The Importance Of Good Neighbours Ch. 03

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It’s taken me some time, but finally, here is the third instalment in ‘The Importance of Good Neighbours’ series. You may like to read parts one and two before you read this.


We had a beautiful summer. My neighbour Zack and I met regularly. Sometimes we just sat together chatting at the porch, but often that would end in some good old fashioned sex. It turned us on knowing that the neighbour across the street could see us. Sometimes that was why we chose to remain outside. Instead of waiting till we were indoors, Zack would start feeling me up. Putting a hand under my skirt. We’ve actually fucked under his carport. It was already late and the light from his living room shone upon us.

I remember how I stood against the wall with my arms around Zack’s shoulders while he held one of my legs and pumped his cock deep inside of me. I held on tight and stole a glance across the street. The neighbour had been in front of the window, clearly visible because there was a light on in the back of the room. I couldn’t see whether he was masturbating, but I imagined that he did. It made me cum harder than usual. Zack looked at me while my pussy milked his cock.

“Is he watching?”

“Mmm, yeah,” I smiled at him and kissed him on his mouth.

“His wife-“

“Mmm, works shifts,” I finished his sentence, while my tongue followed his into his mouth.

“Mm, baby?”


He brushed some hairs out of my face and started kissing me again.

“Maybe you should pay him a visit,” he murmured while burying his face in my neck.

“Excuse me?”

“Visit, see how he’s doing. Being social, so to speak,” he chuckled softly in my ear. My heart started beating faster and I felt my pussy respond.

“What exactly are you getting at?” I asked carefully.

“You know that, girl,” his dick slid out of my pussy.

“No, I don’t,” but I had my suspicions.

He looked at me and I knew that I’d do almost anything he asked me to do.

“Maybe you should fuck the guy,” he pushed his tongue back into my mouth. So good…

“Mmm, what?” I pushed him away from me, “I should do what??”

He started to laugh and tried to kiss me again, but I kept him at bay.

“What do you suggest I do?” I repeated.

“You heard me just fine, baby,” and with his face close to mine: “Fuck the guy. He’s well into his fifties, school teacher, surrounded by hot, horny schoolgirls all day long and he’s not allowed to play with them. He’s got a wife who makes a frozen piece of meat look warm and who works shifts at the hospital. Come on, that guy sees his wettest dream come true just by looking at you!”

I stood there, staring at him.

“Oh, come on, like the thought never crossed your mind!”

“Well…,” I couldn’t help smiling a little.

“He saw me that first time. When I entered your house and later when I got back out. He’s seen you too. When I drove away, you were still in the doorway,” and softer: “Do I have to remind you what you were wearing…?”

“Nothing,” I replied and met his eyes, a grin slowly spreading across my face.

“Absolutely nothing,” he confirmed.

“But wouldn’t you mind? I mean…”

Oh gosh, don’t tell me, I thought more of ‘us’ than he did? I saw and felt things that weren’t real? He stroked my face, his dark eyes locking with mine.

“You’re mine,” he replied calmly, “but I don’t mind sharing.”


I kept staring at him.

“So, if you like: fuck the guy,” and then he took me inside.


And that’s what had been on my mind for weeks. Zack was out of town for work and during that time I had to do without the real thing. Now, mind you, I’d gotten myself some toys, so no more carrots for me, but still…. School term had started a short while ago and I kept thinking about what Zack had told me: the neighbour was surrounded by schoolgirls with whom he didn’t get to play. He’d seen me naked, he’d seen us fuck and I knew that he stared at my place from the comforts of his living room.

Apart from that, he’d started to come over for a quick chat whenever I was working in the garden or washing the windows. He’d stand just a little too close, look down my shirt just a tad too often, or stare at my butt in my short skirt or tight jeans a bit too long. Of course, I was just being neighbourly when I’d bend over a little more often than necessary. It really turned me on and I could tell I wasn’t the only one. I’d notice the bulge in his trousers and him becoming a bit restless and often he’d suddenly leave, because he ‘needed to finish some things’. I had my suspicions and thought it a pity that he would take cover in the garden, or take less cover behind a window to jack himself off.

I fantasized about giving him a nice blow job or being taken by him from behind.

So, that’s how I got home that particular day: horny as could be. Another day that I’d spent wearing wet panties at work. The idea of being fucked by this neighbour resulted in an itchy pussy which demanded attention. When Betturkey I got home that evening, I stayed in my car and doubted. I was so incredibly horny and could think of only one thing: getting laid by the neighbour across the street. His car was parked under the carport. His wife’s car was nowhere to be seen….

I felt my heart beat faster and got out of my car and locked it. I crossed the street and saw the neighbour working in his back yard. I was nervous, but aroused at the same time. I walked past his car to the gate. He’d seen me and leaned on his spade while I approached the gate. When I put my hand on the handle he stepped closer and opened it for me.

“Hello Jim,” I said with a voice I hardly recognized as my own, “I saw your car and thought I’d stop by to say ‘hello’.”

He simply nodded and stared me up and down. I was wearing low heeled comfortable shoes, a skirt that reached my knees and a thin summer sweater which hugged my body and had a relatively low cut. I didn’t have to look; I knew he was half erect.

He wasn’t looking too bad himself: in his late fifties, very fit looking and with his 5-10 towering over me. His dark hair was greying at the temples and his blue eyes had a look of authority in them. There was no doubt in my mind that he was one of those teachers who’d had his students firmly under control. Just thinking that I could be his student sent signals to several parts of my body. The fact that he was sweating from working in the garden and that he hadn’t shaved that morning only made me ache for him more.

He used to be careful perhaps, but I had stepped into his territory now. He came closer and asked:

“Can I help you with anything?”

He stared at me and I felt like a schoolgirl caught at playing doctor. I felt my face flush.

“Your boyfriend’s gone, isn’t he?” he asked quietly, leaning the spade against the wall, “That why you feel the need for a real man now? Someone who could teach you a thing or two? Speak up! Don’t play dummy!”

I looked up at him and met his challenging stare. It was a game and it was my turn. I started shuffling my feet, pretending to be shy and stared at my feet.

“You know, Mr Thompson. You were right, I wasn’t paying attention today and now I don’t know my homework….”

I carefully looked up at him when he didn’t reply straight away. I saw surprise, doubt, lust and then the look of authority was back in his eyes and he played the game along.

“Well, that’s what happens when you allow yourself being distracted by boys. Where were you with your thoughts?

“With my boyfriend, sir.”

“Your boyfriend…,” he looked thoughtful, “Your boyfriend is quite a bit older than you are, isn’t he?”

“Yes sir, seven years.”

“Do you like that, older?”

“Oh yes, sir!” I nodded.

He nodded in return. A smile had appeared on his face.

“You fuck?”

“Sir…,” I quickly stared at my feet again.


“But I can’t say…..”

“It’s very simple: either you two fuck, or you don’t fuck. So, what is it?”

“Yes sir…,” I mumbled softly.

He nodded approvingly.

“You fuck like rabbits,” he sounded stern, “I see the two of you. He’s always groping underneath your skirt and the other night you were fucking under the carport, weren’t you?”

“Yes sir…”

“You suck him too?”

I nodded.

“And does he eat you out?”

I nodded again.

“Anything else?” he looked down at me. I could feel his eyes on me. I was so wet; I kept my legs squeezed tightly together.

“Uhm, you know…,” I started hesitantly, “We fucked with the three of us the other day.”

“Excuse me?” he looked surprised. Apparently he didn’t know everything that was going on in my life.

“His friend was here, sir, en he was eager to fuck me too.”

“And you let him?”

“Yes sir, I was incredibly horny.”

He was quiet for a little while, before asking: “Once?”

I hesitated and he repeated the question.

“No sir…”

I was so wet. I’m sure that if we’d been inside he’d been able to smell me. I glanced carefully in his direction and noticed the large bulge in his jeans. That had to be uncomfortable.


“Hmmm?” he seemed distracted.

“What about my homework, sir? That needs to be finished by tomorrow, right?”

He looked at me and I felt my face turn into a brighter shade of pink. My knitted top didn’t hide my hard nipples and my panties were soaked. My heart beat loudly and it was hard to swallow.

“Well, how about that…,” his eyes bore into mine, “What do you think?”

I bit at my lip and ‘thought’ about it, before I looked up at him again and said:

“I could suck you off, sir. Would you like that? My boyfriend tells me that I’m really good at it…”

“Hmm, sucking me off, huh?” he scratched his chin.

“Yes sir…”

He nodded, a pleased smile on his face. He looked at me and I knew there’d be no way back. He undid his belt and slowly Betturkey Giriş began unzipping his jeans.

“Get on your knees then, sweetheart,” he told me softly, while he opened his jeans further and took out his hard cock. Oh gosh! I thought, it was a lot larger than I’d expected. He looked down at me, while he ran his shaft through his hand. I could see the pre-cum glistening on the tip and unconsciously licked my lips. It looked so yummy… He got a little closer and put a hand on my head and almost gently pushed my face towards his crotch.

“Suck it girl, suck my cock or you’ll get an F.”

“Oh sir…” and with that I started licking his purplish knob. It was so good! I tasted his pre-cum and that was almost enough to get me off, but I wanted more. I opened my mouth wide and welcomed the head in my mouth. Sucking it, licking it, sliding it in and out of my mouth. I put a hand around the shaft and started to pump him while I sucked him. The fingers of my other hand were occupied with my clit. I heard him moan and he took my head in his hands and started to fuck my mouth. I tried to slow him down with my hand on his cock, but couldn’t prevent him from entering my throat. I was happy that Zack had taught me to deepthroat him, so I was used to it, sucking and slurping that beautiful thick cock while treating my pussy at the same time.

“Mmmm, you little slut,” Mr Thompson grunted as he pushed his cock deep inside my mouth once more. I tried to look up as he kept fucking my eager mouth. He looked down, our eyes locked and I could tell that it pushed him over the edge. I was ready. Ready for drinking his cum. Ready to cum myself. His hands held my head in an iron grip. He’d arched his back for a final deep thrust into my mouth. I felt his cock twitch, I heard him grunt and groan and — heard a car enter the driveway, honking briefly.

“Oh fuck, oh shit!” Mr Thompson groaned. His wife had come home! But it was too late. Before he could withdraw his cock from my mouth it started squirting thick, creamy ropes of cum. I was in heaven! I sucked him harder and swallowed it all, while my own juices trickled into my panties.

“Oh fuck, baby, fuck!” Mr Thompson pulled his cock from my mouth and I felt like this kid whose lollypop got taken away by a bigger kid. He hastily stuffed his now semi hard cock back into his jeans, while I got to my feet, pulling down my skirt in the process. I glanced at him as I made myself look presentable within mere seconds. He stared back at me and murmured softly, like a threat:

“Don’t think it ends here, sweetheart, you started this yourself. I will fuck you,” he took my arm and steered me towards the carport. His wife just got out of the car and greeted me in surprise.

“I had a look at the garden,” I explained quickly, “To get some ideas for my own. Busy day at work?”

“Oh yes, yes it was,” she smiled at me, “Glad to be home. Get some dinner and a nice relaxed evening on the couch.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I returned the smile with her husband’s cum still fresh on my lips.


I knew it had not been one of my brightest ideas, but when Mrs Thompson invited me over for a barbeque dinner a few days later, I accepted. Zack was home for the weekend and I wasn’t sure whether that actually improved things or not. I’d told him that I’d given Jim a blowjob and he seemed delighted. It surely turned him on and it resulted in him cumming in my mouth as well.

There were some other neighbours attending the barbeque as well and some friends. The weather was great and I’d decided to wear a nice summer dress. Nothing too revealing, but I felt Jim’s eyes on me and I felt I might as well be naked. His wife didn’t seem to notice, but I could sense the lust in his eyes from across the back yard. Zack smiled at me and kissed me in my neck.

“He’s so hot for you, baby, and so am I,” I felt his hand on my ass and then he moved away to get us some drinks. It was a fun night. We laughed and chatted with the others and apart from a quick ‘Hello, how are you?’ I barely spoke to Jim. Yet I knew he kept an eye on me.

Later on, I went inside to go to the toilet. I looked at myself in the mirror. I knew I wouldn’t be considered pretty, but I knew I had assets guys liked. I laughed quietly.

“You’re so bad!” I told myself, before leaving the bathroom to rejoin the party. In the kitchen I ran into Jim and suddenly there was this unmistakable sexual tension in the air. He looked me up and down and then, without saying a word, he took my arm and pulled me with him towards the kitchen counter. He pushed me against it and immediately put a hand between my legs. Needless to say: I was wet. He grunted in approval and turned me around.

Everyone else was still in the back yard enjoying the party, Jim intended to enjoy something else and I surely wasn’t going to stop him. I heard him unzip his jeans — that must be the hottest sound ever! — and then he lifted up my dress and yanked down my now soaked panties. I couldn’t help but Betturkey Güncel Giriş moan in anticipation and as he took out his hard cock. He panted in my ear, his rough cheek brushing mine.

I moaned as his hand reached between my legs again, finding that warm, hot place. He pressed a finger inside and my body responded by pushing itself deeper onto him. Then he pulled me back against him and I felt that amazing feeling of his big hard cock pressing against the entrance of my pussy.

There was no time for niceties. No time for being gentle. I was wet and willing. He was hard and horny. I pushed backwards and he just couldn’t control himself. With a loud grunt he thrust his cock inside of me. I wanted to cry out, instead I moaned louder when his balls hit my clit and his cock filled my pussy the way I’d hoped it would.

“Ohhhh!” I moaned and Jim started pounding into me. His balls slapping against me, his big hands rough on my tits. He was in a frenzy, almost desperately fucking me, going deeper and faster with each thrust and I felt my juices trickle down my legs. Enjoying the rough fuck and the sound of sex and his grunting in my ear.

I tried to keep an eye out on the back yard. Glad that there was netting in front of the window as we’d otherwise be giving quite a show. One I knew Zack would’ve loved to see. Not too sure about Mrs Thompson.

“Oh Jim, please, go on…” I groaned as he moved his hands from my tits to my hips. His balls slap-slap-slapping against me.

“You little slut,” he grunted as I pressed my ass against him, meeting his thrusts, so eager to cum myself.

His fingers dug in my hips as he pounded harder and harder. I could tell he was close and between moans I urged him to cum, to fill my pussy with his hot cum. It didn’t take long. While Zack talked to Mrs Thompson, her husband growled in my ear.

“You… fucking…. bitch…,” and then he came deep inside of me. With each load pressing his balls tightly against me. I fingered my pussy to make sure I came as well. Coating his cock in both our juices. Pushing my ass against him, making sure I had him as deep as possible inside of me while he shot the last of his cum.

I felt him slide out of me, leaving a wet trail between my legs. He leaned against me, panting. I smiled contently. This had been so good! His hands stroked my tits, his breathing heavy in my ear, trying to catch his breath. The guests were still well away from the house, so I turned around when I noticed he tried to pull up his boxers and jeans in one go.

I shook my head.

“I’m not done yet, sir…”

He looked a little embarrassed.

“I’m sorry, I thought you’d cum, your pussy was so tight and I could feel it squeezing me, I can-“

I smiled.

“Don’t worry about that. I came hard while you filled me up…,” I tiptoed and slipped a tongue into his mouth, slowly swirling around his. Then I looked quickly over my shoulder. Back yard situation hadn’t changed. Good. I smiled at him and then I got slowly to my knees. His cock was nearly limp. Hey, he wasn’t 18 anymore! I could live with that. I didn’t expect to get him hard again any time soon, but I could be a good girl and clean up the mess we’d made.

I tenderly stroked his cock. It seemed to shudder a little. I lifted it up and while looking up at Jim, who’d started stroking my hair, I took him in my mouth. Sucking slowly, tenderly. I tasted him once more and loved it. My hand went slowly up and down, pulling back the skin from the knob, licking it, poking the slit. He groaned, his hands firmer on my head, pulling me closer, his hips instinctively making fuck motions. I cleaned him up good. Licking and sucking his balls as well, before sucking a last time on his cock. Regretfully I had to let go. Even though he became harder again, I knew that even though he might be up for more, we didn’t have time.

He helped me to my feet and kissed me deeply. Our eyes met. He smiled.

“Thank you,” he muttered, “That was very…”

I beamed at him.


While we got dressed again, we couldn’t help but look at each other. My goodness, this man was so incredibly hot! He suddenly pulled me close and kissed me once more, his tongue exploring my mouth as one hand was in my neck and the other on my ass. He sighed softly as he let me go.

“You’re so hot,” he pushed a finger in my mouth and I could taste myself on it when I sucked it.

“You know, sir, I forgot my homework again…,” I ‘shyly’ looked up at him as we made our way outside. He grinned knowingly and with one last squeeze of my ass he spoke softly:

“My wife works night shifts coming weekend. I expect to see you in my office for detention…”

“Yes, sir…,” I nodded, hardly daring to meet his eyes. I thought to know what I’d be in for. I was wrong….


The week dragged by even though it was busy at work. Luckily Zack was around and he enjoyed the state I was in. Somehow I just couldn’t get enough of it.

“Baby, I didn’t know it was possible, but you’re wearing me out!” he smiled at me late one night. We’d completely skipped dinner, but gone straight to my bedroom as soon as he’d rung my doorbell. Well, OK, not quite ‘straight away’, but let me tell you, lying backwards on the stairs may look hot, but it’s quite uncomfortable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32