Making Gramps’ Dreams Cum True Ch. 04

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Marie continues the saga:

I stay at Grandpa John’s home whenever I can. One day he received a phone call from his old buddy saying he was in the area and would like to visit for a few days. He duly arrived the next day. Benny was a very nicely built old Gentleman with graying hair. He was quite tall and looked very distinguished. He smelled of expensive aftershave.

Gramps introduced us and we settled down to listen to Benny’s tales from the past. He said his wife had died four years ago, and he was lonely. As the day wore on we sat and drank several bottles of wine, enjoying a good time.

Benny kept sneaking glances down the top of my neckline. I slowly opened the buttons a little at a time, giving him and Gramps a good view of my tits. Of course Gramps was very familiar with what was hidden under my blouse. As time went on we became tipsy and decided to go to bed.

I was the first to go to my room. I lay on my bed in my shorty nighty. Fingering my pussy, I heard tittering downstairs. Gramps was showing Benny his stories on Literotica, as he does with all his old friends.

They were giggling as they came up the stairs. After fifteen minutes of pussy play, I had to take a pee. On the way to the toilet, I past Gramps room and passing Benny’s room, noticed that his door slightly open. He lay on his back wearing only his boxer shorts. The fly was open, his hand holding his eight-plus inch cock. He appeared to be asleep and snoring.

Returning after peeing, I looked into Benny’s room to see if he really was asleep. I stood at the side kütahya escort of his bed and gently touched his hard cock. Benny did not move as I stroked it to its full length. Benny remained asleep. I took his very thick tool into my mouth. I struggled to open my mouth wide enough. Benny had a monster cock.

Bending over him, while licking and sucking his cock, I heard a noise at the bedroom door.

“I thought this might happen, you little minx,” Gramps whispered.

Gramps was naked with a lovely erection. He moved closer and lifted my nighty. He entered me doggy style, while I savored Benny’s cum as he let go and shot his wad of cum down my throat.

Gramps was getting more and more movement as I wiggled my cunt against his lovely balls. At last I had my two lovely old men. I continued to lick Benny’s cock and balls as Gramps grabbed my hips and slammed his cock deep into my sopping cunt. With one hard lung I felts his hot cum fill my pussy. There was so much jiz it began running down my leg. Standing up I wiped Grams love cum and licked it off my hand, mixing his juices with Benny’s. Turning to Gramps he fondled my ass as we kissed, our tongues dancing with each other.

Benny was up with the larks next morning, and bought a cup of coffee to me in bed. He said he had had a good night’s sleep, and would I mind if he stayed another few days. He never mentioned previous night.

As I moved to accept the coffee, the sheets fell away. My short nighty had bunched up around my waist. He had a twinkle in his eye malatya escort as he stared at my bare pussy and my hard nipples pressing against the thin material of my nighty. Benny turned to the door with a big smile on his face.

Finishing my coffee, I showered. Reliving last night with Gramps and Benny my soapy fingers slid into my juicy pussy. My thumb flicked my clit as I furiously finger fucked my cunt until I came. As I dried my body I rubbed the towel against my tits flicking and pinching my hard nipples, wishing someone was there to suck on them.

Suddenly, I got a great idea. I quickly pulled on my thong, a short skirt and a scoop necked top. Being braless, my tits bounced as I descended the stairs to the delight of Gramps and Benny who were watching from below.

I called my cousin Julie and she thought my idea was fantastic. I got Gramps off to the side and said,

“Gramps, why don’t you take Benny down to the pub this afternoon, Julie and I have planned a surprise for Benny and we need you both out of the house while we prepare his ‘treat’.”

Grandpa John continues:

Benny and I arrived home to find four totally naked young ladies in my house. Marie and Julie had been joined by Megan and her friend Lisa who had just reached the age of consent. She was a lovely young girl with puffy nipples, a tight little body and trimmed precious pubes. Her eyes were wide with anticipation.

The house was filled with freshly lit candles. Megan was lying on an inclined table. Her nipples framed with manisa escort strawberries. Two lines of whipped cream ran down to her shaved cunt.

Julie and Marie stripped Benny and me of our clothing. They licked and kissed as they uncovered each part of our bodies. They paused once we were completely naked then began playing with our balls and kissing the swollen knobs of our rods. Lisa’s eyes became as big as saucers when she saw our stiff cocks begging to be touched, kissed, sucked and fucked.

Benny was made to lie between Megan’s legs and drink the red wine that was being trickled slowly between her tits. As Benny was lying on his back to catch the wine, Julie promptly mounted his erect cock and proceeded to ride him, facing his feet.

I was ordered to straddle the table and stand in front of Julie for a major cock sucking. Marie and Lisa were joined together sharing a giant double ended dildo.

After Cumming a time or two, we changed position. Eventually, I ended up fucking Lisa’s very tight pussy. She whimpered a bit as I drove my throbbing cock up her virgin cunt. Crying out, she experienced her first “man made” orgasm.

Benny enjoyed eating Julie’s pussy while Marie rode his cock till he filled her with cum. Julie stroked and sucked Benny back to an erection and slowly slid her dripping cunt down on his cock while Marie sat on his face. Facing each other Marie and Julie kissed and played with each other’s tits as they gave Benny the time of his life.

The “party” went on for several hours, and the girls decided to stay the night. The lasses alternated between the three bedrooms. They teamed up changing partners from time to time. As a result Benny and I received a smorgasbord of pussies, butts and tits to feel, taste, lick, suck and fuck. I didn’t see anyone get any sleep all night. The next morning was something else.

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