The Inheritance Problem Pt. 03

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**This is part three, and day three, to the Inheritance problem story. While you don’t have to read it all, I’d say you should just to get an idea of the characters. But its about three sisters stuck in a cabin with no toilet facilities for a whole month, and all three with hardcore filth kinks.

Given that rough description of the last two chapters, as you can imagine filth kinks such as mud, unwashed bodies, watersports, and scat will all feature in this. If you keep reading consider this your warning. If you like that, go ahead. If not, you can stop. I won’t judge.**

Liz, the older slutty sister. Pat, the reserved middle sister with a secret filth kink, and a husband who just wanted her to let loose. And Mary, the youngest sibling with a nice hard filth kink, a gay girlfriend in a fairly open relationship and a filth kink herself and who had fucked her oldest sister. On day three in their cabin Mary woke up with a wet fart. She grunted and sat up. She could wait to shit, the outhouse was far away.

As she got up and walked to the kitchen her oldest sister was awake already making breakfast on dirty dishes. They didn’t have much cookware, and their washing machine, while installed, didn’t work. Honestly? Mary didn’t care. She was kinda excited to be living this dirty.

Speaking of, Liz stank. Her short skirt, white top, pink panties and nike sneakers all were stained different shades of brown, some mud brown, others shit brown. And she still kept on wearing them, despite the muck sticking to her skin. Mary found herself turned on by the stink of her sibling, not to mention her short skirt flashing her dirty panties now and again. “Morning Mary.” Liz hummed as she put down hash browns for her sister, and a glass of milk. Liz farted, her lactose intolerance apparent.

Pat got out, of her room. She was the cleanest of the three siblings. Clean pants, a clean shirt. Although, not that her siblings knew this, but she had the same filthy underwear on as the day she arrived. It’s sloppy fabric sticking to her loins and rubbing against them. “Morning Mary, you’re up late.” She said with a wet fart.

“What you had breakfast already.”

“Yeah and two glasses of milk.” She said with a shrug.

“I had four.” Liz said with a nasty wet fart. “Gonna need to shit soon.” She chuckled

Pat looked at her sister and sighed. “Well fine. You can use the outhouse if you like.” She said as she poured another glass for herself.

Mary was quiet. “You know Pat, you talk shit about us, but you don’t smell much better ya know.” She said.

Pat paused. “Well unlike you both Betturkey I don’t have such gross-“

“You shat all over me in the toilet yesterday. Rather than just leave. You aren’t clean lil sis.” Liz said. “So you can’t say much on your third glass of milk.” Liz let out a wet sloppy shart. “You know what it does to you. And you keep encouraging it.” She said poking Pat’s breast.

Pat let out an ‘eep’ of surprise at the poke, and grunted as her underwear got a nice brown mush dropped in it. “A-alright. God… F-fine. I don’t have to like it… But it happens.”

Liz smiled as did Mary. “That’s better.” Mary said. “We’re all stuck without a shower or clean clothes for a month. Might as well just accept it.”

Liz chuckled. “Next you might even fuck me in my nasty ol bed.” She hummed. “Never took off m’clothes, even in there. So its gross as hell~”. She said proud of her self.

“Yeah, you’re a bit much.” Pat said, Mary nodding in silent agreement.

“Well you’re both lame.” She huffed grumbling.

“Yes, and I’m not gross.” Pat muttered.

However Mary took offense. “I am not lame!” She huffed. “I can have fun!” She said as she paused and spread her legs.

“Prove it.” Liz chuckled as she ripped a wet fart unashamed.

Mary huffed. “I… Fuckin… I’ll…” She muttered as Pat grunted out a wet sloppy fart herself. She loved this… But had trouble expressing that. Her sisters being filthy and nasty like this… Fuck it was hot. She was bad. “You two…” She paused and took some food from the trash can and mushed it in her hands. It was a bit sour, but not too bad. However there was plenty to mush together. Odd pizza crusts and nasty mashed potatoes. Sliding it into her pants she felt the messy mixture mush slide against her clitoris and pussy lips, and loved the feeling. “Ah!” She let out.

Both of her siblings paused in what they were doing. Pat taking a bite, Liz putting their dirty plates in the dry sink. And both girls… Were excited by this display. Their nipples stood up through their shirts, even Pat through her shirt and bra both. (Easier than one might imagine since today’s bra was getting a bit worn from being left to be messed up)

Mary looked at Liz. “Well this fun enough for you?” She asked as she Liz just nodded with an aroused gulp. Mary was satisfied as she sat down on a chair and kept on stroking, a squelching noise audible as she kept on working her fingers into her loins.

Pat was quiet as she sipped her milk. Fuck, she loved this too. She wasn’t even into girls and this was stupid hot. God, she Betturkey Giriş was gonna be painfully frustrated all day… Maybe she could take a masturbation break before lunch… And maybe after too. Her pussy getting wet with arousal. Her sisters were such filthy freaks. She… She kinda loved it. She had gotten off on incest fiction before… Maybe… Maybe.

Finally Mary came with a loud sigh as she let out a breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding. Panting and sweating she gave Liz a look. “I’m a little fun.” She said as she pulled her hands out and rubbed them on her shirt.

Liz nodded. “Some. Probably just enough.”

Pat grunted as her gut growled. “I gotta go.” She said as she got up. “I… Really gotta go.” She stepped out.

Liz watched her almost run off, chuckling. “I wonder if she has to go… or is maybe enjoying some things.” She smirked as she walked over to Mary’s lap and sat down with a mush.

“Dunno… Don’t care.” Mary muttered as she felt the mush. “I’m… I’m kinda surprised you haven’t

Liz paused. “Well, I didn’t expect this at all. How’s it feel.”

“Soft… Mushy. Kinda nice.” She said. “I kinda like it. A nice mush in my underwear and… mmm.” She hummed as her fingers wormed around in her underwear. “I like it… I might keep it around.”

Liz sighed. “Now I kinda wish I wasn’t wearing a skirt.” She sighed.

Meanwhile Pat hadn’t gone far. Immediately outside she found herself both turned on, and in quite an unpleasant situation. Something about her stomach was killing her. And she could barely stand, standing ankle deep in the mud, bowels threatening to explode.

Her arm reached out to the wall of the house as she barely was able to walk. “F-fuck… What did Liz do to my food?” She asked grunting. After a moment she answered, “You know what she did, you drank enough milk to drown a cow. And you’re lactose…” She let a wet fart rip into her underwear, a very, very wet fart. “Dammit… Maybe I should listen to the boyfriend.” She grumbled as a hand went to her loins to masturbate some. “Fuckin hell.” She muttered as she began to wet and soil herself in pain as she walked forwards, each step through the muck a dirty step. Each one driving her to higher arcs of pleasure, before five steps in she just voided her bowels in her pants, and also came. A potent powerful orgasm quaking from head to toe, making her whole body go wild as she fell to her knees in the mud.

“Jesus fuck.” She moaned as she ripped ass hard, her pants with a proper brown mess on them. “What… Whats the harm.” She Betturkey Güncel Giriş muttered. “So what if its gross as shit. And I like it. Even my goddamn husband is saying, ‘go be gay and gross.'” Pat muttered as she kept on masturbating, on her knees in the muck. “Maybe he’s right.” She said as she came a second time, over-stimulation driving her wild as she wet herself once more. Panting she undid her pants button and looked down. Her underwear was disgusting. Smeared in filth and stains, sweat and stink, her love juices on her fingers mixed with slop. Shit was in her crotch, rubbing her taint mostly, before running into her pants as she moved along. “Fine. Ya know what. Fine.” She got off her knees and walked in.

Inside Mary had finished breakfast and was looking at her phone while sitting on the couch. Occasionally rocking her hips in some mild excitement, but after cumming she was sweaty and sticky, and not really interested in being horny for a bit.

Liz had just completely shit her panties. Shit all over the floor. She didn’t care. Hands stuck down her panties as she lazily masturbated while watching TV. Pat opened the door and walked in.

Mary looked over to the door and saw how nasty Pat was. “Something happen. You are almost as gross as we a-” She was cut off as Pat kissed her on the lips. Needless to say Mary was stunned.

Then Pat went over to Liz and also made out with her older sister. She took her time. When she broke to breathe, after panting for a bit she spoke. “Neither of you will say anything about this to anyone but those of us here right now.” She said.

“You sure your husband won’t wanna know?” Liz asked still being held by Pat.

“I… I’ll tell him later.” She said after a moment before grunting as she let out another fart. “Fuck. God fucking… Fuck.” She moaned. “But ya know what. You both win. I’m gonna be gross too. And stupid gay just for a bit. Consider it experimentation. I can’t promise I’ll always be down, but you two can be aggressively gross and gay around me n-” Pat was cut off by a kiss from Liz.

“Want me to eat out your pussy now?” Liz asked smirking.

“My pussy is disgusting.” Pat let out.

Liz pulled a dirty hand up to her lips and licked it. “Delicious.”

Her phone was buzzing, but she had put it aside. A text appeared.

Text: Just got your message about the water. We didn’t install a bathroom, but the dishwasher probably works, just turn on the water pipe under the sink area. It was off just in case something was off

Text: You might need to go under the house, but you girls don’t mind some mud right?

The lawyer had just gotten back to them. He had been running a pseudo round robin with texts and phone calls, while not being able to get to the house. Though if he saw Liz and Mary getting under Pat’s filthy loins eating her out, well… He’d have quite the nasty sight to see.

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