Inveterate Flasher

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So, I admit it, I love flashing, I love showing off my cock where I shouldn’t I love being caught masturbating where there is a chance that someone will see me. And, I’ve being doing it for years. I started as a teenager, perhaps as a poor way of handling my growing sexuality and I’ve continued as an adult albeit with periods of abstinence that, looking back, always coincide with the happiness of my real relationships.

While married, and I was for many years, I would occasionally partake of this strange pastime, but usually just randomly, where and when the fancy took me. More recently though, as a frustrated divorcee without a partner and a normal healthy sexual focus I have found the urges getting stronger and the acting out getting more frequent. I’m sure there are others like me, in fact I know there are so I write this fictionalized account of some of my more memorable exposures.

To be able to flash you must have several things happening, you must be in a controlled environment because you want to know who you’ll flash and how, you need to be sure that you don’t get trapped without an escape and, I suppose if you want to flash your hard cock, you must have the stamina to keep it up or be able to get it up quickly. You must also have respect and be reasonable. OK, I hear you ask, how can flashing be respectful, how can showing your cock to unsuspecting females be reasonable. Well, it can to some degree if you stick to some simple rules; never flash the wrong people like mothers with kids, single women in scary places and teenagers and always make it seem like an accident, that you didn’t mean for them to bursa eskort catch you. It’s not like it’s an accident that you naked, or that you cock is out or that your masturbating, but it is an accident that they walked in, or that they saw.

So let me tell you about some of my experiences and I’ll start with a common scenario and location; a motel. Motels are great for many reasons, they have outdoor corridors, they usually don’t have security and cameras, they are a cheap form of lodging so they attract an less judgmental client and, lastly, they always seem to have comings and goings all night long. On this particular occasion that I’m going to describe I was at a motel in a large southern city, located in the transient side of town and it was a hot summer night.

I had spent the evening quite uneventfully to the point that I decided to go skinny dipping in the pool which was, as is often the case late in the evening, poorly lit and not really visible to too many rooms or the office. I undressed in my room and left for the pool with nothing but the towel wrapped around me and my key in my hand and off I went. Not doing anything wrong I proceeded down those concrete stairs and through that alleyway that so often splits the buildings and crossed the path to the pool. I took off my towel and gently slipped into the warm, bath water warm, pool.

I was alone but not for long because I was soon joined by a single woman who, unlike me, when she took off her towel was appropriately dressed in a swim suit. We chatted as we swam around lazily about the heat, the time of night, the bursa merkez escort reasons for being in town and the choice to go swimming so late at night. With every movement the water caressed by cock and balls and occasionally I would position myself by one of the circulation jets and get an exciting blast of water on my cock. All of this and the sheer excitement of innocently talking to a stranger while completely naked kept me hard and left my mind racing. It also left me wondering what to do next, could I stay until she left? how long would that be? No, I wanted to get out. So what to do? I decided to just do it but explain to her first so I said “I need to leave now, but I need to tell you something”.

“You do, what is it,” she replied.

“Well,” I said, and then proceeded to explain that I’d come down naked to go skinny dipping and hadn’t expected to meet anyone, so if I was to get out of the pool now she’d see that not only was I naked, but also aroused.

She laughed, “I thought something was up” she said and then promised not to tell.

So I drifted to the shallow end and walked out with my hard cock sticking out and then, because my towel was at the other end, I had to walk in full view of her as she watched every step and each bounce of my cock until I reached my towel. I then got a little more daring and dried my hair a bit before slowly wrapping with the towel so that she could look at my cock a moment longer. Many of you, and I would too, might wonder why I didn’t try to make more of this and “hit” on this woman, well it just didn’t bursa ucuz escort seem right, she had been very accommodating and even commented on my nice package, but she also had an opportunity to declare an interest which she didn’t so I wasn’t going to push my luck.

I said goodnight and suggested that if was staying the next night she might see me in a similar situation and went off to my room. The way back was the same, through the tunnel and up the stairs and then turn the corner, but wait…my room was about the second or third down but all the way at the end two young women had just left their’s and were headed my way. I quickly retraced my steps back down the concrete stairs and removed my towel leaving me completely naked and jerking my cock as I then turned to walk back up up the stairs on the way to my room and, hopefully, bump into them both.

Exactly as planned, only better; as I turned the top of the stairs into the “alley” they turned the corner and we were face to face with me in my planned predicament. Their response could have been anything, a scream, a “dirty old man”, an “I’m gonna call the police” but it wasn’t.

“What have we going on here?” was the response from the taller girl.

“Do you normally walk around naked with your…oh my god he’s got a hard on, cock out?” she said.

“Are you looking to get caught? looking to get into trouble?”.

Well, “no” I explained, “see, I’ve just been skinny dipping and got so aroused and thought it would be fun to walk back to my room naked”.

All the while through this conversation I continued to jerk my cock and they happily continued to look. We chatted for a very short while until they said:

“You should really get back to to your room before anyone else sees you”.

I agreed, “You wont tell anyone will you?”

“No, of course not it was fun” came the reply.

So, to my room I went. A fun, eventful and satisfied flasher.

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