The Master’s Way Pt. 01

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The Master’s Way Part 1

Being groomed to be spanked.

I was lying on my back naked. He was lying beside me, his nicely hard cock pressed against my right leg near to my hip. His mouth was on my breast and his hand was between my legs that I had opened slightly to give him more room. He had sucked and chewed my nipple and fingered me to a near orgasm when he said.

“I want to mark you Jayne.”

I didn’t know what he meant and replied.

“How Kevin, what do you mean?”

“I want to leave my mark on you so every time you see it you will think of me and realise that I own you.”

I didn’t quite get what he meant but in my semi-orgasmic state it seemed exciting.

“Where, how?”

“On your neck both sides.”

“No, no,” I managed to mutter, as I writhed slightly on the two fingers he had inside me.

“Why not?”

“People will see them at work and my daughter lives with me.”

“I thought she was at uni.”

“She is but comes home and there are long holidays.”

“I see but so?” he asked, slowly pumping his fingers and licking my nipple.

“I would be so embarrassed. What would you do?”

“This,” he replied, sucking my breast just to the side of the areola.

“A love bite?”

“Yes, or as the Americans say a hickey.”

“No Kevin no not on my neck.”

“Where then?”

“I don’t know.”

“On your breasts and thighs.”

“Not on my thighs,” I muttered loving the sensations his fingers were giving me as he slowly moved them inside me.

“Why not, they would be way up near here?” he said thrusting his fingers far inside me and holding them rigid.”

“You know I swim at the gym and people would see.”

“What about your breasts?”


“Here,” he said pushing one up and kissing the underside. “No one unless they are a lover will see it.”

As no one other than when I sunbathed topless or when I showered at the gym, or tennis or golf clubs saw my bare breasts nowadays and knowing that the slight sag of my thirty-six inch D cup boobs should cover any marks in any case I said. “Okay then there.”


I was approaching fifty and he had just gone past it, when we met at a gym. The usual sort of thing. A nod and smile after seeing each other a few times, then hellos, a short chat leading to ‘fancy a coffee or something in the gym bar?’

As neither of us had particularly set times or days when we would have a session, meeting was a little hit or miss for a few weeks. However, each time we met we had a coffee and juice and began getting to know each other. Apart from our ages, we found a number of other similarities.

We didn’t live far apart, both being in the more upscale area of the suburban town to the north east of London. Both of us were single with Kevin being a bachelor and me being divorced. Our children’s situation was similar with both having a boy and a girl although his at twenty-seven and twenty-four were respectively two and four years older than mine. His were off his hands whereas my daughter at uni still lived with me from time to time. Additionally, we both worked from home, had a broadly similar taste in music, read quite a lot and played golf. And, of course, we both looked after our bodies and tried keeping fit by attending the gym, me playing tennis and him running and playing bursa escort bayan five-a-side football. He was far more intense about fitness than me, almost fanatical and whilst my session lasted between forty minutes and an hour, his were rarely less than two hours and often more. Equally about swimming. I would do a leisurely ten lengths or so in fifteen to twenty minutes whereas he would swim flat out for an hour.

Somewhat inevitably I suppose the coffees at the gym led to a drink at the pub, then lunch a couple of times followed by a dinner at a local Italian trattoria. And totally inevitably sex followed.

At first it was good night kisses in one of our cars which led onto sexual fondles and him ‘coming in for coffee’ then to a longer, more intense afternoon and evening session where he gave me several orgasms.

Although a little mechanistic in his approach, he was quite a good lover. He seemed almost to go through a pre-prepared routine that covered everything a woman could want so I couldn’t complain as I very much got what I needed from the sex. A rather unusual aspect of sex with him was that the first couple sessions lasted some three to four hours and I had several orgasms, but he only came once. He would do many things to me with a splendid erection until he made me cum then we’d stop, his erection would go and we would talk for a while. That was repeated several times during the session with his erection returning then receding again. It was only when we were on the last sex that he came.

Since my divorce I had found it quite difficult finding a satisfactory sex partner although I must admit that after a while not trying that hard. Rarely did I find that the pleasure gained from the second or third date sex was worth the boredom of the earlier dates. In any case I wasn’t looking for a full-on relationship; I’d had my fill of being emotionally dependent on a man.

Kevin was different to the other dates particularly after we had the conversation about him marking me which happened the third time we had sex. I had vaguely heard of such practices and knew that they were connected with BDSM of which I had no experience whatsoever. As we talked about him marking me so I felt a change in our relationship. Not a massive one but more a subtle rearrangement or maybe even an establishment of the nature of our relationship.

There were other rather odd features of our relationship. Mainly, although there was plenty of sex that included long kisses there was little other affection. No whispered phone calls, sexy texts or facetime. In some ways it felt odd kissing him as it seemed too intimate and close and neither of those really existed in what we had. Also after a ‘date’ I would not know when I would see him again as there was no planning ahead. There couldn’t be because as I found out almost by mistake he travelled a lot, all over the world. It seemed as if when I saw him he had either just arrived back or was about to leave for somewhere. He almost never talked about his private or business lives, the past or the future neither his or ours. Effectively after a date, I had no idea when I would see him again or, indeed if I would.

I suspect that many women would find this unsettling and would not wish to cope with it. As it happened it suited me. Since my separation and divorce bursa anal yapan escort I had lost faith in the idea of close relationships, being deeply involved with other men and, god forbid, being dependent on one. Although I was loath to admit it fully to myself I didn’t want to meet men with much of a tomorrow and thus, gained my sexual gratification from a married friend with benefits who I had known for some years, the occasional one-night-stand or short fling and from myself.


“A slight change of plan Jay,” he said the next time we had sex a few weeks after the marking discussion and him leaving suck marks on my breasts.

“How come?” I asked lying in his bed with both of us naked after he had made me cum with, as usual, him still not ejaculating.

Sliding his hand down my body he cupped my pubic mound.

“As well as your tits I want to mark you here,” he said pressing on the soft flesh that would without my attention have been covered in hair.

Without asking for permission or waiting for my agreement he slid down the bed and kissed my labia then rubbed his tongue on my clit, I was very wet. Moving his mouth up a little to just beneath where my pubic hairs would have started had I had any, he kissed me there. Sliding his hands under me he cupped then gripped my cheeks lifting me up a little. The kiss intensified, changed and became a suck, a strong suck. As he did that his fingers slid into the crease between my cheeks and pressed on my anus. He had been there before with both his tongue and fingers both of which had been in me a little way. As he pressed on my anus so he continued to suck. It went on for some time with him pausing several times to catch his breath as I writhed and squirmed against his pleasure- giving fingers. At last he finished.

“Sit up and have a look,” he told me in quite an authoritarian tone.

Sitting up I looked down and was amazed at how big and how red the mark was.

“What do you think?”

Replying truthfully I mumbled. “I’m not sure.”

“Tell you one thing Jay if you go with anyone else in the next few weeks you might have some explaining to do. “Come on let’s do your tits.”

The cab dropped me home around eleven and I went straight to my bedroom. I stripped off and looked at myself in the mirror grimacing at the slight bulge of my ‘mumtum’ and the excess on my hips thinking if I could get rid of that I could get my weight below the one forty pounds where it had hovered for the last couple of years.

When my gaze slid down my naked body it was immediately drawn to the patch just above the tip of my labia. It looked fierce and was very pink, well red really. It was larger than it had appeared when I saw it at Kevin’s house making me wonder whether love bites were a little like scrambled eggs and carried on cooking after taken from the heat!

At his house after he had attended to each breast I had not taken much notice and hadn’t looked properly. As he had, as he called it, orally loved each of my boobs, after he finished I got dressed quickly so I hadn’t seen just what ‘damage’ he had caused. Now I saw that not only had he sucked fierce pink marks on the underside of each breast again, but also he had left smaller but equally strong strong marks just to the side of each bursa rus escort areola.

I have no real idea why, but the sight of the marks and the fact that they were on me and that Kevin had done them as a sign that I was his rather excited me and I toyed with the idea of masturbating, but didn’t.

Over the next few weeks he became more demanding of me. Nothing extreme, but more love bites, fingers deeply in my anus, slightly rougher sex, pulling my hair and dirty talk that seemed to be designed to humiliate me. Calling me names like tart, bitch and slut and using cruder terms as we had sex like telling me he was fucking my cunt and wanted to fuck my arse. His oral lovemaking to my breasts became more vigorous and when he sucked my nipples he usually bit them quite hard. He ‘forgot’ our agreement about not making marks on my thighs and the love bites he left on the insides of them up near my groins stopped me swimming for fear of others seeing them.

I realised that he was grooming me and I guess I should have objected, perhaps stopped him or at least talked about them to him. But I didn’t. I found what we were doing to be a massive turn on, an adventure I suppose, something a little deviant and certainly different to anything I had previously experienced. And I acknowledged I wanted more and for him to go further if he wished; I realised that I was becoming his play thing!

One afternoon when we had played hooky from work and were having sex at my place I was near to my climax. He slowed down and held me at that stage just below a full orgasm. He was good at that. Sometimes he would hold me there for what seemed hours but of course it was only fifteen minutes or so, but what a fifteen they were and then, when he resumed thrusting in me the explosion of sensations was amazing.

I was lying on top of him on my bed. We had started on our sides, rolled over so I was on my back then he had pulled me over again so I was on top; all the time with him buried inside me. As I rode along that wonderful path of near orgasm delight so my mind went fuzzy. I was in sexual ecstasy I suppose and without thinking I gasped into his ear.

“Hurt me Kevin, please hurt me.”

Looking back I was shocked that I had asked him but realised that over the past few years as I neared orgasm my mind and body wanted more. At first I didn’t know what more was so with the other lovers I said nothing. Kevin was different and so I asked him for what I wanted.

He gripped my buttocks and dug his fingernails into the pliant flesh, he pulled my cheeks widely apart and then smacked my right cheek hard.

“Ouch oooo,” I groaned as the stinging sensation increased.

“Like it?” he growled not waiting for an answer and doing it several more times on both cheeks.

I had been near to a climax before he hit me, the spanking put me right over the top and I had a very strong orgasm.

“Next time slut,” he growled as we were saying goodbye. “It will be a full time spanking not a mere few slaps like tonight.

I was amazed when after he had left I inspected my body in the full-length mirror on my wardrobe door.

Both breasts had several new pink/red love sucks and on the underside of my right one there were teeth marks where he had bitten me although I had not felt it at the time. That must have happened when he gave me my first orgasm with his fingers. Turning round and looking over my shoulder I gasped in surprise and, I suppose, a touch of pleasure when I looked at my bum. Both cheeks were bright pink and each had some quite viscous looking red indentations where his fingernails had dug into me as he gripped me and pulled my cheeks apart.

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