Kama Sutra Ch. 04

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All characters are above 18. All reading also must be above 18.

This is an Incest story between Mother and her Son.

It is a long story about a taboo subject. This Chapter might be better if it is read after Chapter 1 – yin yang, Chapter 2 – rodeo, and Chapter 3 – Seduction.

Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text written in Sanskrit and is not just a sex-guide as it is projected out by many, although sexuality is at its core. The sexual-positions associated with Kama Sutra are a playful take by the philosopher Vatsyayana, who many centuries earlier addressed sexuality as a tool for a better life, better relationships, and emotional fulfillment of society.

I can’t claim to be an expert on Kama Sutra or even close to knowing enough about it, and I have taken liberties for the sake of the plot.



Less than an hour ago, I had come out of Mom, and I was already eager to get back in. I was done keeping score of how many times I had made love to Mom in under one week. By the way, it was six!

We reached upstairs to the waiting crew, led by Megan. The first thing I noticed when I re-entered the room was that it smelled different. It must have been air-sprayed. I realized our long sexual sessions were leaving an undertone of cum, sweat, and humidity in the room. I had overlooked it, what with me concentrating on making love to Mom more than anything else. Thankfully, the studio-bedroom now smelled fresh and aired.

Mom and I reached Megan, and she said, “let’s start,” looking towards us.

After a small reconfirmation of the next couple of positions, Mom and I took our robes off to climb the bed. We would first get into an Embrace position, followed by Triumph Arch and then Rowing Boat.

Embrace was a great choice for a start, or a restart, after the break. It allowed us to start leisurely and get into the hotter and steamier sequences as we go along. Embrace was also more natural to get into.

Whatever built-up anxieties were there when we had disengaged earlier a while back had now cooled off over the last hour. I didn’t have a hard-on, and it did not bother me because I knew it would take very little for Mom to get my dick back to attention.

On the bed, I moved up first for the Embrace and took my spot. I sat straight back up, and my legs stretched long. My legs closed together until the ankles, where I put one foot on top of the other as if relaxing.

Looking beautiful, Mom came up, smiling the whole while, and as she reached my side, she put her hand on my shoulder. She flung her leg across mine and rode my thighs, her face towards me. I spontaneously brought my arms around her and pulled her forward until her breasts mashed up in my chest, her pussy placed on top of my dick, her belly pressed against mine.

The current and warmth from Mom’s pussy got my dick tingling. Instantly, the temperature rose a couple of degrees in my body, specifically in my groin. My hands started roaming about on Mom’s back and got her face closer to mine. Our eyes locked, and we both grinned in anticipation of what was to come. I took the first step as a follow-through of my pull on her back.

Her sitting on my thighs had given Mom a couple of inches of height advantage, and I need not dip lower to kiss her. I looked up into her eyes and moved forward to kiss her slowly. The loving, slow kiss was a recognition of our love, appreciation, and affection. We took our time to softly kiss each other as we dove deeper with each lip-lock.

In minutes that followed, I was deep in Mom’s mouth, and she was cleaning up my tongue with hers. Seconds later, Mom’s tongue flew back in my mouth in a rebound. I welcomed it and licked it clean before sucking on it. Lower between us, Adam Jr. had found the necessary stimulation to rise to the occasion. My hard-on squeezed between her pussy mound, and my pelvis was making both of us uncomfortable.

In acknowledgment of my telepathic message, Mom removed her mouth from mine. She opened her eyes, looked at me, and brought one hand from behind my head, dove it between us until it had my dick in her grasp. She tugged it a couple of times passionately and rose her butt from my thighs. When she was high enough, she aimed my dick at her entrance and started climbing down on my, now hard, cock.

Mom took a lot of pleasure in slowly coming down on my cock. She closed her eyes and mewed a low, “mmmmm.”

In slow-motion, Mom reached the bottom of my cock and silently opened her mouth in elation, pleased to have me inside her one more time.

Mom’s purring, when started, was less hesitant this time around, “aaaahhh.” Her facial expressions reflected the delight she was experiencing.

I looked at Mom amorously and jerked my cock inside her. She glared at me, to stop acting funny and to let her enjoy the moment. I redirected myself to the beautiful mounds of flesh in front of me. Dropping my head, I kissed her left tit. I slowly worked my way towards her nipple and started sucking diligently despite Mom’s bucking and dancing escort bayan on my cock.

The fact that we were in Embrace posture was more intuitive than intentional. Megan shot the photos rapidly. The bed rotating to the ignorant pair of Mom and me.

We had lost track of time, but the urgency in our groins told us to hold back and move to the next position. Mom pulled her feet from the bed behind me and started curling them inwards towards her butt. As her knees found the bed, she rose a little to dislodge herself almost completely from my cock.

Mom dug her elbows on my shoulders and moved her legs until her knees and shin were on the bed, next to my thighs. With some determination, she kept an inch of my cock impaled in her while she maneuvered towards our next position- Triumph Arch.

As Mom came back down on my cock, full length, I opened my legs for her to fall back. I lowered my grip on Mom’s back until I had her waist in my hands, and I supported her to roll back slowly. Mom dropped on my cock and simultaneously went back between my stretched open legs.

Mom’s waist in my hands aided in slowing her fall on my legs, and her pussy clenched my cock in a death grip. She rested her shoulders on my shins, and her head went a bit further down until it touched down on the mattress. When the shoulders and head backed down, Mom’s pussy was so stretched that my cock was rubbing her clitoris.

I instantly deduced this is going to be extraordinarily stimulating for Mom. She twitched her pussy and jerked her quim to stroke her clitoris on my cock, and involuntarily she followed it up with another wiggle and then another.

Mom was in heaven. Her clitoris was getting a lot of brushing from my cock, and when I started bucking into her, the top of my dick pressed her clitoris into ecstasy along with the rub.

My hands roamed Mom’s front, from her breasts to her neck. Our pelvic thrusts aided the pleasure. I dropped forward with my face on her belly, and I kissed her tummy. It must have tingled Mom to smile and wriggle. Her pussy started jostling with my cock in a frenzy.

“HHUUUUUUUHHHH,” Mom exclaimed.

As Mom spasmed on my cock, I was elated that our Triumph Arch was a triumph. Her back arched up as she orgasmed on my cock. Her arms fell back on the bed, and her pussy sucked on my cock with her each exult.

“huuuh,” “huuuugh,” “huuuugh,” Mom voiced her convulsions.

I kept jerking my cock until I was confident that Mom had orgasmed to her heart’s content. After her grunts, she silently shivered in her climax for a good couple of minutes.

When not part of fucking, the position might look uncomfortable, but Mom showed no signs of discomfort as she lay on my legs, her legs folded backward. With my cock inside her stroking all the right nubs, she was day-dreaming.

I slowly pulled on Mom’s waist to nudge her back up. She helped with the climb, and her knees on the bed assisted in leveraging her back up. As soon as she was up on my thighs, my cock still inside her, her arms slowly found their way around my neck. Mom brought her head on my shoulder. Mom’s body was climbing down from the peak of her climax, and the ride down had her pondering. I caressed Mom’s back with my knuckles until she was ready to go ahead.

We were ready for the much anticipated and coveted Rowing Boat position. Mom brought her head up from my shoulder and turned towards my face.

We spontaneously started kissing – slow….. deliberate….. loving….. sensual…. luxurious. Our mouths were attached and tongues dancing.

Our climb back to a passionate level of lust was not too hard. I moved out of Mom’s mouth, directed my mouth to her cheek, then went to her ear, and stopped at her neck.

“mmmmm…” Mom’s approval reigned high in my decision to make my next move.

I dropped my lips to her chest and slowly hefted her with the help of my thighs to kiss her breast and then stop on her nipple. My cock lost a couple of inches of territory inside her.

“mmmmmhhhhh…” Mom purred louder, unclear whether it was approving my sucking her nipple or reprimanding me for pulling inches of my cock out of her pussy.

I chose to ignore the reprimand and accept Mom’s encouragement of lapping up her breast. I slurped around her areola and then licked the nipple full length with the base of my tongue, virtually stroking it hard. Mom shivered. My tongue traveled her entire tit and then moved to the other. Mom shivered some more.

I remembered we were on the clock, and we had an audience waiting for us to get to the next position. I reluctantly left Mom’s breast alone and looked up into her face.

Mom was glaring at me for leaving her hornier. I moved my hands on her back, downwards to her buns, and kept going all the way until I had a full grip on both. Mom complied, albeit reluctantly.

My cock remained inside Mom as we turned positions. I let her slip down between my thighs, her butt dropped to the mattress, losing another couple of inches of cock from inside her bursa vip escort pussy. My cock changed direction from upward to stretching forward.

Mom and I sat face to face, and both of us slowly folded our legs at the knees, inched closer. Lost inches were recaptured. Mom linked her elbow under my knee and then repeated the same on the other, just as we had practiced less than twenty-four hours earlier. Voila.

I did the same and linked my elbows under her knees. As we drew closer with the pull of our hands pulling the linked thighs, the balance inches of my cock found a home in her pussy. Mom’s heels dug behind my lower back to drag me in, even though she couldn’t reach all the way to lock her feet behind me. I was luckier with longer legs and got my feet to touch each other behind Mom. The joint between our genitals complete.

We cradled each other in a bear-hug fashion, both of our knees too at the chest level. Our faces in front of the others, yearning to kiss, but we couldn’t; our lips expressing the eagerness, quivered.

The thrusting possibilities below also were limited, given our interlocked hands, but we started swaying just like we had learned last night. The horniness made us rock each other’s world until we got the rhythm down and then let loose the delightful fuck.

On and on we went, merrily building momentum again. Mom, in between, squeezed her PC muscles -tightening her pussy’s hold on my cock while increasing the blood flow in our nether regions. We had boundless bliss, and we were overjoyed.

Rowing Boat was fantastic; both Mom and I exulted in unison, once again like last night into a joint climax.

I grunted first, letting Mom know what was coming with my “huuuh,” and then I started shooting inside her.

Mom could hold it no longer and started cumming herself. Her moaning was louder and violent, “muuuummaaahhhh.” Mom started low and raised the decibels of her moan. She exhaled more than a few times to extinguish her fire, “mmmmuuuummmmm.”

I spurted four or five ropes inside Mom’s pussy, which surely must have traveled higher given my cock’s pent up need to erupt. Rowing Boat was a roaring success.

Almost together, we let loose the hold on the thighs and rolled back. My cock, which was semi-hard popping out in one go. Mom’s pussy remained open like a gash pulsating and drooling on the bed like a leaky tap.

After recovering, I looked up towards the ceiling as the bed stopped rotating, and Alex’s face appeared in my peripheral vision. She was assisting Mom to get up. Her arm was around Alex’s shoulder as she wobbled off the bed.

I turned on my side to gather myself and slowly trudged down the bed. Alex helped Mom with the robe, and I walked near them to get mine. Alex picked it up and handed me mine, smiling towards me.

Megan showed Mom some shots in the camera as I gulped down half a bottle of water in one go. I came near Mom and handed her the bottle, almost asking her to drink up.

An hour later, we exited the mansion-studio, Mom’s arm in mine and waiving towards Alex.

Mom and I sat in the car. I didn’t start the engine, leaving the key in the ignition. Mom giggled as I laughed, and then we both end up cracking a big joint chuckle. An unbelievable day of heavenly sex got topped up with our final sex position.

Fifteen minutes later, Megan and Alex wrapped up and went in the other direction. We saw them leave, and once they were out of sight, I started the car engine and turned towards home.

We ordered in the dinner and had a late-night meal as we chatted about how the day went.

“by the way, I believe the Triumph Arch was better than Rowing Boat,” I told Mom.

“My favorite today was Kneel.” Mom’s retort.

Remembering why it was better, in her opinion, “same. I change my answer. Same.” I replied excitedly.

Both Mom and I loved the fact that Kneel provided us with an opportunity to hug each other in a strong embrace without interfering with our intercourse below, and our pelvis and hips did the job of managing the piston movement. Oh, what a feeling.

An hour later, I was cleaned up and ready for another cozy night in Mom’s bed. After rehearsing another excuse for tonight, I came to Mom’s bedroom in just my boxers. Mom was still in her en-suite bathroom. I shucked my boxers and entered under the covers.

I was browsing on my phone when Mom came in. She appeared from the bathroom in a full-length cotton robe with a belt that wasn’t tightly knotted. The V in front until the belt gave away, that she had nothing underneath, at least not above the belt. Mom was rubbing her arms, apparently with some lotion, and the commotion her breasts caused in her robe was mesmerizing to a hormonal son.

I looked at Mom and waited for her to make the next move.

Within moments after small talk, Mom started chatting about the upcoming positions, “What do you think of Sphinx.” With a lot of discussions that had happened, we were on a name basis with the sex-positions. bursa elit escort We would rattle up, usually the name of a position, and discuss a nuance as if we were reviewing a book from the book store and critiquing the writer.

Like last night, my having brought up the Rowing Boat before we went to sleep had changed the course of our discussions. I so wished at this moment, Mom had just done just what I did last night. It would spare me for what I had up my sleeve tonight.

“I just love its style. Though I am unsure how it would finally come out, especially when we are joint below.” I happily took the bait. I threw in some doubt about the photogenic outcome of the position when projected with real anal intercourse. I started praying to all the gods and goddesses for assistance.

They answered.

Mom, grinning, added, “should we test run it?” Knowing the answer but yet laying it out there.

My head was bobbing more than a bobble-head figure, way before Mom finished the five-word long sentence.

Mom kept smiling and pulled on the knot of her belt without looking. The robe opened the gates of heaven and revealed her bare body beneath. Mom shrugged the robe from her shoulders, without her hands going up. The robe fell behind her, near her heels, on the floor. The goddess of sex revealed herself.

The dimmer yellowy light of the bedroom was a blessing as against the bright lights of the studio. I looked at Mom’s magnificent unblemished skin, toned body, and proportioned features and fell in love with her all over again. I made love to her with my eyes as Mom made a show of joining me on the bed.

If there was ever an apogee for me, it was an hour-long, and I froze it in time and in my memory.


I woke up the next morning in Mom’s arms. My mouth nuzzled in her chest between her breasts. This was going to be a massively difficult habit to break.

I slowly turned up, moving my head from its prized habitat, and looked towards Mom’s face.

Mom was looking towards something else, but when she felt me wriggle, she looked down and beamed the warmest smile towards me in love and adulation.

“good morning, Adam,” she wished me.

“Morning, Mom,” I replied slowly and went back into her breasts, this time latching at one right away before she made a move to get up or push me off to get up.

Thankfully, Mom was in no rush either and let me have my way on her breast and nipple. Her hand wandered behind my head, caressing my hair, lightly pulling me on her breast.

I reveled in the gift offered and made the most of it. My hands roamed behind her back; one sloped down to cup her bun, and the other, locked under her body, had little capability to wander and hence just rubbed her slowly.


Mom and I went to the book store together and handled the affairs until 2 pm.

I checked the clock on the store’s wall almost every half-an-hour, wishing it were an hour that had passed. I could almost swear that Mom, too, had glanced towards the clock more often than usual.

As we briskly went about our chores at the store, Mom asked me, “should we go for a quick lunch, instead of ordering in?”

I looked at the clock again – 1 pm.

I said, “sure.” Nervous, as if our delay could derail the performances scheduled for the afternoon.

Mom and I went to a diner and basically ordered the same sandwich, but the lunch together was so much different.

Mom led the way to the small cafe on Lake Avenue, next to our book store’s mall. As soon as we were out of the mall, instinctively, we walked hand in hand.

In a reasonably crowded cafe considering the lunch hour, we easily got a table in the back. Mom took the sofa seat and scooted all the way in, then effectively signaled to me with her eyes to sit next to her.

I smiled and happily obliged.

Long before the waitress came across to our table with her coffee pot, we were kissing. She let us be and kept the menus at the table and left.

The undertone of Mom’s kissing gave me enough hints that we weren’t just kissing to express love and warmth, but for lust and desire – or was it the start of foreplay for the afternoon. Whatever it was, it was more than some simpler affectionate gesture, and I gratefully lapped it up, virtually with my tongue and my lips.

We broke momentarily to order our sandwiches and got coffee served. Without going for either, I turned towards Mom to restart where we had left. I remembered it was in her mouth.

My kisses were neither aggressive nor laid back. A few days back, we had overcome the apprehension of public display of affection when we took our clothes off in an audience and in front of the camera. We were comfortable with each other, we loved each other, but the new boundary we were crossing today was a public demonstration of our passion.

My hands knew their limits, and I refrained from making some stupid moves on Mom’s body. But I played with her mouth, and in her mouth, as if we were in our bedroom.

Half an hour of necking later, we left the cafe without touching the sandwiches or the coffee. I left money on the table before rushing out. To the waitress, it must seem we were going to find our way home and fuck like bunnies. Little did she know we were going to do just that and that too, in some spotlight.

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