The Millers Ch. 09

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Into month four of our contract and my spirit has not only been broken but basically it has been crushed and is really non existent any longer. They have mind fucked me to the point of total submission. . . I rarely even dare to question any of their requests no matter how humiliating, how immoral, how degrading or depraving. My hard limits are still being respected so I haven’t had to utilize the safe word yet and it turns me on that they keep trying new things to raise the bar on what I will do to please them. It’s like a pride thing for me, how far will they push me and how far will I go for them?

Robby is ensuring that I have proper supplements added to my diet as I rarely eat real food and am at my lowest weight of 89 pounds. Although most people would look at me and say I was definitely either bulemic or anorexic I think I look perfect. My boobs are now gone just two puffy nipples that barely raise up from the chest that lies flat covering my rib cage which shows my ribs while the rest of my torso is hollow and my hips look like they could easily just tear through my skin as they are so pointy. I look sick but feel good. They have allowed me to get a short haircut so that I can be confused as a boy to the non observant person.

I have offered some of the depravity ideas to Robby and Kayla bursa sınırsız escort and as a reward they have allowed me to release and orgasm weekly. I spent a week chained by the ankle to a wall in the basement and lived like one of those captives you read about who escape after years of being held.

Robby of course figured out a way to profit from that week charging three of the grandpas to take turns as my kidnapper and they each had me for two nights and did what you would expect of a crazed kidnapper. I still had to do my clean up duties to Kayla each day but at night time it was old man time and they left no hole untouched. One of them brought a buddy along for some three way action and at Robby’s request they were not kind to me. Although my frail body made them be gentler than they may normally have been. I still had bloody scabbed knees from kneeling on the basement floor while I serviced old man cock and drank water and ate kibble from my dog dishes.

By the end of the week I was a hot mess. I had dried cum stuck in my hair and almost had to shave myself bald to get the snarls and knots out of my hair. It took two hours of soaking in the tub to wash the stank off myself. The hot water stung at first but then did it’s magic as I soaked. Kayla came in to wash bursa üniversiteli escort me which I thought was kind of her, until I realized that she had a bar of Lava soap and a washcloth that seemed like burlap or sand paper as she scrubbed a couple of layers of skin off of my naked pussy and then proceeded to ream my asshole with the toilet brush.

I think Robby pulled in another six hundred dollars towards the kitty. All three old men said they would gladly do the captive gig again and for much longer if I was willing to let them. Robby assured them that they would indeed get another chance or two for me to be their little prisoner. If I was an Uber driver my rating would be a solid five.

The next morning I was doing my daily duty of licking sweat off of my Mistress after her workout when there was a knock at the door. Robby commanded me to continue what I was doing as my tongue was buried in Kayla’s gaping ass hole.

In walked two men who I did not recognize. They were dressed in black jeans and black tee shirts. Turns out they were both pro Dom’s who worked at Noir Leather, a fetish shop in Royal Oak. There was a BDSM convention coming to town and they were sponsoring it. They were looking for fetish models and actors bursa ucuz escort who would perform in front of large crowds as the Dom’s showed off their skills at pain giving. Naked modeling for fetish artists and actors or actresses who were willing to submit to sado Doms and Dominatrix fetishists who were educating others on safe ways to live the lifestyle.

I would be submitting to various Doms and Dommes as they practiced their crafts, using toys and furniture as well as insertions and other miscellaneous kink demonstrations. I am looking forward to this as I always like being the center of attention especially where strangers are concerned. I will share the experiences from the convention in May after the convention is over.

Robby inquired about how many people would be attending the conference. Three hundred over two nights was the estimate they gave. Robby offered me up to the pair of men to try out but they declined and went back to work. Robby did a quick check of the cum bank in the freezer and said that there was about fifty loads in storage but imagine how many we could get out of 300 people (half of which were probably men) over two nights. He said he was going to offer me up as a bukkake princess for a show finale.

I fantasized about 150 loads of cum covering me from head to toe and then being force fed the mess. I laid on the floor fingering myself off to my weekly orgasm while my owners laughed at me.

“Holy shit Ciara, you have to be the biggest whore who is walking this earth” Robby smirked.

Everyone has to have goals right? I wonder who keeps track of that sort of accomplishment? Til next time. . .

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