on, and her keys and purse were on the table, but she wasn’t there. I went into the kitchen to see if maybe she was in the bathroom down the hall, but looking into the living room, I could see that she was lying on the couch.

“Mom? Are you OK?” I asked. I moved quietly into the living room and saw that she was asleep. I could smell wine so figured she had been a little tipsy so decided to just crash here. I felt a brief moment of relief, glad that she was home safe. That brief moment was quickly replaced however by a very exciting, perverted thought… my mom was asleep and tipsy, if not drunk. My heart started pounding and my cock hardened in my boxers making an immediate tent in the material.

“Mom?” I said, so softly that she probably wouldn’t have heard me had she been awake.

“Mom, are you awake?” I said louder this time. She didn’t stir. I very lightly placed my hand on her shoulder and ever so slightly shook it. “Mom?”

She was sound asleep.

I looked down at her lying there. she was wearing blue jeans and was barefoot; her socks in crumpled balls on the floor beside the couch. She had a silky sort of white shirt on with buttons down the front, and a thin black button up sweater over that. Only the bottom two buttons were done up on the sweater. The top three on her shirt were undone. The sweater was falling open and I stared at the shape of her huge boobs under the shirt. I started to rub my cock over my boxers as I looked at her.

“Mom?” I ventured one more time. Apart from her chest moving slightly from her breathing she didn’t stir. The only sound was the faint murmur of her breath. The house seemed so quiet istanbul escort that every slight creak of the floor underneath the rug when I shifted my weight sounded like an earthquake!

I unbuttoned the fly of my boxers and pulled my rock hard cock out. I moved over a little so my cock was almost directly over her face. I bent my knees a little and leaned over her, supporting myself on the back of the couch as I leaned toward her. My cock was only inches from her face as I slowly stroked it. God this was hot! It took me a couple minutes to build up the courage, but I finally leaned over far enough that I very, very lightly brushed my cock head against her lips… holy fuck that felt amazing!

I lightly rubbed my cock against my mom’s lips until I noticed some precum start to leak out! I pulled back quickly but could see some of the wetness from the tip of my cock still on her lips. That turned me on even more.

I stood back up and started stroking a little harder again. God I was going to cum very soon! I slowed my stroking a little so I could reach done to the buttons on her shirt. I tried to undo the top one that was still buttoned but I just couldn’t get at it enough; I was shaking too much and was so worried she’d wake up.

Instead I just placed my hand very, very lightly over her breast and felt it. God damn they were so huge!

I pulled back and stroked my cock right in front of her face again. I held my free hand out and started to cum into it, shooting huge gobs of jizz into my palm, trying not to moan out loud. My orgasm finally stopped and my legs were so weak I thought I was going to fall over. I somehow managed to quietly sneak away and made my way upstairs where I washed my hand off.

Holy fuck that was hot! Of course if I knew Mom was going to still honor that massage rain check the very next day, there’s no way I would have taken that chance and jerked off to her like that! But of course, in my mind the massage wasn’t going to happen. I guess I got lucky that I didn’t get caught, and I was soon to get even luckier!

When I woke in the morning and went downstairs for some breakfast, I saw that mom had gone up to her room at some point during the night. Her bedroom door was closed when I went to shower. It was open when I was heading back to my room and mom came out.

“Good morning,” she said, sounding very sleepy.

“Morning,” I returned. “How are you feeling?”

She smiled at that.

“You heard me come in I guess?” she asked and I confirmed that I did. “One glass of wine too many, oh well! Nothing a nice late breakfast won’t cure. And maybe I can get that massage after?”

This took me completely by surprise. I really had thought after not happening last night that the time had passed and it would be forgotten.

“Of course!” I said far too excitedly.

“OK,” she laughed. “How about in an hour?”

I agreed and went to my room. When the door was closed I jumped around, pumping my fist in the air like a moron. Thunder sounded outside as if to punctuate my fist pump. It was very dark out and really threatening a storm.

That hour took forever and just as the storm was hitting its height, Mom came to my door. First of all, it was so dark out the hallway was completely in shadows. The thunder was very loud and it boomed a couple times every minute. It was pouring harder out than I remembered for a very long time. Mom was standing there wearing a bathrobe. Her hair was wet and brushed back from her face and hung over the back of the robe. She had obviously just gotten out of the shower. I was already hard thinking about massaging her, and now my dick throbbed in my jeans.

“All set?” she asked.

“Yep!” I said.

“Where would be best?” she wondered aloud. “The couch, or I guess maybe my bed might give us more room?”

I was positive she was not trying to be seductive, but she was failing completely.

“Perfect,” I said.

Just then, there was a very loud crack of thunder and the lights went out. Interrupted again! I went izmir escort to check the fuses as mom got some candles. It was daytime, but it was very dark outside. The fuses were fine, this was obviously a problem in the neighborhood.

We finally proceeded to her room and she lit the candles, placing them on her dresser. Then she got some massage oil from her bathroom and put the bottle on her bedside table. My eyes soon adjusted to the candle’s light and Mom sat on the side of the bed.

“Ok, where would you like to start?” she asked, and I got flustered. I was so horny and so turned on that I had no idea!

“Umm,” I said. “Hmmm. How about your shoulders and back?”

She smiled and nodded and turned on the bed so her back was to me. I sat down behind her and poured a little bit of oil into my hands, rubbing them together. She loosened her robe and pulled it down slightly, exposing her shoulders and holding the front together over her huge breasts with one hand while pulling her hair over to the front with her other. She tilted her head downward slightly to give me full access to her shoulders and upper back.

I tried to calm my nerves, but my heart was racing. Thankfully my hands were not shaking too much as I placed one on each shoulder and began to rub. I caressed her shoulders, moving across her upper back to her lower neck and back again. She was sighing immediately which turned me on even more.

“Perfect honey,” she said. “Mmmm, so much tension…”

I never really appreciated her skin before. It was so soft, blemish free, silky alabaster. My hands slid and pressed the oil all along her shoulders, back and neck.

After a few minutes, she lowered the robe further and I could see vast cleavage when I peered over her. I moved my hands further down her back, pressing my fingers lightly at first then with a little more pressure as I worked on her muscles.

I couldn’t get any lower and after I had worked long on her upper back, she changed positions.

“Here,” she said and lowered her robe off her shoulders. She lay down on her stomach, pulling her arms free of the sleeves as she did so. I moved to allow her to adjust then sat beside her on the bed.

The robe was covering her lower back to her upper legs. The rest of her body was free. My mouth went dry as I took some more oil into my hands and began to work on her lower back. I could see the round shape of her huge tits pressed out to the side of her body as she lay there.

After focusing on her lower back I slowly began to work my hands further out, caressing the sides of her body, coming close but not quite touching the sides of her breasts.

When I came as close to her breasts as I thought I would dare, she moaned a little.

“This feels so good, honey…” she sighed.

She didn’t seem embarrassed or concerned that her son’s hands were less than an inch from touching her tits, so I pressed them closer and closer with each pass until… god I touched her side boob with my oily fingers! She didn’t jump up, didn’t tell me to stop. So on the next pass I touch both tits again, my hands sliding down her silky smooth, oily back and side until my whole hand cupped the huge amount of breast that spilled out each side. I caressed her tits each time I touched them now, lightly kneading the oil into her flesh.

She breathed a little deeper as I massaged the sides of her huge titties but she still didn’t tell me to stop. I couldn’t talk, my mouth was so dry. My blood pounded in my ears. After a few minutes of moving from to back to the sides of her boobs and back again, I slid my hands down to her lower back again.

“Harder there, Chris please,” she said. Again no mention of the fact that I had just been massaging her tits. She just wanted me to press harder into her lower back.

I obliged. I was still nervous as hell, but was getting slightly more confident. As I massaged her lower back I kept edging the robe further down, a little at a time as much as I was able until finally I could just make out the top of her izmit escort ass cheeks!

Again taking my time I worked her lower back and slowly began to tease the very tops of her ass cheeks with my fingers. Again she didn’t complain or tell me to stop. She was sighing and even moaning softly as I worked her lower back. I wanted to pull that robe right down and grab her ass with both hands, but I refrained.

After working the knots out of her back I shifted down the bed slightly and started massaging her calves.

“Oh, yes thank you honey,” she purred as I rubbed more oil into my hands and worked her smooth calves.

I was anxious now and didn’t spend much time on her lower legs before making my way up to her thighs. As I pressed my hands into her upper leg muscles, she shifted a little and spread her legs open ever so slightly more than they were. This caused the robe to fall down over her thighs a little, so I slowly eased the robe back up. Up, up, a little at a time so that it now covered her lower back again but her thighs were uncovered once more. I didn’t stop though and used both hands to adjust the robe a tiny bit more.

God! I could just make out the bottom curve of her ass. She wasn’t wearing panties and though it was in candlelit shadow I was sure I could just make out her pussy!

I massaged her thighs, my eyes glued to her ass under that folded robe. I’m sure my massage skills went to hell after that but I didn’t care. On each upstroke of my hands, I pushed at the folds of the robe with the back of my hands, arching them up giving me a sweet peek at her cheeks, and slowly as I moved her robe up more and more… a little more… yes, I could see my mom’s pussy!

Oh god my cock throbbed and I could feel my precum soak my boxers. I was looking at my mom’s pussy. Before I could even fully appreciate the glimpse I was getting, she readjusted her position, spreading her legs more, giving me a perfect look at her cunt!

I must have been in a state of shock, for surely I never would have voluntarily let my hands move to her ass cheeks, but that’s exactly what they did. She gave a tiny yelp followed by a soft moan as I began to caress the curve of her cheeks, lightly kneading her bum. I stared at her pussy as I moved my hands over her ass, admiring her moist lips and hint of trimmed bush I could just make out.

As I worked her ass, I inched closer and closer to her sex, moving between her bum and her very inner thighs. She did not object once. Indeed she spread her legs slightly wider for me. Trying to control my nerves and shaking hands, my fingers finally brushed against her lips. She gasped and then moaned softly but deeply as I pressed my fingers into her moist folds. I slid one inside her and she gasped softly again, her ass lifting a little to grant me better access.

I pulled my finger out and slid my thumb inside my her hot pussy and used the fingers of the same hand to rub her clit. Her breathing sped up and soon she was moaning without concern and I brought her quickly to orgasm. She bit into the pillow as her body shook. I could feel her pussy tighten around my thumb as she came.

She finally relaxed her tightened muscles and collapsed against her bed and pillows, breathing hard. I moved my hands back to her ass and spent a long time cupping and kneading her cheeks.

Finally she turned and sat up, pulling her robe around herself. She stared at me with a look in her eyes I had never seen before, her damp hair half hanging over her face. She was so damn hot at that moment!

“Thank you,” she finally said, so softly I could barely hear her. “That’s exactly what I needed, honey.”

She kissed me on the lips, softly but pressing her body into mine. Then she giggled.

“Oh my,” she said. “Um, I think I’m just going to have another shower to wash this oil off and… ah, calm down a little.”

She was suddenly embarrassed, and with another giggle she stood and went into her bathroom, closing the door.

I sat there a long time listening to her shower. Should I wait? Should I join her? I was more confused than ever, and truth be told I was actually a little scared! I finally stood and went to my room where I came hard practically as soon as my hard cock was in my hand.

God, would anything else happen between my mom and I? If so, what? If so, when?


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